Nathan is friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. As this was my first time purchasing a home, he was patient with my questions and provided a great deal of insight into owning and caring for a home. I would recommend Nathan to anyone who needed a home inspection and encourage them to ask questions and take advantage of his wisdom. Thanks, Nathan for making this part of the home buying process easier and providing some peace of mind about this huge purchase.
- A.G., December 2020
Nathan did a GREAT job...!!! He explained me in detail everything he was doing. His inspection was very thorough. Nathan’s Customer Service skills are outstanding.
- G.A., December 2020
Nathan did an excellent job doing a thorough inspection, providing plenty of details, and answering all questions.
- T.T., November 2020
Nathan was perfect. He was very thorough, all the while moving quickly. He respected the privacy of the homeowners during the visit. He answered any questions I had and took the time to make sure I understand what was happening. Nathan is very personable and friendly. He spoke to all of us as buyers/sellers and kids like we have known each other before. He was very knowledgeable about his work.
- J.H., October 2020
Nathan was knowledgeable, thorough and very professional. He spent a lot of time going over specific items and answering numerous questions for us. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone for a house inspection.
- S.D., August 2020
Nate did an excellent job. He checked everything from attic to basement. I would highly recommend him as a home inspector.
- P.M., August 2020
Nathan was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain what he was doing and why he was doing it. Very thorough with what he was doing, even tested items I did not even think about testing. Would recommend him to anyone for sure.
- T.H., July 2020
Nathan was very thorough, and knowledgeable. He had a professional demeanor while still be being friendly. He pointed out issues, explained why they were issues, on occasion offered suggestions, and did not talk over my head (if I was uncertain about anything, he explained as best he could).
- J.H., June 2020
Nathan was very respectful and professional. He was very knowledgable as he was able to answer all of our questions. He didn't rush and did a very thorough job. I would highly recommend Nathan for anyone looking for a home inspector.
- J.D., February 2020
Nathan was very thorough and we are grateful to have had him inspect our home. He took his time and was very clear in the explanations. We would recommend him to anyone buying a home, especially first time home buyers!
- T.R., December 2019
Nathan was incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. He was timely in delivering a very detailed report. I was provided a great deal of critical information. This is a service business done right that utilizes competent professionals and a customer-centric approach.
- C.B., November 2019
Very friendly and professional, was very thorough in the inspection of our property.Will use him again in the future and recommend him
- J.B., October 2019
Nathan was professional and prompt. He was thorough an I would highly recommend him. Was a pleasure meeting him. Jo Batson
- J.B., October 2019
Very polite, neat and helpful. It appeared that he covered all areas that needed to be inspected. The report was completed within the time promised and was clearly written.
- K.D., September 2019
Very professional, kind , and extremely knowledgeable. Takes his time to do a thorough job and explained everything step by step to me, absolutely would recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection!!!!
- L.L., May 2019
Very thorough and professional, would recommend to anyone!
- W.R., March 2019
Nate was very knowledgeable and thorough.He was also personable and explained everything along the way.I would definitely request his services again and will recommend him should I know of anyone in of need a home inspection. Great job Nate.
- P.Y., March 2019
He is personable, professional, very thorough and knowledgeable. I will definitely request his services again.
- P.Y., March 2019
We were very pleased with Nathan and his services! He was super friendly, helpful and very thorough with his inspection!
- W.R., February 2019
Best inspector I have ever had. He's prompt and extremely thorough. I knew exactly what I was getting into when purchasing the house he inspected and I couldn't have asked for more. I will use him for my future inspections and recommend him to any potential home buyers. Great work.
- A.R., January 2019
Nathan was very professional and thorough. Everything was explained in great detail in his report. I would highly recommend him to others looking to purchase a home. I have dealt with other inspectors and they don?t even compare.
- S.P., January 2019
Nathan was great! Answered all the buyers questions and made him feel confident moving forward with his home purchase. Would definitely recommend Nathen in future!! Thanks
- T.M., Greensburg PA, October 2018
Nathan was very professional, thorough and personable. I would absolutely recommend him for a home inspection.
- D.T., July 2018
Very personable, knowledgeable in his field, he helped lighten the mood in the stressful situation, great experience
- N.G., July 2018
Very courteous and friendly, took his time and annswered all our questions and best of all he wasn't In a hurry. Showed up on time and and very professional
- M.B., July 2018
Nate was extremely thorough and very personable during the entire inspection. He helped give some context to some of the things that were found, relative to older homes and renovations. Would highly recommend.
- N.S., July 2018
Very thorough and precise. Provided detailed and helpful explanations.
- E.P., June 2018
Nathan was great, very professional, helpful and friendly. Would most defiantly recommend Nathan for his inspection services.
- N.H., June 2018
Nathan was great to work with. Not only professional but extremely friendly. I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a home inspection - he was extremely thorough and precise with his inspection, which allowed me to make a well-educated decision on my home purchase. Great work!
- A.R., June 2018
Excellent, thorough and friendly. Highly recommended.
