Excellent Job
- M.M., January 2019
We cannot recommend Domenico enough! He did an extremely thorough inspection. He spent almost 3 hours doing our inspection of 1800+ sqft home we were buying. We highly recommend you attend the inspection. He clearly explains what he finds good and bad. As well as suggesting what is important to take care right away and what can wait. He did a re-inspection after our requests were completed. We will definitely have him do our yearly inspection!
- G.R., August 2018
Domenico did a great job with my condo and home inspections. He is very professional, detailed and flexible. The inspection reports were available right away and he is always available to answer questions anytime. I absolutely recommend Domenico for your home inspections.
- L.P., March 2018
very thorough and takes his time to make sure everything is reviewed.
- A.M., Cooper City FL, June 2017
Great job, very professional and thorough.
- A.A., April 2015