Jason was absolutely AMAZING!! He is personable, thorough, and takes the time to explain everything in detail. We honestly would never even consider using anyone but him in the future!
- B.T., November 2018
Jason did a great job with our follow up inspection. I will definitely refer him to my friends and I would use again if need be in the future.
- R.D., November 2018
It was a pleasure working with Jason. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
- B.B., October 2018
Jason, you did an amazing job! Your knowledge of the home and how every system worked was very impressive. Your ability to combine professional skills with personal service and attention made us feel like family. Thank you so much for doing such a thorough and comprehensive inspection, and for sharing your knowledge with us. We now know everything we need to know about our home, and thanks to you we feel extremely comfortable in our purchase. Truly a delightful experience.
- K.G., October 2018
Thank you Jason for a very thorough and professional inspection . I will recommend you to anyone who needs an inspection . I am very satisfied and impressed with you! Thanks ,Gary
- G.H., October 2018
I am very satisfied and feel I got the right man for the inspection. Jason is very knowledgeable about all homes ! He impressed me with his wisdom of old homes. I suggest you not change anything. Thanks for your expert advice!
- G.H., October 2018
Jason did a great job inspecting our future home. I would not hesitate to call him up or refer him to our friends in the future.
- R.D., October 2018
Very personal, took the time to make sure everything was thoroughly inspected and all my concerns were addressed. Excellent service, I could not be more satisfied and I highly recommend Jason!!
- D.P., McEwen TN, October 2018
Jason was friendly and knowledgeable. He performed my home inspection with great care and took the time to explain all the issues the home has. He was very professional and thorough. The inspection report was detailed with no stone left unturned. I highly recommended him due to being extremely satisfied and impressed by his kin eye, knowledge, and professionalism.
- L.S., October 2018
Jason was a real blessing He allayed any fears I had about the condition of my new home He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in showing and explaining all aspects of his inspection I was very pleased with his inspection Lynn Talton
- L.T., October 2018
Jason was very professional and caring. He took the time to explain everything that was going to appear in the report so that I understood exactly what to expect.
- R.S., September 2018
Jason was very professional and thoroughly explained in detail every issue he found and why he tested certain things. We appreciate how courteous Jason was and would whole heartedly recommend him.
- D.D., September 2018
We were very pleased with the way this inspection was handled. Jason was very thorough and explained everything to our understanding. We would whole heartedly recomend him!
- D.D., September 2018
Jason was very friendly and was more than willing to work with my crunch time schedule! He stayed longer at the inspection to show me what all was found and to answer my questions!
- A.G., McEwen TN, September 2018
Jason was professional and meticulous in his inspection of my new home. It is clear he knows exactly what he is doing and loves what he does. He treates your home as if he were buying it and ensures you know all the details, including what could be concerns further down the road. His reporting is the best I've ever encountered with detailed, labeled pictures. I would recommend him to everyone, and he came recommended by not only my agent but also my sister. This is a jem! You will not be disappointed choosing this honest, detailed company and inspector.
- A.R., Fairview TN, August 2018
Jason was extremely thorough with his inspection. We not only have a list of potential major repairs we can suggest for repair, we have a handyman list ready to go for when we move into our new home with high resolution pictures for reference. Jason was so nice and explained everything he was doing and didn't rush through any portion of the inspection.
- M.V., August 2018
Jason is by far the very best inspector I have used. I feel confident I am making the right decision based on the home inspection report . Jason was through and explained every detail to me during the process. I enjoyed working with him. I personally feel every home owner would benefit having an inspection done just to make sure little things unseen could be caught before damage is done. Job well done Jason!
- A.S., August 2018
Working with Jason was awesome. He was very patient and thorough. He answered all my questions and addressed all of my concerns. He makes himself available by phone and text and in my mind offers outstanding service. The quality of his home inspection report is 2nd to none. I have purchased 7 homes in my lifetime. By far this is the best home inspection experience I have ever had. Please call Jason with any home inspection needs. You will not regret it.
