Very professional and thorough and responsive!
- W.B., August 2018
Thomas has always been a great asset to my business. His inspections are very thorough, his personality and professionalism are exceptional, and my clients always appreciate meeting him because he leaves a lasting impression. I would, and do in fact, refer him to all my partners in the business.
- C.P., Port Charlotte FL, May 2018
Thomas is very professional, is always on time, provides reports in an extremely responsive time, and most importantly does very thorough inspections. I not only recommend him but use him on all my home inspections!
- C.P., Port Charlotte FL, April 2017
My sister accompanied Mr. Belke on his inspection walk-thru re: my pending purchase of this property. I have never purchased a home before & my sister has purchased 2, so she is far more knowledgeable than I about what constitutes a good inspection. She said Mr. Belke was excellent: professional, thorough, attentive to details, not distracted by the current homeowner, who trailed Mr. Belke - often getting in the way. I would definitely recommend Mr. Belke. Luckily, the condo is beautiful & there are only minor problems. The current owners took good care of the place.
- A.W., Punta Gorda FL, March 2017
Thank you Tom for the fine inspection of my property...I will absolutely recommend you to anyone I know in need of your services.
- T.S., Port Charlotte FL, March 2017
So thorough! So complete, everything was covered! This is the best home inspection report that I have every seen!
- P.W., Punta Gorda FL, February 2017
Thomas is extremely professional and does a very thorough job.
- R.R., Punta Gorda FL, February 2017
Great service, Thomas! Very thorough, and appreciate you taking time to explain the process, and any issues, with the buyer.
- P.V., Port Charlotte FL, February 2017