I want to thank Jeff for his professionalism and friendly demeanor. As a first time homebuyer, it's exciting..but overwhelming at times. He did a wonderful, thorough job inspecting my townhouse I am under contract on. The report was amazing, everything in writing with photos was so helpful. Then, when it was time to send off my repair requests to the sellers, all I had to do was choose items and it put it into a pdf I could send along. I also appreciate his flexibility and availability. Thanks again!
- M.G., July 2018
Jeff did a great job and was very thorough! He even took the time to explain everything and made sure I understood what items needed to be fixed and why. Especially being a first time homeowner- he made me feel very comfortable and more at ease. He also put labels on gas and water line shut off valves, so I don't have to go searching for them later. Would definitely recommend to anyone and especially first-time home buyers!
- S.D., July 2018
Jeffrey was a great help and very thorough in both the inspection and report. I appreciated his desire to point things out during the inspection so that I was aware of it before receiving the report. Very knowledgeable and would certainly recommend to others who I know.
- W.J., June 2018
I don't have much of a basis for comparison, but I couldn't be more satisfied. Not only was Jeff extremely THOROUGH, he took the time to explain WHY items needed remediation. He was prompt (!), courteous, and professional. You could readily see that he was genuinely interested in inspecting the house and helping me identify problem and potentially-problem areas. He wasn't in a hurry to get on to his next appointment. WHAT he did and the WAY he did it was exemplary.
- F.K., March 2018
I will be recommending Jeff Howard in the future to my clients. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and punctual in getting our final report. Thanks, Jeff!
- J.R., March 2018
Very in-depth report! Will absolutely recommend you!
- C.S., Snow Hill NC, March 2018
Jeff does fantastic work, is super knowledgeable, and happily meets the myriad challenges involved with an inspection. He surprised me by accessing a roof which allowed him additional eyes to see some issues of gutter repair. He is thorough and writes his report in a comforting way that addresses concerns without unduly alarming the customer. He avails himself of the tools of the latest technology which does everything from hastening communication to checking efficacy of the microwave. I trust Jeff.
- J.P., October 2017
Professional and thorough. Outstanding service.
- S.E., October 2017
Jeff was very thorough and patiently explained things. Has a very nice demeanor and we highly recommend him. His experience in the fire service and construction are definite positives.
- A.R., September 2017
Jeff is exactly want you want a home inspector to be. His years in the fire service have left him a very keen eye and professional standards that are rare nowadays. He maintained a level of humor that was appropriate and very appreciated. There was always a smile on his face...even when crawling under the house. I know because he had no issue with me tagging along and asking questions. In fact he recommended I do just that. He never hesitated to stop and answer my questions...and very thoroughly I might add. The level of knowledge he possessed was very comforting to my wife and I. If you want to actually your home inspection, be educated and have an extremely detailed record of any issues (even the smallest issue) your future home may have you want Jeff on your team.
- J.O., August 2017
Thanks for a very nice experience with our inspection. Absolutely appreciated how fast you were able to get the inspection done and how fast you had the report back to us. Like how easy you made the whole process. Appreciated very much you taking my phone call and explaining things in more detail to me as I was unable to be at the inspection.
- L.S., July 2017
We were highly impressed, with Jeffrey. He was very thorough, detailed and easy to work. Jeffrey was friendly, but professional and very knowledgeable about his work. As a home buyer, we felt he was looking out for our interests and was taking the time to do the best job, possible. We, highly, recommend Jeffrey. You won't be disappointed.
- C.C., June 2017
Mr. Howard did a wonderful job. He was kind, professional, detail oriented and very helpful. I will gladly recommend him in the future!
- C.B., February 2017
Extremely thorough and knowledgeable!
- B.M., Durham NC, January 2017
Jeffrey is very professional, attentive to detail, and easy to work with. His report was very clear, well-documented with photographs and videos, and easy to understand. We had a very good experience working with him. B.D.
- B.D., Chapel Hill NC, October 2016
Very professional. We think he did a great job.
- W.F., New Boston VA, October 2016
Jeffrey Howard was very professional and very thorough. I highly recommend him.
- L.A., August 2016
Jeffrey was on time, very friendly, courteous, very detailed andvery professional. He is also very knowledgeable.
- C.F., Durham NC, August 2016
Professional, detailed, and helpful. Thank you!
- N.M., Durham NC, July 2016
You did a great job. Very thorough. Thanks for all of your hard work!
- S.H., June 2016
Jeff was professional, thorough, and careful in his assessments and documentation. Plus he's enjoyable to talk to and knowledgeable about buildings in general!
- J.S., Cary NC, June 2016