Great Service! Mr. Bledsoe takes time to review with Realtor.
- R.B., December 2023
David was phenomenal. He was very informative, patient and thorough. I highly recommend David as he knows what are required and where the information can be found. He explained everything he found and showed us how it’s should be done. If you need an inspector that will go above and beyond, chose David. Thank you David!!!
- T.N., Locust grove GA, June 2021
I've been working with David for almost 20 years in my Real Estate business. His knows the GA building codes inside and out. His reports are detailed and include GA codes when there is an issue. I highly recommend David!
- K.E., Atlanta GA, June 2021
David is the best Super knowledgeable and he takes his time and explains your inspection I would recommend him any day
- R.T., Conyers GA, December 2020
David was definitely thorough and understood a lot about the different systems that compose a house. I now feel much more confident moving forward with the purchase, but also bringing some issues to the attention of the seller.
- A.A., August 2020
Some friends hired David to inspect their home for purchase a few years ago and raved about him, so I knew when I started the home buying process I'd want to hire him as well, and I'm so glad I did. Knowing my report was compiled by an experienced inspector with a great eye for detail has given me great peace of mind that the house I'm buying is in great shape and will be a wonderful home.
- C.D., August 2020
Excellent service!
- C.H., July 2020
I have dealt with many inspectors and he did a great job. Took time to talk me thru a few of this issues and he was very knowledgeable.
- M.W., May 2020
Amazing inspector with vast knowledge and experiences.
- N.B., April 2020
We had the pleasure of using David for both our pre-drywall and move-in inspections. He's patient, thorough, and clearly cares about his craft. Highly recommended.
- S.T., April 2020
This inspector was on the money. Communication was great and professional. I am pleased with the gentleman,i will reccomend him to anyone and everyone. Thanking you very much sir.........
- L.N., March 2020
Very well done and examined. Extra pictures appreciated.
- k.C., January 2020
David was a wonderful inspector. He was extremely thorough in communicating with us during the process and the final report. He also returned the report to us very quickly. Thank you!
- J.E., January 2020
David was amazingly thorough but also willing to take the time to answer our questions and engage on specific concerns we had. You couldn't do better for a home inspector!
- S.J., January 2020
David was amazing. My wife and I loved how he took the time to walk us through everything and answer all of our questions. We would definitely recommend to others.
- M.W., December 2019
Very thorough inspection. David explained everything and answered all questions to my complete satisfaction.
- R.T., November 2019
He is reliable, skilled, thorough and worth every bit of his fee for a home inspection!
- G.C., November 2019
David takes his time to provide a complete assessment of the home so that you, the buyer, have a full understanding of the condition of the home. He provides a detailed report, but also takes the time to explain his findings to you in person. I highly recommend David for home inspections!!
- O.L., October 2019
Thanks to David we were able to make an informed decision about purchasing the house. He was very detailed and even explained how to rectify some of the problems we would be facing.
- N.B., October 2019
Thank you David. You are brilliant. Your inspection was amazingly insightful, knowledgeable and thorough. Your inspection helped me immensely in making my final decision.
- C.C., September 2019
Very thorough and explained every detail in a way that I could understand. I've already shared David's contact info with a friend who buys rental property regularly.
- K.H., Roswell GA, August 2019
If you want peace of mind buying a new home, this is the service you need. David is extremely thorough and detailed in his inspection process. He is also very knowledgeable with code's and take time to describe what he is talking about. His reports are detailed with actual pictures and diagrams. He is top notch in my book.
- B.C., August 2019
Excellent Job. Thanks.
- S.F., August 2019
Very knowledgeable with codes & regulations, explains and made suggestions. Plus he was on time.
- C.O., June 2019
David did a superb job inspecting our new home. The entire process was quick and convenient. He was thorough, careful, and comprehensive. He balanced detail with big picture, providing a holistic view of the health and safety of the home from a buyer?s perspective. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to inspect a home. Our only reservation is that the fee seemed a little high, but in the end, we feel the price was worth the peace of mind.
- K.S., June 2019
I loved how thorough David was when inspecting our home. We have used him twice within the last 8 years and would highly recommend him.