- D.L., Midlothian VA, August 2018
It gives me great pleasure to do this survey for Mr Jason Perigo who performed a home inspection for me July 27, 2018. He performed the inspection in a detailed, professional and outstanding manner. His attitude and professional courtesy in explaining of the items inspected was superb and I received much knowledge in caring for my future home. I was very pleased to receive the written report in a very short timely manner as well as understanding his report. In the past I have had several home inspections but Mr Perigo has by far exceeded my expectations. I will in the future gladly recommend Mr Perigo for home inspections.
- H.A., August 2018
I am a realtor and have sold Real Estate for over 30 years and Jason is the best Home Inspector I have ever used! He has been very professional, prompt and highly intelligent on inspecting homes. He takes the time to inform you of what how well the home is built. If repairs or needed, he explains what needs to be done and why it needs to be done. He takes his time on inspecting the home so as not to miss anything. As a realtor, using his form to send the report of what needs to be repaired or replaced is so user friendly. It really saves the realtor time and has everything explained for the buyer and seller to read and decide for themselves. If you are lucky enough to use Jason since he is so busy, I highly recommend him. He is the best!
- M.K., August 2018
Jason is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in his review. He pointed out items we missed along the way which will prevent problems down the road. He provided a formal list of items needing attention, with pictures and videos, for us to discuss with our builder. It was great to have a second set of eyes and took a lot of work and concern off our plate through the buying process! We ABSOLUTELY recommend his services.
- D.B., Brentwood TN, June 2018
Jason made everything very easy to understand and gave us solutions to any issues he saw. We will recommend him to anyone looking for an inspection. Thanks Jason!!
- K.O., June 2018
Jason was extremely helpful. He answered any and all questions we had, and was more than willing to explain all the things he was looking for during his inspection. I would highly recommend Jason anytime
- K.T., June 2018
Jason was very kind and professional. We would gladly recommend him
- T.E., May 2018
I really liked that he wanted me to be there for the inspection and included me in it. He was great at explaining everything as he inspected it. He was thorough.
- J.K., May 2018
Very detail oriented and a pleasure to be around.
- A.M., May 2018
Jason was great. Being a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions. Often I ask too many, but Jason took the time to answer them all. I didn't feel like the inspection was rushed or done too quickly, and I followed him the whole way so that I would know what to look out for in the future. He even lets you bring friends and family so they can ask questions. Further more he doesn't charge you for the extra time, just for the inspection. He also helped us to get our termite inspection at no addition cost. It's just something he does as a convenience for his clients. Jason will tell youbthat he's not the cheapest around, but I do think you get more than your money's worth. It's hard to find people that are upfront, honest, and while understand when you don't know about something. It was a pleasure to get hire Jason and I would recommend him for anyone who doesn't know a whole lot about looking out for a house and wants a wealth of free knowledge. He treats you like family, and in the south I wouldn't have it any other way.
- J.J., May 2018
I doubt theres anyone better at home inspections than Jason. He is very knowledgeable, detailed, and truly cares about his customers potential purchase. If youre looking for a home inspector that will have your familys safety in mind and protect your financial investment, Jason is the guy.
- R.K., April 2018
Walks through every inch of the house with you and explains in detail of any issues. Would recommend him to others.
- J.F., April 2018
Needs to be a trainer for other inspectors.
- S.D., April 2018
Couldn't have asked for a better inspector. Jason thoroughly explained everything during the inspection, followed up by a very detailed report. And because of that we discovered several expensive issues that the home owner didn't disclose until after the inspection. Thank you Jason for saving us from a lot of money and headaches.
- T.W., April 2018
It was a pleasure working with you Jason. I will definitely recommend your services!
- P.S., April 2018
Jason was very meticulous and made sure that everything was reviewed and explained. I've had several home inspections but never one like this. Refreshing to see someone take pride in their work!
- J.D., March 2018
Jason was so thorough with his inspection. As we walked through, he gave me detailed information about everything he was seeing so I would be knowledgeable about all issues for future instances (if they occur). He was on time and so professional. Definitely planning on recommending him!!
- K.F., March 2018
Thank you Jason for the time and attention you put into our home inspection. We are beyond pleased! Highly recommend Jason! He was always available to answer any questions and was very thorough and knowledgeable!! 5 stars!!!
