I was a realtor in CT for 10 yrs - so worked with lots of inspectors. Recently Jeff Messick inspected my new construction home and I watched the BEST INSPECTOR I have ever met or personally used. He also took the time to go over his report with me which helped me to respond correctly with my builder.
- B.M., May 2023
Jeff was professional and very helpful. He was very thorough and gave us all the information we needed to move forward with purchaseing our home. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an inspector and will use him in the future if the need arises
- L.B., January 2023
Jeff completed my pre-drywall inspection and my pre-closing inspection. Both times, he was extremely flexible with scheduling, and the report received was very thorough. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking to receive a home inspection. It's definitely money well spent. I plan on hiring him again next year at my 11-month inspection. Thank you!!
- V.B., October 2022
Excellent and thorough work. There was a small hiccup on initially getting into the home on the seller's side and Mr. Jeff Messick took it in stride and still finished up not far off of his initial estimate for such a large home. He delivered all the information in a very professional manner and as long as I live in the area (or he would be ok driving out to my new home!), I would plan on having him perform my home inspections.
- A.H., March 2022
Jeff was very thorough and paid great attention to detail. The piece of mind he provides is worth well beyond the cost of the inspection. I will use and recommend him to others in future purchases.
- N.S., February 2022
Thank you Jeff for such a detail-oriented and thorough inspection. As a first time home buyer, I sincerely appreciated how much time you spent explaining the inspection findings and how meticulous your report was. I will absolutely recommend your services to anyone needing an inspection. Thanks again Jeff!
- J.B., January 2022
Great job Jeff! Much appreciated. Very professional.
- M.A., December 2021
It was a pleasure to meet and work with Jeff. His work is impeccable and thorough. His report was meticulous and we felt assured that nothing was missed. He's a great communicator and made sure we understood all of his findings. We had some questions the following day and he took our call right away. He also did additional research to get us the right answer. I can't recommend Jeff highly enough. We will definitely use him again if needed. Cindy and Ray Inglin
- C.I., August 2021
Jeff deserve 20 stars. He is so kind, knowledgeable and approachable. He breaks down every aspect of the inspection into understandable language. His inspection is so thorough, he inspects everything. Buying this house is the largest investment my wife and I will make. I feel 100% assured of my investment, because of Jeff’s inspection. Thank YOU, Jeff
- J.J., August 2021
Jeff, was so detailed. He did a great job of explaining everything. I would recommend Jeff 100%.
- P.P., August 2021
Very thorough! Exactly what you want ad the buyer!
- S.B., June 2021
Jeff was extremely thorough and I am very grateful my friend/realtor recommended him. Truly exceeded my expectations.
- T.C., March 2021
Jeff was recommended to us by a friend, and I see why. He was professional, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. Jeff's detailed report covers more than just the potentials risks or major issues that could arise, but maintenance recommendations, and important information about the home. Jeff included photos of the HVAC units and noted which is upstairs and which is down, where the water shut off is, manufacturing dates for smoke detectors and water heater, etc., which is important information to have on hand. We feel much more at ease about the purchase of our home because of this report. Thank you Jeff.
- C.H., March 2021
He did a great job. We will absolutely recommend him
- R.B., March 2021
He did a great job...very through and detailed and know legible . I would highly recommend Jeff!!
- M.R., March 2021
Jeff was incredible to work with. He was friendly and easy to reach and got back to us promptly. He was early to all of our appointments. After we got his first inspection report, we realized how thorough and experienced he was and decided to hire him for two more inspections on the same property (we had issues with the repairs). His report was EXTREMELY detailed and easy to read (especially for someone who has no experience with this kind of stuff). I felt like he didn't miss anything on the inspection. I am very picky about these things, and I have 0 complaints about his services. He also answered all of our many questions (first time home buyers) and was flexible with appointments as well. I was very impressed with the quality of his work and highly recommend him and will be using him again in the future.
- J.D., February 2021
Extremely thorough, helpful, and insightful. Have enjoyed working with Jeff!
- P.J., January 2021
Very thorough & professional; would recommend to any new home buyer!
- A.N., January 2021
Felt that he did a very thorough and detailed inspection.
