Great Job
- R.P., September 2019
always great job
- S.P., September 2019
It is always a pleasure working with Mr. Alberto Cruz he is treats his clients with the upmy professionalism and is timely, courteous, thorough and follows through on what is asked of him. I recommend him and Home Gauge to everyone who owns a home or is contemplating purchasing one.
- J.M., August 2019
Mr. Cruz was very knowledgeable and professional.
- T.W., Orlando FL, August 2019
Very thorough and friendly! I will absolutely recommend with 100% confidence.
- R.L., August 2019
Highly recommended by the Wilson family. Very professional and friendly. Mr. Cruz was very patient in explaining every aspect of the inspection and the findings. His team was friendly and hard working. Every detail was examined. The prices were reasonable and Veterans are discounted.
- T.W., Orlando FL, August 2019
awesome... professional
- J.A., August 2019
Extremely thorough during his process. Detail oriented about every inch of the house, inside and out. Communicates well and can explain everything in terms that anyone can understand. Efficient and effective with his time and makes you feel comfortable during the entirety of the inspection.
- J.H., July 2019
Very courteous, helpful, and attentive. Recommend to anyone looking to get their home inspection!
- M.R., July 2019
Great job all the time. Efficient and organized.
- G.I., Orlando FL, July 2019
Mr.Cruz was very professional. He was timely and very thorough in his inspection. The final report was detailed and very helpful.
- B.B., July 2019
Thank you for a professional, courteous and prompt service. Thank you for accommodating my clients and providing them with an excellent , detailed report.
- K.I., May 2019
Very professional!!! I recommend him !!!
- D.C., April 2019
Dinamico, centrado y profesional . No hay dudas que es uno de los mejores .
- S.G., April 2019
Profesional y enfocado en su trabajo . Le dedica tiempo a expliacr al cliente cada duda que le surja durante la inspeccion. Ama su trabjo y eso los transmite al cliente .
- S.G., April 2019
Highly professional , detailed-oriented, gives great reccomendation regarding repairs, same day quick and easy to read reports, promptly responded to any questions or changes. I would absolutely reccomend it.
- K.I., April 2019
Wonderful person to talk too.
- G.C., April 2019
Alberto is very professional, very equipped and takes the time to see every detail of the property as if it were his home. It educates you during the process and makes clear how everything is supposed to work. It is very clear at the moment of explaining your knowledge of construction and everything related to electricity. Take every corner of the property as an important part in my case Alberto did not leave anything to the air. My husband and I recommend it 100%. Thanks Alberto for your work.
- K.B., April 2019
Very professional and focused on his work.👌
- P.M., Orlando FL, March 2019
Alberto is amazing! So thorough and professional! Great communiction from beginning to end! Thank you for the extensive report that was easy to read. When purchasing a home you want the best of the best to ensure that the home is up to code in every way, Alberto is the man for the job!
- T.S., Melbourne FL, March 2019
Alberto was personable, thorough and professional! Thank you for everything. Highly recommend
- G.W., February 2019
Alberto was excellent! From the moment he introduced himself, he was extremely personable and friendly. He completed a thorough inspection of the home and addressed any issues he saw, while providing us with recommendations. The report was ready in less than 24 hours and contained all necessary details. I will recommend him to any one looking to buy a house and look forward to using him in the future!
- A.D., February 2019
Excellent work. He answered all the questions. Gave very truthful report. Thank you Alberto Vishnu Nuthakki
- V.N., February 2019
Top of the Line Service! Accommodated my out of state client who needed the inspection ASAP and in addition gave my buyers a virtual walk thru at the end of the Inspection with the Findings, since he couldn't be present!
- E.C., January 2019
I highly recommend this inspector and Gopro. This is my 3rd time buying a house in 3 different states and never before I had an inspector who would take the time to explain to you not only the findings but also how everything is supposed to work and more importantly how to take care (maintenance wise) of every area at your house and recommendations for upgrades. Money 100% worth. Electrical, water, appliances and every little corner of the house. We are 100%+ satisfied and happy with this inspection.
- j.N., December 2018
He did a detail inspection and took the time to explain how to keep a good maintenance of the essential equipments of the house and how the proper function of things should be.
- j.N., December 2018
Amazing work, knowledgable and personable!
- C.M., November 2018
Alberto was great! Very informative and friendly. I will definitely being using him again!
- C.G., November 2018
Another great inspection from Alberto and team. This particular one saved my client from purchasing a home with two not so easy to spot deficiencies that would have cost thousands down the road. My client and I could not be any happier!
- R.M., October 2018
- M.B., October 2018
- C.R., September 2018
I truly appreaciate your professionalism and quick response to my requests! All of my customers are very satisfied with your expertise and your detailed reports. Will definitely keep referring you to my clients and other colleagues. Thank you Alberto, keep up the great work!
