We are very satisfied with Scott's inspection. It was a very through and detailed inspection with a great list of clearly documented list of all issues including written descriptions of all problems with supporting photographs and recommended action items to take to resolve the problems. The severity level of all issues were clearly identified. His inspection list also provides a great punch list for future repairs. We would not hesitate to use Scott again and highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection
- G.W., March 2024
Scott was great! He explained everything very well. He showed us where concerns were found on the house. We feel very confident going forward with our home purchase thanks to his expert inspection.
- B.M., Crawfordville FL, January 2024
Scott was very thorough and explained everything to us. I highly recommend Scott!
- J.L., ARVADA CO, January 2024
Scott was very professional and thorough in his inspection. He patiently showed us each of the items he identified in his inspection and explained the issue and recommendations. We highly recommend Scott and his company Chuck and Eleanor Lister
- C.L., June 2023
Scott was thorough and professional. Would definitely recommend him!
- E.H., May 2023
Scott did a great job explaining everything about the inspection process. Very thorough.
- D.K., April 2023
Scott did a very thorough job. He patiently explained to us all the issues he uncovered. He created a detailed report and had it back to us less than eight hours after the inspection as a owner of a HVAC company I was very impressed with his knowledge, I will highly recommend Scott to all my friends and family.
- R.R., March 2023
Scott did a wonderful through inspection & his report was outstanding! He reviewed most items with us at the time of inspection. We were purchasing a manufactured home in excellent condition & just wanted to know of any issues we could not see. His tips for lubing the window tracks & getting free smoke detectors though the fire department were most appreciated. You can’t put a price on the piece of mind this inspection gave us. We felt a VERY good value for the cost.
- P.R., Livingston TX, March 2023
Scott was fantastic. He was friendly, punctual, and very attentive to detail as was evident from the thorough inspection report that he produced. I will recommend Scott with confidence to others in the future.
- J.P., February 2023
Very friendly...answered all questions and provided all the needed information in layman's terms. Would definitely recommend to others.
- P.G., February 2023
Scott was very thorough, professional and had a calm demeanor which put us at ease
- S.D., February 2023
Absolutely! Scott was thorough in his inspection and detailed in his reporting. I was very confident about the house we were purchasing because of Scott's inspection.
- S.D., January 2023
I would definitely recommend Scott to anyone who is looking for an inspection. My house is a new build. I was really impressed by the depth and breadth of the items Scott found. He caught tiny things such as a corner in the garage missing paint, a spot or two that had slightly mismatched paint. Medium things such as the hinges on a couple doors were missing screws. All the way to important things such as a J-box not covered and couple outlets not grounded properly. I never would have expected to find so much on a new house. Thanks to Scott, I can address it all with the builder sooner than later, and have much more confidence around owning my first home!
- C.L., December 2022
Scott helped me in every way possible to understand all the findings. For a woman to understand is pretty tough but he really did go into detail and I got all the information I needed. He was very friendly, respectful and professional. I will definitely recommend him 100%. Best Inspector!
- M.F., August 2022
Scott was very professional and also very friendly. I found him to be quite knowledgeable and gave me information I can use in the future. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- N.M., August 2022
Scott was excellent. Thorough and detailed oriented. Also pleasant to deal with and personable. The inspection report format was easy to read. I would highly recommend him.
- P.W., July 2022
Scott was a true professional as well as a nice person. He went over his findings and explained what they meant. He walked us through the concerns he found. Completely thorough!!
- C.E., June 2022
Scott is the best in his professional field as far as I am concerned. I have been selling Real Estate for over 25 years and I have worked with many home inspectors and Scott is the best I have found. He runs an honest, upright and professional business and I respect him very much for is standard of work and personal ethics. TP 2022
- T.P., Glendale AZ, April 2022
Scott is very professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to not only explain the inspection, but walk us around the house and show us some issues. Highly recommend,
- S.K., March 2022
Scott was very thorough and took the time necessary to answer any questions we had. First class service and expertise!
- G.L., March 2022
Thorough and knowledgeable
- S.R., Chandler AZ, March 2022
Scott is very thorough and helpful during the review after the inspection. He’s very detailed and checks everything!
- A.C., November 2021
Your quick and professional service is greatly appreciated.
- S.J., Chandler AZ, October 2021
He was on time.
- S.R., October 2021
Total Pro.
- M.K., June 2021
No suggestions, the job was done well. Payment systems were easy to use. The inspection seemed to be thorough and to the point. The inspector was personable and professional.
