Thank you for the help!
- C.E., June 2024
Does an outstanding inspection!
- T.M., May 2024
Chris has inspected three homes for us. The detail he goes through in his report and in person is critical to making a smart home purchase. His first inspection saved us over 10k of brick work. His second inspection resulted in the sellers helping us pays for new duct work. This past inspect he taught us a lot about slab foundations and roofing systems. Hope I don't buy another home anytime soon but if I do I will call Chris for the inspection.
- K.M., January 2024
Highly recommend ! Chris was great very knowledgeable and professional . I am very impress his inspection reports that listed all details and organized that easy to follow . Thank you !!!
- M.N., May 2023
Chris made my inspection experience very thorough and educational. I was selling my first home, so I got a pre-listing home inspection. He clearly explained the items he found. I will be using him again when I purchase my next home.
- K.B., January 2022
This is the second home inspection Chris has done for us and each time his work has been very detailed. His reports are written in an organized way that are easily read. His photos from his drone as well as his phone provided the visual needed to show areas of concern. His professional manner and knowledge of construction provided confidence in our plan for corrections. He is reliable and the reports are submitted very quickly. We appreciate his work and highly recommend him.
- O.C., October 2021
Chris was terrific, thorough and so patient when it came to explaining his findings. His report was well documented, and gave us great detail to pass along for repairs. Highly recommend Redtail and Chris because of his professionalism and hard work.
- N.V., September 2021
Kind, courteous, patient, in-depth. Always willing to answer any questions at any time!
- G.P., July 2021
Chris was great to work with for our new home inspection. He was on time, professional and even offered to be available should we have questions after move in. We appreciated his attention to detail. We would highly recommend Chris to our friends and family.
- M.M., June 2021
I could easily tell that Chris was extremely knowledgeable in the field, very professional and he was a pleasure to do business with! He took the time to explain his findings with me right after the home inspection was complete and he was very prompt with emailing the report (with pictures) within 24 hours. I now know why he came highly recommended! He’s now my go-to home inspector and I highly recommend him as well! A++
- W.C., April 2021
Chris made our house inspection easy. He was thorough, professional and friendly. He explained everything we needed to know about the house. He documented it all and sent it to us via email. I highly recommend him. He was reliable, on time, and got his written report to us within a day. I would absolutely recommend him.
- D.S., Toano VA, April 2021
Arrived early to survey the outside prior to the actual appointment. During the inspection used some of the tricks of the trade to find a couple of items that likely would have been overlooked. Great experience!
- A.R., March 2021
Chris is a true professional and is clearly at the ‘top’ in home inspections. I highly recommend you enlist his services, whether you’re buying or selling, as you will not be disappointed.
- B.S., March 2021
Mr. Polantz was polite and thorough, explaining everything that I needed to know. For me being a first time home buyer it was definitely appreciated. I would absolutely recommend him!
- K.G., January 2021
Chris Polantz performed our home inspection. He is very professional, thorough, and at the end of the inspection, explains findings with the homeowner. I will be recommending him to other homeowners needing inspections.
- W.T., December 2020
Chris Polantz is extremely thorough and has a very keen eye for detail and catches anything that needs attention . I would recommend Chris to anyone needing a home inspection.
- R.Z., October 2020
Chris was thorough, prompt and professional. His attention to detail surely unmatched giving me great confidence moving forward with my home purchase.
- K.B., October 2020
Though we never actually met Chris, his report was well written. Very easy to read and understand. He was clear and precise. The pictures were well taken and showed us exactly what he was telling us. We are very happy he did our inspection. We feel much more confident in our purchase now.
- S.S., September 2020
Always professional, knowledgeable, and very detail orientated in his inspections. I recommend Chris for every day of the week, but Sunday because even God took a day off.
- K.E., August 2020
Chris arrived on time and very thoroughly inspected property .Very likeable gentleman and puts on his game face when he looks over your property Iwill be selling my home in January 2021,and will call Chris to inspect and give me a heads up on issues to be corrected Highly endorse . Bernard wright
- B.W., July 2020
He was very thorough, and knowledgeable.
