Scott was fantastic. He took his time, answered all of my questions, and took time to explain things to me to ensure I understood. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He also had the written inspection back to me very quickly. Scott was very responsive as well as flexible. I highly recommend him.
- J.H., September 2022
Thorough, knowledgable, patient, good at diagnosis, has solutions, and a great sense of humor.
- D.L., March 2022
Scott is extremely professional, but also very down to earth and personable. He really knows his stuff, and encouraged us to ask questions during the whole inspection. His inspection report also included monthly and yearly maintenance suggestions, which is super cool. If I could never deal with getting a house inspected again I would, but if I have to I'd want Scott to do it.
- T.M., October 2021
My wife and I hired Scott Saso of Certinspectors to conduct a thorough home inspection for a house in Saugerties, NY. While we have previously owned an apartment in a Brooklyn coop, we knew very little about what it means for a house to be well built and maintained. Not only did Scott provide us with an incredibly thorough, honest, and well-documented inspection, he also spent a lot of time and energy explaining what he was evaluating, why those things are important, and what we'll need to think about moving forward as future homeowners. My wife and I feel much more knowledgeable about/capable of thoughtful care and maintenance of our future home because of Scott. Finally, it's worth mentioning that his honest approach to the work was tremendously helpful in grounding our decision-making amidst this unsettlingly rapid seller's market. The inspection and his report enabled us to make smart decisions at our own pace.
- N.S., July 2021
Scott Saso is wonderful at his job. He's friendly, prompt, thorough, professional, generous and smart. He's clearly an advocate for the buyer. I learned a lot and feel like I can keep asking question. I recommend him without reservation and with enthusiasm.
- R.L., June 2021
Scott did an outstanding job for us. His report and comments during the inspection showed a deep professionalism and a personal commitment to help us understand the house we are buying. I am very grateful we found Scott. I recommend him without reservation.
- B.F., April 2021
Scott is a great inspector. He never misses a thing, which is a wonderful trait for an Inspector to have. He is friendly and soft spoken. He relaxes my clients - especially first time home buyers who are so nervous about doing the 'wrong thing' and buying the 'wrong home'... He lets them know what works right, what might need to be replaced down the road and what to know about but not worry about. I enjoy working with him and get rave reviews from my clients.
- D.S., February 2021
Scott is wonderful. He took the time to answer all my questions during the inspection, and provided excellent detail. This was my first home buying inspection experience, and there was so much I didn't know, and Scott was patient and so informative. He's report is very detailed and I find myself returning to it often now that I've moved into my new home.
- E.M., January 2021
Scott was methodical, responsive, informative and friendly with how he had conducted the inspection of our new home. He was patient with our questions and concerns, as well as technically knowledgeable while able to communicate in laymen's terms how a number of systems operate. I would undoubtedly recommend Scott to anyone wanting to understand the operations of their home and its best practices.
- P.L., November 2020
Scott could not have been more professional during our home inspection as a buyer. He was prompt, took the time to explain things that most inspectors omit, and could not have been more pleasant to work with. Highly recommended to anyone who needs inspections done!
- J.S., November 2020
I can't recommend Scott enough. I have owned coops and condos my entire life so buying a house and getting it inspected was a totally new experience. Scott offered for me to be his "assistant" as he conducted the inspection so I learned a lot about the idiosyncrasies of my new house before closing. Scott was generous with his insights and was fun to be around. Considering the inspection took a couple of hours, it's good I enjoyed his company. The written inspection report was clear and the items he identified for remediation served as the basis for my requests of the seller. He also offered his "unvarnished" view of a water issue that emerged during the inspection. His independent view was important. He also was willing to return to the property to check on the items the seller had remediated. All-in-all, I highly recommend Scott!
