Joe's inspection was very thorough and his Report was quite extensive, including pictures of problem areas. The Summary was very helpful. Joe handled the inspection is a very courteous and professional manner. This is the second time our family has used Joe and we would not hesitate to recommend his services. Thanks Joe
- B.E., April 2015
This is the third time I have used Joe's services, and he is outstanding in terms of detail and explaining things. Both myself and my real estate agent highly recommend him to others.
- N.O., March 2015
Mr. Skrypka is completely knowledgeable in his field and conscious in his work. His inspection is detailed and through. He also advises his client of major faults that need be corrected immediately, and minor faults that can be looked after. We really appreciate his professional service and feel assured about the house we are buying.
- G.C., March 2015
Joe knows his stuff, he is very thorough, and he is clear and direct in explaining his findings. I am very impressed.
- A.J., March 2015
Very Professional,complete and easy to speak with during inspection. Explained everything that was a concern good or bad. Highly Recommended to anyone needing a home inspection.. They say you get what you pay for.. I got the best.. this is no place to shop on price. Thanks again Awesome job.
- S.W., February 2015
Thanks, Joe. Awesome attention to detail and personable service.
- N.G., February 2015
Joe is very polite and pleasant. He was very thorough and efficient doing the home inspection. He explained everything easily so I could understand going through step by step. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks Joe!
- S.V., November 2014
Joseph was extremely thorough with his inspection. He took the time to explain what he was doing and gave excellent analogies to better out understanding of things. I would 100% recommend him! Thanks Joe!!! :)
- J.M., August 2014
Very impressed. Thanks
- M.L., August 2014
I highly recommend Joe. We have had Joe inspect many properties, Joe has saved my butt from purchasing a property that would of been a financial disaster. Don't fall victim to smoke and mirror staged homes. If you expect Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism and extreme attention to details. Joe is your guy. Joe works for you!
- M.C., June 2014
He was great! Very thorough! Explained anything I had questions on... and I had a lot being a new home buyer. Very professional and knowledgeable.
- K.D., May 2014
Joe is an amazing inspector and we would recommend him to anyone. He is very personable and very knowledgeable. He knows what he is talking about!
- M.T., April 2014
great job Joe .....very honest on your report......
- J.A., January 2014
Excellent Inspection !! Extremely Efficient & Organized Thank You !!
- M.G., January 2014
Joe I couldn't be happier with your help. All your comments, concerns, and suggestions were appreciated beyond words. One day down the line you will be hearing from us when we buy our second home. Thank you SO much! Sincerely, Josh Ashley
- J.A., November 2013
Thank you for the excellent work you did on all 3 properties Joe. Your knowledge and attention to detail is next to none. I really appreciate the extra time you took to explain everything to me and the tips you provided. I can now move into my new home with complete peace of mind.
- J.B., October 2013
Joe was great. Professional and detailed. He explained things well and made excellent recommendations.
- D.B., September 2013
Joe, It was a pleasure working with you, after talking with you about the inspection our decision the buy was comforting. Thanks again, George McIntyre.
- G.M., August 2013
Joe - thank you for your time and diligence. This is a great report. It's both detailed and easy to understand. Also, thank you for your patience in explaining the various issues of the house to me, you were detailed - but not confusing. Most certainly I will pass your name along.
- G.D., June 2013
Great guy! Took time to explain everything and most importantly, did a thorough job! Thanks Joe!!!
- J.P., May 2013
I would definitely recommend Joe to anyone who is in need of a home inspector!! Joe is a detailed, knowledgeable, and professional inspector. He was very thorough in his inspection and in explaining everything. He provided suggestions where needed and was able to answer all my questions. A+++ L :) May 2013
- L.D., May 2013
Joe is really professional. He did his job very carefully, checked every detail and explained to us clearly. We feel so blessed to have Joe as our home inspector and would love to recommend him to any of our friends. Thank you Joe for your great job! You really did a great job!
- H.W., May 2013
Very Very informative and precise. Also very pleasant to talk to.
- M.F., March 2013
The use of video would be a great addition to the service
- R.J., February 2013
I have Joe look at all my houses.
- J.G., January 2013
Very professional. Joe took the time to explain each area of concern and the detailed report was very well presented. I will be sure to recommend you to friends and family.
- J.B., January 2013
Very thorough, knowledgeable and professional. Would not hesitate with a recommendation.