- B.K., June 2020
Thorough, prompt, friendly, and good at his job! Would use this service again.
- P.H., Newport News VA, March 2020
Chris was very knowledgeable of the information given to us during the inspection. Very thorough providing us in detail of his findings during the inspection. I highly recommend Chris to others who need their home inspected. Thanks again for your services. We will be in touch in case of a re-inspection for 124 Locust Ave.
- H.C., Hampton VA, March 2020
Very thorough and helpful! Offered his advice and help with any questions we had after report was done. Very quick with his findings... had a full report the day after inspection. Really loved all the pictures that he took. Definitely recommend this company! Fairly priced for the quality of service provided.
- J.S., March 2020
In today’s market, customer service is becoming a lost art form. Chris over at Redtail Building Services, is among the few individuals who is bringing customer service back to the forefront. He is prompt and very responsive when the customer has questions. Regarding skill set, he is top notch. He clearly has an abundance of experience and uses cutting edge technology. He quickly uncovers the pros and cons of a situation, which results in saving the customer money and empowering an individual to make the “right” decision. I will definitely use Chris again.
- P.J., March 2020
For those reading, Chris is a true professional. He uses every technological advantage to augment his already deep knowledge on home construction. He came recommended from a trusted friend and I wouldn't recommend anyone else going forward. If you need an inspection done right, this is your guy. Thanks a ton Chris, I really appreciate your time.
- S.B., March 2020
Great job and very helpful
- D.F., February 2020
Thank you Chris for providing my clients with exceptional service.
- M.C., Newport News VA, February 2020
Chris is very professional and kind, it is a awesome inspection. Thanks Chris. -James
- J.S., February 2020
Chris was very thorough in his inspecting. He created a smooth virtual log of the discrepancies and it was easy to follow. He was polite and courteous. He didn't hesitate or delay working but got right to it and finished in a reasonable period of time. In a world of people who just want to do a halfway job it was a great pleasure to see someone who enjoyed his work and had a great personality too. I would recommend Chris to anyone. Thank you for a job well done!
- A.F., February 2020
Chris was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to talk through issues he found and even small things that could over time become issues. He did a great job and I would highly recommend him to others.
- J.M., January 2020
It was a pleasure to meet Chris. He was very knowledgeable and thorough in his inspections.
- D.E., January 2020
Thorough inspection performed in a timely manner.
- K.M., December 2019
Chris did a great job. He was very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. He took the time to answer all my questions. His final report was very detailed and I will certainly refer to it in the future. I would highly recommend Chris for all your home inspection requirements.
- B.C., November 2019
Very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this guy, I do.
- J.F., November 2019
He is awesome,friendly and good to answer all the question,
- A.P., October 2019
I can not say enough positive about Chris Polantz and Redtail. He was professional, arrived early and his inspection was second to none. Chris did a very detailed inspection and the report was very clear and easy to understand. The drone pictures were excellent... the infrared pictures clearly displayed possible problems. One point here I would like to make... when Chris inspected the gas hot water heater in the attic he could smell a gas leak and pointed out this was a danger for us to be in the attic. He turned the gas off and we exited the attic.... Chris was actually concerned about ME ... that is a sign of someone doing well above their job.
- H.F., October 2019
Chris has inspected two houses for me. He is extremely thorough and will explain all of his findings. He has up to date equipment that will find issues even behind walls. The reports are detailed and come with pictures. Would definitely recommend.
- M.T., August 2019
Chris with Redtail came today to do our independent home inspection and I am so glad our realtor referred him! Even though our home is new construction we felt it was necessary to pay for an independent inspection. Chris revealed why that was the right choice today when he found a huge piece of insulation that was wet and bringing moisture to our ceiling and attic. I am 100% sure that we would have never discovered this if it wasn?t for his thoroughness and specific tools he utilizes. With his help we are able to work towards a fix with the builder. And I haven?t even said anything about who he is: Chris was patient, kind (discussing relative information beyond a home inspection), and conscious of needs of a home having a young child. Thank you, Chris! We are so grateful for your help.
