Karl is a respectful, on time and patient with our clients. Enjoy working with Karl.
- C.O., Seattle WA, March 2022
great, service
- N.B., Tacoma WA, October 2020
Karl was a pleasure to work with. He explained what was happening and answered my questions in terms I understood. His travel time to Port Angeles has to be 3 hours each way and I appreciate that he's willing to do it!
- P.K., August 2019
He is a real professional. Loved his work, so many details that only he could see. Thanks.
- A.L., February 2019
One of the better inspection reports I have had done.
- A.M., October 2018
We gave Karl a different type of inspection to do which he did a above and beyond job !
- R.S., August 2018
Very thorough! It was fun to follow him and learn about the house.
- D.M., August 2018
I've seen and used other inspectors but Karl is by far the most thorough I've seen and used. He is professional and goes above and beyond when inspecting. I highly recommend Karl.
- M.M., May 2018
Karl's expertise, communication, and professionalism are markers of a great inspector. We trust Karl.
- M.M., February 2018
Karl is the best home inspector I have ever worked with. A true pro and easy to deal with. 5 STARS!
- P.F., DuPont WA, February 2018
My wife and I were in the process of buying our first house, and needed an inspection immediately. Karl graciously entertained our request for a next day inspection with less than 24 hours notice (He happened to be available, and was more than willing to accommodate for us)! I initially posted a request out to multiple Inspection companies to see if anyone could see us on extremely short notice. While many companies emailed me, Karl made the extra effort to give me a call (all within the first 10 minutes of my post). From the initial phone call, Karl introduced his company and his experience. Never did I feel that he looked down on me for my lack of experience in this entire process. Throughout the entire inspection, Karl made it clear that he had our best interest in mind. There were many times when issues that were concerning to us were brushed off by the agent and/or seller, but Karl made sure to address each concern. Karl is very thorough in his work, starting from the perimeter of the house to the inside of the house. We loved that Karl was sociable, but at the same time focused on the inspection of the house (it was the main purpose for our meeting after all). If you are looking for a fair price for an exceeding amount of value, then look no further: you are in capable hands with KO Inspection. Karl personally helped us to make a great informed decision.
- A.M., December 2017
I can't believe how thorough and professional Karl Ozolin was. I'm a first time home buyer and I must have talked to a dozen friends who own homes and have been through the whole home buying process. Most people said their inspector was in and out. When I told them all the things Karl looked at and detailed in his inspection report, my friends where amazed and said they wished they had an inspector like that. Most of them found out only after moving into their homes all the problems that their inspectors should have caught. I really feel he's a true professional and is out for he's clients best interest. He got his report to me the very next day and WOW! it was so detailed, it even had pictures and video. I would highly recommend him to any in need of a home inspector.
- R.F., August 2017
Karl of KO Inspection was referred to me by a good friend of mine whom I canNOT thank enough for doing so. Not only was he thorough in his inspection and provide me with an extremely detailed, easy to read report, but he also took the time to share several ideas with me that were not at ALL his responsibility. A VERY nice, knowledgeable and professional man! Worth every penny!
- N.W., June 2017
Extremely thorough job. So patient in answering all of our questions. So worth the money we paid. Overall great experience!!
- B.L., June 2017
Karl was incredibly professional, very thorough, and his expertise was evident. He was very responsive to our needs and our questions and our requests of him. He was very helpful every step of the way, and always highly focused upon our needs as customers. We highly recommend his services!
- R.S., April 2017
Very patience and explained the whole process to the owner. Every part of the home was addressed , a definite learning experience for me. Mr. Ozolin is a true professional and takes pride in doing the best job for the home owner. Thank you sir.
- C.P., March 2017
Karl was very detail oriented and thorough. Very knowledgeable about all aspects of the home building process. And what a great guy!!!!
- K.M., January 2017
Very professional. Very thorough. Great value.
- P.D., September 2016