- J.S., Brooklyn NY, November 2020
We are SO happy we used Scott for our home inspection. His attention to detail was unparalleled and he was extremely accommodating of our (many) questions. Scott has recently started working with a third party lab to do water testing pre and post water treatment to verify that the filtration system is working properly--this is a fantastic addition to his service. When you have well water, it's helpful to know what you're drinking! Scott is also a mold specialist--it felt good knowing that if there was mold in the home, Scott would know how to find it. He also gave great advice about preventative measures for our specific home based on the construction and type of ventilation/insulation in the home. Also, the report itself was a thing of beauty--I loved the formatting (pictures!) and thoughtful commentary he gave to each and every line item. I'd give 6 stars if I could.
- L.B., September 2020
This is now our second inspection with Scott and the guy is great! Very knowledgeable, understanding, and great to work with. Willing to go above and beyond to make sure you know what you have in front of you and answer any questions you may have. Great sense of humor to go along with great work! Highly recommend!
- R.D., August 2020
Besides being professional, prompt, responsive and friendly, Scott is extremely knowledgeable and generous with helpful advice. The inspection was thorough and very well documented in a clear report appointed with visual references. I highly recommend putting your trust in Scott and doing business with Certinspectors.
- J.M., July 2020
Scott was professional, through and helpful throughout the process, providing clear, detailed reports and even providing some helpful videos. Great service and highly recommended.
- C.D., June 2020
Professional, informative, thorough, and friendly. Scott Saso was great to work with and easy to schedule.
- T.F., June 2020
He is knowledgeable, courtesy, professional, always there. He tries to accommodate you and your clients always. He is a pleasure to work with. And he generates a wonderful report, with awesome pictures to help with the explanations. I trust his assessments and my clients love working with him. Diane Silverberg
- D.S., May 2020
In my opinion he is great!!! Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, cares about his customers and doesn't overcharge. His report is great and generally you receive it the next morning. You cannot ask for anything more from an inspector! I highly recommend him.
- D.S., March 2020
Without a doubt recommend Scott to anyone needing an inspector. He is thorough, honest, takes the time to answer any questions or concerns, very knowledgeable and overall great and down to earth person. We’ve used him twice now and will continue to again if needed. Could not rate him high enough!
- L.B., February 2020
Settle for nothing less than an inspector that has your best interests in mind. We’ve used Scott twice now in our home search, and will use him again. Scott’s thorough attention to detail results in a complete inspection giving you the confidence to either walk away or move forward on a property without question.
- B.D., February 2020
Great experience, very thorough, highly recommend!
- C.M., January 2020
Scott was great. Very thorough and informative on our home inspection.he explained a lot about the systems we were unfamiliar with. He did not rush at all and I trusted his input.
- A.S., November 2019
Scott was wonderful! He was thorough, generous with his knowledge and observations and pleasant to be around. I would 100% recommend him to others. He was a pleasure.
- R.G., November 2019
Very thorough inspection of a home, that had "hidden" problems that I would have not understood myself. Saved me from making a mistake buying that home !!
- E.W., October 2019
You were very accommodating with the scheduling conflicts on the sellers behalf. You were very thorough and informative to the issues with our home. I would recommend you to all who ask for such services. Thank you greatly once again.
- A.N., October 2019
Scott was great--returned phone calls quickly, set up a prompt inspection despite a busy schedule. And he seemed very thorough--pulling back panels, checking finishes on counters and floors, and crawling into attic hatches.
- C.J., September 2019
Scott was amazingly patient and helpful during and after our inspection. He created a very thorough and comprehensible report, and remained available for follow-up discussions. It is without reservation that I recommend his services.
- K.A., September 2019
Scott was thorough and explained in detail. He documented everything with color photos in the report. I appreciate his suggestions on maintenance, repair and energy savings. His explanations were in simple language which I could understand.
- S.L., August 2019
Thank you for the time (2 Hours+) spent on the inspection. It sure was an eye-opener. I am especially grateful for all the helpful hints you gave me on items that need attention. You answered all my questions satisfactorily, and your report was very explicit. Thank you, again.
