Thanks for everything!
- D.R., Comox BC, December 2019
Thanks for your time and expertise Paul. You definitely opened my eyes regarding the condition of and what is required to bring this unit up to par.
- A.E., Comox BC, September 2019
Paul was absolutely great!
- C.K., Campbell River BC, August 2019
My realtor read reviews for Paul and we decided to hire him based on the reviews . I was very pleased with his service, he arrived on time and was very thorough . I enjoyed seeing the equipment he used , esp the little robot that could go into small spaces and take photos! As soon as he was finished his inspection he called us over to look at the photos and explain everything he found. I learned a lot! Professional, easy to talk to and I?m very happy I hired him. Thanks Paul!
- S.P., August 2019
We were very pleased with the detail of the home inspections Paul completed for us. He took the time to review his preliminary findings with us and we did not feel as if he was rushing through information. His final reports were meticulous and clear, providing us with the detail we needed to move forward with our decisions. He helped us avoid one sticky situation, without prejudice, and we now have a "new to us" home that we are very excited to call our own
- A.Y., Courtenay BC, July 2019
Paul, you were very thorough and we really appreciate all the details, photos and suggestions in your report. Thank you for you patience in answering all our questions. We will definitely be recommending you to all our friends who are posted/buying in the future!
- A.H., June 2019
Inspection was thorough report is clear and easy to read. Summary is useful for quick reference.
- D.F., Courtenay BC, June 2019
It was a pleasure to deal with Paul. Very competent and professional house inspector who takes the time to discuss and answer your questions.
- D.P., May 2019
Paul did a fantastic job. The inspection involved a few hours of very thorough inspecting and led to some very helpful recommendations. He used the latest technology, including an infrared sensor to detect invisible leaks, and was very knowledgeable regarding building codes (in my specific case regarding the gas lines in the crawl space). He ended the inspection with a thorough debriefing involving pictures of the issues he had found, and gave me advice on how to remedy them. He also gave me advice on how to properly maintain the appliances/systems in the house to prevent future problems. The inspection report was complete within a few hours and included all the recommendations he made earlier with pictures of each issue. I would highly recommend his services!
- S.B., May 2019
We were on a tight timeline to find a house and Paul provided prompt responses and accommodated our schedule. The home inspection was thorough with a clear comprehensive report. We have relocated with the Canadian Forces many times and Paul was certainly one of the best home inspectors we have had. Thank you Paul for the professional service. R&K Stevens, Ottawa ON April 2019
- K.S., Ottawa BC, May 2019
Thanks for fitting us in on a very tight schedule, great customer service!
- T.P., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, May 2019
A comprehensive yet succinct report about both large and small issues that may need attention in your prospective new real estate purchase. A nice summary of things which both the homeowner and professionals can remedy both short and longer term to prevent further problems.
- L.L., April 2019
Buying a new home presents numerous challenges. Paul's thorough inspection combined with a comprehensive yet easy to interpret report instilled confidence in our decision. His friendly demeanor, willingness to answer all of our questions and in-depth advice was greatly appreciated. We would not hesitate to recommend Paul to family and friends.
- S.L., December 2018
Incredibly thorough property report provided. Very satisfied with Paul Moquin's inspection.
- S.S., November 2018
Paul's report was complete and thorough and his explanation of it was excellent. His report saved us from purchasing a home that needed extensive renovations in order to bring it up to acceptable living standards. We would definity use Paul Moquin again! SCF, Courtenay
- S.F., Courtenay BC, November 2018
Appreciate your help. Neil
- N.T., Qualicum Beach, November 2018
Thank you for your thorough inspection. The Report gave us important information, and the Request List was a useful tool that allowed us to make and prioritize plans for any work.
- V.B., Calgary Alb, October 2018
A very thorough and detailed report with photos made your report easy to understand. Thanks for your excellent service.