- K.S., September 2018
I truly appreaciate your professionalism and quick response to my requests! All of my customers are very satisfied with your expertise and your detailed reports. Will definitely keep referring you to my clients and other colleagues. Thank you Alberto, keep up the great work!
- K.S., September 2018
Alberto does a amazing job. Alberto is very detailed and explains everything.
- J.N., Orlando FL, August 2018
Very professional and excellent customer service!
- L.W., August 2018
Alberto was incredibly professional and kind, careful to explain everything and share aspects of the home that I hadn't noticed before putting in a bid. Would absolutely recommend.
- C.H., August 2018
Super job , was very impressed with his professional on time and detail inspection and explication of the inspection . Thank You
- N.N., August 2018
The BEST!!
- P.F., Celebration FL, July 2018
Honestly, he was great. A extremely professional young individual, with so much knowledge. He made our first home inspection so easy.
- D.V., July 2018
Alberto was very professional and informative. He took the time to explain everything in detail. I would highly recommend his services.
- J.S., July 2018
Absolutely wonderful service. Creating my own repairs list with pictures an comments get another A+. Thank you
- G.I., Orlando FL, July 2018
Hi Alberto! Thank you so much for everything. It was a pleasure working with and meeting you. An extra thanks for being available with a very very quick response time. You took your time with my home inspection and answered all of my questions. Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for educating me on the ends and outs of the home inspection process. Your report is thorough and easily viewed. A job very well done!! Thanks Again!!!
- C.G., July 2018
Very thorough! I very much appreciate the service.
- B.M., July 2018
Alberto Cruz and Go Pro Home Inspections team are an incredibly professionals and their expertise shine on every Home Inspection they make. They go through the smallest details and my clients are always amazed with their work. Highly recommend them for any Home Inspection you might need.
- Y.B., Orlando FL, June 2018
Thank you again for your time and professionalism with my inspection. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you.
- R.T., Ormond Beach FL, June 2018
Proffesionalism, punctuality and knowledgeable, three words to describe Alberto and his team!
- P.L., June 2018
Alberto was friendly and thorough! I would highly recommend him to colleagues, friends, and family.
- R.E., May 2018
I would definitely recommend Alberto. As a realtor who attends plenty of inspections I was surprised and pleased to see him going the extra mile and walking the client through step by step of his reports and even doing recommendations. He is also very fairly priced and easy to schedule which comes in handy for those rushed situations. Overall 10/10
- L.R., April 2018
Alberto was at the property on time, greeted me and explained the entire process. We received the report the same day, it was very thorough and we can tell that they took their time. Will definitely recommend!
- C.P., March 2018
Thank you so much for making this process fun & easy. Walking us threw everything step by step. Amazing work and will be recommending you to everyone I know !! Thank you.
- H.C., March 2018
Did a detailed inspection and very thorough with explaining certain inquiries of flaws. Both inspectors where knowledgeable and professional.
- M.R., March 2018
Thank you so much! You are very professional and did an amazing job on my inspection... I will be giving you referrals when ever possible. Your wonderful!
- C.S., March 2018
Very nice, punctual and knowledgeable
- J.W., March 2018
He did excellent job explain in detail to me the process any question I had. I will recommmend him to all that are buy a home. Thank you for all your help.
- J.R., March 2018
Detailed, thorough and most importantly spoke to the buyer in language they can understand. Would definitely use again.
- L.S., February 2018
Detailed, thorough and most importantly spoke to the buyer in language they can understand. Would definitely use again.
- L.S., February 2018
Very professional .... thank you
- M.L., January 2018
Alberto was great and professional! He was able to do a great inspection and fix any issues we had found.
- J.R., January 2018
Very knowledgeable and professional. I would use him again.
- R.B., December 2017
Very knowledgeable, was able to communicate any necessary details effectively, and great professionalism
- L.R., December 2017
Very professional and respectful.
- P.C., December 2017
Very detailed and professional inspection, highly recommend it.
- L.S., November 2017
Very detailed and professional inspection, highly recommend it.
- L.S., November 2017
Thank you for completing our home inspection if I ever need another one I would definitely call you guys
- A.S., November 2017
Alberto has always given my clients great service so when it came time for me to be the home buyer, I couldn't imagine trusting anyone else for the inspection of my own home.
- M.M., November 2017
Alberto fue muy considerado con nuestra familia, nuestro tiempo y nuestro presupuesto. El hizo mas de lo que hace cualquier otro inspector hace. El tomo su tiempo para verificar toda la casa. El tiene nueva tecnología thermal que le permitió inspeccionar humedad, liqueos. El reporte que nos proporcionó incluye fotos en color y comentarios bien detallados. En fin, una experiencia muy agradable. Su sentido de servicio es óptimo: el nos explico paso por paso todo lo que reviso y nos dio consejos sobre cómo mantener la casa en optimas condiciones. Muy servicial, bien positiva su actitud y bien honrado. Definitivamente, excelente servicio y en español!