- B.P., July 2019
You always do a great job in explaining repair items to the buyer!!
- P.D., Newport News VA, June 2019
I appreciate your hard work & loved working with you! Thank you! :)
- C.G., May 2019
Youdid an amazing job explaining everything little thing to us. Even the little stuff I feel like most people would look right over you caught it and explained how serious or not it was. Thank you for everything!
- M.S., April 2019
Chris was awesome! Professional and very patiently answered every question. He took the time to also educate us on some issues. Recommended by our awesome realtor and we are so grateful. We would recommend him absolutely to anyone looking for the BEST. W e got the report in less than 24 hours!
- N.E., April 2019
Chirs was awesome and did an amazing job! Look forward to working with him in the future!
- M.M., April 2019
Our experience with Chris was top notch! He is punctual, incredibly knowledgeable, and truly cares about doing a quality job. He exercised a great deal of patience as my husband and I peppered him with many questions about our new construction, taking the time to educate us and point out key factors in maintaining our home over time. Once the inspection was complete, his report was done and in our possession that evening, ever sooner than the promised "next day" service. He's definitely your go-to guy for home inspections!
- J.T., March 2019
Our experience with Chris was top notch! He is punctual, incredibly knowledgeable, and truly cares about doing a quality job. He exercised a great deal of patience as my husband and I peppered him with many questions about our new construction, taking the time to educate us and point out key factors in maintaining our home over time. Once the inspection was complete, his report was done and in our possession that evening, ever sooner than the promised "next day" service. He's definitely your go-to guy for home inspections!
- J.T., March 2019
Extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. Also, very pleasant and friendly and easy to work with.
- A.K., March 2019
It's been a few years since we've had to do the home inspection process and actually, our first time having to do one 2500 miles away. I was blown away at the efficiency of his process, right down to the drone shots. We were able to visually see everything he was talking about as if we were there in person. We also take comfort in knowing he's a military veteran and being a military family, we love supporting our military community. We feel 100% confident in his services and would recommend him 100x over!
- R.B., March 2019
Hi Chris: It was a pleasure meeting you today and I was very pleased with your professional and thorough inspection. You answered my questions in a clear and concise manner. Thank you again, Debbie Hunt
- D.H., March 2019
Was recommended Chris through my realtor, he was very friendly extremely knowledgeable about and welcomed any questions/ concerns I had. Chris walked me through room to room not rushing and taking the time to go through to find any problems he could during his inspection while also giving me some tips on what to look out for myself when searching for a home or recommendations on how to further take care the house I finally settled on.
- V.A., March 2019
Chris is very professional and really understands the ins and outs of a home. He is easy to work with and goes above and beyond to make sure the client is happy and that the client understands the report. He made a follow up call once the report was sent to us just to make sure we didn't have any more questions. I highly recommend him!
- T.R., Yorktown VA, February 2019
Chris, with Redtail Building Services is THE only person that I recommend for Home Inspections. I am sure to say that there are many inspectors out there and that they are certainly open to call anyone that they feel comfortable with, however, I only recommend one.... and Chris is the one.
- R.C., Va VA, February 2019
Chris was not only professional but also was very knowledgeable and a huge help with all questions I had. I will definitely refer him to my friends, family, and work with him in future purchases.
- S.C., February 2019
Great Job. Thank you.
- L.R., February 2019
Chris at Redtail Building Services is the ONLY Home Inspector that I personally recommend. While there are dozens of inspectors on the internet ( and I tell my clients to feel free to look there if they like ), I still only recommend one....and that is Chris because of his personal attention to detail and professionalism / friendliness.
- R.C., Va VA, February 2019
Very thorough and knowledgeable about every aspect of our home...thanks Chris!!!
- S.L., Windsor VA, December 2018
Chris you were amazing! You were very thorough and explained everything. It made the process less scary and stressful as first time homebuyers. We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know. Thanks for everything!!