- J.M., September 2018
Paul was on time, had an small arsenal of equipment, and went right to work as soon as the door opened. He did a thorough inspection and confirmed my condo is great condition and was in a well maintained bldg. He made good observations and gave suggestions on what could improve performance or life extend appliances. In all, I am always relieved when I get unbiased professional confirmation that I'm buying a good home, Pauls service provided that.
- S.M., September 2018
Thank you Paul for your quick and efficient service. I found your inspection to be very thorough and detailed. I especially liked the software you used. The ability for me to prepare a report summarizing your findings was great! Overall the transaction, from start to finish, was enjoyable. Rick Atkinson
- R.A., Victoria BC, September 2018
I would give Paul a 10 but I never give out 10's! We were very happy with the job Paul did. He's very professional and we appreciated the information he was able to provide to us.
- D.C., Comox, September 2018
A pleasure doing business with someone so thorough and professional. The report was created in a timely manner. Would not hesitate to recommend Red Leaf/Paul Moquin.
- J.S., Comox Bri, August 2018
Paul was so thorough and professional, We had a lot of questions and he was able to answer them with out hesitation. He really knows his stuff! We would use him again and definitely recommend him to anyone purchasing a home.
- J.M., Campbell River BC, August 2018
Paul did an excellent inspection of my new townhouse. Was always willing to answer all my dumb questions with well thought out answers. Definitely would recommend him.
- T.M., North Vancouver BC, August 2018
Thanks for your hard work on both properties. Although it is frustrating to have to walk away from a property, I certainly am thankful I was fully informed of all potential and actual problems before purchasing. I would rather be frustrated now and walk away than make an uninformed decision that might cost me several orders of magnitude more than the inspection cost!
- D.R., July 2018
Paul's report was completed very professionally. We would very happy to recommend your company.
- S.B., North Saanich BC, July 2018
Thanks Paul Your knowledge and professional attention to detail was nothing less then outstanding.Our experience was not only over and above my expectations,but also saved me a lot of money. Thanks Paul
- B.F., July 2018
Very impressed with how quickly I was called back and how professional Paul was. Highly recommend him to all home buyers.
- K.S., Cranbrook BC, July 2018
Paul, I really appreciated the system for itemizing and estimating the cost of repairs and tabulating totals. I'm sure the selling side doesn't appreciate it but you're not working for them. Thanks, Ken Corcoran
- K.C., Kelowna BC, June 2018
This was the third time we had to get a home inspection for a house purchase. We had done some research to find out what the backgrounds of the different home inspectors in the area were. Being in the military and having delt with SAR Techs in the past, I knew Paul would be detail oriented and thorough. He blew my mind, he really took the time to look at everything and explain everything. The report was detailed and easy to understand and we were comfortable with the purchase we were making. One of my students is being posted to CFB Comox this summer and told me he's looking at buying a house. I recomended him to hire Red Leaf. Good job Paul. Nick and Mandy
- N.P., Barrie ON, June 2018
Hey Paul thanks so much for taking care of our home inspection. We really appreciate your excellent service, the quality of your inspection report, and that you were able to respond so quickly to our request. All the Best : Geordie and Sue
- H.H., Yellowknife NT, June 2018
Paul was a true professional and provided an in depth report. His adaptability to our short notice scheduling challenges was appreciated. Definitely would use again and highly recommended.
- G.B., June 2018
Paul was easy to deal with and found some good practical issues that I wouldn't have found on my own, thanks Paul!
- A.L., Cumberland BC, June 2018
Great job, I've had 2 houses inspected now and feel confident in the very thorough reports!
- P.H., BC BC, June 2018
Paul Moquin completed the Home Inspection in a very detailed report. Thanks, Pam Bills
- P.B., Courtenay BC, May 2018
Great service, the report was thorough, explained, and overall a great experience.
- R.J., Winnipeg MB, May 2018
Outstanding work. A definitive contrast between what I have experienced in the past of home inspectors, and the service you provided today.
