Very thorough!
- J.P., Roscoe IL, February 2023
He was absolutely GREAT and very helpful and knowledgeable!! I would recommend him ANY DAY
- N.H., Rockford IL, April 2022
Scott was very helpful and more than willing to answer any questions that I had.
- C.H., November 2021
The best home inspector in our area. Very detailed and knows what the job entails.
- S.B., October 2021
Scott was very professional in explaining things in a simple way. I highly recommend him.
- D.T., January 2021
We hired Scott Howell for home inspection before, and will be using him again a 3rd time. You can tell he enjoys what he does and is not only good at it but loves sharing it so it’s sort of an educational opportunity if your want to know the facts about your potential home/property! Rest assured he will give you the facts and reality so you can make an educated decision for your home/properties health. I basically think of him a House Doctor, but remember, all “doctors” are created equal.
- A.A., Rockford IL, November 2020
Scott was extremely thorough. Very personable and had your best interest in mind. Would definitely recommend!
- M.B., November 2019
Excellent inspection and report. Thank you
- B.D., November 2019
Scott was great! Very thorough, attention to detail, answered all my questions. Definitely recommend him!!!
- T.T., September 2019
Very personable. Very knowledgeable, very helpful with questions, very professional. Highly recommend him to others.
- P.A., September 2019
Really enjoyed meeting you Scott during the inspection of my new home, I would highly recommend you any day of the week and twice on Sundays,thanks for everything.
- H.M., September 2019
Very friendly, thorough and walked me through everything.
- M.J., July 2019
Scott inspected my son's house and he found serious problems and saved my son from buying a potential headache, after seeing and watching Scott preform his inspections procedure I wanted Scott to do the house my wife and I were buying. Scott found a few problems that need fixed which I wouldn't have found, he is excellent at his job I would strongly recommend you have Scott Howell be your inspector you will sleep comfortably at night and know your home is safe
- B.M., July 2019
Scott was thorough and was very good at explaining things to me. He was open to answering any of my questions. I felt very comfortable with his knowledge. Very professional. I would highly recommend him.
- M.D., April 2019
Scott, you are extremely good at checking everything out. Great job. Thanks so much!
- L.B., April 2019
Was a pleasure to work with. Very thorough. On time!
- C.O., November 2018
Scott, I just want to Thank you for pointing these issues out Rocco Routhe money well spent .you got my vote !!
- R.R., October 2018
Scott was absolutely great to work with! Answered all our questions and very informative about even the smallest of details. We are first time home buyers and could not be happier with the overall experience. We would highly recommend him to anyone!
- E.A., September 2018
Thank you so much for walking us through the inspection! We learned a lot from you and hopefully we will remember all of it. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family.
- A.O., August 2018
Scott did an amazing job of keeping us involved with the inspection. He not only did the necessary inspection, but he gave us so much information on how to properly maintain the home. Can't recommend enough!
- A.M., July 2018
All the time.
- S.N., Rockford IL, June 2018
Prompt and on time service with a comprehensive detailed inspection.
- B.H., April 2018
I have referred Scott Howell to my buyers knowing he knows what he is looking at. He makes sure the buyer understands what he is looking at and how is works or looks. Working with buyers that need an understanding patient person, I called Scott Howell to set up the inspection. I met the buyers and Scott at the house. I knew when assisting the buyers with the inspection that I could leave them in Scott's hands. I left to go show houses. Thank you. Scott
- V.T., April 2018
Thank you for an easy to read report. My clients have all been impressed with how in depth and professional you are. Thank you for taking the time to explain in terms they can understand.
- M.D., October 2017
Great guy with a lot of knowledge
- Z.B., August 2017
Scott explained all his findings in simple terms easy to understand. He is very professional and courteous. You can tell he is a seasoned home inspector who loves his job.
- M.B., August 2017
Scott Howell was extremely thorough and explained any issues in detail. Courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend!
- L.V., July 2017
Very good inspection. Walks homeowners through everything which is much appreciated
- K.R., May 2017
Thank you, truly for showing me all the important things that are needed to know during my home inspection.
- K.R., April 2017
Scott was very knowledgeable and professional home inspector. I had no trouble scheduling his services, and obtaining fee information. Scott asked me to be present at the inspection and during the process, I learned a good deal about the home's features and maintenance needs. Being involved in construction, Scott knows where to look for problems and how things should work. Upon scheduling a time for the inspection, Scott emailed me a confirmation reminder of the date and time and best of all he was on time and on the job when I arrived 5 minutes early. He described his process for inspection and told me that I would receive the report this same day. He kept his word and I am pleased for his assistance and could recommend him without question.
- B.M., August 2016
Scott is very friendly and knowledgeable. Fast, hard working individual with safety in mind.
- B.G., June 2016
Great Job Scott!
- M.H., Rockford IL, June 2016