- K.M., November 2012
Joe is very thorough in his work, he has the customers best interests in mind at all times, and most of all a genuinely nice guy, Highly recommended 10 out of 10
- C.B., October 2012
I felt that Joe took the time to explain any repairs that are necessary. More than this, he took the time to teach me the regular maintenance necessary and what to watch for. He was thorough, knowledgable and very competent.
- C.T., September 2012
great job.
- K.M., September 2012
A++++++++++++++++++++++++++Thanks Joe!
- J.V., August 2012
Very helpful, honest and informative
- M.M., August 2012
Thank you for your time and every little details you have provided.
- P.P., August 2012
Well done Joseph. You jumped right on to this request coming in from Montreal and Vancouver and your report has given us a very important tool with which to move forward with both the purchase and renovation work. You picked up on every possible issue from large concerns to the most minute. Hercule Poirot would be quite impressed with your attentiveness to detail. Thank you. Stuart J, Peter C and James W.
- P.T., August 2012
Joe is a detailed, knowledgeable, and professional inspector. He was very thorough in his inspection and in explaining his findings. He provided suggestions where needed and was able to answer my queries. He is also very friendly. You can tell he is someone who enjoys his job! I would definitely recommend Joe to anyone who is in need of a home inspector.
- K.W., May 2012
Joe was very thorough and provided great explanantions for his findings. He is very professional and knowlegeable Brian Warner
- B.W., April 2012
Fabulous! Very knowledgeable and provided thorough responses to our questions. Report was delivered within 2 hours. Highly recommend!
- C.P., April 2012
Great job, very personable and informative. I was extremely impressed!!!! Thanks so much Joe.
- R.A., March 2012
Great job. Came very prepared and was able to answer all my thousand questions. very knowledgeable on residential home practices. The pictures in the report are a great feature, and the home owner "manual" provided is a great place to find amazing instructions on most DIY projects, as well as regular and seasonal maintenance items. Very impressed!
- D.M., January 2012
Absolutely knowledgeable in every facet of home inspection and he made us feel at home right away
- M.L., January 2012
Joe Skrypka is THE most professional, thorough and trustworthy inspector we have ever hired. It's no wonder that even the house I was selling was trusted to Joe for inspection. He is simply Best In Class. Adam Thwaites
- A.T., July 2011
Really nice guy with lots of advice and good knowledge, would defiantly recommend when purchasing a property.
- I.N., May 2011
Thank you Joe for a job well done.
- A.D., May 2011
Joseph answered every question I asked with detail, clarity and most importantly, patience. He had many great suggestions on how to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of our new home. He is not afraid to give the straight facts. I highly recommend him.
- P.M., April 2011
very professional and very good, need more inspectors like Joseph
- S.S., April 2011
Joe was fantastic! This was our second home-inspection, and we called him again because his expertise, care, and attention to detail is unmatched. Thank you so much!
- W.A., April 2011
Thank you Joe for that outstanding inspection. We are very happy that we took the referral for you. It's nice to know that there are people out there who take pride in the quality of their work and service. You not only did the inspection, but you took the time to explain your observations, what you felt the root cause was, and how we should go about fixing them. All in all, it was a great learning experience for me and I came away more comfortable with the big investment we are about to make. All that were present were equally impressed. Thanks again.
- A.T., April 2011
Great guy very informative, highly recomended! Brian and Gayle
- B.S., April 2011
Joe, You saved me from making a huge mistake in buying a house that had mounting problems as the inspection proceeded. You also went through the second home that you inspected with a fine tooth comb. You pointed out various problems and things that needed to be fixed with the patience and concern of an experienced educator. I learnt a lot and greatly appreciate your expertise.
- T.C., March 2011
Joseph did an amazing job. He really went over the home, missing nothing. What really impressed me was his safety and maintenance recommendations on what to do after we get the home. He took the time with me to make sure that I fully understood everything to do with the inspection. Couldn't imagine someone doing a job better than Joseph did for us. Thanks,
- B.D., March 2011
It was a pleasure to work with you as it was evident that you take your profession seriously. The report is all encompassing. Your knowledge was evidence of many years in the business, your testing equipment is up to date and your keen eye for details insures nothing gets by without notice. No shortcuts, a solid report, excellent pictures focusing on the problem areas and their exact location. All of this information will be quite useful when we tackle the work ahead. Thanks Joe for your professionalism. Anne
- A.L., March 2011
Thank You Joe for a fun and informative morning, helping me and my in laws inspect their new home! We will keep you in mind for future home purchases as well as referrals!
