It was a very detailed inspection.
- N.V., February 2024
This is the second time Todd has done an inspection for us. He does great work and is very thorough. We would definitely use this company again. Thanks!
- K.H., February 2024
Great job. Very thorough. He took the time to answer all my questions.
- Z.C., December 2023
Thorough and great job communicating results!
- T.F., November 2023
Great, thorough inspection. Thanks for your help in our home purchase.
- D.C., November 2023
I was very satisfied with his work!
- W.E., November 2023
Mr. Thompson did an excellent home inspection. The information and pictures provided were more than I expected to receive and I am grateful. The website was intuitive and easy to use. I really appreciated the repair list built into the website
- M.G., September 2023
Todd was great in doing his job. He has been helping us with home inspection since 2020 and his inspection is very thorough and detailed. He is very knowledgeable in his job as he used to build houses himself in the past. I definitely recommend him.
- N.S., September 2023
Todd was great to work with highly recommend!
- P.J., August 2023
Todd was fully engaged in being thorough and answering any questions we had during the inspection. His report was very well put together, detailed, and was even completed that evening. He was very friendly and sincere, making him easy to trust that he had our best interests in mind. I would recommend Todd to any friends or family that needed a home inspection.
- J.P., August 2023
I was very happy with Todd's inspection in my home buying process. The provided report was very thorough, with detailed photos. The onsite summary report was great, delivered in laymen's terms and very practical. Thank you!
- D.B., August 2023
Very detailed report given via email for me to read through and review myself which made it easier to make some decisions! The 360 pictures of the home, inside & outside were helpful when I needed to get a bigger view of areas! Todd walked me through the bigger issues and pointed them out in detail via FaceTime as I live in Colorado and could not be there for the inspection. I felt confident in his judgment and trained eye to know what to look for in the home I was considering.
- B.G., July 2023
Very detailed and informative inspection. I just wish I was able to be there. Thank you for doing this. Kim Parsons
- K.P., July 2023
As a realtor for the last 20 years I have worked with many home inspectors. I can honestly say this is the best home inspection I have ever seen. Todd was available for questions before, during and after inspection and his report was not only thorough but it was also available in less than 24 hours and included pictures and even a link to forward agent with repair list. TOP NOTCH!! The only thing that I would suggest (and I’m aware is not a service usually provided in home inspections) is to use a moisture meter to help determine whether there is an active leak or not when there are ceiling stains. I HIGHLY recommend Todd! 10 stars from me!
- L.H., June 2023
Very impressed with everything! Answered all my questions and considers. Really appreciate his personal advice and experience as well.
- T.G., June 2023
Todd was very through and explained everything clearly. Would definitely recommend him!
- P.G., June 2023
Mr. Thompson was a true professional. He had the answers we needed, was thorough, did not use scare tactics to sell us any services. I thoroughly was impressed with how well he transitions from being able to listen and talk to those of us in the room and still listen and talk to those on video chat. I can't emphasize enough how thorough he was from the top to the bottom.
- C.D., May 2023
Todd gave a very thorough inspection on our soon to be new residence. We appreciate his diligence and expertise when it came to inspecting. We highly recommend him and Trust Inspection Services to anyone in the Manhattan area.
- A.C., May 2023
This is a very professional company very thorough and fast this company gave me very detailed descriptions and pictures of the home I am buying and pointed out all that needed fixed or would need fixed down the line I would highly recommend this company.
- M.S., May 2023
Zach was friendly and to the point. He was thorough when we did the walk through and made sure we understood what he was talking about. Highly recommend!!
- M.G., May 2023
Turn around time on the report was great! Appreciate the quick scheduling on the inspection as well as the walk-through with us on the main issues found through the inspection.
- N.C., April 2023
Very professional, efficient, knowledgeable. Was able to get us scheduled very quickly. Highly, highly recommend.
- A.D., April 2023
Thanks to Todd and Zach for a job well done. Really appreciate you taking the time to visit with us by phone afterwards since we do not live in Manhattan permanently yet. Keep up the good work.
