He is very knowledgeable. Even though I know he was very busy, he got the report in very fast.
- D.O., Clarksville TN, June 2020
I was great to work with you, my friend! I appreciate your thoroughness and ability to put things into perspective for the client without scaring them. I will absolutely be using your services again!
- C.L., January 2020
Wonderful inspection, many thanks!
- M.T., September 2019
You are awesome! Very knowledgable, straight forward, thorough, and explain things so well and very good with people. I will use you everytime I get a chance! Thank you!
- S.S., White House TN, June 2019
Lyle did an amazing job. He was kind, thorough, walked me through everything. He took the time out to help and explained how everything works. I will never use another inspector!!!!!
- A.B., January 2019
Great guy. Enjoyed working with Lyle - he is honest and informative. Hard working as well.
- D.K., January 2019
Honest and thourough
- B.H., November 2018
Lyle was fantastic to work with. He was able to clearly explain the process and his findings. Thanks Lyle! Brandon and Coffi
- B.C., September 2018
Great write up and it was an absolute pleasure working with you! I will highly recommend you in the future. Thanks Lyle
- E.S., April 2018
It was a pleasure to meet you and I appreciate your professionalism.
- D.F., October 2017
Lyle . After using your Home Inspection Service multiple times , I am very pleased with your always prompt availability and your professional results. I really appreciate your thorough explanations of all your findings , and I will definitely recommend your expertise to anybody. Peter Weissinger
- P.W., Westmoreland TN, December 2016
Lyle, Great job. Easy to follow and issues were well explained. Pictures were a perfect addition to your narrative.
- D.O., June 2016
The best. Super friendly, very thorough, and reasonably priced. Winner!!
- M.D., Primm Springs TN, April 2016
Lyle is extremely knowledgeable and professional. As a Realtor I appreciate that he doesn't "scare" my clients over the minor defects and that he takes the time to explain his findings. I would recommend him to anyone.
- M.T., April 2014
I have used Lyle for 3 insprections. He doesn't miss anything. He will provide you with an honest assessment of any deficiencies of the property.
- T.H., Hermitage TN, September 2013
Very knowledgable and willing to take the time to explain his findings. Highly recommend.
- P.B., Mt. Juliet TN, February 2012
Thanks for the great job!
- L.G., May 2011
Dear Lyle, It was a priviledge to meet you. I appreciate your professionalism and your quality of work. I highly recommend your expertise to others. Excellent Service!!
- R.W., April 2011
Great Professional will definately recommend to friends and family.
- J.F., April 2011
Did an awesome job! Thanks for the attention to detail. My husband was very impressed.
- J.D., November 2010
Lyle was very professional, courteous, and honest about all findings. Every inch of the property was inspected, and we were given recommendations even at the smallest level. My wife and I were very impressed with the full report that included pictures of the recommendations. We received the full report in a VERY timely manner. We would recommend Lyle if anyone is in need of a home inspection!
- T.S., January 2010
Lyle gave us an accurate assessment of the home we wanted to buy.
- M.C., November 2009