- H.M., March 2018
I enjoyed meeting you. I thought you report was very concise and covered everything. You checked everything that I requested. Your inspection was very informative. I would definitely use you again.
- M.C., February 2018
Thanks Jason. I appreciate your attention to detail and great communication. Look forward to working with you again. Cheers!
- S.R., February 2018
Jason was great. He was very friendly and helpful. I was very impressed with his knowledge. He was very thourogh with his inspection. I will definitely recommend his to others and will use him again. His services were worth ever penny. Thank you so much Jason for all your help.
- R.T., New Johnsonville TN, February 2018
Great job Jason I appreciate all your attention to detail.
- L.P., February 2018
Jason was wonderful! He is very knowledgeable and sends an excellent detailed report. Would recommend him to anyone!
- A.R., January 2018
Jason is an incredibly thorough inspector, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. He takes time to explain to my buyers not only the inspection but tons of information on basic home maintenance and upkeep. He makes himself available to my buyers even after closing if they have questions arise. He is pleasant and kind, and a man of integrity. My single hesitation in recommending him would be worry that he would get so busy that he won't be free to take on my next inspection!
- S.C., Brentwood TN, January 2018
Amazing inspector! I'm always thrilled when my clients choose Jason because I know they're going to get a thorough inspection and a full tutorial of their new home during their inspection.
- G.H., Fraklin TN, December 2017
Very helpful. Im a first time home buyer and he supplied me with information that will continue to help me throughout the process of home ownership.
- A.D., December 2017
Jason did so much more than I expected. He was incredibly thorough. He checked things that I didnt know to check and he walked me through showing me things that helped me make decisions. I definitely recommend Jason. Dont make such a large purchase without his kind of expertise. Thank you Jason!
- B.L., Thompsons Station TN, December 2017
Jason is great to work with. He is very detailed and takes the time to explain how things will effect the house over time.
- M.O., December 2017
Jason takes his time to make sure the buyer is educated on the topic at hand. He is extremely knowledgeable and an expert in his field. I would recommend his services to anyone selling or buying a home with any level of previous building/ construction knowledge. Jason is the professional you need to inform, educate, and give you his honest opinion. -Ken Harris 11/29/17
- K.H., November 2017
Jason broke down the technical lingo into something a normal person could understand. He was friendly and knowledgeable.
- K.H., Huntsville AL, September 2017
Jason is professional, courteous, and has your best interest in mind. I can't recommend him enough. Go with Jason and get it done right.
- J.M., September 2017
I wish every vendor was this dependable! Always on time and provides an in depth look at the home with quick turn around.
- G.H., Fraklin TN, September 2017
My wife and I cannot imagine a better home inspector than Jason. He is very thorough, extremely knowledgeable and makes sure that you do not only understand what he is doing at each point of the inspection, but also provides you with detailed in-depth insight into the ins and outs of your new home. He is a very kind and friendly person with a great sense of humor, which made working with him a joy. Jason took several hours to complete the inspection, patiently explaining and answering all of our questions in the process, and even though we ran late into the evening, we were sent an extremely well done, exhaustive report that same night. We could not have been more impressed and now feel that we can commit to our purchase decision and final negotiations with great peace of mind.
- A.M., September 2017
The process was smooth and easy for me. I was impressed with how easy it was to get the inspection work complete. The level of service that Jason provided was excellent, he was always available and easy to work with. Jason we very thorough and gave me a good comfort level that he had done a solid review of the home and brought the issues to my attention.
- D.C., September 2017
Jason, you might want to lose 50 lbs. so you can fit through a 14" sq. attic access. ?? Absolutely, teasing you. You did a great inspection. Very helpful in learning the in and outs of the home. Thank you for your expertise and thorough inspection. Brenda Brown
- B.B., August 2017
A very thorough inspector. If the potential home owners are also at the inspection, Jason gives them the opportunity to be hands on. If there are questions, he answers them and goes into detail if need be. We have used Cumberland Inspection twice and were not disappointed during either inspection. Thanks again!
- K.W., August 2017
Thank you for the attention to detail and for making us feel comfortable buying our first home!
- J.D., August 2017
Great job!
- R.R., August 2017
Very good communication, professional, thorough, punctual, very detailed report. Would definitely recommend Jason to others. Thank you!