- K.L., Chesapeake VA, December 2018
Chris was awesome, he was efficient and was able to quickly answer my questions and give advice based on his knowledge. He was able to show me why he knew things were correct or not working properly.
- A.H., Hayes VA, December 2018
I recommend no one else, while I try to stay in the background ( understanding that the inspection is for the client / buyer I try to give space ), I always learn something during every inspection that Chris does for my buyers.
- R.C., Va VA, November 2018
Outstading professional! Chris was very thorough and made sure every corner of the house was addressed. I was completely satisfied and would definitely reccomend him and request his business in the future if needed.
- J.G., Conroe TX, November 2018
Very thorough! Left no doubt that the house im buying has every issue acknowleged.
- Z.A., November 2018
Beyond an Excellent job. Thanks for your help.
- S.K., November 2018
Very pleased with the Inspection!
- A.T., October 2018
It was a pleasure working with you. I will definitely work with you again as well as refer you to my co Agents.
- L.W., October 2018
Very pleased...Thank you!
- C.M., October 2018
This is the
- M.S., October 2018
This was one of the most through inspections I have ever seen. Chris was professional and informative during the inspection. He covered every corner of the house and explained exactly what he was looking for and how it affected the house. I highly recommend Chris and his company for all home inspections. It doesn't get any better.
- R.J., September 2018
Always fair and honest, yet doesn't phrase things in a way that will scare a buyer- just the facts, and presents them in a way everyone can understand. Also explains what causes the issue and what should be done to remedy the issue properly. Chris is just a wealth of house knowledge.
- K.H., Newport News VA, September 2018
Chris was very thorough and straightforward. He possesses high-end instruments and equipment. I will definitely recommend his services. I learned a lot!
- M.F., July 2018
I would 100% recommend Chris for anyone's future home inspection needs! He was professional, efficient, and really brought his knowledge to a level that first time home buyers can grasp.
- T.M., May 2018
Chris is absolutely amazing!!! We are first time home buyers and he explained every single step to us very thoroughly. The report we got was very detailed with photos of everything he explained to us. He used all the latest technology as well which was impressive. We are so glad we were referred to him and we will continue to refer to anybody we know he needs his services!
- C.C., May 2018
Thanks for coming out to Smithfield and performing an inspection on our potential house. You were great and easy to work with and we were most impressed with the use of a drone and infrared camera.
- S.M., May 2018
Chris was amazing! He was honest helpful and I would love to have him do another home inspection for me if I buy another home. On the report he had very detailed photos of everything that he discussed with us. Very helpful and friendly! Thank you for everything you did for us Chris!
- R.G., April 2018
First off let me say that Chris made his schedule flexible enough to fit me inwithin a 2-day notice. I was at a crisis and I didn't want just anyone inspecting my house so I asked around and was referred to him. He was punctual, extremely professional, and a real whiz at analyzing homes from the inside out. His reports are extremely detailed and he uses drones to inspect the roof surface. My realtor and I were very pleased and we both agreed that we will refer him in the future.
- K.L., April 2018
Extremely thorough and knowledgeable! Very professional and to the point. Thanks for all your help!
- R.C., April 2018
Chris is the ONLY inspector that I recommend. Period. Always on time always personable and professional.
- R.C., Va VA, April 2018
Chris was extremely detailed and took the time to explain not only what he saw but education in general maintenance and features of the house. His down to earth nature and ability to guage our knowledge and enhance it made our time extremely valuable.
- H.M., April 2018
I have been recommending Chris to my clients for a year now, and I haven't been disappointed! Will definitely continue to hire him for my buyers home inspections.
- K.O., April 2018
Chris is extremely thorough, takes his time to ensure you understand all of his findings and leaves no stone unturned. We highly recommend him for any inspection needs that one might have!
- B.T., March 2018
Awesome guy. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and very happy to share his wealth of knowledge.
- K.A., March 2018
Chris did a great job and gave us a peace of mind knowing we were in good hands while buying a house from across the country! Thank you Chris!