- B.I., February 2011
Joe, you did a wonderful job. We will be giving you a call again in the near future.
- W.A., January 2011
Beautiful job and thorough. Very good explanation about everything!
- M.B., January 2011
A highly professional inspector who carries out the inspection in a diligent manner explaining any problems found and remedy's to fix the problem. Would recommend Joe to anybody without hesitation. Thank you Joe
- K.P., January 2011
Good guy.
- J.W., December 2010
Joe met us at the house, he had already done a walk around. He was extremely professional, very thorough and sent a written report that gave us all the information we needed. He was able to suggest contractors who could help but was in no way pushing for them to do business. Overall we would highly recommend Joe, The Home Inspector Guy.
- J.B., November 2010
Mr. Joseph Skrypka inspected a property for me on November 12, 2010. His level of knowledge and understanding regarding the home's critical systems (ie) electrical; plumbing; air movement; roofing; exterior integrity - were integral in assisting me when making a very important decision. Mr. Skrypka took a variety of high quality photographs that detailed his exhaustive inspection. These pictures were (same day) posted to his on-line report which I was able to access with a secure username and password. To say that the on-line report - with pictures - was invaluable would be an understatement! He was able to answer all of my questions in a clear, forthright and understandable manner. He was precise, accurate, and meticulous in his approach to the inspection. I have no hesitation recommending Joseph Skrypka as an excellent choice for home inspection. Thank you Joe!
- M.R., November 2010
It was a pleasure and a learning experience exploring my potential new home with you. Thank you Mr. Skrypka.
- E.M., November 2010
the mr.gadget of home inspection! fantastic work would reccommend anytime!
- T.R., October 2010
Thnaks you so much, you were not only thorough in your inspection but took time to explain in detail to us what needed to be looked after. We feel very good after having you inspected our house!! Thanks Shannon and Trevor Rock
- T.R., October 2010
I found Joe to be extremely professional and very informative and I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring a home inspection.
- T.S., September 2010
Thank you so much! We were so pleased with how thorough you were and thank you for explaining everything to us! We will definitely recommend you to our friends!
- P.D., August 2010
Joseph, thanks again for your timely repsonse to my inspection request. Your thorough review and prompt feedback are much appreciated. It was a pleasure to work with you! John
- J.V., August 2010
Joe is an informed and personable professional who did a thorough job and was not rushed...he took the time each step of the way to explain in detail what he was seeing and documented everything in his report. I would recommend Joe's service any day.
- B.T., August 2010
My son Donald gave me an overview of how you dealt with him & my daughter in law Kim and I was VERY IMPRESSED with what he told me.Seeing as they are always open to positive advice they were given that from you, and I thank you greatly as I was unable to attend as I was working. What's more impressive is that I saw pretty much what you saw before you did. and I can not disagree with you at all...Job Well Done and we thank you once again... I'd recommend you Highly,...but keep in mind......Nobody's Perfect..... Hence The Nine....Do What You Do Best!!
- D.G., July 2010
Thanks Joe! You helped make the house buying process a little less intimidating. Your explanations were in layman's terms so even I could understand them. You displayed a sense of honesty and integrity that is rare in your industry. You rocked.
- M.R., July 2010
The report is very thorough and easy to understand with appropriate detail and photos where needed. Being present as you made your rounds and shared your concerns and suggestions gave us first hand information which was then applied to the report. Your patience when possibly asked inane questions through our ignorance was also appreciated. We were impressed and quite appreciative of the prioritization of defects for immediate repair. Thank you, especially for going into that tiny water intake access hole and then being able to get out without us having to starve you for a few days.
- S.N., July 2010
Upon meeting Joseph we were greeted with a smile and a handshake. He was very courteous and a delight to talk to. Dressed to fit the situation and fully equipped with tools of the trade. Joseph Skrypka is a complete professional in every sense of the word. His work was very thorough and always kept us informed as to what he was doing and explaining in detail. Any questions we asked we were given an understandable and logical answer. My agent was also very impressed with Joseph and he was as like myself more than satisfied with the results of the inspection. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking for a thorough home inspection. Thank you Joseph for your assistance in our home purchase inspection, we lucked out on this one. Brian Daniel
- B.D., July 2010
Very instructive. Explained everything very well.
- M.L., June 2010
Joe's expertise, professionalism and finished product far exceeded my expectations and experiences with home inspections. I wouldn't call anyone else.