- E.P., March 2020
Very detail oriented and quick response time, thanks Jeff
- G.G., March 2020
Jeff was great and helpful with explanation of the problems found over the phone. I would highly recommend him.
- I.M., December 2019
Jeff was timely and very thorough. His report was well documented and photographed all areas of comment. I highly recommend his services for any home inspection needs.
- G.D., July 2019
Prompt, reasonably priced, personalable, and very thorough! I?d highly recommend Jeff!
- J.C., June 2019
Thorough, knowledgeable, experienced, and also personable. He answered every question without making us feel we were asking too many (yet kept us on schedule within the inspection time window). I liked the layout and clarity of the report, too, no ambiguity that required follow-up -- so, good communication. 10 stars and 2 thumbs up!
- T.K., April 2019
Jeff was very thorough and worth the money. Pointed things out that I never even noticed!
- L.S., April 2019
Jeff?s details and professionalism is unmatched. During our first home buying experience, Jeff walked through the entire house with us and addressed each note that he recorded and helped guide us through the process. Detailed, professional, fast, and accurate. Would highly recommend!
- N.C., March 2019
Superb. Jeff thought of things we would have missed. Have to make difficult decisions based on his findings. Jeff, wonder if there is a grading issue with the driveway/garage. Does not seem like we would have water damage on the facing of the garage of such a relatively new home. What do you think?
- R.B., February 2019
My friend and coworker recommended Jeff Messick. She purchased a home in Summerville and allowed me view the report. I was really impressed with the format, videos, and the detailed comments. So, now that we are about to purchase our own home, I knew I definitely wanted to get a home inspection, and I definitely wanted Jeff Messick to perform the inspection. I was also pleased to know that our realtor was also going to suggest Jeff Messick for us, so I knew I couldn't go wrong. I can't believe how detailed the report was, and I truly appreciate Jeff's thoroughness, attention to detail, and professionalism. The builder is now addressing most every item in the report. Will definitely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- H.G., December 2018
I was scheduled for my walk through inspection of my brand new house and decided to hire Jeff to do an inspection the day before, as I wanted to ensure nothing got missed. His report was extremely thorough and caught things, some serious, that I would never have caught. This enabled the builder to correct all items that needed correcting. I would highly recommend him.
- J.L., December 2018
Jeff was very professional and courteous. He was respectful of our home and made sure to put on shoe covers his every time he walked in. He was extremely thorough and very detailed in his report and findings. I would highly recommended Jeff!
- V.H., December 2018
Jeff was an amazing home inspector. Jeff throughly examined my ?possible? 4th home purchase in 7 years. I knew that he came prepared as he was equipped with his binoculars, thermal camera, ladder and tool bag. I have used serveral home inspectors over the years but all of them seemed to ?rush? the process, not Jeff! He was very detail orientated and had a process to accomplishing the inspection. Jeff provided me a report within 24 hours and identified numerous items that I had never noticed with the home. Just to add, I am a handy man myself with lots of home projects completed and knowledge about these things. I am glad that Jeff was able to identify these items so that we could prompt the seller to remedy a few of them. Thank you Jeff for you hard work and time on our home inspection!
- A.W., December 2018
Jeff was great and an absolute pleasure to work with! I would highly recommend him to ensure a thorough and professional inspection.
- C.P., October 2018
Grateful for your trained eye and thorough inspection, and the care you took in inspecting our property. Thank you!
- J.K., October 2018
Jeff did a great job with our home inspection. He was really easy to work with and very detailed oriented. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone. I would not consider using anyone else in the Charleston area.
- R.P., August 2018
Very professional and thorough. Produces a very clear report with photos and provides great advice.
- F.S., July 2018
Jeff, Thank you again for your attention to detail. It is refreshing to encounter someone who takes such great pride in their craft. We will recommend your company to anyone!
- P.E., June 2018
Jeff is an amazingly thorough professional inspector. I wanted to know every detail of my place, and I got it; no matter how small, he gives you all the information needed to help you make educated decisions; He has an eye for detail. I can say from experience, very few inspectors care to do this cause the time involved. He came highly recommended, and I wasn't disappointed!