- S.D., April 2021
Knowledgeable and great to deal with.
- E.R., February 2021
Great guy! Quick scheduling and very detail oriented. Great prices!!!! Would highly reccomend De Losa Property Inspections.
- M.B., Phoenix AZ, January 2021
Very thorough report and inspection. I would highly recommend Scott.
- C.L., September 2020
Scott did a great job inspecting my property. I actually live in the property I am buying so it was nice to get a detailed list of things I will need to work on once I own the property. I would recommend using Scott for your home inspection.
- L.G., September 2020
Scott was great! Very thorough and super friendly!
- R.G., September 2020
I was apprehensive as to how comprehensive the inspection would be since I was unable to be present for the inspection. The report allayed all my concerns. It was thorough and covered items I would not have thought to check.
- R.P., August 2020
Scott was very thurough and took the time to explain everything he found and clarified the priority of each action item. Very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend his services. Thanks!
- J.W., August 2020
Very thorough inspections. Keep up the great work
- K.M., April 2020
Thank you for your thorough inspection!
- J.S., April 2020
This is the second time I have used Scott for home inspections. He does a thorough job and I am confident in his inspections and recommendations. I tell everyone I know about him if/when i am asked about home inspectors (to be truthful though it doesnt come up often.)
- B.S., Chandler AZ, March 2020
Scott did an excellent job and pointed out areas that needed attention. The report was very thorough and the pictures were helpful showing problems. We will recommend Scott to everyone we know. Both my Son and Daughter will be purchasing a home later this year and they will both use Scott. Thanks again for a very thorough inspection. Thanks Tony & Marie Pinnelli
- T.P., Bartlett IL, March 2020
This home buying process can be overwhelming at times but Scott was cool and collected and talked me through every little detail of the inspection and identified things I never would have even thought of so I appreciate him and his service so much.
- N.H., March 2020
Thank you very much Scott for your awesome service! Your professionalism is amazing.
- T.D., Chandler AZ, November 2019
Scott, you did a great job. Very thorough. Thanks you.
- W.B., July 2019
Scott was so helpful in explaining every detail of our inspection to us during our review. He seemed to truly care about his job and his customers. His attention to detail was incredible and we were so appreciative of that.
- M.B., July 2019
Scott is very thorough. He does a great job explaining home related maintenance issues and works hard to be available as needed.
- L.L., Gilbert AZ, March 2019
Scott is knowledgeable and fair. He understands scheduling and will do everything he can to get inspections done even when notice is short!
- C.B., Tempe AZ, March 2019
Thanks Scott for a great inspection. Very informative and professional. I highly recommend your services and would use you again. Bob and Sharon
- B.S., February 2019
Thanks Scott for another thorough inspection for us! We really appreciate the great job you do! Lynda & Dale Searcy
- L.S., November 2018
Scott did a great job
- R.S., October 2018
This was our second inspection by Scott in less than a week he did an incredibly detailed job at both inspections. The reports were clear, concise, and very easy to read and understand with clear pictures including wide angle and close ups that provided us with adequate information so we could make decisions on what actions to take moving forward in our purchase process. Highly recommended!!
- K.C., July 2018
Thank you, you were awesome and very informative which we both liked.
- C.B., July 2018
Super friendly, very timely, educational (first time, I needed it!), very throughout. Thank you!
- J.I., June 2018
Scott and his team are the best home inspectors I have worked with in the valley. Professional, informative, thorough, and accurate. Just as importantly, their customer service is truly unparalleled to any inspection team I have worked with in the past. They are always so helpful anytime I randomly call or email them with a question; they are welcoming, patient when I ask for clarification, and they are truly happy to help me with anything I need. I have continually been so impressed with them that I wanted to spread the word online. Use them, you won't find better. - J.D
- J.D., Phoenix AZ, June 2018
Scott and Ed were both very approachable for questions and did an amazingly thorough job inspecting and detailing aspects of the home. No stone was left unturned, and the comprehensive report that was presented was easy to follow and understand. I wish all contractors were as thorough, professional and helpful as these guys!
- E.T., May 2018
Scott was so professional and friendly over the phone! He scheduled our inspection promptly and kept us informed. Paul was so friendly and personable! He was also very thorough and explained everything to us in a way that made sense to us. He made sure we understood everything on the report and did a fantastic job catching even the smallest things we would need to know about our biggest investment - our new home! Thank you for making the inspection process painless!
- B.E., March 2018
You did great answered all questions. Keep up the good work and friendly personality.