- J.C., June 2010
Joe was so pleasant to work with he was incredibly thorough and answered all of our questions! He is very knowledgable and we would definately reccomend him to family and friends. Paul and Christine DiBussolo
- P.D., June 2010
Thank you Joe for your quick response and great service on such short notice.
- K.R., June 2010
Hi Joseph, it was a pleasure meeting you. I found your inspection to be very thorough, you answered all of my questions and the written report was exceptional. I have recommended your service to several people. respectfully, Antoinette I.
- A.I., May 2010
Absolutely fantastic. Already recommended him to a friend who bought a house in Milton.
- S.S., May 2010
Absolutely fantastic. Already recommended him to a friend who bought a house in Milton.
- S.S., May 2010
Thank you so much for your patience in answering all of my questions and sharing your advice and expertise. Your thoroughness is also greatly appreciated. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is in need of your services. Thanks again!
- S.B., May 2010
Very informative and helpful suggestions. Joe pointed out things I wouldn't have noticed otherwise. The photos and comments are a great help as well.
- A.M., May 2010
It was a pleasure to meet you Joe. I was very impressed with the report, as it is so detailed and thorough. I especially appreciated the time you took to go through and explain everything to a newbie like me. Thanks again.
- A.S., May 2010
Joe you were great thanks for your time and your thorough inspection
- T.K., April 2010
Honestly at the end of the day I feel having Joe there was the best pre purchase house decision we've made to date. Thanks a million Joe. James
- J.H., April 2010
Excellent inspector he is worth every penny
- M.D., March 2010
THANKS for an outstanding job...You were very personable and knowledgeable about everything...We learned a lot from you and feel confident in the house we've purchased.
- S.S., March 2010
Joe; Thank you for your professionalism during the recent home inspection you did for us. Hopeful home owners have a lot of questions and you were very patient with all of ours. As disappointed as we were that the home did not pass muster we were more than happy to avoid the hidden problems with the basement. Expect a call soon for the next inspection as we continue our search. Sincerely; Kirk and Leslie Sceviour
- K.S., January 2010
Thanks very much for walking us through on the inspection - we're hopeful to get the house and get our repairs and maintenance plan underway!
- M.B., January 2010
Thank you for helping us confirm that this is indeed our dream home. Your professional approach and throughness was greatly appreciated. Len and Tracy
- T.G., January 2010
Hey joe, Because of your thorough inspection you saved us 32000 dollars on renovations before purchasing our new home! Thanks again!! vanessa Green
- V.G., December 2009
Thank you so much for your recent inspection of our new home. We were very impressed how well you walked us through the inspection step by step, and how easy the report is to understand. We really appreciate you going through general maintenance with us and providing us with the seasonal maintenance guide as well, we both felt that we learned a lot from you that as 1st time home owners we would not have been aware of. The inspection was extremely detailed and comprehensive and the report is easy to understand and clearly outlines every point we discussed. Thank you again, we will highly recommend you to friends and family! Warmest Regards, Catherine & Ryan
- R.G., December 2009
Thank you so much Joe, for taking us through our new home. You were wonderful to work with and took your time to clearly explain everything. It was very much appreciated. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone looking for a home inspection. Regards, Karrie.
- K.J., December 2009
we love the pictures showing us what exactly needs to be fixed. Specifics of what to do are great. We're very happy with your work. Thank you!
- S.M., November 2009
Excellent work today, very professional and knowledgeable in his field. Very likely to recommend his services.
- A.M., November 2009
Absolutey an excellent thorough job! Would absolutely recommend! We had a previous bad experience with a different home inspector a few years ago that missed alot of obvious issues, but joe put our faith back into home inspections, thank you!
- C.L., September 2009
Very thorough. Professional. Has the personal touch. Explained work to be done in simple terms. Easy to understand.
- D.M., September 2009
I think Joe did an amazing job! I was very impressed by his knowledge and expertise. He allowed us to ask as many questions as needed, and made sure to explain everything clearly. He was extremely professional and informative!! I would highly recommend him to anyone!
- l., August 2009
It was an amazing job performed by Joseph; very detailed inspection of our new home, which gave me and my family even more confidence in our decision of buying this particular house. He were always clear with all the explanations and more than helpful when me ask him so many, many questions. Thank you Joseph for an absolutely well done job.
- G.S., July 2009
Joe was prompt, professional and very knowledgeable. We were very impressed with his service. He came back again the next day to inspect an area that was in question without any extra charges. We would highly recommend him. Thanks Joe! The Johnsons
- J.J., July 2009