You did a thorough job. We appreciate the information you provided. There are things we wouldn’t have even noticed. Thank you so much! I would highly recommend you!
- L.G., May 2024
Jason was professional, courteous, detail oriented, and knowledgeable. I'm so thankful for the work he did. I would definitely recommend GreenTech inspections and I know I'll be using them again in the future!
- E.C., May 2024
Jason was super thorough and took the time to walk us through the report while we were at the property. He was super punctual in getting the report to us. The scheduling process was also very easy and communicative.
- A.M., May 2024
Jason did a very thorough inspection of the property. I met him at the end of the inspection and he answered all of my questions and spent ample time reviewing his results. I can highly recommend him for your inspection needs.
- G.P., Wheeling WV, May 2024
We needed a home inspection for a residence purchase with a short close date and inspection interval. Jason came out within a day or two and immediately created and sent us the very thorough and clear report. We also got timely responses to a few questions regarding the home that we sent via text. I highly recommend Jason and his firm.
- D.K., April 2024
I've worked with Jason and his team quite few times for my clients. This time, he inspected my home and of course, as expected, I was completely happy with the process from start to finish. From the ease of scheduling to the inspection itself to the end reporting. Jason is an absolute professional. He's definitely my trusted inspector!
- R.D., April 2024
Jason was very helpful and thorough not only on the inspection, but about the area as well. It was nice to chat with a local when we were moving in from out of town.
- J.P., March 2024
Did a good job. May be the difference between buying and not buying the house. Very thorough.
- J.Z., March 2024
Very friendly, helpful, well knowledge in home inspection as well as other areas. Pointed out reset for breakers, which would be helpful to know how to reset. Would recommend this company and Jason.
- R.L., February 2024
Wow, I was expecting much less detail. This has given me the confidence and reassurance that I will be making a good home purchase, with recommendations to repairs. Booking, paying, and reviewing everything online was so easy. I really appreciate your incredible attention to detail. Thank you for booking me in short notice.
- D.S., February 2024
Very helpful and great at explaining everything! Very thorough and great at his job
- K.I., February 2024
Mr. Rivera did a fantastic job on my home inspection. His diligence and thoroughness gave me a great deal of peace of mind, going forward with my home purchase. He was also very patient with me, as I asked a lot of questions during the inspection regarding some details of the home. Thank you Jason!
- M.W., January 2024
We hired Jason Rivera because he came very highly recommended by our real estate agent, and we are so glad that we took her recommendation. Jason inspected a house that we wanted to buy during the initial due diligence period. Within less than 24 hours of completing his inspection, we received an incredibly detailed and comprehensive report of the house. With the information he provided us, we were able to clearly see that we needed to back out of the deal. We cannot thank Jason enough for his expertise and his help in avoiding a potential financial pitfall. I 100% recommend Jason Rivera and will be using him again when we find our next house.
- T.M., January 2024
- Y.Z., January 2024
Jason came to inspect our new home the other day. He was both professional and extremely thorough. Thank you for making this process an easier one!
- C.G., January 2024
Jason Rivera has become my go-to for all home inspections and more. His attention to detail is unparalleled, leaving no aspect of the property unchecked. What sets him apart is not just his thoroughness but also his ability to communicate findings in a clear and understandable manner. Jason is reliable, professional, and consistently delivers timely and comprehensive reports. In the realm of home inspections, he's proven to be an invaluable asset. I highly recommend Jason to anyone seeking a top-notch home inspector.
- C.R., December 2023
Jason provided a very through inspection report. He caught a major issue which needs to be corrected. Jason was easy to communicate with and very professional. My realtor recommended Jason and I'm glad I went with her recommendation.
- R.G., December 2023
Highly recommended, Jason did a great job, very professional and detailed inspection!
- V.H., December 2023
Very knowledgeable, experienced and thorough. Jason went above and beyond to find answers and leave no stone unturned to the clients' satisfaction. He explained the inspection and his findings patiently and clearly. Easy and fast to schedule an inspection at a convenient time. I'm an agent and have worked with many inspectors. I will definitely recommend Jason and his company again.
- A.M., December 2023
Great Customer Service. Very thorough, and knowledgable in Home Inspections.
- J.R., November 2023
Jason was very helpful and knowledgeable. He was patient through all the questions we had and I would definitely keep green tech in mind for any inspection I need in the future. Thanks for the excellent service!
- N.L., October 2023
Thank you Jason for doing a thorough inspection. We appreciate how you explained everything to us and how approachable you were.