- C.G., March 2018
Scott and his crew were thorough, efficient and courteous. The report clearly highlighted key recommendations along with general observations for future consideration. Our new home has an induction heat stove top which we were unfamiliar. One of Scott?s team spent a few minutes giving us tips and insight which was very helpful.
- G.H., February 2018
Scott is so thorough; takes time to explain everything to the buyer.
- L.L., Gilbert AZ, January 2018
Scott explains the issues in a concise, straight-forward manner that is easy to comprehend. His written report is also a "how-to" in communicating to a typical home buyer who is not particularly savvy regarding the issues he has uncovered. A GREAT JOB in verbal and written communication for the uninitiated or the guy who knows a lot more.
- R.S., January 2018
Scott is the best home inspector I have ever worked with, and I have worked with many during my 20 years of selling Real Estate. He is honest, reliable, and very pleasant to work with. I can say the same things also about his fellow inspector Paul. What a great team!!!!!
- T.P., Glendale AZ, January 2018
Always pleasant and quick.
- T.B., January 2018
Very pleasant to communicate with.
- R.V., January 2018
During the holidays, I purchase a home with a 30 day close. Do you know how crazy that can be? Scott and Paul were two of the people that made this process possible. They are the BEST. They are efficient, capable and detailed in their work. They are kind, thoughtful and patient when explaining the findings. Thanks to Scott and Paul. R.S. December, 2017
- R.S., January 2018
Scott was efficient and happy to answer any question I had. I would highly recommend him.
- N.F., December 2017
Excellent service, very thorough! And I absolutely love the summary report which builds my BINSR Response what a great time saver!! Thank you Scott
- L.U., Phoenix AZ, December 2017
Thank you so much! You guys did a fabulous job. I truly appreciate the effort you put in to look at all the details of the house and let me know what needed to be done.
- M.L., October 2017
Great work! I feel very confident in the home inspection. It was thorough and presented to me in a very understandable way. The pictures and videos were great, and the report and debrief were very helpful.
- J.N., October 2017
Inspector was very friendly & knowledgeable! Thank you for being thorough.
- L.S., October 2017
Scott did a great job and caught many things I would have overlooked. I love the report and how easy it is to set up the repair list. It is a great feature over most other inspectors. Reports are easy to understand. Will be looking to do business with Scott in the Future.
- E.T., October 2017
Thank you for a clear and thorough inspection report. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is buying a house.
- A.T., October 2017
This was a very professional inspection team; arrived on time, gave great feed-back, and were exceptionally courteous. Highly recommended.
- T.J., October 2017
Paul was very professional, very thorough, explained everything to us and answered all our questions.
- N.S., October 2017
Very thorough and provide great detail in report Used him twice and would again
- S.S., August 2017
Very thorough and took the time to explain everything at the walk through.
- M.M., August 2017
Scott and his assistant were friendly and through.
- R.B., Plainfield IL, August 2017
Scott was very professional and helpful. He was very detailed oriented and thorough in his inspection. He was easy to work with and scheduled very quickly. I was impressed with the details that he noticed as well as the interface he used for us to review his report.
- J.W., July 2017
Scott was fabulous. He answered all of our questions and made me feel very comfortable about my new home, especially as a first time home buyer. I will use Scott for every inspection I have. I promise you won't be disappointed! Thanks Scott!
- R.W., July 2017
Mr DeLosa is efficient, professional, thorough, extremely informative in his reports, his pictures tell all, and he truly takes pride in his work. I would definitely recommend his work to everyone that needs his expertise. Many thanks Mr DeLosa!!!
- M.O., July 2017
Scott was VERY thorough in doing the inspection! He provided us with a very detailed report of items that needed immediate attention and ones that need monitoring. This will be very helpful in our final negotiations with the seller. It will also be very useful to the property management company who handles the rentals for us. Scott was on time, thorough, efficient and did just exactly what he said he would do. He was highly recommended by our RE agent and I know why! I would totally recommend him to anyone needing an inspection and we will be using him again for our next property investment.
- J.H., Surprise AZ, January 2017
Very Good
- M.R., October 2016
Thorough property evaluation and extensive report complete with pictures. Willing to answer questions anytime following inspection and accessible. BR - Sun Lakes 10/21/16
- B.R., October 2016
great job. Thank you
- Y.M., September 2016
Paid attention to detail and went the extra mile to check everything. I would recommend him to anyone!
- N.S., August 2016
Thank You Scott. Outstanding report. It will be extremely helpful.
- S.K., Clay Springs AZ, July 2016
Best in the business!!
- M.A., July 2016