Very thorough. Nice, processional and Smart.
- J.S., Oxford NC, April 2024
I ALWAYS call MITCH FIRST! He is kind, personable, professional, efficient, thorough and remarkably knowledgable! I am a Real Estate broker. I TRUST and VALUE his opinions and his expertise with my family and my clients. You will never regret calling him FIRST!
- P.S., OXFORD NC, September 2023
Mitch is a really, really, really good inspector! He is exceptionally knowledgeable, very attentive, and provides great contextual information to almost every one of his observations so you get some education that goes behind all his observations. He is the best home inspector I have ever worked with and would absolutely recommend him when making any substantial housing purchase!!
- B.D., holly springs NC, February 2023
Mitch did a great job for us inspecting a planned-on purchase in Henderson. However, his diligence brought so many issues to the table that we knew that we had to get out of the deal. Thanks again, Mitch.
- R.G., December 2022
You were personable, punctual, and professional. Your work was thorough and timely. I could not be happier and would recommend you to others.
- J.I., October 2020
Mitch’s ability to perform a home inspection is top notch. He provided us with information that allowed us to make a smart decision on the purchase of a property. He works for you and gives you the facts about the home .
- Z.T., Washington NJ, August 2020
Excellent job. Mitch covered everything and answered all my questions thoroughly. I will use him again.
- p.n., wilmington NC, July 2020
Mitch is very thorough and very knowledgeable. He didn't miss a thing. I have owned several homes in my lifetime but I learned a lot of things about how a home is built that I did not know before. I asked a lot of questions and Mitch explained everything so I could understand it. I would definitely recommend Mitch and his company to other home buyers.
- C.C., Avon CT, June 2020
I was very pleased with my inspection and inspector (Wyatt). He was very friendly and accurate. I would definitely recommend his services!
- C.M., May 2020
William is a very thorough inspector. Thanks!
- N.B., December 2019
Very thorough!!
- A.T., May 2019
You did an extremely thorough job. The report summary was self-explanatory & I had no trouble understanding the work which needs to be done. Hopefully, I can contact you to get names to get the work done once we move in. Thank you very much!
- L.C., April 2019
Mitch is extremely thorough and professional in his inspection. I would highly recommend using him for your home inspection needs. His experience and keen eye made my experience great and very easy to work with
- W.N., Matthews NC, May 2018
Very professional and informative; left no stone un-turned! Exactly what you want in a Home Inspector when making a huge purchase.
- B.R., April 2018
Absolutely 100% recommendation.
- R.H., September 2017

- M.W., September 2016