- A.F., April 2023
Todd and Zach came in and inspected the property the next day. Their inspection was very thorough and gave us peace of mind to continue with purchasing the house. Their report was in depth and their booklet on various aspects of property management will be very helpful through the years. Thank you guys for being so responsive and thorough!
- J.R., April 2023
Very thorough inspection appreciated all of his extra comments that described everything.
- S.F., March 2023
He did a great job! Zach explained everything to me about what he did and what he saw and made sure I understood.
- C.F., March 2023
He did an excellent job of walking my wife and I through the home and pointing out what we needed to know.
- J.P., March 2023
Huge shout out to Zach. I really appreciate how he walked me through what he had seen. Also the pictures he took were great. Thanks for all the extra advice on ways to better take care of the house we hope to be getting soon. Some of the knowledge that you shared will most definitely be helpful when it comes time to move in and start improving. The pictures that were set up in my inspection have also been helpful in so many ways. Thanks again for everything you did.
- J.V., February 2023
Todd was extremely thorough with the inspection! He did a great job of explaining what everything meant and answering any questions we or our realtor had. I would highly recommend Todd for any inspection!
- A.B., February 2023
Todd was hired by our realtor with our consent. We were not present at the inspection. However per the detailed inspection report with pictures, we gained a good understanding and were pleased with the inspection. Todd Thompson / Trust Inspection Services came highly recommended and they did a thorough inspection in our opinion. The report was very helpful to us as buyers and gave us the leverage to get some of the more concerning issues repaired by the seller. Thank you!!
- s.w., Junction City KS, February 2023
Todd was very professional and did a thorough inspection of the entire house that I hired him to inspect.
- K.M., December 2022
Todd did a detailed inspection report with pictures and specific recommendations for solutions to areas of concern. We would absolutely recommend Todd for home inspections.
- V.J., November 2022
Todd did a thorough inspection, produced a comprehensive and understandable report, and took the time to answer all of our questions during a follow-up phone call. Highly recommended.
- C.S., October 2022
Was not able to be around for inspection but appreciate the thorough job that both Todd and Zach did.
- L.E., October 2022
I truly appreciate the exceptional customer service, dedication to detail, explanation of issues and the work completed as well as the expedience and thoroughness of the Inspection Report. Todd Thompson / Trust Inspection Services came highly recommended and they did not disappoint. They are a prompt, personable and trusted company.
- L.P., October 2022
The inspection report was much more than we expected. It was so thorough and detailed and would highly recommend Todd and his team. So helpful to new buyers and good information. Thank you!!
- S.B., October 2022
Todd was great and responsive in every way. His report was excellent.
- S.G., September 2022
Highly recommend, quick and responsive. We appreciated the communication from start to finish and the level of detail in the inspection.
- A.B., August 2022
I was expecting you to walk through and pretend to "check" things, and leave saying thanks for the money. But you were on the roof telling me about pin holes, checking the heater,electric, every nook and cranny. I'm very happy with your service!!!
- J.M., August 2022
Very personable and through.
- B.W., August 2022
You guys did a wonderful job. Thanks!
- M.L., August 2022
Incredibly pleased with Todd and his team! The report was completed and delivered very quickly and provided a thorough and understandable account of the home’s conditions. The walk through after the inspection was friendly, professional, and very informative. We also found the request list feature provided with the report to be very helpful. Several issues found in the report were referred to other professionals for repair quotes and their conclusions were in complete agreement with the report findings. Would not hesitate to refer Trust Inspection Services to anyone and would use them again with complete confidence.
- G.L., July 2022
Did a great job. Second house he has inspected for our family. I would highly recommend him
- S.M., July 2022
Todd was exceptional throughout the entire inspection process! We had a phenomenal experience with him and Zach and would highly recommend his services to anyone who is needing a Home Inspection. He was very thorough with his inspection and report. The turn around time on his report was very timely and also provided us with easy access through an email account link and online 360 photos of the home to go with his recommendations in his report. He also answered all of our questions and also gave us a booklet to help us out with future endeavors of our home. Todd was very pleasant from start to finish and made us feel secure about what to expect with our future home. He also helped with some referrals to be able to get in contact with someone who can help us out and how to proceed forward from things. Hands down you are in great hands with Todd when it comes to your home inspection! We were very happy with his services!
