Patty did a very thorough job on my home inspection and I would definitely use her again in the future. She inspected everything from the roof to the crawlspace and everything in between, and she took the time to explain things to me. I highly recommend her!
- S.N., April 2021
Patty was extremely thorough with the inspection process. I have been through other home inspections in the past and to my knowledge have never seen such a complete inspection. Patty doesn't miss a thing from the obvious down to the issues that I would never have thought of. Highly recommend!
- N.G., April 2021
We were very happy with Patty and the time and effort she put into our home inspection. Prior to sending us the report, she did a wonderful job of summarizing the details of the report and setting expectations on what we would be reading. She was also very helpful in priortizing what items absolutely needed to be fixed, and which items could be deferred. We would definitely request her services again in the future.
- R.T., February 2021
My go-to home inspector! Love, love, love your work!!
- L.R., Zion Crossroads VA, January 2021
Patricia was an excellent inspector. This was our first time buying a home and we have heard many horror stories but Patricia worked hard educated us through the process and made us feel comfortable during. After the inspection was done she went over everything she noticed as well and explained what these things were and why they were important. We are very grateful to have her as an inspector and look forward to working with her again. Thank you Patty !
- D.A., August 2020
Excellent inspector - extremely knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended!!
- P.M., November 2019
I have used Pat for many home inspections. I highly recommend her to all my clients. Her knowledge and explanations are top notch.
- J.F., Palmyra VA, October 2019
My mother has used Patricia twice recently to inspect homes she was considering buying. Patricia is very thorough and conscientious, accurately documenting all inspection results and communicating which items we should be most concerned with. I would definitely recommend Patricia to anyone who needs a great home inspector.
- A.J., September 2019
I don't think anyone could be more thorough or helpful in explaining the inspection results than Patricia. She definitely put us at ease with regards to the results. Recommended!! :-)
- M.N., August 2019
Very informative and helpful!
- N.T., July 2019
Couldn?t have asked for a better experience! Recommending to everyone from here on out! Thank you guys so much!
- S.S., April 2019
She is so thorough. Answers questions and very prompt in getting the report ready. Friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely use her again if the need arises.
- B.C., February 2019
Patty was a pleasure to work with. She is very professional, thorough, and knowledgeable.
- J.B., November 2018
It was a pleasure to work with Patricia. Her experience and expertise was evident in both our interactions with her and the final report! I highly recommend her to anyone needing a home inspector.
- B.B., November 2018
Pat performed a very complete inspection of the home. She then completed a report that was detailed and concise. I would use her for all home inspections I have in the area.
- J.C., August 2018
Just the best experience with Patricia. She tells it like it is. She has the experience and knowledge to make you feel confident about the home you are getting inspected. She is very detailed and makes the repair list super easy to understand and refer back to. I really appreciate having her do my first home buying inspection!
- J.H., August 2018
Patricia was very professional and gave us an excellent report that enabled us to determine what we feel is a fair price to offer the owners of the home we are interested in purchasing. I can highly recommend her to anyone that needs a home inspection.
- A.M., August 2018
Perfect! Extremely thorough and found things I never would have thought of to look for. Saved me money on repairs and mortgage! Highly recommended!!
- D.J., August 2018
She was very thorough. Explained everything clearly. Extremely knowledgable in her field. I was very impressed. She's also a very pleasant person and comfortable to ask questions to.
- P.H., null nul, July 2018
We cannot thank you enough for all the time you spent inspecting the home we long to love. We were impressed by your commitment, honesty, knowledge base and level of detail. You inspected that home like you were buying it for yourself and that says a lot about your character. You were incredibly personable and patient and treated us like we have known each other for a long time and that really means a lot. You made what could have been a stressful process very comfortable so thank you a million times over.
- T.D., April 2018
Thank you so much for being so thorough and for confirming that I made a good purchase choice. You are very knowledgeable and kind!
- J.O., April 2018
Patricia has done a dynamic job on the home I am selling and the one I am purchasing. I am so thankful for the great job and also gaining knowledge from her. I will definitely recommend her!!!
- K.G., March 2018
Knowledgeable, personable, thorough, overall just fabulous! I received my report the same day as the inspection. I really appreciate the repair list option.
- J.O., March 2018
Was very pleased with Patty! She took the time to go over everything she found wrong. Told us we were buy a very good home. That it was a very sound house. That made me feel very good about buying this home. Thank you Patty!
- T.B., March 2018
Patti is awesome and highly recommend!
- D.F., March 2018
Very thorough and informative on site and with the presentation of the report.
- J.R., February 2018
One hundred percent professional honest and courteous. She thoroughly explained all issues small and large. She explained in detail easy DIY recommendations and on top of all of that her report was easily accessible and even easier to understand! Will definitely recommend to others for there home inspections!!
- A.F., February 2018
She was very Thorough and knowledgeable
- J.S., Palmyra VA, January 2018
Thank you for such a thorough and professional inspection! We appreciate your honest feedback and assistance in our home buying process.
- S.C., December 2017
Patricia is fantastic. I am extremely confident in purchasing my new home. Her expertise and guidance is beyond stellar,
- J.M., December 2017
Thank you for the very thorough inspection and professional execution of the job!