- H.C., July 2019
Scott went above and beyond to help us with this house. His insights are invaluable. I fully recommend.
- M.G., Brooklyn NY, July 2019
Very thorough, knowledgable, thoughtful and personable. We felt like we were in great hands considering all relevant factors for our home purchase. Thanks Scott!
- A.M., June 2019
Thoroughly explained everthing he looked at. Did not hesitate to answer questions.
- M.C., June 2019
Really pleased with our home inspection. Timely and thorough! We got our inspection report within 1 day!
- J.C., June 2019
Scott was amazing! He is super friendly and very thorough during the inspection process. He explained the issues and provided recommendation during the process and followed up after the process. While he was extremely busy with his schedule, he has willingly accommodated a last minute request for a Sunday inspection without charging additional fees! I HIGHLY recommend Scott and his company for any house inspections you need to do!! Don't hesitate to contact him! A 5-star service!
- J.L., March 2019
Karl who has a great deal of real estate complemented on your work. Thank you for being professional and honest.
- K.H., March 2019
He is one of the best home inspectors you can find. I am a Realtor and enjoy his professionalism, courtesy, promptness, and knowledge. My clients love him as well. He explains whatever needs explaining. He is patient especially with first time home buyers. He is a true professional!!!! He gets a 10 plus... DBS
- D.S., March 2019
He is a wonderful, professional home inspector. Knowledgeable and takes his time with my clients explaining and answering their questions. His manner is calm and reassuring. He does his best in accommodating your clients' schedule. A pleasure to work with.
- D.S., February 2019
Scott is the best!
- F.C., Poughkeepsie NY, December 2018
Great Job
- G.P., December 2018
We were completely happy with our home inspector Scott Saso. Buying a new home can be very daunting. This is where you will be living for a number of years, and need to have the ?best? people you can find working for you. I can say without hesitation Scott is the BEST! Watching him inspect every inch of our home left us with a wonderful re-assured feeling. He is an EXPERT in every part of the construction of our home, and his fees are very reasonable. If anyone wants to be assured that they are getting the home they are paying for then without question we recommend Scott Saso. I would also add, he is a pleasure to work with.
- R.S., November 2018
Scott was very professional and thorough. He was a pleasure to work with. I love the fact that he welcomes questions and is more than happy to share his knowledge.
- J.S., Tillson NY, October 2018
You're awesome! Thank you for everything.
- M.W., July 2018
He was very personable & knowledgeable....It was the coldest day of the year & he did what he had to do. I will definitely recommend to future clients! Thanks Scott!!
- L.K., January 2018
What a pleasure to work with Scott. Professional, courteous and thorough.
- D.R., November 2017
Scott was a pleasure to work with, and did a very thorough inspection. He walked us through everything and gave his expert opinion where we needed it. I highly recommend!
- M.R., November 2017
Scott was great!!!!!! He explained everything in great detail, did a thorough inspection and cut right to the chase; would be happy to recommend his services.
- A.I., October 2017
Great job Scott! Thanks for your help!
- C.V., October 2017
Wonderful meeting with you, Scott. Thank you for your knowledge and advice. Best Regards. Christina Rollins
- C.R., June 2017
Scott was prompt, professional, friendly, and thorough. I appreciated his extra tips on energy efficiency.
- S.R., April 2017
Scott is thorough and honest. He also has a sense of humor which always helps. His expertise is appreciated and I like the reports with many photos he includes. The report is easy to navigate and the visual is fantastic. It makes my job a lot easier when negotiating inspection items with lawyers and homeowners. I plan to recommend him to my buyers in the future.
- M.M., Red Hook NY, January 2017
Thorough, knowledgeable, friendly! Awesome experience!
- C.L., October 2016
Scott Saso was efficient, friendly, patient, and generous with his expertise. I would absolutely recommend him to any potential home-buyer in the area.
- D.E., September 2016
Great inspection. So informative. I would use Certinspectors again and again.
- J.M., May 2016