Absolutely. Very helpful and detailed. Willing to answer all my questions
- B.S., January 2024
Jon was professional and through. Final report was easy to read and covered info. needed, but no unnecessary insignificant item included, just to make the report seem more through. Excellent job..
- D.H., June 2023
Jon is Meticulous, great job with the home inspection.
- N.J., June 2023
Jon was thorough and professional. He also maintained a great attitude throughout the inspection. My thanks to Jon for a complete and understandable report.
- T.H., June 2023
Jon did an inspection on my house with me being out of state. He was very communicative and even followed up when he was done with an email asking if i wanted to discuss anything to give him a call. I called the following day and we spoke for several minutes and discussed a few things about the house and after our conversation I felt 100% comfortable about moving forward with the purchase. thanks Jon!!!
- K.B., March 2022
He was great! Knowledgable, on time, willing to explain. I thought I knew almost everything, but he found two things I would have completely missed. Important things.
- M.J., January 2022
Jon was thorough and went over and above. He was very efficient, thoughtful and thorough as well as being a really nice guy.
- E.H., November 2021
Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and thorough.
- D.C., September 2021
Thanks for such a thorough and timely inspection. I found it easy to understand and the pictures included were a great help. I am excited about my new home and feel very comfortable since reviewing your report that everything is up to par.
- A.A., September 2021
Thorough inspection. Great correspondence with Mr. Weaver. Highly recommended.
- F.T., September 2021
Great experience. Jon was thorough and wrote a detailed report. I would highly recommend his services.
- R.S., September 2020
I was given a very detailed inspection report. It was a very professional experience
- M.A., January 2020
Very thorough, timely, and polite
- P.K., November 2019
Very thorough, timely, and polite
- P.K., November 2019
Although we never met Jon personally, he was very friendly & cordial over the phone. (being an avid football fan didn't hurt). We were very satisfied with the home inspection. Jon did a very thorough & professional job. We would highly recommend Jon's company. I have never said this before: Go Vols!
- R.H., September 2019
Jon was very friendly, professional & thorough.
- R.H., September 2019
Mr. Weaver arrived on time, did a thorough inspection, including climbing into some almost inaccessible areas, provided extensive photographic support for his findings, and produced a clear and understandable report, with specific recommendations. I would definitely call upon his services again should the need arise.
- J.J., May 2019
Jon was very thorough with my inspection. I had questions after I read his report and he answered them for me in great detail. In all, it was a very good experience. Thank you, Jon!
- M.K., September 2018
Jon was very good , I walked with him at the inspection he pointed out and explained everything he seen that might be an issue.
- C.L., September 2018
It was a pleasure working with Jon Weaver. His report was very well displayed, well written and very professional. Should the need arise, we would definitely call him again. Dave and Barb Flemming
- B.F., August 2018
I thought Jon did his job in a very professional manner. Was accountable for his work. I would recommend him.
- R.H., August 2018
For professional and dependable. Knows his work.
- R.H., August 2018
great job jon,thanks steve
- S.B., February 2018