Quick turnaround. Very personable. Thank you Bronze Star for your assistance.
- J.R., October 2021
Wayne did an excellent job in his inspection of our home. Highly recommend him
- J.S., October 2021
Wayne Bennett was awesome. Very good at his work. Cares about his clients. Will work with him again in the future. Thank you Wayne for your service.
- C.B., September 2021
Wayne provided an inspection for us. Our first inspection we’ve had done and I can’t recommend Bronze Star enough. We set it up and he was at the house the very next afternoon. After the inspection, he went over it on the phone with me and the inspection report was detailed and incredibly thorough and included great quality photos. Thanks, Wayne. We will absolutely call you if we need another inspection and recommend you to anyone we can.
- M.L., August 2021
Bronze Star did such a thorough job on my inspection and walked me through all the details of my report. They really helped lessen the anxiety and uncertainty of my first-time home buying experience. Highly recommend their service!
- K.M., July 2021
Bronze Star Inspections provided a professional and personal quality of services that sets the standard in their profession. We look forward to working with them in the near future.
- D.G., July 2021
Wayne did such a great job for our 11 month warranty inspection. He pointed out things we didn't know to look for, and also explained problems that we thought were caused by something else. Would absolutely recommend for any home inspection needs.
- R.M., Fate TX, July 2021
Absolutely. I’m 73 years old and I’ve used a lot of inspectors over the years. Wayne is the most responsive and professional inspector I have come across. None better.
- D.H., July 2021
What a great experience! Thank you so much for taking care of this inspection so quickly and professionally! You made it virtually seamless to have this done for my out of town parents.
- A.W., June 2021
Great service and communication. Would recommend!
- B.W., June 2021
Great experience! Mr. Bennett was very flexible with me! Very quick to respond when I initially set up the appointment! He went over what things needed to be addressed & his report was very organized & thorough!
- B.H., June 2021
Wayne was responsive and courteous. I truly appreciated him working me into his schedule on short notice. Very thorough report was provided and appreciated the fact I could forward this to my builder. I would definitely hire him again!
- S.R., June 2021
Extensive and thorough! I walked away feeling like I knew everything there was to know, which gave me piece of mind. Friendly, courteous, and professional. I would recommend him to all of my family and friends.
- A.J., May 2021
Very courteous and professional, did a thorough inspection. Took time to answer all my questions and concerns. Overall great experience and definitely worth your time and money! Will recommend to friends and family.
- T.H., Richardson TX, May 2021
As a first time home buyer, and this being my first experience with an home inspection, I want to express my gratitude and gratefulness to Charles Bennett and the Bronze Star team at how professional they have been though this experience. Knowledgeable of their job and skills, and and their usage of time. Would definitely recommend Charles Bennett and Bronze Star to anyone needing an home inspection.
- D.M., Terrell TX, April 2021
Wayne did a great job in inspecting my house and helping me find all the stuff that needs to be fixed prior to closing. Thank you for your prompt report, just hours after doing an inspection. I will certainly recommend Wayne to do any home inspections.
- J.G., April 2021
We felt our inspection was a very detailed and thorough. Mr. Bennett answered all our questions and gave us helpful advice. We appreciate it.
- S.M., April 2021
Our client received excellent service on their home inspection! It was completed timely and he explained everything thoroughly to our clients. We can't wait to recommend his services again!
- A.H., March 2021
Relocating from one state to another is difficult, especially when you have a contract on a house that you have never laid physical eyes on! Bronze Star did a great job in undercovering the house condition and explaining all possible issues that we have in order to make our negotiations fairer and provide us with a house with less deferred maintenance. We also appreciate the length of time that Wayne spent on explaining the various items in the report.
- P.L., February 2021
Exceptional work. Very nice person and I would highly recommend him!
- M.H., February 2021
Great service.. friendly and prompt!
- J.W., February 2021
Simply outstanding! Got an appointment scheduled for the very next day. Was explained every process, what to expect and when. Received a detailed report and had a few questions. Charles took the time to answer them and provide recommendations. Highly recommend Bronze Star. Thank you!
- M.L., January 2021
Wayne was contacted and on short notice he was able to set up the inspection with the seller and have a report in my inbox all within 36 hrs of our first conversation. The report was very thorough and nothing was missed down to the smallest detail .... just what we needed to have confidence before moving into our new home.
- J.W., January 2021
My husband and I wanted comfort and security knowing that our new home was in compliance before moving in. Wayne was very detailed and did a complete inspection of our home. Wayne was very transparent and explained all the issues that we should address with the builder. We are very satisfied with Wayne's service and will be using Bronze Star Home inspections again for our 11 month inspection. We highly recommend Wayne at Bronze Star Home Inspections.
- B.B., Rockwall TX, January 2021
Great, thorough inspection!
- S.D., Allen TX, January 2021
Mr. Bennett was very thorough, courteous, and professional. He explained the entire report, step-by-step. Not only did he write his recommendations in the report, but he verbally conveyed the same information to me when we reviewed the report over the phone. I would highly recommend Mr. Bennett and Bronze Star Home Inspections.