- L.T., Manhattan KS, June 2022
He seemed to be very thorough. I appreciated that when I called him after the typical "work ending" hour of 5:00 to discuss some of the comments he shared in my inspection report, he answered and took the time to talk with me. He seemed very sincere. I would highly recommend him as an inspector.
- J.S., May 2022
Very thorough inspection. Gave us simple but important tips on maintaining our future home.
- C.Y., May 2022
I have used Todd on multiple house purchases and will continue to use him in the future. He is very thorough, takes his time to walk you through everything and in general is great to work with.
- J.M., Manhattan KS, May 2022
Very fast, easy to work with and knowledgeable on all things home. Gave us a great home maintenance book that I have learned a ton about taking care of my home!
- D.T., May 2022
Todd and his team did a fantastic job with the inspection. They answered any questions I had, were extremely thorough, and the report was available the same day! I highly recommend him and will definitely use him again in the future.
- C.M., April 2022
He did a very thorough job. Would recommend.
- C.C., April 2022
Todd did a great job on this inspection. He was thorough, complete, and the report was extremely detailed. Todd was able to answer the couple of questions I had about the report, and we are confident with what we need to consider and look for with the purchase of this home.
- M.R., Manhattan KS, April 2022
Being overseas, Todd does an outstanding job with providing pictures of everything he inspects as well as an honest assessment of everything needed for a thorough inspection.
- T.W., April 2022
Mr. Thompson did an excellent and thorough job on the whole house inspection for the house we are buying. This is my first time buying a house, and he was very patient and helpful when answering all of my questions. This helped me feel as knowledgable and informed as possible. The same day, Mr. Thompson prepared a very detailed report, with a variety of pictures and specific explanations that I could look over, and offered to answer any more questions that came up. I give my highest recommendation to Todd Thompson for any buyer or seller who needs a whole house inspection done.
- M.M., April 2022
We were not able to be present at the inspection, but Todd had good comments and feedback with helpful details in the report. He was also flexible and quick with scheduling. Thank you, Todd!
- C.M., March 2022
Todd was thorough and explained the report in a way that I could understand. I appreciated the amount of time he took to show us the areas in which he took note of during his inspection. He was helpful in giving us scenarios and possible solutions to areas of concern. We value and trust his feedback. Definitely recommend him for home inspections!
- M.R., March 2022
Todd was fantastic. He pointed out things and commented on potential future issues that I would have never even thought of. He also took the time to discuss potential remedies for those problems. I would highly recommend Todd.
- D.S., March 2022
Todd does amazing work! His inspection reports are extremely thorough. I especially appreciate the recommendations he makes in his comments. I would use Todd and his company for all of my home inspection needs if I could!!
- R.C., Manhattan KS, March 2022
He did a wonderful job. Very thorough and communicated all the issues. I would highly recommend him.
- J.T., March 2022
I’ve never seen a more thorough inspection. It was wonderful to have 3D photos of everything and items were clearly marked. I called to ask some questions and instead being brushed off hurriedly Todd took the time to explain and go through my concerns. I would certainly recommend this company!
- H.I., February 2022
Todd was very easy to work with. Both the inspection and the report were done in a timely manner. I would use him again in the future
- A.H., February 2022
Everything went great! Thank you!
- A.D., February 2022
Very thorough and quick to get report to us!
- J.H., February 2022
Very thorough inspection. Extremely helpful and willing to explain everything.
- B.F., January 2022
Todd does a great job. He is efficient without wasting a lot of time. I want my inspector to get the big things and items that are not seen on initial views. Todd and his company do a wonderful job.
- N.W., December 2021
Todd did a fantastic job walking us through the house and explaining in relatable detail everything he found.
- L.H., December 2021
Todd did an amazing job. We live out of state so after his thorough inspection he FaceTimed us. He went over the areas of concern, taking time for any questions we had. We were extremely pleased with Todd’s professionalism and knowledge of his business.
- T.P., November 2021
Thorough inspection was completed on our home in Manhattan, reasonably priced and worked with our schedule for an appointment time. Highly recommend!
