I felt Roger was very thorough in his inspection and helping me to make a decision on my home. He was very nice and professional.
- A.N., May 2024
Wonderful job! Roger you were extremely thorough and all the included pictures clearly showed the issues at hand. We appreciate your hard work! Thank you so much. We would definitely recommend you to those we know in the future.
- K.P., April 2024
Amazing service! I could not have asked for a more perfect experience for this home I’m in the process of buying. I was able to learn so much as a bystander of this thorough inspection. You have no idea how much I truly appreciate you amazing service. Thank you so much!
- K.B., November 2023
Roger was very thorough and informative I would recommend him.
- M.R., Sylvania OH, October 2023
This is the second time that we have used Roger for a home inspection. He is always very thorough and does a great job!
- K.K., October 2023
Great inspector! Friendly, thorough, informative and passionate! You can tell he takes his job seriously and loves it!!! Highly recommended!!!
- J.F., Port clinton OH, July 2023
Roger was thorough and detailed in his inspection and report. Roger also was available after hours and took extra time to explain his findings. He was personable and friendly. He was able to fit us in the day after I first contacted him. He was very responsive to any request and got our report completed the same day he did the inspection. I would highly recommend Roger to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- J.R., June 2023
Roger and his company were very thorough in our house inspection. He was also responsive, dependable and personable. We would definitely hire him again! We are so grateful for his work. Thank you!
- S.P., June 2023
This is the second time I have had Roger conduct a home inspection for me, and he's just as thorough as the first time. His attention to detail is stellar, plus the ease of viewing the information and photos on their site makes it easy and efficient. I highly recommend Roger/Catawba Is Home Inspection to all new home buyers.
- R.M., May 2023
Very informative and was easy to talk to. Would hire again.
- J.S., January 2023
Professional, thorough, and timely. Explained findings very well. As a knowledgeable inspector, he saw much more than we did as prospective buyers. No detail was too small to check from water to electric to walls, floors, ceilings, attic, appliances, etc. Would definitely recommend - best "investment" we could have made when buying our house.
- J.H., January 2023
House came on the market last minute and they were able to inspect it that week. Gave a very detailed 50 page report with not only issues/concerns with the house but items to upgrade. I feel 100% comfortable buying this home after receiving the report.
- W.W., December 2022
He did very complete job for me. I am very pleased.
- B.Q., Naples FL, August 2022
The best home inspector that I have ever used.
- W.K., August 2022
Roger was thorough and concise with his inspection and the subsequent report. Thankfully, there was very little to report on in our home, so we didn't have too much to go over! I would highly recommend Roger for an inspection in the future.
- S.V., August 2022
Roger was great! He Provided a very detailed report and a lot of helpful commentary while on-site to alleviate/address any concerns. I had my report in less than 24 hours after completing the inspection and I would definitely call Roger again for future needs!
- D.B., June 2022
Roger was great! Very thorough, and report was ready in less than 24 hours. He included several photos, a couple of videos, and details on every issue/concern. He returned my call promptly, and was very helpful in answering my questions. I would highly recommend.
- J.S., June 2022
Very pleased with the quick scheduling, extremely thorough report, detailed information and pictures. Professional from start to finish! Would hire again or absolutely recommend.
- M.P., Auburn IN, June 2022
Roger was knowledgeable, friendly, punctual, detailed, and efficient. He did exactly what I wanted to get out of the inspection. Great guy!
- L.B., June 2022
Roger is friendly, easy to get a hold of and easy to deal with. His inspection was very thorough and informative. I was not present for the inspection as I live over a 100 miles away, so he even agreed to meet me at the home at my convenience to go thru it with me. Highly recommended!!
- N.J., April 2022
Roger did an awesome job on our home inspection! Very thorough. It’s a nice relief knowing the property has been seen through the eyes of someone who knows what to look for. Inspection was done in an extremely timely matter. Would absolutely recommend Roger. Thank you again!!!!
- D.H., September 2021
Roger is thorough and reliable!
- L.D., September 2021
Roger and Nancy were terrific. Easily the most thorough home inspection we've ever had. Happily talked through anything he found or what he was doing. Would definitely recommend him. Thank you!
- M.G., August 2021
Roger did a great and thorough job! He was extremely helpful in telling us the small things that we could do on our own in terms of regular maintenance and upgrades. Roger was able to call the seller's agent and connect quickly to answer necessary questions. Plus, Roger is personable and explains things easily! I'd highly recommend his services!
- E.D., August 2021
very through, timely on report and would highly recommend Roger
- T.L., August 2021
Roger did a great. Very thorough. I thought the pictures of the problem areas were very helpful. He got the completed report with pictures to me within hours of the inspection. After the inspection, he explained the issue ares in a very understandable manner.
- M.S., August 2021
- A.B., June 2021
Roger was an excellent inspector. Very professional and explained each aspect of the inspection. Never felt a need to hurry. He was one of my he best.
- S.L., April 2021
Roger did a great job with our condo inspection. I highly recommend his services.