- M.H., Moose Jaw SK, May 2018
Very happy with the thoroughness and attention to detail given during the inspection. By far the best home inspection I have received in my many moves.
- D.K., Winnipeg MB, May 2018
Very thorough and professional. Helped me feel confident about my purchase.
- D.R., Belleville ON, May 2018
Inspection was done on time. The inspector was efficient and thorough. The report was clear and comprehensive. Well done!
- J.M., Belleville ON, May 2018
I was very satisfied with Paul's service and expertise. He informed me of all the details that he found, big or small. When there was an issue that he wasn't sure about (only occur on one issue), he went out of his way to go see building engineers and got back to me the same day. Thanks again.
- S.R., April 2018
Great, comprehensive service. No detail left unaddressed while maintaining strong clarity and prioritization in the report. Good use of technology. Although highly focused on the job, Paul was extremely helpful in answering questions throughout the inspection without ever being dismissive (despite very curious tenants). His inspection and real-world application gave me the confidence to make an informed decision. Report write-up will serve as my ongoing to-do list as it is very well laid out and formatted, inclusive of photos, scale, and annotation. Thanks Paul!
- C.J., Cumberland BC, April 2018
You did a fabulous job and saved me a lot of grief and $$. Great guy, great service!
- J.G., Black Creek BC, March 2018
I appreciated the thoroughness of your report - it will be a huge help when determining my bid for this property. I also appreciated the time you took to go over the report with me and answer my questions as they came along. Thanks so much!
- C.S., Comox BC, February 2018
Very impressed with your attention to detail. You found issues with our potential home purchase that very likely saved us a lot of money, time and grief and allowed us to move on to a much more suitable house. Definitely got our money's worth!
- C.H., Comox, February 2018
Very eye opening , us average cats don't know some of the stuff that you are on top of
- D.M., February 2018
Very thorough and professional
- P.S., Powell River BC, February 2018
Thank you for your attention to detail and taking ample time to talk about your findings after the inspection.
- L.G., Vancouver BC, February 2018
Great job on the inspection and highly informative on the inspection. Well Done.
- J.M., Campbell River BC, February 2018
Great attention to small details very thorough and quick service. Recommend to anyone buying a home.
- S.T., Surrey BC, January 2018
Did a great job, found more on the house than I did and had a lot of useful information to go with the findings. Definitely felt like I got my money worth out of the inspection.
- D.G., Campbell River BC, January 2018
This is my second opportunity to contact Paul. The Red Leaf Home Inspection is a tool that we will depend on while we become accustomed to our "new to us" home. Thankyou for fast, efficient and hands on service! A + M
- A.B., Princeton BC, January 2018
Thoroughly impressed with Paul's attention to detail with my home inspection, the inspection report, and explanation of the report and his findings. Paul Moquin /Red Leaf Home Inspections will come highly recommended to those looking for home inspection services. Thank you Paul for the excellent service you provided (on 2 occasions!). Valerie Bryan
- V.B., Lazo BC, January 2018
Thank you so much for fitting us in at the last moment and doing such a thorough job. You saved us thousands of dollars! We would recommend you to anyone that requires a home inspection. Thanks again for a job well done!
- A.I., Pritchard BC, November 2017
I was very impressed with Paul. His inspection was very thorough and his explanations were very clear . His comunacation was prompt . Thanks Paul
- O.G., Surrey BC, August 2017
I had my new home inspected on July 17, 2017. Paul was VERY thorough and the clarity of many of the things he pointed out was great! I would highly recommend Paul as an excellent Home Inspector! L. Hill Vancouver, BC
- L.H., Vancouver BC, August 2017
We were impressed with Paul's attention to detail and use of modern technology. We highly recommend Paul Moquin / Red Leaf Home Inspections. Thank you for your excellent work. Trish and Kevin Beattie
- P.B., Courtenay, August 2017
That's for your support during this stressful time. You made things so stress free and easy during this busy transition. Your thorough, efficient and completely reliable. Thanks again.