- A.A., March 2018
10 should be more like 20. Chris started out by asking me what I was concerned about the most and as we came to those areas he made sure I understood what I was looking at and offered great insight. being safety minded he encouraged me to stay with him most of the way and addressed every question I had. a big plus for me is that he did not rush thru any part of the inspection. The finished report was top notch! the photo's in the report were a nice touch. To Chris's credit he not only addressed all me concerns but also was very mindful of the fact that that home he inspected was still lived in. Thanks Chris for going the extra step's! R.Holmes
- J.H., March 2018
Very thorough from top to bottom of the house. Thought you did a great explanation of all the issues. Go Bucks!
- K.S., March 2018
Very thorough with his inspections providing solutions to the problems and giving great insight of his process, utilizing innovative ways to see what he sees during an inspection. Thank you for your time and easy to read inspection report.
- F.M., March 2018
Chris was his normal pleasant and informational self. He took his time and not only answered every question, but provided quite a bit of information that was very important, He is the only inspector that I recommend. Oh yeah, on a side note, I always learn something during the inspection.
- R.C., Va VA, March 2018
Thank you for your help. Took time to explain everything and make sure we understood. Gave his professional opinion on each step and listened to our opinions and questions. Very thorough job. Very happy we chose redtail.
- B.P., February 2018
Chris was amazing! He is very professional and always very thorough with each inspection we asked him to do. I feel very confident in buying my house now that Chris has inspected it! Would highly recommend him!
- , February 2018
Chris was amazing! He is very professional and always very thorough with each inspection we asked him to do. I feel very confident in buying my house now that Chris has inspected it! Would highly recommend him!
- A.B., February 2018
Chris is basically the Sherlock Holmes of home inspection. As an added bonus I found him to be consistently responsive and extremely reliable. In whatever capacity you are in the housing market, your buying, selling or building process would undoubtedly benefit from RedTail Building Service's level of expertise and excellence.
- Z.P., February 2018
We were very impressed with how personable and thorough you were. You did a great job! I will highly recommend you to anyone I know needing an inspection.
- J.H., February 2018
Christ is very knowledgeable and have the best technology. He can explain to my clients in a way that make it easy to understand for anyone who is not familiar with some of the issues that comes during the inspection. I highly recommend him.
- J.R., February 2018
Chris was very professional and very thorough. Home inspection report was extremely detailed. The numerous pictures were a huge help. Would highly recommend!
- L.H., January 2018
Extremely thorough! Very knowledgeable, and up front with great pricing! We will definitely be using services again! Very happy!!
- S.R., January 2018
I have nothing but great things to say about Redtail Building Services. Chris's professionalism and easy-to-follow reports has earned him a stellar reputation as a home inspector! I refer all of my clients to Chris.
- C.H., January 2018
Timely and thorough!
- C.H., November 2017
Thank you for everything! You took the time to explain everything to us and made sure we understood. We appreciate your knowledge and professionalism. And the fact you care about your clients enough to get to know us a little and offer info about the area we are moving to. It shows you are about making relationships! We will definitely recommend you and contact you in future for anything else we may need! Thank you, again!
- I.P., November 2017
Mr. Polantz is very thorough and makes sure you understand exactly what is going on. There is nothing to guess about. Making the home buying process that much easier.
- D.C., October 2017
Chris did a fantastic job! He took the time to explain everything in detail and made sure that we understood the inspection report. He takes his time and does not cut corners his services are worth the money!
- B.Q., October 2017
Chris was extremely thorough with the inspection. His report was very detailed and immaculate with pictures, charts, diagrams, descriptions and recommendations. He did much more than I expected and I?m so grateful my realtor had us use him in the process of purchasing our home. He also has great customer service via phone and always answers!
- B.W., Virginia Beach VA, October 2017
I do not recommend anyone else. In fact I don't even have a backup person, that is how strongly I feel about the quality inspections that are produced by Chris Polantz. Diagrams, future maintenance suggestions and safety items that require immediate attention are all offered by Chris. Friendly, knowledgeable and professional !
- R.C., Va VA, September 2017