- T.A., Acworth GA, May 2019
I like your report being hyperlinked to the table of contents for quick reference, however, you don't have a link to go back to the table of contents, you either need to scroll back up to it or just go on from where you are. Also, I would recommend a hyperlink from your general summary to the photos; example, on page 5 you reference a repair, but the photos are on page 12 (16D stair nails). This is not user-friendly and may cause confusion if the reviewer doesn't understand the repairs.
- J.M., April 2019
David was very thorough and provided me invaluable information just for my own knowledge and future use. I will definitely use him again as well as recommend him to all of my friends and family in need of an inspection.
- K.S., Atlanta GA, April 2019
David is absolutely great to work with. His attention to detail and knowledge about homes is amazing and I feel completely safe knowing he has inspected my future home!
- R.K., March 2019
David did a wonderful job finding issues that were important but hard to catch. He provided useful information about the issue, implications, and work needed to correct the problem. His report was professional, prompt, and informative. I couldn't ask more of a home inspector.
- B.S., February 2019
David was very thorough and explained all his concerns. I highly recommend him.
- L.A., February 2019
Very professional and thorough, He checked places and things i would not think of. He definitely knows his business and will look out for your best interest. Excellent.
- C.J., February 2019
His inspection was mind blowing. He is definitely the guy for the job. So detailed. I love how he explains everything with pictures/video. I also love how he points out need to know information, like where the main shut off valve is. He is EXTREMELY thourough. Really glad we founf him. Thanks so much!!!!!
- M.S., January 2019
David did a great job! Very thorough inspection.
- M.Z., January 2019
Very thorough and professional.
- M.F., December 2018
David has inspected everything he could with our soon to be home. He has excellent knowledge of the various codes that is applicable. I highly recommend him!
- R.N., December 2018
Mr. Bledsoe...thank you for inspecting our prospective residence! I truly enjoyed your thoroughness and attention to detail. It will allow us to make a more educated decision as we move forward. Have a great day sir!
- E.C., October 2018
David was informative and extremely thorough! I would absolutely recommend him to friends and family.
- K.R., October 2018
Very professional and thorough. Has great knowledge and expertise and focuses on the important items.
- S.H., September 2018
That was sure a thorough report, I couldn't believe the little, but very important items Mr. Bledsoe found; I was totally impressed, which I relayed to the realtor.
- S.P., August 2018
Great work and very detailed! Also is very knowledgeable about how builder/seller will respond to particular items he addresses.
- R.E., July 2018
Thanks for completing the inspection on our 'soon to be' new home. I appreciate your knowledge and honesty on your findings. Hopefully, I won't need your services again for another 20+ years. :) Thanks again! Jennifer Ming
- J.M., June 2018
David is very professional and detailed. Walked me through what he saw and explained it to me. Would recommend 100 times over!
- L.B., June 2018
Easily the best Home Inspector in the business!
- N.D., May 2018
David is a thorough and knowledgeable home inspector. As a first time home buyer on a "new construction" home I believe I now have the tools I need to ensure my home is built to code. Thanks David and Healthy Home Inspections, LLC
- K.Y., May 2018
Very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend!
- K.R., May 2018
Very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend!
- K.R., May 2018
David was a pleasure to work with. He has professional knowledge of the building codes and knows what he is looking for. I would definitely recommend his to anyone needing a home inspection.
- P.A., Lawrenceville GA, April 2018
David did a great job for us. He is knowledgeable and professional. His report was thorough, detailing issues in depth, and the turnaround was expeditious. Would recommend to anyone in need of an inspector.
- M.R., April 2018
Very thorough and responsive.
- D.H., April 2018
David was very thorough and easy to work with. He took his time inspecting the entire house and made sure I was aware/understood all issues.
- L.B., March 2018
Because I was buying a small condo I expected my home inspection to be a quick, cursory approval. I'm so glad I called Healthy Home Inspections. David Bledsoe did a fantastic job, pointing out several potential problems I wouldn't have thought of, and I was able to take these issues to the seller for a credit at closing. Because of Mr. Bledsoe's knowledge, skills, and professional courtesy, I am confident that I know everything I need to know about how my new home works. His services were recommended to me by my realtor, and I couldn't be happier with this choice.