- C.B., Regina SK, August 2017
Really excellent work, thorough inspection with detailed report. Great customer service as well.
- J.R., Courtenay BC, July 2017
My inspection was very thorough and provided helpful information clearly explained. Thank you!
- N.T., Courtenay BC, July 2017
Paul was, punctual, friendly and did a thorough job on our home inspection. He explained everything we needed to do to rectify the issues we had and provided a great concise report. He was available on short notice and replied to our emails promptly.
- D.L., Toronto ON, July 2017
thank you so much Paul, it was a fantastic and informative and your so kind, I really appreciated everything. And the lay out of the report is fantastic.
- A.S., Comox BC, July 2017
I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone I know who needs an inspection done! He was friendly, professional, and checked out absolutely everything in my newly purchased mobile home. Paul took the time to explain the photos he took and the report itself. As I'm not from BC, he suggested places where I could purchase different things to make the improvements I need to. Thanks again Paul! KJ Kingston, ON
- K.J., Kingston ON, July 2017
I really appreciated your ability and willingness to provide me short notice inspections. House hunting trips can be stressful but I did not have to worry about the inspection side of things as you were there to provide your prompt professional information. Thanks again Paul!
- D.J., July 2017
Very impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection and report. Would highly recommend his services.
- G.P., Comox BC, June 2017
Good day Paul, I apologize for not providing feedback earlier. Seems like during a move there is so much to do and honestly I thought I had responded, but was not indicated from the e-mail in my g-mail account. I very much appreciated the House Inspection you completed for me. The detailed electronic report you provided was excellent! The report which included photos, comments, information for my interest (location of water turn off, as an example), and solutions were very much appreciated. As I was not in location, the follow up telephone conversation was outstanding! There were a number of factors in my decision making, but if you are not aware, I have walked away from the purchase. It was not an easy decision. I expect to find a home in the coming weeks/months in the Comox Valley, so you will hear from me again for your Inspection Services. I will definitely recommend you as a House Inspector and thank you for your exceptional professionalism, inspection service and the expertise you provided. Thanks again, Valerie Bryan
- V.B., Lazo BC, June 2017
Paul was a fantastic home inspector. After he inspected the home, he went over the inspection and explained the things he noted, as well as indicated which items might be critical to repair, and which can wait. He also noted small things like the lack of a Carbon Monoxide detector in a home that had natural gas as a fuel source. I would absolutely recommend Paul as a home inspector.
- J.R., Chicoutimi QC, June 2017
Thanks so much Paul you did a great job!
- H.F., June 2017
Great work Paul. Thorough and efficient!
- B.O., Lazo BC, June 2017
Very friendly and knowledgeable. Paul completed a very thorough inspection of a home I was purchasing on behalf of my parents. After the inspection, I felt very comfortable in purchasing the home because of Paul's thoroughness and professionalism. Paul took the time to review the report with me in depth, and gave appropriate recommendations to address any problem areas. I recommend him to others without hesitation.
- F.J., Comox BC, June 2017
Very thorough and was able to answer many of the questions that we had. We highly recommend Paul Moquin from Red Leaf Home Inspections.
- N.P., Comox BC, May 2017
very thorough!
- H.S., Comox BC, May 2017
Paul you did a great job. Very thorough and your demeanor/expertise helped us know what were important issues with the home and what were, in the end, only minor issues. BTW you impressed our realtor as well and she intends to call you in the future. Great job! Neil
- N.M., May 2017
Since I don't currently live in Courtenay but will soon I found the inspection report and the pictures to be informative and clear. Talking to Paul on the phone I found him to be personable and professional.
- J.H., Delta BC, May 2017
Very willing to go over report even though it was late in the evening. Went over everything clearly even though it was by phone as we were not able to actually be at the house at time of inspection.