- J.O., July 2017
Jason is the man. He is so knowledgeable about homes and their respective components. You should absolutely get Jason to do your home inspection if you want the most accurate and most thorough knowledge about your home. When you do an inspection with Jason, you are almost paying to take a class on houses. He does not simply tell you the issues with the home, but he will explain things to you factually. He clearly explains and provides information on the property good, bad, or neutral. In addition, he paid for the termite inspection himself at the time of home inspection, and then included that into my cost simply to make it easier on me. That small step really goes a long way as far as convenience to the customer. This was my second home inspection done by Jason, and I wish I could give him an 11/10 (or 12!) but 10 is the highest that it goes!
- A.D., July 2017
Very thorough!
- J.L., July 2017
Jason did a great job, and he is very thorough explaining the important items to me so that I can understand what needs to be done. He takes a personal interest as well that makes it feel less like a business and more like a friend who is helping you out!
- A.D., June 2017
Jason did a great job letting us know what to expect with our first home. He was extremely through and made it an adventure for us to explore our potential new home.
- K.B., Dickson TN, June 2017
Jason was outstanding!!! He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable! He was very thorough with our inspection and took his time to inspect every aspect of the house we are planning to buy. As first time buyers we were unsure of what to expect but he made our experience go better than expected. From the first point of contact he had open arms eager to help us. We will most definitely refer anyone we know to Jason. If we need an inspection in the future, we know who to call! Thank you Jason!!!
- L.B., June 2017
Extremely professional. Very thorough and knowledgeable. Answered and explained every question I had until I was satisfied.
- D.R., Ashland City TN, May 2017
Jason was great especially for a new homeowner such as myself. He was knowledgeable and not only made sure I understood all the issues he found but took the time to provide advice on how to maintain various components of the house. I'd definitely recommend him to others.
- A.W., May 2017
He was amazing!!! Thoroughly inspected our house and gave us recommendations on how to fix everything. He was on time, very professional and extremely helpful. He was truly the best.
- J.L., May 2017
Jason did a thorough and professional job. I was grateful for the things he found that I might have missed.
- R.J., Kingston Springs TN, May 2017
Jason Perigo was professional and very thorough with our home inspection. His knowledge gave us the reassurance that we needed in order to make the right choice with our home buying decision. I wouldn't want to use anyone else but him. Thanks Jason
- A.E., May 2017
We were very impressed with how thorough you were. My husband said you checked things he wouldn't have thought about checking. All your imput was very helpful. I will most gladly refer other to you.
- B.H., Nashville TN, May 2017
Jason was very informative. If I had a question he would answer it also explained things very throughly. Was very kind and respectful. He knew what he was doing and made the house buying process a lot less stressful.
- R.W., Mcewen TN, April 2017
Extremely thorough. Provides an excellent detailed inspection report. His expertise extends beyond the day of inspection.
- A.M., Portage IN, March 2017
I recently purchased a home in TN. I used Jason for my home inspection.. I was quite impressed with the service received from Jason. All my contact was via the Phone as i was in living in Calif at the time. Jason was able do my inspection and complete a in depth report which was quite thorough. Jason always returned my calls promptly and at any time of day I called. I was impressed with all the photos and explainations of detail. Jason was very personable and professional. I will definitely refer him to anyone needing a home inspection. Thank Again for great job Gary and Maureen
- G.S., February 2017
Very informative and thorough, i learned a lot about the house that i am buying. all the suggestions made came with explanation on why the repair is needed. the report was very detailed with pictures and videos, was able to modify and make my own repair request list in a neat manner. thanks a bunch for all the help.
- A.T., Nashville TN, January 2017
Great work, very detailed report. Thank you so much.
- M.O., December 2016
He seemed very thorough and explained a lot of things to me. Thank you for everything
- M.O., November 2016
I appreciate your thoroughness and willingness to answer questions. You took your time and payed attention to details. Thank you!
- D.N., October 2016
I contracted Jason's services for a new construction build for a framing and plumbing inspection being the area I live in only requires electrical inspections. He was very knowledgeable and very prompt not only in scheduling but also in producing my inspection report. I would absolutely use him again and wouldn't hesitate to refer him. Great overall experience.