- D.R., November 2020
Wayne provided one of the most detailed inspections I’ve ever had on any home previously! Very knowledgeable and explained all to me in detail. I’m sure nothing was missed and have no doubts about buying this home now! Wayne was very polite friendly and professional as well.
- N.B., McKinney TX, November 2020
Wayne was very knowledgeable and professional with our pre purchase inspection. His expertise, neutral candor, and straight forward reporting was much appreciated as we were considering purchasing a house that was over 100 years old. We thought we knew what we were getting into with an older home, but we were fortunate to have hired Wayne and learned even more about the house. I highly recommend Wayne for your inspection service.
- R.D., October 2020
When hiring a home inspector, hire Chuck. He's all things home inspection. He's a thorough, seasoned professional, who also invests in training the next generation of inspectors. He knows the profession so well, he helped in the development of home inspection software. He's also a veteran. As a first time homebuyer, he helped guide me through the inspection process and went a above and beyond to prepare me for my next steps.
- D.D., October 2020
Wayne came out on a holiday to perform an inspection for my clients because they had a tight option period. Wayne is thorough, professional takes time to discuss his findings with my clients and provides a detailed report same day. Thanks Wayne!
- B.D., Addison TX, October 2020
You can tell Mr. Bennett knows his stuff! He was very professional, knowledgeable, and always had multiple solutions to my questions. He shared very good information with me, especially since I am a first time home buyer, I now know what to expect. I would highly recommend Mr. Bennet. Thank you!
- F.Z., September 2020
Very detail per-purchase inspection report. Please with this vendors services. Recommend this vendor (Bronze Star).
- G.W., September 2020
Very detailed description of inspection. Great communication and recommendation following inspection. Highly recommend Mr Bennett! Thank you for your service.
- N.J., September 2020
Very easy to work with. You could tell the thorough job he did by some of the obscure things he found That I wouldn’t have even thought to look for. Thanks Again!
- T.H., August 2020
Charles Bennett was an absolute professional. He was thorough, informative, and outstanding at his job.
- J.F., July 2020
Charles, was great! He was quick, thorough and he showed me how to change my filter. I was looking for an inspector last minute and he was there ready and able. Thank you again Charles for taking care of my home and making me feel comfortable knowing my warranty was about to expire. I would definitely recommend Charles and his company!
- S.H., June 2020
Best inspector I've used. Is thorough and happy to explain findings to buyer.
- B.K., June 2020
As a realtor, I have worked with a lot of inspectors and I would put him at the top of the list. He was professional and thorough. But what I was most impressed by was how down to earth and practical he was. This was my first time working with him but I will definitely be recommending him to all my clients going forward.
- J.E., May 2020
My inspector was SO thorough and nice! They got out to the house very quickly and had the report done by that evening. They didn't miss a thing! The inspector was even kind enough to FaceTime my grandfather and answer a few of his questions. The report was easy to understand and explains everything very clearly. I woul definitely use them again and HIGHLY recommend.
- H.N., May 2020
I can always count on you to find potential issues and convey them in a way that doesn't freak clients out. I appreciate you driving out to Trenton!
- M.H., April 2020
Very communicative and efficient. He did a thorough inspection on even the most minute details of the home. Responded to any questions i had and returned my repost in a timely manner.
- J.M., April 2020
very thorough and knowledgable. he went above and beyond to get my home inspected in a timely manner. would highly recommend
- C.P., March 2020
We would highly recommend Charles to do an inspection on your house. He was very professional, and knowledgeable in his field.
- D.O., January 2020
Mr. Bennett, was very professional and informative. Great job! I would use him again.
- A.H., Fate TX, September 2019
Thank you!
- J.U., August 2019
He was timely, professional and thourough.
- C.C., May 2019
Mr. Bennett arrived at the agreed upon time. He was very courteous and knowledgeable. He was very thorough with the inspection, taking lots of pictures, discussing his findings with me, and answering my questions. I would highly recommend Mr. Bennett to my family and friends when they need a home inspection.
- D.B., March 2019
All around exceptional experience. Everything from his website, our first call, meeting in person, thoroughly explaining the inspection report, and his post inspection process was top notch. He?s a busy guy but made it seem like I was his only client. I work in the real estate industry personally and I?ve never seen this level of customer service or responsiveness from a home inspector. He completed the physical inspection around 6pm and I had the completed reports in my inbox by 7:30pm. That?s top-notch customer service especially since I called to schedule the inspection the same morning and it was completed on a Friday evening. Lastly, Wayne?s attention to detail cannot be matched. His level of expertise goes back to his time in the U.S. Army as a Chinook Helicopter Crew Chief, in the most elite aviation unit that the U.S. Military has. He was responsible for the care and maintenance of a massive machine that flies in arduous conditions with a lot more on the line than a leaky roof. They have to inspect every square inch of a flying machine that protects our country. There?s no other home inspector in the DFW metroplex who can compete with that kind of experience. Go with Wayne/Bronze Star Home Inspections or you?re buying a home without peace of mind. Airborne.
- E.C., October 2018
Did an amazing job and answered all my questions..
- L.G., July 2018
Very knowledgeable and professional! He is thorough and takes the time to go over his findings before he leaves.
- , July 2017