One of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of working with. Michelle is extremely detailed, knowledgeable, and professional. I am a first time homebuyer and Michelle made me feel much more at ease about the process. Her communication is 10000000/100. I cannot give her enough props. I will recommend her to everyone I know, and use her for future home purchases. Thank you Michelle. You are truly phenomenal.
- T.N., April 2022
Michelle Dorr is an AMAZING inspector! She was very thorough, and explained to us exactly what she was going to do, what she would be looking at, and the process in which she would complete her report. She answered all of our questions, and never one time did she act like one of our questions was dumb, or that we should already know the answer to the questions we were asking. She took the time to make sure we understood everything and even offered examples of why various things work the way they do. We would and will be recommending her to all of our friends who are in the process of buying homes.
- B.C., March 2022
Michelle did a fantastic job thoroughly reviewing the property, and very clearly explained to me all that she had found. Report was completed in an extremely timely manner, and was well organized, understandable, and thorough. Greatly appreciated her work, and will 100% be recommending her to friends in the future!
- P.K., March 2022
The ABSOLUTE BEST inspector I have ever known!
- J.W., January 2022
Michelle is simply awesome! my wife and I loved her personality and her approach to explain everything related to the house. She is very detail oriented and her report included all the details needed to properly assess the property.
- T.S., November 2021
I’ve never met an inspector that as thorough and knowledgeable as Michelle is. She takes the time to inspect the house properly and even explains them in details to me. Normally inspectors just send me a report without much explanation. I’ll definitely refer her to all my relatives
- S.D., November 2021
Michelle is the best home inspector I have worked with so far.
- S.S., July 2021
Another job well done. Michelle provided great communication and fully explained and broke down the inspection to my client to easily digest. Like always, she went above and beyond and provided exceptional service. Keep up the great work!!
- A.N., July 2021
Thanks for taking the time to answer all my clients questions, and for being objective and clear on your comments.
- C.L., June 2021
Very thorough, professional - Very detailed, clear report....Will recommend and use Michelle's services again, without question.
- R.S., June 2021
Highly professional, great attention to detail.
- D.B., June 2021
Overall experience was superb, was well worth the money. Michelle was very knowledgeable, trusted everything she said. Will definitely refer to others in the future.
- T.B., December 2020
Thank you so much for a very thorough inspection. Michelle is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything. Her advise is valuable and appreciated. I'm happy to recommend her to others. Sincerely, Martha Sicard
- M.S., September 2020
Thank you so much Michelle. I cannot express how grateful we are for your services. Michelle squeezed our inspection in on a Sunday and it was also a holiday weekend. She did not rush through this inspection. She was a total professional and incredibly thorough by spending approximately six hours at the house. Michelle used the last 30 minutes to give a guided tour and review of her findings. She explained everything in basic terms which helped us understand the issues in the house. The report was a massive 141 page report in comparison to the previous inspection report (by a different inspector) which was only 47 pages. This is an indication of Michelle’s thoroughness and attention to detail - she is not just any home inspector. Michelle is THE inspector. We trust her and value her recommendations and opinions. She also went above and beyond by recommending some future upgrade potential spaces for us to consider. I cannot thank you enough as your report provided incredible negotiating leverage. We are so thrilled to spend forever in our home. Thanks for always doing the best job.
- M.N., July 2020
Another job well done. Michelle went above and beyond like always. I will say that this was not the shortest inspection as she spent 5-6 hours on the property and produced a report of 160+ pages (where we had a previous inspection report of the property with only 47 pages). She is very thorough and detailed and provides great service like always.
- A.N., July 2020
Outstanding inspection by Michelle, she is very professional and highly skilled. She pays a lot of attention to details ans ensures that the inspection covers all areas, Michelle made sure that every area in the house was inspected. The final report was very detailed coupled with a lot of supporting photos, building codes statements and recommendations for future maintenance. She took the time to go over the report with us explaining in detail the deficiencies and the recommended solutions. We felt a sense of security. I strongly recommend Dorr Group LLC in the future.