- K.G., October 2016
Insanely helpful! Explained everything he was looking for and talked me through the entire process. I feel like I know this home inside and out. I wasn't sure on getting an inspector, but after going through the house with Jason, I am so glad that we did.
- C.M., September 2016
Jason was great. Answered all questions and gave recommendations. He took his time and went through the whole house. The report he sends is top notch. Very organized and explains everything. I would use him again.
- C.B., Charlotte TN, September 2016
Thank you Jason for helping my wife and I with our home inspections. You saved us a bunch of potential problems on the first place we looked at which caused us to walk away from the property. The second inspection went much better, and we plan to stay there for many years to come. Your professionalism, attention to detail are greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend that anyone looking for a new home in the area give Jason a call, you will not be disappointed. Rik McSorley
- R.M., September 2016
Second time we have used Jason. I would absolutely recommend him as he is very personable and takes time to explain everything he is doing. I also like the reports website because it is so easy to use.
- B.H., Prairie Grove AR, August 2016
Jason was great to work with. He was very knowledgeable and explained every detail so that we could understand. The website is excellent and very easy to use. I would absolutely recommend Jason!
- B.H., Prairie Grove AR, August 2016
Thank you for doing a good and thorough job and being willing to schedule at a time when we could be there. It helped a lot.
- K.Z., July 2016
Jason is exactly what I would expect out of a competent, thorough, and ethical home inspector. His attention to detail, curiosity, and a willingness to jump in and truly inspect the house from top to bottom (exploring every nook, cranny, edge, and even getting on the steep roof) got us the information we needed to have a comprehensive understanding of the home we're purchasing and it's current condition. Furthermore, Jason's personable nature, experience and professionalism made for an encouraging and productive home inspection. Instead of projecting a cloud of doom, he made the experience of learning about our home a positive one, giving us the information we needed to feel empowered about our next steps and what needs to be done. His background in electrical engineering and structural knowledge were clearly evident as he walked us through the home, explaining in easy to understand terms and speech what was happening or has happened to the home, how worried we should be, and what could be done (whether it be repairing, replacing, or performing a little maintenance down the road). Finally, the report we received was very easy to read and understand, full of pictures and in depth descriptions about what was inspected. It even gave us the ability to create an itemized list of repair/replace items directly from the report to send to our agent! Super easy and convenient! Overall, we are very happy with Jason's service, and we'll definitely be using him any time we need an inspection performed in the future.
- W.H., July 2016
Jason, you are the best. You take time to answer all questions, give information and guidance. You're very professional and pay attention to all the details. I would highly recommend you to anyone. Thanks for all your help! Heather W.
- H.W., July 2016
We were very impressed with Mr. Perigo's professional manner, his courtesy, and efficiency. He answered all of our questions before and during the home inspection. We appreciated his transparency and lack of "hype". He did a very methodical and thorough inspection of the house as well as the property. He didn't just point out the negative things that were wrong and needed to be fixed, but also pointed out the positive things that were right and well done. He gave us a truthful and realistic picture of the 50-year old house we are buying. He didn't rush the inspection even though it was on a Friday night and was scheduled for after work hours so my husband could be present. He more than earned his fee, and we feel like our money was well spent. We highly recommend Jason Perigo to anyone who is looking for a competent and conscientious home inspector.
- C.B., June 2016
Jason was very friendly, personable and absolutely thorough! He made the inspection process very easy and comfortable. He allowed us to be hands on with him and really understand and get to know the house we were buying! If I could, I would give Jason a "20" because he was superb!!!!
- B.M., June 2016
Outstanding and thorough job! Thanks for providing such valuable information!
- K.F., June 2016
I think you did a very nice job. I am completely satisfied.
- P.M., Bells TN, May 2016
Jason was extremely thorough and very professional. Jason was very quick to get back to me when I contacted him. I would recommend him very highly.
- R.S., Lobbeville TN, May 2016
Jason, You are thorough and have an eye for everything that needs to be addressed. You are also kind and caring which makes you the best inspector out there! Thank you for all your hard work during this process and making our decisions easier for the future.
- H.J., May 2016