- R.S., February 2018
Nathan was very thorough and didn’t hesitate to answer any of our questions. I would recommend him to all of my family and friends!
- E.G., February 2018
Nathan did a thorough inspection and we were very pleased with his work
- C.P., January 2018
Nathan was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly and prompt. We received our report the day after the inspection was completed, which was great because I was eager to see the results. I had several follow-up questions regarding the results of our inspection. I called Nathan on several different occasions and he answered all of my questions and explained the details to me in a way I could easily understand. I would 100% recommend Nathan Braden for your home inspection needs.
- J.O., November 2017
Great job. Highly recommended. Very thorough
- J.K., July 2017
Nathan was very detailed in his report. He went over all the pictures that he took with me and showed me the areas that were issues and/or safety concerns. He was quite through in his report. I would recommend Nathan to all my friends as he did such a great job. Thank you Nathan!
- S.W., June 2017
I couldn't be happier with the experience we got during our first home inspection, you were so informative and made sure we understood everything about the home we were buying. I have no doubt in my mind, if we ever need another home inspection, we will not only use your company... but as for you by name! Thank you for everything you did and all the education you gave us!!
- D.S., June 2017
Did an excellent job!!
- R.A., June 2017
Professional, knowledgeable ad friendly.
- E.C., May 2017
Very personable and professional through-out the inspection process. Also well trained and knowledgeable of home construction and appliance functionality.
- D.B., May 2017
Very professional, explains everything and puts you at ease.
- T.H., April 2017
Very professional and friendly. Will definitely recommend to everyone.
- J.F., April 2017
Very thorough and up front. Took the time to show each issue found and gave possible options on repairs.
- D.D., March 2017
Great work. You taught me a lot all while making us laugh at the same time. Couldn't have asked for anything else. Thanks.
- J.S., February 2017
Mr. Braden was professional and thorough. He took the time to explain technical issues in a very straightforward manner. He provided us with valuable information for purchasing our home and in maintaining it going forward. Than you Nathan
- L.L., February 2017
Nathan was wonderful! He had an outgoing personality and performed a thorough inspection. His report was detailed and each subject included a photo. I would recommend him to everyone I know needing a home inspection!
- Y.Z., February 2017
Very professional and did an excellent job. Thank you Nathan!
- J.H., February 2017
He was extremely professional and walked us through the entire process. Being first time home buyers we were in the dark with the home inspection process and he helped explain things to us and made the process very understandable.
- J.F., January 2017
Nathan was very professional and friendly. We found him very helpful in explaining a few items. I would recommend him to anyone who asks.
- J.S., October 2016
Nathan was very nice, explained things well, went over the home in great deal and was knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone.
- A.W., September 2016
Nathan was fantastic. I will definitely be using him in the future. He made me feel comfortable and was truly there for my best interest. Thank you Nathan Braden!
- B.F., August 2016
Nathan did an excellent job with my home inspection. He was very thorough and I know exactly what needs to be done now to get my home ready to sell.
- J.J., August 2016
Great job, great pics
- R.R., July 2016
Nathan is thorough and competent inspectior. We thank you for a job well done, and will be certain to recommend you to anyone looking for someone to perform their home inspection.
- S.B., June 2016
Nathan did a great job. He was very thorough and informative. I would definitely use him again.
- A.L., June 2016
Nathan did a great job inspecting and verbally explaining the details of my home inspection. That was exceptional service since I had to attend solo and knew my husband would have questions. I received my inspection report the next day to clarify for the next phase of my home purchase process. Thanks for being timely and comprehensive.
- J.S., June 2016
Only problem I had was successfully forwarding my report to my agent. I've tried twice now but she says she didn't get it. Otherwise you folks were easy to work with
- K.H., May 2016
First inspection we had done. You were complete and very thorough. We appreciate all you did and your friendliness was awesome.
- B.G., May 2016
Thank you for all of your tips and suggestions.
- D.R., May 2016
Nathan was awesome during my inspection! He made me feel very at ease with the whole process and was sure to explain everything to me so I had a better understanding of why he was recommending work be done.
- E.F., April 2016
Awesome job Nathan, thank you!
- D.H., April 2016
Nathan was knowledgable, thorough, precise, and had a great personality to match! He went above and beyond to ensure that everything was In working order, left nothing unturned, and let no structure stand in his way. I believe that he was a tremendous asset to my first home buying experience, and I am so grateful for his fantastic work!! I will forever recommend Nathan's services to anyone in need. Truly Grateful and Pleased, Stacey Long
- S.L., April 2016
Nathan demonstrated a rare combination of both knowledge and enthusiasm. He was also personable and very friendly. He conducted a professional and thorough inspection. I shadowed him the entire time. He worked with me to make sure he represented my best interest as a home buyer. I recommend Nathan to anyone looking for a great home inspection.
- B.U., March 2016
very friendly & professional, explained everything very clearly.
- M.P., March 2016
Nathan was thorough, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. What more could you ask for?
- J.S., March 2016
very professional and thorough. excellent work.
- A.T., January 2016