- J.C., June 2018
THOROUGH, METHODICAL, KNOWLEDGABLE. Jeff takes his time and does the job right. He will answer any and all of your questions and give you the time of day. He is PROFESSIONAL, stays on task and uses the most current equipment and programs to best serve the job and his clients. Very pleased. Worth every penny. Would absolutely hire him again.
- A.H., May 2018
Prompt response- very professional
- R.B., April 2018
Jeff was available when I needed him and was careful and attentive during his inspection. He inspected a townhouse with precision and provided explanations to the buyer when questions were asked. The inspection report was provided to us by the next day, and Jeff included photos and videos supporting what he found. Jeff's professionalism is a rare find, and I will certainly be calling him again for my clients.
- P.R., March 2018
Jeff was great! He was extremely thorough in his report and took the time to go over all the repairs with me the realtor on site. I had a few questions a couple days later and he was great he called me back immediately and answered all of my questions in great detail so I could better understand how to guide my clients in the repair process. Jeff was so wonderful I will be recommending him to colleagues and all of my future clients.
- C.N., February 2018
Jeff at High Value Home Services is competent, reliable and thorough. You definitely want him on your side as you look to make a huge investment in a home. His professional experience and high-tech equipment rooted out hidden problems so they could be corrected before we closed. Add to that, an all-around nice guy and you've got a winning combination.
- T.M., February 2018
John was a true professional, very thorough and detailed oriented. I highly recommend High Value Home Services.
- C.L., February 2018
Jeff is one of the most professional home inspectors I have worked with and I have worked with many. He is thorough, kind, and he responds to calls, texts, and emails. His online "HomeGauge" dashboard keeps all of our client's accounts organized - from appointment scheduling and invoicing to the full inspection report. I exclusively use Jeff for all of my Charleston inspections. - Rachel Urso Co-founder of CoastalLuxuryHomes.com
- R.U., February 2018
Jeff you have been awesome!!! I would highly recommend you to friends,family and coworkers!!
- , January 2018
Jeff you have been awesome!!! I would highly recommend you to friends,family and coworkers!!
- L.M., January 2018
Jeff is pleasant to work with, easy to communicate with and patiently answered all my questions. His report was most thorough and included a number of pictures to support his inspecting findings. I am very pleased with the experience!
- G.M., January 2018
Jeff is very thorough and detail-oriented in his methodology. He includes well-marked photos, and in some cases supplements them with videos, to identify and explain issues that are found. His report and web interface make it much easier to generate a repair request, including the necessary course of action to ask for. I will definitely be using Jeff again in the future!
- D.N., December 2017
Jeff was thorough, informative, and great to chat with.
- A.N., November 2017
Jeff's professionalism, thoroughness and responsiveness are unrivaled. It was a pleasure meeting Jeff and I look forward to working together again in the future. If you are looking for the job to be done right, there is no one better in the CHS area.
- E.M., November 2017
Very thorough inspection and report. Are you covered by Errors and Omission insurance? If so I?ll be glad to forward your name to my real estate company AgentOwned. They keep a list of insured Home inspectors in the office for the agent?s use and recommendation.
- K.G., November 2017
Very thorough! Keep up the good work!
- C.C., November 2017
We highly recommend Jeff and his company. He came and took the time to really look at every detail in the the home. He wrote a very comprehensive report and offered suggestions on how to fix each of the things he found. He is very knowledgeable and obviously comes with a lot of experience. Reasonable price for such a high quality service. Thanks Jeff!
- K.F., Mount Pleasant SC, October 2017
Jeff was recommended by our realtor and we were more than pleasantly surprised by how efficiently he worked and his detailed report, plus scheduling time to go through the report with us afterwards.
- P.B., July 2017
Jeff's inspection of my first home was the most enjoyable part of the entire home-buying process. He was extremely thorough and even gave me useful instructions for how to fix some of the minor repairs. Jeff not only looks for symptoms but seeks out their root cause - something that will be saving me a lot of time when repairing my new home. What a nice guy and what a pleasure to work with! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! He spent over 3 hrs inspecting my 1000 sqft town home and to my knowledge is the most affordable inspector out there. What more could you ask for?