- K.M., October 2023
100% Very professional, honest opinions and very very knowledgeable on every aspect of his job. Great job Jason
- R.G., September 2023
Jason was fantasitic. Professional, on time, and through. We received the report the same day. We'll be using Jason again!
- D.M., Las Vegas NV, August 2023
Jason did great and was very informative. I will definitely recommend him in the future.
- J.G., August 2023
Jason was amazing! Felt very safe around him. Immediately asked what concerns I, as the home owner, had so that he could make sure to address those. Very personable. Asked about shoes. Very respectful. Will for sure use him again in the future!
- K.G., August 2023
Jason is a professional inspector who is always on time, courteous, and proficient in his work. Highly recommended!
- R.P., August 2023
Inspection was very detailed!! Pictures!!! I love pictures lots and lots of pictures. Job summary and recommendation was very well welcomed. Awesome nice work.
- D.H., Pearl City HI, July 2023
I recently hired Jason and Erin Rivera for a home inspection, and I am thrilled with their exceptional service. Jason's expertise and attention to detail were remarkable, leaving no aspect of the property unexamined. Erin's professionalism and organization skills made the entire process seamless. Together, they form an unbeatable team that genuinely cares about their clients. I highly recommend Jason and Erin for an outstanding home inspection experience.
- M.J., July 2023
seemed to know his stuff, very thorough
- E.S., July 2023
Jason was VERY thorough especially since we were not able to attend the inspection. To be honest we were really impressed with his professionalism and all of the areas he outlined to be corrected. We're glad we used GreenTech and would definitely recommend to our friends and family! Thankyou!
- M.M., Las Vegas NV, July 2023
Quick, professional and thorough. Will use again. Thanks so much.
- S.L., June 2023
Jason was very thorough in his inspection of the property we wanted to purchase. Knowledgeable and helpful in advising us of potential problems and concerns he had with certain aspects of the property. He was very professional in how he conducted his inspection noticing even the smallest details with the home. We were very impressed, with how he was able to find things we would have never noticed that might future problems for us. We also want to say how user friendly his website and software were in scheduling an appointment and receiving the final inspection. But found it easy to deal with all aspects of his company from the start until the job was complete. Jason also gave personal attention to our needs, answered all of our questions, and provided us with great overall customer service and satisfaction. Thank you Jason for everything.
- C.W., June 2023
Jason and so Friendly and takes the time to explain while he walked through my new home! highly recommend this company! Thank you so much Jason! YOU ROCK!!
- R.N., June 2023
Jason was amazing. I highly recommend him and his company, Green Tech!
- A.L., June 2023
Jason is a professional! Job well done and I enjoyed talking with him!! His report was thorough and timely!! In the mortgage process, Jason was able to help me quickly check off another check list box?! Thank you Jason!!
- D.A., June 2023
Highly recommend. Very down to earth guy, honest and patient.
- J.A., June 2023
He was so helpful and went beyond and above answering all my questions
- C.S., May 2023
Jason did an excellent job finding and recommending items that are essential to enjoying our potential purchase of a new home. It is critical that major systems function properly. Of course, there are also the superficial defects that come with any home and his expertise in recognizing those items big or small also play a huge role in moving forward with ultimate purchase and peace of mind. Thank you for your professional services.
- M.A., Torrance CA, May 2023
Jason is great! So responsive and helpful in all aspects of a home inspection. Excellent communication and customer service!
- T.S., May 2023
Results of the inspection was thoroughly explained to us. Detailed findings found in the report was remarkable. We will definitely refer to our family/friends and coworker. Thanks alot, Jason.
- M.V., May 2023
Jason was super thorough with me during the process. Showed attention to detail and was very professional!
- J.P., May 2023
Jason did a very thorough inspection, and I'm very grateful that he did! He caught small details that I would not have noticed. Thank you, Jason!
- S.V., May 2023
Jason was very thorough, and was very detailed at explaining all his findings. He got the report back to us by the very next morning.
- T.P., April 2023
I found Jason not only thorough and professional but a very nice man to talk to and ask questions of. We are moving from out of state and things in Nevada are different and foreign to us so having Jason explain how things work and why was extremely helpful. We were very impressed by this inspector and his inspection report. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of this service.
- L.F., April 2023
Jason is personable, professional and easy to work with. He shares his knowledge, answers any questions that may arise and provides a solution. Look forward to working with him again!
