I am VERY LIKELY TO RECOMMEND Coleman Schultz for an inspection. Coleman was very thorough and respectful to my questions and concerns. He didn't leave one question unanswered. His professionalism was impeccable. He even spoke to me days after the inspection was performed to clarify any other questions I had about the report. I am very pleased with the inspection.
- S.R., December 2020
Coleman was polite, thorough and professional. I would use him in the future and highly recommend him to others.
- S.C., November 2020
Very detailed, He was willing to explain everything that I asked. Great guy! Thank you!
- E.M., Huntsville TX, November 2020
He is thorough and detailed oriented. We discussed report with him twice after inspection (it is our first home and were very confused) and he always ensured his availability and explained everything in detail. Overall experience is more than satisfactory.
- I.K., November 2020
Very detailed and knowledgeable of the work. Very caring, transparent, and honest.
- A.G., November 2020
Coleman was very thorough and informative. Great customer service.
- A.E., October 2020
Coleman was very professional!! Very pleasant and knowledgeable. I will definitely use him in the future.
- L.M., October 2020
Coleman is a very thorough and kind inspector. You can tell that he takes pride in the work he does and it is very much appreciated! He also displays an extreme amount of patience and is willing to explain everything from the report in detail. Would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to have a home inspection done the right way! This guy is a 5 Star ?????????? Inspector!!
- A.A., October 2020
He did an awesome job. I’m so glad we decided to go with these guys. He found problems with the house I wouldn’t have even dreamed of. I appreciate all of the hard work. I most definitely will do business with them again!
- B.E., Houston TX, October 2020
Coleman did a great job of explaining the summary of his finding and answering my buyers questions!
- C.W., September 2020
Very thorough, thanks!
- E.E., September 2020
Coleman was very professional, thorough, and polite. He went over everything with me slowly which was helpful. I was very satisfied with my home inspection and feel confident about my homes status.
- K.N., September 2020
Mr. Schultz did a great job inspecting the property. He inspected from corner to corner, and from the ceiling to the floor. As a first time home buyer this helps me purchase my first home with a peace of mind and allows me to see what needs to be done before moving in. Great job Mr. Schultz.
- D.I., July 2020
HIGHLY professional!
- J.Z., July 2020
Coleman was on time and very polite. He explained everything in a non-alarming way so my client does not sweat the little things.
- M.D., July 2020
Absolutely, He was very thorough and professional.
- J.O., July 2020
Coleman was very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. I was present during the entire inspection (about 3 hours) and he made sure to address any questions and concerns I might have throughout the inspection. He made the process much more enjoyable and explained what he was inspecting and why. At the end of the inspection, he told me about all the issues he came across and had the inspection report in my email within an hour of completion. I honestly don’t have any negative feedback to help the company improve their service.
- R.R., June 2020
Thank you so much for doing this inspection for my clients. Although we didn't get to meet you face to face, your report was very helpful and builder took care of all repairs needed before they closed.
- T.F., June 2020
The work done was detailed and professional. The recommendations and comments helped a lot to move forward with the seller on what absolutely has to be fixed or not. While clients may misunderstand recommendations, it will really help if the list of potential issues identified be categorized into strongly recommended to be fixed, recommended to be fixed and will be nice to be fixed, with a disclaimer like you had indicating interpretation and use of the report lies solely on the client.
- E.O., Cypress TX, June 2020
Mr Schultz was very detailed with his inspection. Very thorough from the top to the bottom, literally. He was very polite. Any question that I asked, received a prompt and complete response. He made us feel at ease. Very friendly
- B.L., June 2020
Coleman was fantastic. He was thorough and always asked if I had any questions. Great personality as well.
- J.P., June 2020
Very professional and easy to work with. Client was impressed with his knowledge and attention to details.
- K.H., June 2020
Always a pleasure to work with Coleman. Thanks to his roof findings ( some inspection companies don't go on top of the houses) the buyer is getting a new roof from the seller who tried to hide some imperfections!Great job guys! Thank you ! See you next time !
- M.R., June 2020
Very detailed, very good communicator. Would certainly use again.
- M.M., June 2020
Coleman is fantastic...as a realtor and a buyer i highly recommend Coleman
- S.L., June 2020
Coleman was very courteous and professional. He walked me around the property and explained his findings in detail. Thank you Coleman!
- J.P., June 2020
Friendly, punctual, detail-oriented, knowledgeable, and overall amazing customer service!
- D.A., May 2020
Friendly, punctual, detail-oriented, knowledgeable, and overall amazing customer service!
- D.A., May 2020
Friendly, punctual, detail-oriented, knowledgeable, and overall amazing customer service!
