Dan was very thorough!!! He checked every inch of the place. If you go to the inspection he explains everything to you wether good or bad. He said “I do these inspections like I’m moving my own family in. If I wouldn’t move my own family in to live here I wouldn’t want you too either.” Very, very knowledgeable! Will use him again in the future. The report I received was very detailed and pictures where included! Highly recommend Dan!
- S.G., June 2022
I’m just waiting to run into someone trying to buy a home so I can recommend Dan!
- K.V., January 2022
This inspector is very knowledgeable about home inspections when he inspected the house that I wanted to buy he did a very good job! ?? I recommend this inspector he gets a ?? % in my book! -
- A.E., January 2022
Dan does a fantastic job! This is the second property he has inspected for us in a relatively short period of time and we couldn’t be more pleased! We heartily recommend him without hesitation!
- K.H., December 2021
Dan is very thorough, finding things I would never think of.
- J.G., November 2021
Dan was very friendly and professional. Took time to explain the process and be sure we understood what he was looking at and why. Was on time and did not try and hurry the process. He took the time to be sure all our questions were answered before he left the property. Made me feel secure in our home purchase.
- W.S., September 2021
Dan did a fantastic job! I had the pleasure of being at the home when he did the inspection. He is very methodical and pays close attention to detail. He is personable and willing to offer explanations as he goes, explaining the finer points of his investigations. If there is a way he could "up his game", I don't know what that could be. For a truly professional and absolutely thorough home inspection, Dan is you man!
- K.H., August 2021
I would recommend Daniel Evans at Sky Island Inspections LLC to anyone I know that needs an inspection. Evans was professional, helpful, and friendly. He took the time to explain everything fully and answered all our questions. He was very throughout and his report was in-depth. We will definitely be using Sky Island again in the future.
- E.L., May 2021
Very thorough, and called me personally to go over his inspection. Very friendly !
- D.Y., April 2021
Super knowledgable & professional. Dan was very patient with all my questions. I think he is the most thorough inspector I have ever used. Joan Galanis Tierra Antigua Realty
- J.G., February 2020
Total professional from the Sky Island Inspections website, the thorough inspection and comprehensive report. Scheduling, communication, extensive knowledge on all aspects of the "home", Dan has got it down to an art. He fully explained what he was looking for, what he had found and provided great recommendations on how to maintain the service and integrity of the overall components of the home. Fair cost and his report was extensive and available the next day. Have never met another inspector as good as Dan.
- J.W., Tijeras NM, November 2019
Dan Evans is by far the best home inspector I have ever worked with. He is a true professional. His work is informed, honest, and thorough - he is a real “house detective.” Given his extensive work background in these areas, he is well educated on all aspects of home inspection. At the same time Dan is personable, showing and explaining his findings as he works. His report is far superior to any others I have seen - expert: rich in information, detail, pictures, and explanations - and fully understandable to professionals and lay alike. Let me add: I did not know Mr Evans at all when I requested his services, a friend sent a text with a picture of resources in the area - I recommend Dan Evans to anyone.
- C.N., Portal AZ, September 2019
Dan is a total pro! He just inspected two homes for me. His reports, accompanied by lots of photographic detail, are easy to understand and thorough. He'll be my go-to guy from here on in!
- A.M., June 2019
A total pro!! Superb!! Dan just inspected two homes for me, and will be my go-to guy from now on.
- A.M., June 2019
Dale Evans did a great job and I will use him again.
- C.K., June 2019
Mr. Evan's was extremely professional, kind, and walked me through every step of the inspection. I couldn't believe how thorough he was. He was fantastic and I highly recommend him for your home inspection.
- R.B., May 2019
Very thorough and friendly. Easy to understand. Helps explain the main needs of your home.
- S.G., April 2019
Thanks for being so thorough with your inspection and addressing all aspects of the inspection with me. I liked your focus on safety and structure, which helped a great deal in prioritizing my list of corrections to the seller. Your experience as an appraiser, as a quality manager and as a home inspector gave me the confidence in knowing I picked the best of the best in the inspection field. Thanks, Dan!
- R.B., March 2019
Dan was very thorough and took the time to explain everything in detail. He was very patient and answered all my questions. A very pleasant and informative experience. Highly recommend!
- L.W., Tucson AZ, February 2019
Dan was very professional and thorough. He spent extra time discussing the findings with the buyers. He was knowledgeable about future obsoletions (i.e. air conditioning unit RU-22 freeon). I will definitely recommend him in the future.
- M.F., Benson AZ, December 2018
Thank You very much for your service, it was very thorough and professional. You took the time necessary to allow a complete evaluation of the property. All of my questions were answered honestly and accurately. I will definitely recommend your services to any and all who need them. Thanks Again.
- F.T., November 2018
I was very pleased with my inspection, Daniel Evans was thorough. I felt very confident in his finishing and have peace of mind. I highly recommend Daniel Evans.
- M.C., November 2018
Dan Evans arrived early, went to work and never stopped for over three hours! He gave me an outstanding introduction to the good, the bad, and the ugly of the house. Fortunately for me, there was plenty of good. He was personable, professional and picky. And that made me very happy. I feel like I know where to start when I move in. I highly, highly, highly recommend him.
- J.H., Roswell NM, November 2018
Daniel Evans proved punctual, courteous, efficient, thorough-- in short, a consummate pro. He kept us amateurs informed every step of the way. Highly recommended.
- R.F., Santa Fe NM, November 2018
Dan was extremely personable, knowledgeable, and thorough! He answered questions I didn't even know I had. Made sure we were included in the inspection, and that we knew everything he was looking at and why. Showed us all the emergency shut offs, and showed us safety vs maintenance items. This is my first time buying a home, but I know any time I need a home inspector, its Sky Island or bust for me! Thank you so much! Quick report, and the CRL feature is amazing! Thank you again, Dan, you have made this experience much easier!
- V.H., September 2018
Dealing with Dan over the phone was easy. Thx's for doing a great job while I wasn't there. GeorgeMundy.
- G.M., September 2018
Dan evens is a great inspector takes his time to make sure he checks everything and walks step by step with you. I definitely will be referring him and calling him on my next home inspection. Thank you so much Dan
- S.F., Benson AZ, April 2018
Thank you very much for coming to my families soon to be house. We really appreciate you stopping by and giving me a little more knowledge. You were very great to work with. Thank you again, the Ryan family
- J.R., Willcox, December 2017
This inspector was very knowledgeable and very helpful. He came to the house and found more than I could. He was very nice and easy to deal with, and it was a breeze to set an appointment. My family thanks you very much for taking the time to thoroughly inspect our soon to be home. Thank you again.
- J.R., Willcox, December 2017
we were very pleased with your services, and thank you again for your time and for answering our questions.
- J.N., Douglas AZ, September 2017