- E.K., March 2018
David was recommended to my wife and me by a close friend. David was very thorough and took the time to walk us through and explain his observations, both good and bad. David gave us what we needed to make sure we move into a home that doesn't have surprises. He gave us a full report complete with pictures and an aerial view of the home early the next morning after the inspection concluded. We will definitely recommend David to any friends and family in the area who need home inspection services!
- K.K., March 2018
Very thorough and informative. Would highly recommend again.
- B.R., February 2018
David is very knowledgeable and uses that to be as thorough as possible. He is very easy to work with and his reports are very useful and timely. He took the time to go over items with me and discuss possible solutions. We live 4 hours away and I would have him back again.
- J.M., February 2018
Highly informative with a variety of skills and a wealth of knowledge. It was an excellent experience!
- J.R., February 2018
David is an absolute pleasure to work with. This is my second inspection using his services in 9 months, and I would call him first two more times in the next nine if needed. Thank you for your honesty and integrity.
- G.M., February 2018
Extreamly professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend David to other property buyers. Thank you!
- J.B., January 2018
David is incredible thorough as well as educated with the past and current codes. I feel more confident now with buying our home after having David looking it over. His report that he emails you is very detailed and allows you to make educated decisions on what repairs you feel are the most important. I will absolutely recommend David to all my friends and highly recommend David to all future home buyers.
- T.E., January 2018
Thank you for being so thorough!
- K.H., January 2018
David was prompt and professional, photos were clear, even including videos where needed. The report software was easy to use and enable creating repair list quickly.
- T.L., November 2017
This was my third home inspection with David, which should speak to the trust I have in his work. He is thorough and explains all items of concern in a comprehensive, yet straightforward manner . I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to find out EVERYTHING about the home they are planning to purchase.
- H.B., November 2017
As someone in the initial stages of building a rental portfolio, I depend on David's reports to determine whether houses are sound investments. I appreciate his attention to detail and thoroughness, and his knowledge is a tremendous asset. I'm so glad to have him on my team!
- B.M., November 2017
Did an excellent job, was patient explaining things to us, and was extremely professional and meticulous throughout the whole process!
- J.M., October 2017
David was incredibly professional and walked us through every one of his concerns. As a first time homebuyer, his calm demeanor and thorough answers made us feel like we were in good hands. I would absolutely recommend David's services to any friends or family in need of a home inspection. Could not recommend enough. Thanks David!
- R.S., October 2017
Solid inspection. Thank you for your attention to detail.
- J.F., September 2017
David, Thank you once again for completing a thorough inspection of our new home. We worked with you 5 years ago during our first purchase, and we knew that we wanted you to be our inspector again for our next purchase. You were detailed and transparent about the inspection process, and made sure that we were informed of the items that you were reviewing during the inspection. Please feel free to contact us if you ever need a referral!
- T.T., September 2017
Thank you. So glad to have someone as conscientious as you
- B.G., September 2017
SImply the best!
- K.S., Atlanta GA, July 2017
Mr Bledsoe was recommended by a friend. It was very easy to schedule and he was very thorough. He is a true experienced professional. He answered all my questions and concerns. I am very happy with the inspection and how easy it was to read and understand the report. Very Detailed. I highly recommend Mr Bledsoe for you new or used home purchase, you will not be disappointed. He went Above and Beyond.
- D.S., January 2017
David has serviced my clients for 2yrs now, and I continue to rave about his level of service, knowledge, and attention to detail!
- T.G., Atlanta GA, January 2017
Very thorough and patient. Explains issues very well and makes them understandable. Absolutely a great choice to go with.
- D.C., December 2016
David was very thorough in his inspection and very friendly, professional, and detailed. He walked us thru his inspection and explained everything to us. We are first time home buyers and this was very important and helpful for us. I would 100% recommend David!
- M.A., October 2016
Great service, quick and accurate.
- B.N., August 2016
David is the BEST inspector I have ever used in 15 years of working in Real Estate. He know the County codes backwards and forwards, is very thorough in his inspections and makes sure the clients (and agents) understand the issues that arise.