- A.V., November 2017
Great work, and thanks for coming out at the very last minute!
- A.F., October 2017
I can always count on Alberto and his team to provide excellent service. I am especially appreciative of the way the always try to accommodate last minute inspections.
- M.M., October 2017
Gracias por la oportunidad de haber inspeccionado la propiedad. Fuiste muy amable, respetuoso y sobretodo me dejaste saber que arreglos se tienen que hacer en la propiedad. Gracias nuevamente.
- V.R., October 2017
Alberto it was a pleasure having you an my inspector. I learned a lot that day. You are very thorough and patient and are excellent at what you do. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know.
- A.R., September 2017
Alberto is super professional and took his time to check the entire home for any sign of defect. His turnaround time was super fast and it was easy to book the appointment. I would continue to use GoPro and Alberto in the future.
- R.C., Celebration FL, September 2017
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- H.G., September 2017
Mr. Cruz was very thorough and answered all of my questions, took his time in inspecting the home. I would definitely recommend him. An awesome individual.
- R.A., September 2017
Fair pricing and professional.
- C.M., June 2017
Reasonable prices ,fast service and responses.Very pleased.Definitely I'll be using this company in future. A+
- Z.M., June 2017
Has been doing Inspections for Me and My Clients for the passed 3 Years. Awesome Reports, Always Professional, and Timely Service. Recommend GoPro Home Inspections 200%!
- E.C., April 2017
Very professional, knowledgeable, and polite!
- A.O., Longwood FL, April 2017
Very professional, friendly and very honest, I highly recommend him!
- H.L., April 2017
Alberto was extremely thorough. He suggested things that he would update or upgrade to my house if he were purchasing it for himself. I really liked the fact that he used his own drone to take aerial pictures of the roof and of the house itself. He is very friendly and knowledgeable of his profession!
- M.T., April 2017
- L.R., Orlando FL, April 2017
Thank you so much for your flexibility and professionalism. I will definitely send business your way!
- M.M., March 2017
Alberto was prompt and professional. His report was thorough and timely. I particularly like his use of technology as it pertains to preparation and delivery of the report. My home was new construction. Alberto was very knowledgeable and up to date about building code and current construction methods . Thanks Alberto.
- A.D., March 2017
Alberto was Professional very honest and had my best interest at heart. Thanks Alberto
- T.L., March 2017
They were very professional, knowledgeable, personable, and willing to answer questions. Great Home Inspections Company. Do not buy a house if you do not let this team do the inspection first. I strongly Recommended.Thanks for all!
- C.M., February 2017
They were very professional, knowledgeable, personable, and willing to answer questions. Great Home Inspections Company. Do not buy a house if you do not let this team do the inspection first. I strongly Recommended.Thanks for all!
- C.M., February 2017
Alberto was very thorough, very professional. He answered all of my and the buyers questions. I will certainly recommend hime and use his servicestate again.
- M.T., February 2017
Thank you Alberto. It appears that you completed a real thorough inspection and I am very happy with the detailed report you sent me. Hopefully the owner completes all the repairs needed. Carmen Serrano
- C.S., February 2017
Alberto was early, thorough, and veey professional. He took extra time to explain several preventative maintenance items to maximize the service life of the systems in place. Thanks again! Mike
- M.S., January 2017
Alberto was early, thorough, and professional! He took extra time to explain several key elements of the inspection, and had the report prepared quickly. Thanks again!
- M.S., January 2017
Very professional and organized. The photos and the report are amazing.
- A.P., January 2017
Alberto was professional, thorough and knowledgable.
- S.J., December 2016
Great response time! Friendly and precise.
- J.S., December 2016
He seemed very knowledgeable & thorough in his inspection and was willing to answer any questions we had. Also, the pictures on our report were very professional.
- L.H., December 2016
Thank you for your great service.
- D.C., November 2016
- L.S., Orlando FL, November 2016
On time to the inspection appointment. Very professional, great customer service.
- A.D., ALTAMONTE SPRINGS FL, October 2016
Mr Alberto Cruz, provide the most excellent service,very professional, also very important, he has a good costumer service also the tools he is using make the job more accurate and precise so I will recommend Alberto, he is the best.
- R.O., October 2016
I would definitely recommend Alberto for an inspection. He was very professional and his response was very quick. Also the quality of the report shows his professionalism. Keep working that way!
- K.M., September 2016
This is my 3rd Home Inspection with Alberto! He is very professional and his reports are very thorough, accurate and his turnaround time is fast. He is very responsive when you contact him. I recommend him to all my fellow agents and I plan to continue using his services in the future. Thank you for all you do! Evelyn Monge Charles Rutenberg Realty
- E.M., Orlando FL, September 2016
GoPro Home Inspections with Alberto Cruz are amazing. He did an amazing job today helping Chelsea Powers and I on our new home journey. He was thorough and precise. He provided exceptional customer service and expert analysis. Thank you again for all your help.
- T.C., September 2016