- D.A., May 2020
Friendly, punctual, detail-oriented, knowledgeable, and overall amazing customer service!
- D.A., May 2020
Friendly, punctual, detail-oriented, knowledgeable, and overall amazing customer service!
- D.A., May 2020
Friendly, punctual, detail-oriented, knowledgeable, and overall amazing customer service!
- D.A., May 2020
Professional, Courteous, great at explaining technical and mechanical issues. My clients really appreciated the completeness of his report and explaining. I always highly recommend!
- K.H., May 2020
Top notch professional, every time, all the time. He doesn't rely just on drone roof shots, he gets up on the roof to check the individual shingles. Always complete and thorough. Thank you so much for all your help with my client's success.
- K.H., May 2020
Courteous and professional. Great job.
- S.N., Sugar Land TX, May 2020
Great inspection, great inspector, very professional and detailed. Always recommend Coleman and Hilscher.
- K.H., May 2020
Very professional and kind! The entire process was done efficiently and I received my report on the same day. I was very happy with Coleman as well as the company.
- D.D., May 2020
Coleman is great, knows his stuff without overkill. He is always helpful to myself and my clients when we call him for questions.
- D.K., April 2020
Coleman, my inspector, was extremely thorough and provided excellent verbal details following the written report to help put key items into proper context. I came away from the inspection experience feeling I had a good awareness of potential risks but confident in the purchase decision I was about to make. Coleman was outstandingly patient and professional. Would certainly recommend HG Home's services.
- C.R., March 2020
Coleman was knowledgeable and did an exceptional job!
- J.P., March 2020
Great job you saw things that I did which would save me money down the road. Your inspection was very detailed and easy to understand you are top notch thank you for your expertise.
- R.M., February 2020
Great inspector, detailed and professional.
- F.R., February 2020
He is very thorough and I will hire him again. Thank you, Coleman!
- K.A., February 2020
I feel Coleman did an outstanding job. Professional and very efficient. Knew what he was doing and provided an excellent report.
- L.A., League City TX, February 2020
I was extremely happy with the quality of the inspection that Coleman did and would gladly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection. He was thorough and documented everything. The builder may not be happy with the results but I am.
- M.E., February 2020
Coleman was an excellent inspector. He did a great job giving my client a summary of inspection and thoroughly documented it in the report.
- M.H., January 2020
Coleman does all of my inspections. Very thorough and informative. We thank him for the insight to the decisions we are able to make from his inspections. Sincerely, Ray Carlton
- R.C., January 2020
Great job. Always friendly.
- C.B., Houston TX, January 2020
First time home buyer and you all made the process so easy. Customer service was amazing and got all my questions answered. Thank you!
- A.S., January 2020
Inspector was very professional, informative, patient and friendly. He answered all of our questions.
- M.P., January 2020
Very kind, asked me did I have any questions and provided me with general information. Thx
- L.M., December 2019
Great service He was very thorough and answered all the questions and concerns that I had. Highly recommend!
- C.H., December 2019
I will use him again.
- C.H., November 2019
Great job. Coleman had fantastic customer service.
- B.B., November 2019
Coleman is an awesome inspector. I always recommend Coleman to my clients.
- C.M., October 2019
Coleman was very thorough and extremely polite. We felt like he took his time and provided a good report.
- M.Y., October 2019
I've had the pleasure to work with Coleman several times over the years and he is always a professional, courteous and very knowledgeable person to work with. He helps me and my clients tremendously!
- K.H., Spring TX, October 2019
Coleman Schultz did an excellent inspection! He took the time to answer all of our questions.
- K.S., August 2019
Coleman was professional, thorough and answered all of our questions.
- D.L., Houston TX, August 2019
Thorough, willing to stop and explain each finding, and friendly.
- K.K., August 2019
I have very happy Coleman took the time on the phone to summarize the report. The report was very detailed and relevant.
- R.D., August 2019
Dude did a super awesome job! Was very nice and respectful. I have already reached out to our realtor to say how happy we were with Coleman and the job he did!
- T.F., Richmond TX, August 2019
Even though I couldn't make it to the inspection, I was able to follow the report. It was done quickly and the report was provided to us in the same day. The inspector explained everything clearly in the home inspection report. Also, I like their online tools that I can create a list of items that are in need of repair with safety concern based on the facts found in the report.
- B.N., August 2019
Coleman was very thorough and friendly. We were very pleased with his inspection and appreciated him taking the time to walk us through everything.
- M.K., July 2019
Very thorough and professional. Made the whole process less daunting. Coleman was very knowledgeable and answered a lot of questions and gave great insight.
