Matt does a great job on his inspections and reports. He also goes above and beyond on customer satisfaction. We highly recommend Matt.
- T.W., November 2018
Thank you Matt for your convenient and thorough service. Thank you for taking time to explain areas of concern. I feel my largest investment is better protected after your inspection. THANK YOU!
- T.D., November 2018
I was very pleased with Matt Friesz, he was professional, he let me know exactly what he was doing and why. I highly recommend him.
- G.M., October 2018
Matt Friesz has been extremely helpful, informative, and professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection!
- B.O., August 2018
Myself, my wife, my Mother (who works for a highly sought after engineering company), and my Father can't recommend Matt Friesz enough! I worked for my Father's construction company for many years before he was contracted by the state of Colorado to oversee the town of Estes Park's historical renovations. My Dad and I were both very impressed with Matt's attention to detail! Thank you very much, Mr. Friesz!
- J.R., June 2018
Matt was very thorough with his report and walkthrough!
- K.F., May 2018
Matt was professional and great at communicating issues so that I could make an educated decision on the overall state of the condo. The issues he found he described in detail so that I would know what action I would need to take. The report came quickly and it was written in a format that when I take possession of the property I can pull out report for the contractor/repair person and have description and picture of issue.
- M.P., February 2018
To point... thorough....polite.. explains all of report in detail
- B.J., September 2017
To point... thorough....polite.. explains all of report in detail
- B.J., September 2017
Matt is thorough and explains all issues to the point, so that a lay person is able to understand...takes his time with client, never making us feel 'less than'...
- B.J., August 2017
Matt, Thank you so much for a thorough inspection and how quickly you provided our inspection report. Mark and Susan Persbacker
- S.P., August 2017
Appreciated the thoroughness and the timely turn around time of the report . Answered my questions and walked me through all the issues.
- A.O., June 2017
Matt did a great job on my 4-point inspection. He was timely and efficient during the visit. The report actually arrived a day earlier than estimated. That is excellent service! I highly recommend Matt and his staff.
- B.H., May 2017
Matt Friesz Inspection Services are Top Notch and completely thorough. There are an amazing amount of detail that Matt covers that only a seasoned professional can uncover. Do not hesitate to contact for your home inspection needs, you will not be able to cover the same amount of detail that Matt does on your own!
- T.W., April 2017
Excellent job Matt! You caught many things that we missed. We have already referred you to our best friends. Thank you for your service.
- R.P., February 2017
Matt did a very thorough and excellent job! Thanks Matt1
- M.S., September 2016
He was Friendly, Informative and did a very thorough inspection. He did an amazing job explaining areas of concerns for us. I would highly recommend him as your Home Inspector
- P.D., July 2016
Greg and I enjoyed meeting you this morning for the inspection on our upcoming home purchase. You were thorough and answered any questions we had as well as those we didn't think or remember to ask. We'd have no hesitation in hiring you again if we buy again at some point or to recommend you to anyone we know that will need an inspector. Thanks again Cheryl and Greg Cummings
- C.C., May 2016