- T.K., March 2021
Roger was great to work with! Our inspection was very detailed and the report was ready for viewing within 2 hours after the inspection was completed. Roger provided photos with an explanation of what it was we were looking at. I would definitely recommend Roger!
- J.G., Oak Harbor OH, January 2021
Roger did a great job and was very helpful and knowledgeable!!
- R.A., November 2020
Roger is great to work with ,very detail inspection
- A.B., September 2020
Very thorough, courteous and efficient in the inspection. Definitely knew what to look for and gave constructive suggestions.
- R.D., September 2020
Roger is the best!
- J.M., July 2020
he did a great job on detail, pictures and ability to communicate. This is the second time I have used this company, there were 2 different inspectors and both did a good job.
- J.L., April 2020
Thorough and professional. Good job!
- J.B., March 2020
Roger does a complete and through job. He provides clear pictures and explanations of what he finds. He also makes himself available for additional questions as well. He is a true professional at what he does.
- P.F., January 2020
Roger is fantastic! Always professional and really knows his stuff! Highly recommend!
- N.D., Sandusky OH, September 2019
Roger was extremely thorough and professional. Thanks to his expertise, I was able to make a final decision as to whether I should buy the property or not. I would definitely recommend Roger to others.
- M.S., July 2019
Great thorough inspection I would definitely recommend for anyone getting a inspection to go through Catawba Island Home Inspection Thanks Roger you did a Excellent job one of our the best I have ever seen!!!!
- D.B., July 2019
I felt Roger was very through and informative. He went out of his way to help me understand what he was finding and how to fix it.
- D.R., July 2019
The report was so easy to understand. He was thorough which is very much appreciated. Thank you!
- S.S., June 2019
Very nice working with you , you are very thorough, kind and patient answered my questions, again Thank you !!
- L.R., May 2019
Thank You, your work was very professional and showed me some things I was not aware of, also the electric issues are duly noted.
- E.E., April 2019
Roger did a great job for us! Pointed out many things that we missed! Also answered questions after the fact about some concerns we had. Would definitely use this company in the future!
- D.H., March 2019
Extremely happy with Roger's services, he's a kind man and really did a great inspection.
- B.C., March 2019
Very Thorough! Pointed out the good in our home too!
- B.A., September 2018
Second time we've used Roger Frommer. Very thorough. Highly recommend.
- E.W., August 2018
Very thorough and committed to his job!
- K.W., August 2018
Roger was great and super informative. He makes himself available for questions after the inspection and I love the online features included with the report system.
- J.C., Port Clinton OH, July 2018
Very courteous, thorough, professional and friendly. I've had numerous home inspections performed, and I put Roger at the TOP of the list!
- A.L., June 2018
Roger was very thorough and personable. He was not afraid to get dirty to make sure he inspected every aspect of the home.
- B.E., June 2018
He was a good communicator. Very thorough with his inspection. Did not shy away from inspecting anything.
- D.C., June 2018
Roger was extremely thorough with our home inspection. Thanks
- C.Z., June 2018
Roger provided outstanding service! His website is accurate: he documents all his work electronically with excellent pictures and description of each along with recommendation. He is professional and personable, excellent combination. We received Roger's report within 12 hours. The software he utilizes if consumer friendly and upon completion of our review, was pdf'd and emailed to our agent. Absolutely recommend Catawba Island Home Inspection, Roger Frommer!
- C.Z., June 2018
Very professional and courteous service. Very through. I?m very happy with the service
- J.L., May 2018
Thanks for taking the time to walk us through your report! You did a great job showing us the things that need work and helping understand how things work. We appreciate your help.
- J.G., April 2018
Roger did a great, job, was thorough and sent his report in less than 24 hours after completing the inspection.
- C.R., April 2018
Roger was extremely professional and very through. I would highly recommend his services to anyone purchasing a home
- B.P., April 2018
As always, great job Roger. Very detailed and decisive. This is our second house inspected. Highly recommend. We are praying we don't need him again. lol Thank you
- D.G., March 2018
Mr. Frommer was very professional and answered all my questions.
- S.K., March 2018
Roger was very professional and went out of his to way to complete the inspection, even coming back the next morning after a key mix-up didn't allow him to enter home on the scheduled day. Report goes above and beyond in the information provided. As a first time home buyer and one who had no idea what to expect Roger and the report he submitted put my mind at ease. Thank you Roger! I highly recommend him for your home inspection needs.
- W.H., Guerneville CA, March 2018
Roger was very thorough, easy to understand and took the time to explain every issue and possible remedies. I would highly recommend him!
- K.K., February 2018
Roger Frommer is very thorough and knowledgeable. He reviewed and explained his findings in person and subsequently produced a very lengthy, detailed report immediately after the inspection. He utilizes state of the art reporting technology that makes the purchaser's inspection review and request for repairs effortless. My husband & I enjoyed working with Roger and were very pleased with his service. We highly recommend him!