- E.B., Houston TX, July 2019
Outstanding at his craft! great customer service skills! takes his time and and explains things very professional. I highly recommend this company! Daryl Taylor
- D.T., July 2019
Coleman was very professional and courtesy.
- R.P., Pembroke Pines FL, July 2019
Well done. Sorry! You didn't have the beer. It was my husband. He's always thirsty for a beer.
- p.I., katy TX, June 2019
Coleman was very thorough and answered all of my questions. I trust his observations and will recommend him in the future. Thank you for your help!
- E.S., June 2019
Coleman was great explained everything very well and went over all of his findings. Whole experience was great. Would recommend to his services to new home buyers.
- K.B., June 2019
Thank you for making my experience great!
- E.F., June 2019
Coleman did an amazing job. My buyers liked his work. He is very professional and courteous and knows his job well. He is very prompt in sending the report and also was on time.
- R.A., June 2019
You did a fantastic job Coleman, I was very impressed with your inspection and you were very professional about it, you definitely take pride in your work and I'll definitely refer people to you!
- B.B., June 2019
Coleman was prompt, thorough, courteous, professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Whoever uses him will be glad they did.
- R.M., June 2019
Coleman was very friendly and very informative. He was easy to talk to and explained everything well.
- C.S., June 2019
Thank you for prompt service and clear reporting!
- K.M., Rosharon TX, June 2019
Very thorough
- A.W., Houston TX, May 2019
Very thorough. I appreciate your professionalism.
- S.R., May 2019
Very professional and thorough.
- J.S., May 2019
Very professional and thorough during the process.
- P.N., April 2019
As always, great job.
- S.R., April 2019
I was glad to have Coleman making an inspection for the major purchase of a home. His expertise was a great value, and he took the time to go over everything in detail with me. Highly recommend!
- G.T., April 2019
I was glad to have Coleman making an inspection for the major purchase of a home. His expertise was a great value, and he took the time to go over everything in detail with me. Highly recommend!
- G.T., April 2019
Very professional and through inspection. I liked the detailed review of each item. I recommend to limit the term " have a qualified person review" this condition. Seems like this is used more often on the report. I have seen work by this company before and would recommend again in future
- K.Z., April 2019
He is great!! He was very knowledge on my concerns. Very professional.
- J.M., April 2019
Coleman was awesome. He was very patient with me on answering questions and was very thorough in his inspection.
- B.J., April 2019
I was not at the inspection but I know my buyers were happy with the report and all that Mr. Schultz was able to tell them about this home. Thanks. Jennie
- J.K., April 2019
Very pleasant, well knowledgable, took time to speak with me and my daughter. So respectably mannered that it was a pleasure to see. Would recommend highly.
- R.M., March 2019
Coleman was great! Very personable and knowledgeable. I felt confident having him go through the home and was thoroughly educated on his findings. Definitely worth my time and money!
- A.G., March 2019
Coleman is always excellent, he is very professional. I absolutely recommend Coleman and HG Home Inspection.
- C.M., March 2019
Coleman is super friendly, personable, and technical. Got the job done expertly AND allowed me to be a part of it by educating me and I got to ask whatever questions I had, to give me piece of mind. Stellar job!
- J.L., Houston TX, February 2019
Coleman gave the house a thorough inspection and because of the inspection, I did not fall into the money pit I considered buying. Thank you Coleman!!!
- M.L., Houston TX, February 2019

Thought you did a great job. Particularly important to us that you actually talked to us when we asked. Really appreciate your professionalism and kindness. Would definitely encourage anyone in need to call you.  

- M.H., Charlottesville VA, February 2019
Mr. Schultz, Explains very well thoroughly, very responsive on questions and concerns for our homebuyer....thank you..great work..keep it up!!
- J.S., Missouri City TX, January 2019
Very friendly, helpful and professional- thank you Coleman
- G.B., January 2019
He did an awesome job and was very polite. Definitely would recommend this company and this inspector.
- J.J., December 2018
Coleman was very professional and thorough. I liked that he took the time to explain things to me when I didnt understand them.
- C.W., December 2018
Mr. Schultz was very through on his inspection of our home and actually came out twice, because the owner forgot to turn the water on for the inspection. He was kind enough to return that day and do a tremendous job of identifying trouble spots with the home.
- C.N., New Waverly TX, December 2018
Thank you Coleman for not only doing a great job on the inspection of this property but, also being available by phone for my client to speak with on a few occasions as questions arose. It was much appreciated! I will recommend you and your company to future clients. Thank you again! Suzanne Mason
- S.M., December 2018
Very knowledgeable about the whole process. He went over the complete inspection report and explained everything in detail. This was my very first inspection and he made us feel very comfortable.
- J.V., December 2018