Carl was thorough and professional.
- D.C., August 2023
I?ve had the pleasure of working with Carl for a number of years now and he NEVER disappoints with his thoroughness or his professionalism.
- C.S., June 2023
Carl has done a few inspections for me now. He's prompt, professional, & precise.
- M.F., May 2023
Very friendly and informative!
- L.G., March 2023
Carl was very thorough and took the time to walk us through and show us things he saw and answered any questions we had.
- S.M., March 2023
I would absolutely recommend Carl Gressler to anyone needing home inspection services. He was very professional and provided an excellent detailed report on a home we recently had inspected. I was also impressed with his knowledge on subjects I had questions about and his responses were very helpful to me.
- D.M., Wake Forest NC, February 2023
Carl's inspection was thorough and his report was well written and easy to understand.
- F.R., October 2022
Carl is very thorough and detail oriented. He took the time to speak with myself and my clients to let us know his findings. We had the report back in less than 24 hours. I highly recomment Carl. If you want the job done right, he is the man to call.
- D.H., October 2022
Very personable, really knows what he is doing. I couldn’t have asked for a better inspector.
- L.T., September 2022
Carl 's inspection was very thorough. He is very friendly and open to questions. I highly recommend him.
- V.W., null nul, August 2022
Carl is the only person that I trust to inspect the properties I am purchasing. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. I can't recommend him enough!
- J.S., July 2022
Carl was wonderful! Professional, knowledgable, friendly, answered all my questions. I highly recommend him.
- M.G., July 2022
5-star service! We received the inspection report in less than 24 hours.
- A.S., May 2022
Carl came highly recommended by a relative of mine. He was very responsive and helped to coordinated all my inspections quickly. He was very thorough and took the time to walk us through and explain each of his findings. I am so glad that I chose Carl to do my home inspection and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
- G.P., April 2022
Super great and informative! Highly recommended!
- B.T., February 2022
Our home was inspected by Carl Gressler. He was very thorough and detail oriented. He did an exceptional job of uncovering existing issues with the property and provided comments on what next steps to take. Additionally, Carl had ordered a termite inspection to be done on the home. The termite inspector stated that there were no termite issues detected. When Carl inspected the crawl space he found several issues related to active termites. As a result, Carl ordered the inspector to return and thoroughly investigate the termite issues that are present which was previously missed by the termite inspector. I have no hesitation to recommend Carl Gressler to anyone who needs a professional Home Inspector. Thank you so much Carl!
- W.P., February 2022
Carl was fantastic! He was very willing to work with my scheduling needs, did a thorough job at the site and spent extra time reviewing the report and answering all of my questions. I would highly recommend him.
- R.F., February 2022
Carl was great! Very thorough inspection and report delivered in a very timely manner!
- J.M., January 2022
Carl was very pleasant and professional. Would recommend him anytime.
- C.O., January 2022
Carl was completely thorough, knowledgeable, and I thought he had gone above and beyond what was involved in a home inspection. We were very happy with him and his company, and would highly recommend to anyone needing their home inspected.
- J.O., January 2022
Carl was very professional and thorough. He explained things to us and went over his recommendations so that we understood everything. We highly recommend him and Prospect!
- G.L., December 2021
Very through inspection on my new construction home.
- T.L., December 2021
Thank you Carl for your thorough inspection. I’ll be using Carl for my final inspection as well.
- S.P., Holly Springs NC, December 2021
Thank you Carl for squeezing an inspection in with short notice for my client. Greatly appreciated!
- D.M., November 2021
Carl was very thorough and took the time to explain his findings. Will definitely use his services again.
- W.M., November 2021
Carl always goes above and beyond. He will crawl into tiny spaces to make sure the inspection is to the fullest. He spends extra time with me and my clients explaining what he has found and makes it easy to understand. His reports are in great detail. He always does a GREAT job! I would highly recommend Carl for all your inspections.
- D.H., October 2021
Absolutely, job well done and in a timely manner
- G.M., Burlington NC, September 2021
Carl was extremely thorough in his investigation on out potential home which I appreciate as a 1st time home buyer
- S.W., July 2021
Carl conducted the home inspection on the new home we had just purchased and he was knowledgeable, thorough, and had great customer service. His home inspection reports are easy to read, comprehensive and gave us an accurate picture of the home we are about to purchase. I would highly recommend carol Gressler and Prospect Home Inspections!
