Jon did an inspection on my house with me being out of state. He was very communicative and even followed up when he was done with an email asking if i wanted to discuss anything to give him a call. I called the following day and we spoke for several minutes and discussed a few things about the house and after our conversation I felt 100% comfortable about moving forward with the purchase. thanks Jon!!!
- K.B., March 2022
He was great! Knowledgable, on time, willing to explain. I thought I knew almost everything, but he found two things I would have completely missed. Important things.
- M.J., January 2022
Jon was thorough and went over and above. He was very efficient, thoughtful and thorough as well as being a really nice guy.
- E.H., November 2021
Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and thorough.
- D.C., September 2021
Thanks for such a thorough and timely inspection. I found it easy to understand and the pictures included were a great help. I am excited about my new home and feel very comfortable since reviewing your report that everything is up to par.
- A.A., September 2021
Thorough inspection. Great correspondence with Mr. Weaver. Highly recommended.
- F.T., September 2021
Great experience. Jon was thorough and wrote a detailed report. I would highly recommend his services.
- R.S., September 2020
I was given a very detailed inspection report. It was a very professional experience
- M.A., January 2020
Very thorough, timely, and polite
- P.K., November 2019
Very thorough, timely, and polite
- P.K., November 2019
Although we never met Jon personally, he was very friendly & cordial over the phone. (being an avid football fan didn't hurt). We were very satisfied with the home inspection. Jon did a very thorough & professional job. We would highly recommend Jon's company. I have never said this before: Go Vols!
- R.H., September 2019
Jon was very friendly, professional & thorough.
- R.H., September 2019
Mr. Weaver arrived on time, did a thorough inspection, including climbing into some almost inaccessible areas, provided extensive photographic support for his findings, and produced a clear and understandable report, with specific recommendations. I would definitely call upon his services again should the need arise.
- J.J., May 2019
Jon was very thorough with my inspection. I had questions after I read his report and he answered them for me in great detail. In all, it was a very good experience. Thank you, Jon!
- M.K., September 2018
Jon was very good , I walked with him at the inspection he pointed out and explained everything he seen that might be an issue.
- C.L., September 2018
It was a pleasure working with Jon Weaver. His report was very well displayed, well written and very professional. Should the need arise, we would definitely call him again. Dave and Barb Flemming
- B.F., August 2018
I thought Jon did his job in a very professional manner. Was accountable for his work. I would recommend him.
- R.H., August 2018
For professional and dependable. Knows his work.
- R.H., August 2018
great job jon,thanks steve
- S.B., February 2018