- H.B., Victoria BC, April 2017
Thank you for your very concise and detailed report. Your expertise in this field was made obviious in your report and subsequent "sit down" easy to understand explanation of all aspects of the property inspection. I was tempted to ask if you were purchasing this property yourself. As you are a very personable individual you made the process easy for us. It was a pleasure meeting you and having your company do this, at a very reasonable price. We ...definately.. recommend you/your company. ***** Jim & Mary
- J.B., Comox, March 2017
Thank you, it was a great experience going through the house with you, you checked everything and I learned a lot about the house i might not have if I had done it myself. I havent built a house for 15 years and things change. Thanks again, Peter.
- P.S., Black Creek BC, March 2017
Enjoyed the detailed and timely service of this individual. Very informative and friendly. Thank you Paul
- A.S., Black Creek BC, March 2017
Paul went above and beyond in his inspection and produced a lengthy report that gave us valuable information. I wouldn't hesitate to use Paul again.
- D.A., Courtenay BC, March 2017
Paul is professional and attentive in his ability to meet our tight scheduling requirements to conduct a though review of the premise we were looking to purchase. His attention to detail throughout the inspection is note worthy as to his focus to the job at hand. Within 24 hours he was able to provide a detailed report of his findings in a document containing photos and comments that were in a straight forward and understandable for our review and consideration.
- T.A., Calgary AB, March 2017
You were amazing Paul. Professional and thorough. Gave us peace of mind. Jeremy and Andrea
- J.W., Surrey BC, February 2017
Very thorough and precise. The tips on how to maintain the home and what repairs would be needed in the future were especially helpful. Thank You!
- J.H., Lazo BC, February 2017
This was a very detailed report. One of the best we've seen. The use of both video and pictures showed greater detail and allowed us to make an informed decision about whether to buy the house or not. I would recommend Paul's services to everyone we know.
- H.M., Parksville BC, December 2016
Paul was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was super accommodating of my timeline and schedule and had no problem trucking way out of his regular service area for my needs. His inspection was thorough and efficient with easy to follow language and explanations. Both my Realtor and I found him very professional and friendly and I would absolutely recommend him to friends or request him again on my next home purchase. 10/10
- J.S., Nanaimo BC, December 2016
Very thourogh, professional and polite. Very happy with the time he took to go over the house inspection with me afterwards. Would highly recommend to anyone needing a home inspection.
- D.M., Gold River BC, December 2016
Absolutely painless process for us as buyers. Paul is very personable, professional, and extremely thorough. I would definite recommend Paul to any of my friends or family who are purchasing a home, and would definitely use his services again myself.
- S.W., Campbell River BC, November 2016
Thank you for your report, was very thorough and easy to read. Made our decision easier knowing exactly what was going with the home.
- C.L., Campbell River BC, November 2016
An excellent and thorough job -- Thank you.
- D.P., Comox BC, October 2016
Very helpful, straightforward. Found issues I might have discovered after a year or two, so definitely worth every penny.
- B.C., Moose Jaw SK, September 2016
Not only was Paul's report very thorough and well documented with photos, but he also spent quite a long time reviewing each point with myself and my husband to ensure that we clearly understood every detail. We would certainly use Paul's services again, and recommend him to others as an excellent home inspector.
- L.P., Ottawa ON, September 2016
It was very nice to meet you you were very personable and thorough. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for the best of the best home inspectors :) First class service the whole way ??
- H.W., Nanaimo BC, September 2016
Very pleased with how accommodating it was to book the appointment. The attention to detail was awesome and the good advice that went along with the report most welcome. Felt much more reassured with the home purchase and that we had made a good choice!
- M.U., Courtenay BC, August 2016
Very professional. Great information, and thorough. Might be relatively new to business, but worked like a veteran.
- L.S., Courtenay BC, July 2016
Thanks for picking up things I would have never thought about and mentioning the things that I have thought about but never got around to fixing them. Great job and excellent use of pictures. Chad
- J.H., Courtenay BC, May 2016