- J.L., April 2023
Keep up that great, homely personality! Glad to find someone who can be real, relatable, and honest even in a line of business. Will definitely keep your number for future reference. :D
- D.A., March 2023
Thank you
- C.M., March 2023
Jason was great! I am a very nervous buyer and tend to worry about everything. He is very professional, but also very friendly and helped to put me at ease during the inspection. He did a very thorough inspection and the report gave me great insight into the house I am buying. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
- L.A., March 2023
- L.K., March 2023
George highly recommended Jason to do the inspection and we were very satisfied with his detailed work. He did a very thorough inspection and explained in great detail anything that he felt needed repairs or fixing. As potential first time homebuyers it was extremely important for us to trust somebody to do the inspection and Jason more than fit that need.
- C.P., February 2023
Jason was very thorough on the inspection and provided a professional non-biased opinion. He answered all questions and concerns I had promptly, and went above and beyond to connect me with resources for an estimation of repair expenses to ensure that I knew exactly what I was getting myself into with making the purchase as a first-time home buyer.
- B.C., February 2023
Jason was great, very thorough and made the process seamless!
- P.B., February 2023
Jason was very professional and persistent in his inspection. I would highly recommend his services!!
- C.R., January 2023
I would have liked to see the AC unit and a report on the condition of the unit.
- B.C., January 2023
Jason and his firm are outstanding! Jason is an incredibly knowledgeable professional who works thoroughly, efficiently, and communicates brilliantly! His dedication to customer service shines in every interaction, and the quality of his team's web-portal and reports are the best that we have seen! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
- S.N., January 2023
Jason is always thorough and friendly. I've used Greentech for more than 2 years and continue to do so, because they are truly the best in town!
- K.H., January 2023
Jason did an amazing job! Great pictures with detailed descriptions that explain what I’m supposed to be looking for or at. I will definitely recommend him and the team to future home buyers.
- J.R., December 2022
He was really nice and went over after detail with us (:
- J.B., December 2022
He was really nice and went over after detail with us (:
- J.B., December 2022
Jason has performed several inspections on our new home and has been thorough and professional. He reviews the findings with you and explains them clearly.
- K.C., Henderson NV, December 2022
Jason was not only thorough in his inspection of the property we wanted to purchase, but knowledgeable & helpful in advising us of potential problems and concerns he had with certain aspects of the condition of the property. He was totally professional in how he conducted his inspection noticing even the smallest details and potential or existing problems with the home. We are still amazed, and very impressed, with how he was able to find things we would have never noticed on our own that could have caused heartaches & headaches for us in the future. We also want to say how user friendly his website and software were in scheduling an appointment and receiving the final inspection. Being "seasoned citizens" we are not very high tech when it comes to using a computer, but found it easy to deal with all aspects of his company from the start until the job was complete. Jason also gave personal attention to our needs, answered all of our questions, and provided us with great overall customer service and satisfaction. No complaints. No problems. All good with us. Thank you for everything. A+++
- D.S., November 2022
Jason did a fantastic job and helped our Client with options on how to get some of the repairs done and why they needed done. Very detailed and knowledgeable in all he does. Great service and great care for our Clients! Thank you Jason for doing such a great job and helping our clients.
- D.T., Henderson NV, November 2022
He did it excellent job thanks for everything!!
- J.R., November 2022
Very detailed work. I am glad to have had the house inspected by him prior to purchasing it!
- J.L., October 2022
Jason was courteous and thorough in explaining the findings of his inspection. He answered all questions to our satisfaction and stayed until everything was addressed to our satisfaction.
- R.A., October 2022
I have been using Greentech home inspections for my last few transactions and love it. Jason is always on time, very thorough and does his job well! He is my first recommendation if anyone asks. Thank you for your professionalism Jason!
- U.C., September 2022
Excellent job!
- S.R., September 2022
Was very knowlegable and very thourough on every detail of the inspection, would highly reccomend him and his company
- E.P., September 2022
Jason was awesome! We are first time homeowners, and Jason took the time to explain everything we needed to know about our new house.
- P.R., September 2022
Jason was puctual, pleasant, professional and extraordinarily thorough. The report was very clear, concise and delivered remarkably quickly. We wholeheartedly recommend his services!
- C.S., September 2022
Jason and team were very thorough in their inspection. They also arrived right on time and were prompt to provide the inspection report. The report itself was easy to read and analyze and gave us a great understanding of the status of the property.
- J.J., August 2022
Jason was great! Was able to take care of my inspections for my out-of-state relocation to Vegas.
- J.B., August 2022
Jason was very thorough in his inspection which was highly vital in whether I was to purchase the home. He even gave a breakdown of what each problem needed and who to contact for fixing or further detailed inspection. Due to his inspection I saved myself a lot of money and future headaches. I already have him booked for another inspection for another potential house. Best advice I got was to not skip on an inspection during the house buying process and I am eternally grateful that I listened and was recommended Jason.