- N.E., Manhattan KS, November 2021
Very friendly and thorough with his inspection. He explained everything that he checked and about the things that I asked. I felt very comfortable with having him do our inspection.
- A.R., Junction City KS, November 2021
Todd did a fantastic job inspecting a home we are purchasing! He was extremely thorough and we highly recommend him. He will be the one we contact if we ever need another property inspected! Thank you, Todd!
- N.D., Wichita KS, November 2021
The best of the best
- T.M., November 2021
The inspector was incredibly thorough and crucial in helping us make a very costly decision. Knowing that Todd's inspection was that fabulous gave us the confidence to continue to shop for a house sight unseen, given that we haven't moved to the area yet. We will definitely use Trust in our next home inspection.
- A.B., October 2021
Todd was excellent and exceeded expectations in every way. He was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and communicated exceptionally well.
- B.P., October 2021
Todd was very diligent and quick to get the report into my hands. I appreciated Todd taking the time to explain portions of his inspection and findings. Very professional and stress-free inspection process.
- K.P., October 2021
Todd was very diligent and quick to get the report into my hands. I appreciated Todd taking the time to explain portions of his inspection and findings. Very professional and stress-free inspection process.
- K.P., October 2021
Todd was very diligent and quick to get the report into my hands. I appreciated Todd taking the time to explain portions of his inspection and findings. Very professional and stress-free inspection process.
- K.P., October 2021
Thank you for explaining everything. After he left and I read the report again, I had questions. Todd was happy to answer them. Thank you!
- B.B., September 2021
Appreciate Todd working us into his schedule.
- R.C., August 2021
Thank you for being so thorough in the inspection.
- E.D., August 2021
He was very through and did a great job explaining things! I would definitely recommend Todd for all home inspections in the MHK area!
- C.R., August 2021
Todd did a great job and answered all of my questions. I would recommend Todd to anyone who needs an inspection.
- S.B., August 2021
Todd did a fantastic job. He was very thorough.
- T.O., August 2021
Very quick and efficient!
- A.B., Manhattan KS, July 2021
Very knowledgeable, super nice guy. Would definitely recommend
- W.G., July 2021
Todd did a very thorough job, and his report answered all of our questions. We will recommend him highly to anyone needing a home inspection
- S.W., July 2021
My husband and I are first time home buyers so we've shown everyone (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles) the inspection report. We are all so impressed by the quality of the inspection. It was SOOO thorough!
- A.G., July 2021
Todd’s inspection was very thorough and detailed especially in areas of concern. The Home Maintenance Manual will be a useful tool. I felt I received a comprehensive inspection. Thank you, Todd!
- S.B., Manhattan KS, July 2021
Seemed very thorough and I appreciate how the report is laid out. Thanks for what you do.
- C.N., Manhattan KS, July 2021
Thorough and clear. Everything was explained where there were concerns. Excellent job!
- J.K., July 2021
We were very impressed with the quality of our new home inspection by Todd and Zach. Extremely detailed and thorough and provided a clear explanation of how the issues affected the optimum function of the house.
- J.L., June 2021
Great service, very personable and insightful. Thank you!
- F.M., June 2021
Very professional and very thorough. No complaints.
- C.O., May 2021
Todd was very thorough, and helpful. VERY detailed inspection report, plus 3D photos and he was more than happy to answer all my questions. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great, trustworthy inspector!
- A.M., May 2021
I was very impressed with Todd Thompson and Trust Inspection Service. Todd explained each item inspected and gave me valuable advise on future maintenance.
- C.O., May 2021
Friendly and thorough!
- B.C., May 2021
Thanks for all you do!
- G.G., May 2021
Excellent. Thank you!
- A.S., May 2021
Very pleased. He seemed to know what he was doing and giving us advise on things. Very knowledgeable, helpful thorough. Thank you
- J.V., May 2021
Todd is very thorough and did a very detailed inspection of the property. I would recommend him and his company to anyone looking for an inspection of their home or a home they are interested in purchasing.
- M.D., May 2021
Very detailed and knowledgeable about the inspection. Explained all areas in detail. Enjoyed working with him!
- J.V., May 2021
I have always been satisfied with Todd Thompson's home inspections. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend using his services.
- J.W., April 2021