- J.Z., June 2020
- T.H., May 2020
This is our first time purchasing a home and I feel secure and confident we made the right choice with choosing Michelle to do our home inspection. She paid very close attention to details and was extremely thorough in her report, taking photos and having important data on why certain things should be improved/changed. She climbed on top the roof/attic and other hard-to-access places, showing that she cares about her clients and takes her job very seriously. She was also very informative on periodic checkups on home maintenance tips, etc. which is very helpful. We feel that every corner of our house was inspected and it made the whole process less intimidating. I would definitely recommend Michelle!
- A.S., March 2020
We were very impressed with how thorough and knowledgeable Michelle was, but also with the time she took to explain her findings to us - and to our builder - which we really believe led to a better final result. Thank you so much!
- D.M., July 2019
This is the second time we used MD Inspection. Again, excellent job from Michelle. We really appreciated her truly professional and thorough service, and would definitely recommend to whoever needs a home inspection.
- G.S., June 2019
Michelle is great! She has superior knowledge of what to look for and goes beyond your typical inspector I am very happy with her services and will never use another inspector again. She is my recommendation for all home buyers.
- D.L., May 2019
Her professionalism and customer service is unmatched. She is very pleasant, thorough, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her home inspecting services.
- M.J., May 2019
Professional, knowledgeable, thorough and courteous. I really appreciated Michelle?s help on my home inspection, and would highly recommend her service to whoever needs a home inspection.
- G.S., May 2019
We loved working with Michelle the first time. When it came to getting an inspection for our new house, we went straight back to her, knowing that we'd get a thorough inspection once again. Thanks Michelle!
- S.W., March 2019
Michelle is very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. She goes above and beyond to answer all of the buyer's questions and doesn't sugar coat anything; she really cares about her customers. Michelle delivers top notch customer service and detailed inspection reports at a very fair price. I highly recommend Michelle Dorr.
- G.F., January 2019
Did a good job explaining the process
- L.T., January 2019
Michelle was very professional, she had a very wide knowledge in the field and her experience in construction and plumbing make her a very reliable source. She was familiarized with previous inspection reports, therefore knew what areas needed that extra attention and she had a sharp eye for detail. I would definitely use her services again and recommend her.
- M.G., January 2019
Thorough and conscientious
- M.M., October 2018
As always, Michelle once again took care of my client. She was very thorough with her inspection and got the inspection over on the same day. Keep up the great work!!!
- A.N., September 2018
Inspection Michelle was on time for inspection. She did a thorough job, gave explanations as she proceeded and answered my questions. Her reported was detailed.
- M.M., September 2018
Michelle does a very thorough inspection and explains her findings along the way. She is very knowledgeable and has extensive experience in both construction and home inspection. Her final report is extremely comprehensive. I highly recommend Michelle for your home inspection.
- S.S., August 2018
Very detailed. Knows a lot about a lot. I feel confident that every stone was unturned and that the buyer knows exactly what is needed to move forward. I like the state of art and latest tools that were used as well.
- J.S., July 2018
My wife and I on the picky side and all I can say is we are throughly impressed with the job that was done. Thank you so much.
- J.R., July 2018
Great work. Very thorough and explained problems/concerns well.
- J.S., July 2018
As always, Michelle Dorr is always on top of everything and took great care of my client. She has a great deal of experience and is extremely knowledgeable. I will always recommend her to my clients for their inspections as I know that she always have their interest first. Keep up the great work!!
- A.N., July 2018
Michelle was GREAT! she is very knowledgable in all the field not just one and she is not afraid to tell you. She is honest and let's you know into deep detail about the home. If she only knows a little bit by the end of the inspection she will know about the whole house. I would highly recommend Michelle.
- C.O., May 2018
Can't say enough how thorough and detailed Michelle is. I highly recommend her.
- S.H., May 2018
We had previous inspection report on the property but my buyer wanted to do another inspection. We are glad that we did as the previous inspector did not catch things that Michelle did. She is very thorough and I recommend her highly
- S.H., May 2018
Michelle was beyond thorough and has great communication
- C.B., May 2018
I highly recommend Michelle to everybody I know. Michelle is very thorough, knowledgeable and professional. She cares about her clients and answers all questions a buyer has.