- J.R., August 2022
Recommended by our real estate professional, it was a breath of fresh air to meet a home inspector as honest and thorough as Jason. Prompt, professional, courteous, and knowledgeable, we immediately knew we were in good hands. We were extremely impressed with Jason’s meticulous attention to details and would highly recommend his services.
- P.B., June 2022
Jason did an amazing job!! He is very thorough, professional and we had our inspection report the same day! I highly recommend him!
- N.S., June 2022
Jason was top notch and thorough from the very beginning to the end of the inspection. He was very professional and the most personable inspector I have ever come across. He treated the inspection as if it was his own home and would highly recommend him to do your home inspection!
- T.C., June 2022
Jason did an excellent job, he was very thorough in providing detailed pictures and narratives about each item. The report he did helped put myself and my wife's minds at ease. I definitely would recommend Jason and Green Tech to anyone who needs a home inspection. thanks Jason.
- V.F., June 2022
I got a very detailed report and appreciate how thorough the inspection was
- K.P., Las Vegas NV, May 2022
Jason was friendly and helpful and happily took the time to answer any questions I had. His report is clear with excellent corresponding photos. He would be someone I would absolutely use again!
- D.M., April 2022
Very detail oriented, explain all details to my client with so much calm. He looks for every detail on the home.
- R.R., April 2022
Jason is the best! He is always professional, diligent and comprehensive, and also extremely knowledge. I highly recommend Jason Rivera!
- D.M., April 2022
Jason did a great job. Very knowledgeable and thorough. I would definitely use him again and also recommend him to anyone needing inspection services in the Las Vegas, NV area.
- C.P., March 2022
Another thorough inspection by Jason.
- K.V., January 2022
Awesome,friendly, and professional would highly recommend to anyone needing a home inspection and more !
- R.N., January 2022
Jason is great. Very thorough and took to the time to explain in detail any questions we had.
- T.L., January 2022
Jason was very friendly and appeared to be very knowledgeable on his job. He was thorough and professional. We were also impressed that the inspection could be completed as soon as it was. Thank you.
- K.E., December 2021
Jason was very thorough and explained all of his findings to me. He was very knowledgeable and patient. Great inspector!
- L.W., December 2021
Now on my 8th inspection with Jason and his Green Tech Team. Always on time, always happy to recap with the client at the property or with myself, always timely with the final color report. Hilaire in the office is always so helpful. The report is easy to navigate and create RFR's. There ARE great inspectors out there, and Green Tech sits at the top. Thanks to all of your team.
- D.S., December 2021
Jason is the best inspector I've ever used in my 18 years of being a Realtor. He's always available to answer questions, polite and courteous to my clients, goes over and above for me when I need something done quickly, will reinspect if asked, the list goes on and on of why I find him an A+++ inspector!!
- D.F., November 2021
They did an excellent job, they were very thorough providing pictures and a narrative about each item. The report they did helped put me and my wife's mind at ease as we are overseas and couldn't see the house in person. I definitely would recommend Jason and Green Tech to anyone who needs a home inspection.
- C.R., November 2021
Jason was very friendly and I love that he checked EVERYTHING! He also explained he’s findings of what needs to be fixed I would definitely let family and friends know about his awesome service
- C.H., November 2021
Fast on short notice, great inspector
- M.G., November 2021
absolutely recommend for home inspection! detailed report complete with photos is very helpful.
- M.D., October 2021
He was so thorough and timely. I would highly recommend him. He identified items that needed repair that I never would have thought of. I highly recommend him, best inspection I have ever had.
- J.G., September 2021
Amazing as always! Thank you for the heads up call about the Ac units (:
- N.N., September 2021
Jason is awesome! Very informative. I really appreciate how well he explains how things work and what to look for while doing an inspection. While doing a walkthrough of the property if I had any questions he answered them promptly and explained well enough for me and my clients to understand.
- G.E., September 2021
Thought he did a great job. We weren't present and are several states away so we have complete trust in him!! Thanks for a great job!! Absolutely
- L.B., September 2021
Inspection was very thorough and all the pictures that were provided were extremely helpful in knowing exactly what was being looked at.
- T.K., September 2021
Jason has done 5 inspections with me now, as well as a few of his teammates. Always very professional, detailed & TIMELY with scheduling, arrivals and report return times. This is a fast and hectic market; Jason and his team are always right there and do the job right!!
- D.S., September 2021