- T.H., February 2018
Roger was extremely friendly and professional. The detailed report he provided conveyed his knowledge and gave myself and my family peace of mind.
- N.G., February 2018
Roger did a fantastic job. He was easy to work with and was quick and thorough. His detailed report was sent the same day with clear photos and explanations. I highly recommend him.
- A.K., February 2018
Very thorough and quick. Thank you Roger!
- R.H., January 2018
Roger was very thorough and informative. I would highly recommend him to anyone purchasing a home.
- V.S., January 2018
Thank you for doing such a thorough job.
- K.W., December 2017
Roger was great. He was very professional & friendly. He took his time to check everything, and explained what he was checking and what he found. I would definitely recommend him.
- E.P., December 2017
Thanks, Roger. It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks again for the very thorough inspection. J&B
- F.B., October 2017
Very, very thorough and knowledgeable. I was very impressed. I recommend if you are buying or selling a home get Roger for an inspection. Thanks again!
- J.R., September 2017
Thank you Roger for being so professional and patient with me. I am so new to all of this and very nervous. You made my experience very pleasant. Thank you again. If I need anything else, I won't hesitate to call you.
- J.K., September 2017
You were awesome! Quick to respond to all of our questions and detailed in your inspection. We would definitely recommend you to anyone who needed an inspection. Thank you!
- V.K., September 2017
Thank you!
- M.G., September 2017
Thank you!
- M.G., September 2017
Roger was highly professional, courteous, and thorough. Top Notch and knows what he's doing!
- L.C., August 2017
Roger is a pleasure to work with and extremely thorough!
- G.B., Akron OH, August 2017
Thorough with process, knowledgeable, and courteous. Very helpful. Job well done.
- D.S., August 2017
Roger went above and beyond. i would totally use him again.
- S.F., August 2017
Very knowledgeable and easy to get along with! Inspects everything! Hire with confidence:)
- M.B., August 2017
Roger was very thorough and helpful as he explained what he was looking for and explaining why it needed to be corrected. Roger is a true professional!
- C.T., July 2017
Top notch inspector. Very thorough in his inspection process.
- J.G., July 2017
Very professional and helpful for our first (and hopefully last....for a while!!) home buying experience. Thank you so much for sitting down and going through the inspection bit by bit, and making sure I understood what I was seeing. Again, I can't recommend you enough. Thanks, Roger!
- C.G., July 2017
Very thorough, didn't miss a thing. Willing to get in, get on or get under whatever he needs to do to inspect it for the owner. Pleasure going around with him.
- J.G., July 2017
Roger was on the ball. He called me right away to schedule a convenient time. We met him at the residence. He was very friendly and willing to talk and answer questions. He went through a number of items with me while he was inspecting. When he was finished, he gave me a quick rundown of the issues he saw with the property and showed the photos he had taken. His report was very thorough and easy to read. I would recommend him highly. In fact, I wish he were closer to my primary residence so I could use him and recommend him locally.
- D.Z., June 2017
Very friendly and helpful!
- R.D., June 2017
I appreciate the amount of time Mr. Frommer spent answering my questions and preparing a very detailed report, complete with photographs. I would not hesitate to use his services again.
- V.S., May 2017
Mr. Frommer did an excellent job inspecting the home were are buying. He answered all our questions and was very thorough. I would use his company again. S. Wilson
- S.W., May 2017
As soon as I arrived on site they had every appliance running. Nothing was missed. Stuff I didnt even think of. Being a first time home buyer I would have never thought to run things they did. They even showed me proper ways to run some features at our new home. We are confident with the choice of inspector we made. You have our recommendation ! Our realtor Kyle Recker gave us your contact information ! Shout out to Kyle !
- K.O., May 2017
Thorough, honest and personable. I Would recommend for Buyers and Sellers.
- T.P., May 2017
Great to work with and thorough at his inspection!!!!!!!!!
- J.L., May 2017
Knowledgeable, professional very easy to work with.
- A.H., April 2017
Appreciated the time and patience in answering our questions.
- J.W., April 2017
Great guy. Trustworthy, thorough, pleasant. Yeah Roger!!!!
- V.H., April 2017
Roger was able to do thorough inspection on somewhat short notice which helped keep the purchase process for our house moving forward.
- D.S., April 2017
Mr. Frommer did a thorough job of inspecting the home. Throughout the inspection process he was polite and courtesy. His inspection reports are well organized and the pictures are extremely helpful.
- C.F., April 2017
Very awesome job. Above and beyond. Very thorough and timely. I would recommend to anyone
- A.V., April 2017
I was so pleased by how professional, thorough, and friendly Roger was. It was a pleasant experience and I highly recommend him!
- K.P., April 2017
Roger was thorough, detail oriented and a true professional! He has the inspection report to us in a timely manner. We were so impressed that we referred him to a colleague the very next week after completing our home inspection! Roger will be our go to home inspector for all future property investments and will be highly recommend in the future!
- M.W., April 2017