- M.M., May 2021
I purchased a new home in Clayton, NC and used Carl twice for home inspections. He was professional, extremely competent and highlighted all issues to the builder and myself( even provided future attention points) I know I will enjoy my new home and feel at easy thanks to Carl.
- A.B., May 2021
Carl is very detailed and passionate about his job. He explained everything to my clients and myself. He went above and beyond to walk around with us and show us his areas of concern. I would highly recommend Carl to do inspections.
- D.H., May 2021
Very helpful, informative, and responsive to all of my questions. Thank you, Carl, for doing such a thorough inspection and for helping me leave a good impression with my clients!
- L.S., May 2021
Carl did a great job of showing me the areas that needed attention. He was also very good at explaining the differences between issues that require immediate attention, and items that we would want to address over time. If you trust your Realtor, like we absolutely do, then it makes sense to trust their recommendations for these services. Thanks Carl, for being so thorough!
- B.M., April 2021
Carl was extremely thorough, diligent and professional in conducting the inspection. He explained everything in detail and all my questions were answered. Carl was very friendly, patient, and experienced. He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things. His report was also very straightforward. I would highly recommend to friends and family.
- S.C., March 2021
Knowledgeable, thorough, personable, and articulate--provided comprehensive detailed inspection and report. Great work--thanks!
- M.C., March 2021
Carl does amazing work!!! He is very detailed with his findings and reports, and he will have the report available to you the same day he does the inspection! Great inspector to have on your team! :-D
- N.W., March 2021
Excellent job, very detailed and helpful
- K.J., March 2021
Very thorough inspection. Answered all questions we had. Very pleased with the service we were provided.
- C.H., February 2021
Very thorough and professional! Would have no problem recommending him to friends in need of his services! 10/10!
- P.R., February 2021
Our real estate agent recommended Carl at Prospect Home Inspections for our new construction home in Wake Forest. He did our final inspection and radon testing. He was professional, friendly, knowledgable, and very thorough. We will definitely be using his services again for our one year warranty inspection. Highly recommend!
- J.K., Wake Forest NC, February 2021
Carl was extremely thorough and professional. He walked through the report in it's entirety and it was easy to follow, complete with very clear pictures and labeling. This was a new home build and the builder accepted all of his recommendations, no questions asked.
- A.M., February 2021
Very friendly. The report was meticulous, easy to read and understand.
- D.T., January 2021
So thorough! He has been in construction for a long time and it shows- he knows his stuff!
- J.A., December 2020
Best inspector ever!
- E.M., December 2020
We are relocating to a new state and Carl gave us a very detailed report that after reviewing we could prioritize and work with with our realtor on ensuring a smooth transition to our new home.
- T.G., November 2020
Carl was fantastic - very thorough with a findings report that was well constructed and intuitive to follow. I would highly recommend Homegauge as an inspection company.
- J.D., November 2020
I have used Carl twice. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. An asset to any home buyer who wants to be sure he is getting what he is paying for. Don't hesitate to hire Carl. You won't be sorry.
- E.N., November 2020
Carl is extremely professional and incredibly thorough! I cannot recommend him enough! Carl takes the time to carefully explain things with all of my clients even when they cannot be there! He is meticulous!! Always grateful to be able to have him work with my clients!
- S.H., November 2020
It was a pleasure to work with Carl he was very professional yet made the inspection process very personable in explaining and answering questions no matter how small they were. We would be happy to use him again.
- M.F., November 2020
Carl was friendly and helpful from the minute I met him on the morning of the inspection. I am so thankful for his attention to detail despite all my questions. He stopped every so often to verbally point out his findings and patiently listened to me and answered even more questions. His report reflected his findings, explained the reason he listed them and suggested the type of repair needed so that we could easily present our concerns to the seller. If looking for a thorough, knowledgeable and pleasant home inspection experience, I highly recommend Carl Gressler of Prospect Home Inspections.
- C.K., ARDEN NC, October 2020
I am Realtor in the Triangle. I highly recommend Carl Gressler at Prospect Home Inspections. He is punctual, professional, accurate and very thorough. He takes the time to explain findings to my client and I and the inspection report always follows promptly. The inspection reports are easy to understand and detailed. I recommend to anyone needing an home inspection. Sharon Barbry, Fathom Realty
- S.B., October 2020
Carl is great! Always puts my clients at ease and is excellent at explaining things in ways everyone can easily understand. I tell him what my clients concerns are before the inspection and he is sure to check out those areas thoroughly to help us understand what's going on. Thanks, Carl!