- G.F., April 2018
Extraordinary inspector!! Michelle takes her time to answer any questions the buyer has and educate her clients about the house. She is very knowledgeable and professional.
- G.F., March 2018
She was more than thorough when explaining the inspection items and seem very knowledgeable regarding what she was looking for. I also liked that she made recommendations even to items that did not seem a concern at the time. Thank you!
- D.G., March 2018
Great like always!!! Michelle provides exceptional service that is above and beyond most inspectors. She is very knowledgeable and is able to break down the whole inspection in a way that my clients can understand. She is always available for my clients and provides them plenty of advice and suggestions. We cannot ask for anything more from an inspector. We wish there were more like her out there. Keep up the great work!!
- A.N., March 2018
Thanks so much for all of the thorough information provided during the inspection. We highly recommend Michelle to inspect your next home.
- E.M., February 2018
Once again, another impeccable service from Michelle, she is the best inspector!
- B.K., Houston TX, January 2017
Michelle always does a fantastic job. She is very detailed and great at what she does. She takes the time and effort to explain everything to you and provide you additional feedback and fixes to the various situations. Thus, I am using her myself and I also recommend her to any of my clients.
- A.N., December 2016
Michelle is such a pleasant person! This was our very first home purchase, and we are very glad that we chose Michelle to conduct our home inspection prior to closing on the home. Right away, we knew we had someone that was highly educated and knowledgeable in her field. Michelle took the time to walk us through her findings as well as giving detailed explanations of each finding. All in all, she is an impeccable professional with the expertise to match it.
- J.V., December 2016
Michelle has always done a fabulous job and yet again has done it again with my current client. My clients love the service that she performed. She was very thorough with the inspection, on-time, quick turn-around, and provided great feedback to my clients. She is very knowledgeable and great at what she does. Keep up the great work!!!
- A.N., December 2016
Loved that Michelle was very thorough and took the time to explain her findings and also gave honest recommendations on how to prioritize and even how to approach the builder concerning those issues.
- O.M., November 2016
Michelle is a gem! Definitely, the most thorough and competent inspector I've worked with. She really cares about taking the time to do it right!
- B.K., Houston TX, November 2016
Michelle was very thorough and did a great job pointing out and explaining the deficiencies of the home without overwhelming the client. Her knowledge was apparent and her inspection of the home reassured the client that they were getting a good house. She has a very friendly and easy going demeanor and the client felt comfortable asking any question they had about the home and she even took time to answer questions they had about renovations. I will definitely recommend her services to my other clients. DONNA GUIENT REALTOR SRS, CNAS BHGRE Gary Greene
- D.G., Houston TX, October 2016
Michelle wasn't only sweet and pleasant to deal with, she was also very thorough and did an excellent job with our home inspection! She even took the time to stay and explain the things we didn't quite understand (in depth). We highly recommend her and will definitely use her again (when needed).
- S.W., September 2016
Thanks so much for all of the thorough information provided during the inspection. Your passion, expertise, and commitment to superior service is evident in everything you do. It's truly a blessing that we were able to partner with you and can't imagine having to go through the inspection process with anyone else. Thank you for easing our worries and allowing us to trust the huge undertaking of purchasing our first home. All the best and thank you SO much! :)
- M.R., May 2016
Michelle was a fantastic inspector! My number 1 reason for rating her 10/10 is her thoroughness on the inspection, and especially in the report. The pictures and descriptions were helpful. She was also extremely available through phone and text when I had questions about the report, and always happy to answer them. If I buy another house in the Houston area in the future I will definitely hire her again!
- J.L., Milwaukee WI, April 2016
Michelle is a powerhouse of an inspector. If there is something wrong with the house you are buying she will find it! Look no further for the best inspector in the entire Houston area. I highly recommend Michelle and will use her again in the future!!
- L.M., March 2016
As usual, Michelle leaves nothing undiscovered! Great job! Thank you!
- J.W., March 2016
Very Professional and was able to provide a quick turn around. Thanks!!
- R.A., March 2016
Michelle is the best inspector I have ever had the pleasure to work with! She was the most thorough and knowledgeable inspectore I have ever seen.
- J.W., March 2016
Thank you
- O.D., March 2016