- S.B., December 2017
Thank you for your professionalism and thoroughness!
- A.Z., null nul, November 2017
Patty was the most thorough inspector we have ever had. She spent hours longer than we expected and also took the time to explain everything she found, and was especially thorough explaining anything that had a safety concern. She takes her work very seriously. We wish all inspectors were as diligent and knowledgable as Patty. We would recommend her to anyone needing a high-quality inspection.
- N.D., November 2017
A previous builder herself, Patricia is a very thorough and explains all of her findings. I definitely recommend her.
- M.B., October 2017
Patricia did an excellent job. She is very thorough and detail oriented. She is very personable and easy to work with. I highly recommend her.
- T.B., October 2017
Thank you for being extremely thorough in your work. We really appreciated your patience and ability to answer any and all questions that we had.
- J.D., September 2017
Patricia was very thorough during the inspection process. Her communication was spot on and she didn't leave a stone unturned. We would recommend her without question. Thanks again for your help and expertise.
- M.D., September 2017
Patty does a thorough inspection of the property and takes the time to explain concerns as she goes along. She conducts the inspection as if she was doing it for family and doesn't want anything to be ignored. I will continue to recommend Patty to all my clients.
- G.R., September 2017
Wonderful experience with Patty! Very thorough, detailed and professional, plus personable and kind. I would recommend her anytime.
- L.C., August 2017
Sending more business your way
- S.D., August 2017
Patty did an awesome job! Very thorough, professional and took the time to discuss all the issues with my buyer!
- B.S., Charlottesville VA, August 2017
Pat did such a great job! She was very professional and personable. She took her time to make sure the job was done right. I will definitely recommend her to friends and family
- A.K., August 2017
She was very detailed in her report and precise on what needed to be fixed and what could wait. Very professional and genuine through and through.
- G.C., August 2017
We have bought and sold many homes and Patricia Arndt is absolutely the most thorough and extremely knowledgeable.
- F.C., July 2017
Thorough, professional and a pleasure to work with. I asked her to check on a specific plumbing issue and she REALLY scoped it out. I'm totally satisfied. Highly recommend!
- B.P., July 2017
Patricia was fantastic! Very thorough, professional and educated. When the fix-it list was piling up, Patricia offered helpful low cost solutions to help us. I would use Patricia again in the future and will definitely recommend her to others.
- J.C., July 2017
This is an "as is" sale so a thorough report is what we needed and what we received. Based on your report we asked the seller to address two items, the leak in the chimney and the ventilation of the crawl space. Seller has agreed to take care of these two items and we will want you to come back and make sure they were addressed properly. Thank you
- B.V., June 2017
Pat was very thorough. She was knowledgable about so many things and even explained how to work the wood stove. She had a pleasant personality and it was a pleasure having her do my inspection.
- M.S., May 2017
Patricia is so awesome, accommodating, professional, and thorough! For other factors not related to the results of the inspection, we decided to not buy the home. My husband and I are in the process of possibly buying a home in a different location and have called upon Patty to do that inspection since she's that good :) We appreciate working with someone that makes the inspection process relatively painless and will tell you like it is. Thanks Patty for being so awesome...look forward to working with you again :)
- C.K., April 2017
Patricia was professional but friendly. Carefully explained what she could and could not address and made appropriate recommendations for the specialty areas that were not covered by the standard inspection. She was thorough and detailed in both her discussion and report to us. Could not recommend highly enough.
- D.C., New Canton VA, April 2017
Very thorough and took time to explain everything to my clients who weren't able to attend the inspection. Would definitely recommend and use again
- J.S., April 2017
I'm very happy with Patricia's knowledge and thoroughness. I really appreciate it.
- S.C., columbia VA, March 2017
Extremely thorough and very easy to work with. Compared to previous home inspections, this was by far top-notch!
- J.N., January 2017
I was very impressed with Patricia. She and another inspector were exceptionally thorough during our resent home inspection. I was present during the inspection and she went through the house pointing out larger potential issues as she went along and then explained everything that she reported at the end of the process. She answered all questions in depth and pointed out not just the negatives, but also the positives that she found. I would definitely recommend her to a friend or family member in need of a home inspection.
- J.W., September 2016
I watched Pat conduct the inspection, she was very thorough and provided a detailed report. At the end she took the time to go over what she found, explaining and discussing with me the more important details. I appreciate her professionalism and knowledge.
- L.D., September 2016
This is my third house and I have never had such a thorough inspection. I often balk at paying inspection fees because in many cases you don't get much for your money. Patricia's great work was worth every penny! Her ability to find every little crack and ding gives me the utmost confidence that she would have found any major issues and her thorough list with pictures of all minor things gives me a clear and easy to-do list when we get the house!!! Thanks!!!
- E.C., September 2016
Thank you Patricia for your knowledge and professionalism. Explaining everything so me and my wife could understand gave us the confidence to make the decision to make this house our home!!!! I would absolutely recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a home.
- M.C., July 2016
She was professional and thorough! Very efficient and took time to go over everything with me in detail. Thank you!
- D.P., May 2016
Very professional and knowledgeable. Explained all findings clearly so that we could make educated decisions based on the findings in the report.
- K.P., April 2016