- K.W., Durham NC, October 2020
I really liked the detailed and accurate report that Carl provided on the same day as the inspection was completed. His notes were very helpful in deciding whether that was a quality home and whether anything needed to get fixed by the seller before closing. Would highly recommend Carl's services.
- E.W., September 2020
Carl inspected two homes for me and each time was very thorough. I also appreciated that he took the time to explain the 'why' behind the potential issues he found. He also filed his report in a very timely manner. I strongly recommend him!
- J.R., September 2020
This is my second inspection with Carl Gressler. He's a professional and does a very thorough inspection. I would highly recommend Carl if you are planning to buy a new home.
- S.P., September 2020
Carl did a thorough inspection clearly documenting the issues found. The report was produced in a very timely manner.
- D.B., September 2020
Excellent communication! Very thorough and detailed with his inspection report. I appreciate having Carl with my clients because he looks out for them. Carl is a pleasure to deal with!
- E.M., August 2020
He was very professional and courteous. He carefully explained all his findings to me. I would highly recommend him to anyone
- B.C., August 2020
Carl went above and beyond with our inspection needs! We really appreciated his honesty, attention to detail, and work ethics. Highly highly recommend!
- J.L., July 2020
Carl is always very thorough and professional. Explains everything in detail and answers all questions. I would recommend this company to anyone considering purchasing a home.
- S.B., July 2020
Carl was great! He did a very thorough inspection. He was down to earth and attentive. As a first time home buyer I was grateful he took the time to explain every step of the process. He confidently answered every question I had and went above and beyond to make sure I understood everything that was taking place. I would strongly recommend Carl for anyone needing a home inspection!
- S.F., July 2020
Was able to give descriptive and detailed information on just about every corner of the house. Took very good pictures, gave me feedback in a timely manner. Would recommend Carl to others, overall outstanding job!
- J.S., July 2020
Carl Gressler of Prospect Home Inspections provides very comprehensive and easy to understand inspections. My wife and I used his firm for the purchase of a new home in Clayton, NC and we found that his attention to details enabled us to identify some issues that needed to be resolved in order to protect our investment in our home. His report included numerous photos of problem areas that made his recommendations totally credible. We heartily recommend Carl Gressler of Prospect Home Inspections as a first rate and most professional home inspector.
- F.G., Leland NC, July 2020
Great customer service and a phenomenal reporting software that makes it easy for clients to understand. Agents can quickly and clearly compile repair requests for their clients. Carl is genuine, thorough and skilled.
- J.K., Raleigh NC, June 2020
Always on time, very thorough, reporting system is a huge time saver when asking for repairs, and Carl is a fun and personable guy. 10 out of 10!
- J.K., Raleigh NC, June 2020
Carl was very thorough as always and did a great job explaining his report findings to my client.
- G.J., June 2020
Carl is responsive, professional and very knowledgeable. Will definitely work with him again.
- C.S., June 2020
Carl is outstanding at his job. My husband and I felt so at ease with him. Carl is very detailed, lets you know everything he finds along the way, and he takes his time to go room by room. I would and will recommend Carl to anyone that is looking. We appreciate everything he did for us and for being so honest.
- S.S., June 2020
Thanks for Your Services Carl Gressler, Fast , and Professional Job.
- C.P., May 2020
Carl answered my call even though he was on vacation! I have a buyer with a short due diligence period and Carl was able to get our inspection scheduled very promptly. After the inspection, he called and gave a verbal summary and his official report followed shortly after. He was friendly, professional, and personable. He was recommended by a fellow agent who had him inspect the home she personally purchased. Thank you, Carl!
- S.M., May 2020
Super helpful and friendly. I know zero things about home repairs but his report and explanations helped me understand my inspection report. Highly recommend!
- M.F., April 2020
Great inspection, detailed notes, excellent online tool to view and coordinate the repair request.
- J.L., March 2020
Carl did a very thorough inspection of the property and documented any issues or problems to address. The report clearly explained when there were problems and gave his suggestion for the right type of contractor to remedy each problem. He was prompt with the report. If I need another inspection or have any friends that need one, I'll be glad to send them his way.