- P.S., July 2017
Thank you so much for your professionalism and amazing job! Two thumbs up for High Value Home Services! Will definitely use Jeff Messick in all my future transactions!!
- A.C., July 2017
Jeff Messick is terrific!!! I have bought and sold many residences and always dealt with home inspections. This inspection and reporting methodology is outstanding. I was there the total of the 4 1/2 hours Jeff spent completing the inspection and every system and problem was explained to me and included in the report. I would recommend Jeff Messick to all home buyers. Thorough and professional ! Susanne Neidert, Mount Pleasant, SC
- S.N., June 2017
Jeff was awesome! He was extremely thorough and answered every question that I had along the way. He took the time to point out any and everything we should be aware of in our new home. I would highly recommend using Jeff for your next home inspection!
- W.Y., June 2017
I have recommended Jeff on several occasions.
- R.D., Summerville SC, June 2017
I took the advice of my agent to hire Jeff to inspect a home I wanted to purchase. By far this was the best money I spent on this house! Jeff is knowledgeable, professional, and found items that required repair on a brand new home. In fact, the items Jeff noted were not found by the VA inspector...BTW, all items were fixed by the builder prior to purchase. I 100% recommend Jeff's services to all future home buyers. Thank you Jeff.
- R.R., June 2017
Jeff was awesome! He was informative and thorough in his inspection. The most impressive part was the comprehensive report and the ability to do the online repair requests. Seems to me that will benefit the buyer and seller to understand the findings and repair requests.
- K.R., Mount Pleasant SC, May 2017
Jeff did a great job, very thorough and found many things on my new construction home that wouldn't have been expected of a new build. His portal system makes it easy to obtain your documents. Thanks Jeff!
- T.H., May 2017
Jeff was so thorough and we absolutely trusted that he had our best interest at heart. He had to go back and reinspect a couple of times, and we felt so secure with his findings. Each time we got the report within hours of his inspection. We are buying from out of state, so we couldn't be there for the inspections. This was not a concern of ours at all because we knew we were in such good hands. Thank you, Jeff!!
- N.W., April 2017
Jeff was great! He did a very thorough job. His report was easy to read and very clear. The verbal descriptions were clearly depicted in the accompanying pictures and videos. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone who wants an inspector who does a great job! I would definitely hire Jeff in the future if I need another inspection. Thanks.
- D.M., April 2017
Jeff was extremely thorough in his inspection which was reflected on the written report. We were very pleased because this gave us important guidance as we moved forward with our home purchase.
- R.H., February 2017
Jeff was extremely professional to deal with, was prompt, courteous, and very informative regarding my home inspection. Highly highly recommended
- D.D., Charleston SC, February 2017
Jeff was on time complete and very professional. Jeff took the time to answer all my questions and address my concerns to my satisfaction.
- S.T., February 2017
Jeff was extremely thorough and provided a detailed report very quickly after the inspection. He worked with us to provide solutions to issues we uncovered during inspection. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone needing a home inspection.
- A.B., February 2017
Thanks Jeff!
- W.P., January 2017
We were so pleased with Jeff Messick as our inspector for our new home at Carnes Crossroads. He paid close attention to little details as well as larger items. He was very professional but open to us asking questions. Mr. Messick was very thorough and took his time during the inspection. My husband and I were very pleased and would certainly recommend Jeff Messick to do a high quality job! Thanks again, Vicki and Preston Lewis
- V.L., January 2017
Efficient, thorough, and professional inspector.
- E.B., January 2017
Thanks, Jeff, for a thorough and comprehensive report. We appreciate your care, promptness, and professionalism exhibited throughout the inspection. We'd be happy to recommend you to anyone!
- W.T., December 2016
Jeff - This was the most complete and easily understood home inspection report that I have ever seen. Thank you for your attention to detail - especially in helping us resolve the safety concerns! Bev Kubik
- B.K., November 2016
Thanks again Jeff. Your report was very helpful and thorough. I gave a copy of the report to my Real Estate Agent, and she assisted in getting the items listed in your report corrected. I was totally satisfied with your Proficiency and Expertise. I will be recommending you to everyone I know that is in need of a home inspection. Ken B.
- K.B., November 2016
Thank you for the very thorough and complete report!
- P.F., August 2016