- K.E., Atlanta GA, July 2016
A pleasure- very professional and left no stone un-turned!
- J.O., March 2016
I have known David for over 10 years and his knowledge of all facets of residential home construction and existing homes is astounding. His reports far exceed what you will see from 99.9% of other inspectors out there.
- H.S., May 2015
Liberty and I want to say a big thank you for your work on our home inspection. The report was well documented with descriptions, pictures and recommendations. Thanks again! -Walter S.
- L.S., March 2015
The most extensive and professional inspection I've ever seen.
- T.D., June 2014
David is methodical, thorough, and kind. I'd recommend his home inspection services without any hesitation.
- M.D., April 2014
Inspection was done on time and within budget. Report was well-done, with clear explanations, and loads of pix to accompany the elaborate and technically clear explanations and conclusions. Was impressed with the detail of the inspections and clarity of the language used to describe the various items that required attention or focus. Would certainly recommend David B for any home inspection.
- J.S., February 2014
First Class! Extremely thorough, fully protecting our interests! Should be your first and only choice to conduct your home inspection!
- M.G., August 2013
David was extremely thorough, professional and prompt!
- B.H., July 2013
Couldn't have been more thorough!
- R.B., June 2013
Very professional and friendly.
- S.B., June 2013
Pleasure to spend the morning with David. He was thorough and really helpful in determining what issues were important and which were merely unusual.
- C.H., May 2013
Thank you David for another thorough home inspection. I will continue to recommend you to my clients.
- M.H., March 2013
David did a great job! He was informative, answered all questions, and I found the inspection to be a valuable learning experience. Thank you David! Lisa Goolsby Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
- M.G., March 2013
Thank you for the time, detail and suggestions you gave us for the White Owl Court home. This by far was the best I/we have ever seen done! Many Thanks! Walter Simonsen
- L.S., March 2013
David was wonderful and I will definitely recommend him to anyone I know needing a complete and accurate inspection. David showed up on time and fully prepared to conduct a thorough inspection. He really took his time and went through every detail of the home. David is up to speed on electrical, plumbing and building code and is very patient while explaining details to someone who doesn't exactly understand the 'lingo'. We had a short amount of time to get the report in and David went out of his way to deliver the report quickly. It was so detailed and accurate and I understood exactly what it said due to David taking the time to explain everything to me in great detail. David also showed me where all the shut off switches and valves were and how to use everything in the house - just a little something extra which I really appreciated. I recommend David without reservation and would happily use him again!
- M.K., January 2013
WOW..You know your Stuff David. Thank you for getting into each and every cranny of this property. Being a single woman, I appreciate the report being written with great care and completeness. It's actually clear enough for a Girl like me to read and understand. Having this type of awareness can be very valuable in contract negotiations. Thanks again. Lorraine C.
- L.C., December 2012
Very thorough! Takes time to explain findings.
- L.F., December 2012
very thorough, much knowledge
- R.D., December 2012
Mr. Bledsoe was thorough and courteous. He answered every question and spent a lot of time with our house. Very detailed and qualified.
- N.S., November 2012
Thank you David. Your inputs were really valuable. I appreciate you taking the time to explain everything in detail.
- T.B., October 2012
Outstanding and a pleasure to work with!
- D.B., September 2012
Our inspector was W. David Bledsoe. The best way to sum up his services would be top rate!! The report provided by him was not only comprehensive, but also included photo's of the issues as a reference & the information contained was broken down in layman's terms. I would have no reservations about recommending this gentlemen to anyone seeking out the services of a quality inspector in the future! Certainly money well spent, without a doubt!!
- R.B., August 2012
Great job as usual. Thanks!
- C.E., July 2012
great Inspection - as usual! Thank you David!
- K.S., Atlanta GA, June 2012
Mr. Bledsoe did a great job and didn't seem like he was in a rush. Even though, he stated that the job would probably take about 4 hours, when my husband and real estate agent, Martin Morong, had additional questions and concerns that lasted well into an additional hour, he was more than willing to stay until all of our concerns were addressed.
- M.C., May 2012