- R.H., March 2020
Mr. Gressler was great to work with. Very thorough, knowledgeable, and willing to answer questions. Inspection was well documented in the report with pictures and good explanations. Report was delivered promptly. Great experience.
- P.D., March 2020
Carl is always very responsive and easy to work with. He gives my buyers and I confidence that the home is being checked thoroughly.
- D.W., March 2020
Carl called me and took the time to explain his findings with me. He was very friendly.
- B.J., March 2020
Very professional and personable. Very thorough inspection and took the time to show me what he found. Very quick turn around on the report, less than 48 hours.
- J.W., February 2020
Carl was extremely detailed in his inspection and report. His communication was timely and he is very personable. I have already recommended him to other agents.
- A.J., February 2020
Carl was amazing! He?s very thorough, timely, and professional. I highly recommend him and will definitely use him again.
- C.M., February 2020
Carl is thorough in his inspection and reporting, considerate with clients and over an asset to any agents resources. I highly recommend him.
- K.S., Raleigh NC, January 2020
Inspector was on time, thorough, and the report was well written. I would recommend Carl to others.
- R.M., January 2020
Carl was very flexible and accommodating in getting our inspection scheduled quickly. He made the process very easy and stress-free. His report was very thorough and provided pictures. I would definitely recommend him to anyone! Thanks Carl!
- S.D., January 2020
Great help, very open, available!
- M.V., December 2019
The report was very thorough, with explanations stating why things need to be repaired vs monitored. Detailed photographs were also taken, which were very appreciated.I would definitely recommend Carl?s services, thank you!
- A.A., November 2019
Mr. Gressler IV did an extremely Thorough with his pictures and report and on time with contacting his buyers on his report.
- M.P., October 2019
Carl was very meticulous and would highly recommend him. He did a great job and was very thorough about everything. He spent time with us and answered all of our questions as we walked through the house. We were very happy with his work!!
- S.B., September 2019
Very detailed, helped us get the most out of our home inspection, from the smallest to the largest issues. We now have a very good idea of what to expect when we move into our new home. Because of his detailed report, the seller is even willing to address the main issues noted. Thanks Carl!
- B.H., August 2019
On time, very professional, flexible, and caught some things I would have missed. I have contracted and built structures that had to be inspected in the past so I do know a little bit about building codes and how inspections work. Carl definitely knows his stuff.
- D.T., Apex NC, July 2019
I am at the present moment a resident of Georgia and purchasing a new home in Mebane, NC. My daughter has been acting as my representative in order to facilitate this purchase in a timely manner. Mr. Gressler has been a great help in getting the needed inspection completed. Judging from the resulting inspection he has been attentive to discrepencies that need to be addressed. He has been cooperative and accommodating in all ways for which I am grateful. Smoothing out the rough edges of moving. Thank you. LGB
- L.B., June 2019
Carl was efficient, thorough, and professional with all aspects of scheduling and inspection. All worked well.
- S.P., June 2019
Carl was friendly and easy to work with. He showed us any issues with the house and explained it to us in terms we could understand. He sent everything to us after with pictures so we didn't have to write down or remember what he said. We felt confident having him inspect our future home and would highly recommend him!
- S.D., April 2019
Carl is super easy to work with and he has great communication skills! Will certainly be using him again in the future!
- A.B., RALEIGH NC, April 2019
Carl, was great with my client with basic explanations and a detailed walk through with her. He was early, took time but not too much and was thorough
- T.F., April 2019
Carl was great to work with!! I will be using him again!!!
- L.E., April 2019
Carl is friendly and efficient. It was a pleasure working with him!
- C.J., March 2019
Carl was very thorough with our recent 1 year warranty home inspection. He noticed a few items our last home inspector missed last year when our home was being built. Listened to our concerns and gave us advice on what to address with our builder. Awesome job Carl!
- T.M., March 2019
Carl was extremely thorough and took his time ensuring he covered everything inside and out. He reviewed all of his findings with us and made himself available for all of our questions. We would certainly recommend using him!
- S.W., March 2019
Carl was thorough and did a great job - we'd use him again in a heartbeat.
- T.S., Wake Forest NC, October 2018
Carl is such a thorough and professional inspector--he is my first choice every time I have a buyer! He takes his time and explains every issue and answers my questions even after his work is complete.
- K.S., Apex NC, October 2018
Carl was great to work with!
- A.L., September 2018