I'm a realtor and I have been working with him for at least 9 years. Very professional and accurate reports. Very happy with him.
- M.B., September 2020
I was given Colin and Tariq information years ago. I have used them for all my sales. They are not only on time and accommodating, but their reports are very accurate and very fair. I recommend them highly. Any questions, feel free to call me at 561-601-3880. Dennis Evans Venture Realty Group
- D.E., March 2019
I was given Colin and Tariq information years ago. I have used them for all my sales. They are not only on time and accommodating, but their reports are very accurate and very fair. I recommend them highly. Any questions, feel free to call me at 561-601-3880. Dennis Evans Venture Realty Group
- D.E., March 2019
Very detailed and went over everything throughly. I will absolutely be recommending you! Thank you for everything.
- C.C., Boca Raton, June 2018
Colin is an extremely knowledgeable professional whose client’s interest is paramount. His inspections are thorough, and he is always more than willing to provide an explanation to benefit of all present.
- A.M., November 2017
The most professional and outstanding service, Thank you so much for your expert help!
- D.R., Boca Raton, October 2017
Nicely done Colin...you are a true professional, you stand out beyond and above the rest!
- A.M., Boca Raton, September 2017
Colin is very skilled and knowledgeable. Great professional. He found major issues with the condo on time, so we were able to cancel the deal. Thank you.
- D.T., Boca Raton, September 2016
Colin delivered exceptional and commendable service. He was very detailed during the home inspection process and his report was outstanding. He was very professional and demonstrated expertise in all areas he addressed in the inspection. I would recommend him to anyone that is in need of a professional home inspector.
- D.G., October 2015
Hello MR Collin Smith very detailed work. THANK YOU
- M.C., June 2015
This is by far the best service I have found for my customers. Colin Smith and his son performed a very professional work and my customers liked it vey much. I truly recommend Colin if you want to have a great service experience. All the best.!
- M.F., November 2013
Great Inspection saved me from making a costly mistake. Would recommend him to anyone.
- B.F., September 2013
Very professional,thorough, and informative. A very strong recommendation is given.
- O.T., September 2013
Attention to detail is superb!
- J.F., August 2013
he is very good.
- J.M., August 2013
Great job!
- A.G., June 2013
Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Simply the best!
- T.N., June 2013
Very very professional and extremely through and use termd I can understand.
- D.H., March 2013
Very very professional and extremely through and use termd I can understand.
- D.H., March 2013
Very professional and detailed in his explanation. I felt comfortable with his work ethic and attitude overall.
- M.G., March 2013
Colin, Not everyone can see and inspect every aspect of a home. From what I see from your report it is very detailed and complete. You've given me the necessary information that I need to make my final decision on purchasing this home. Thank you for a job well done. John
- J.L., February 2013
Mr Smith and his team are very thorough and they takes patience in doing their inspection. Mr Smith does great work and tell it like it is. I have no hesitation to recommend him. Also, he is very knowledgeable and takes pride in answering any question or concerns I have about my pending house purchase. Keep up the good job Mr Smith!!
- N.G., October 2012
Colin,thank you for doing a great job. You were very professional and friendly and your final report was detailed and easy to understand. Arkady Guzovskiy, Parkland, 08/15/2012
- A.G., August 2012
Colin was meticulously thorough. We are first time home buyers and did not know what to expect as a standard. We believe he exceeded the standard. Even the current homeowners said their inspector didn't do half of what he did!! That comment made us very comfortable with him. He took his time and explained all his findings to us. He was easy to talk to and answered all of our questions and concerns. Good job Colin, and Thank You!!
- T.R., July 2012
Colin is very professional and knowledgeable. He does his inspection with pride and takes the time to inform his client as necessary. I would recommend Collin to any home buyer/seller who needs to get a detail inspection done.
- N.G., July 2012
I feel very comfortable recommending Colin Smith as he took the time to explain, in every detail, all that he found issues with, in the home. I would hire him again, for sure!
- D.G., April 2011
It was great working with Colin. He was very efficient and did a thorough inspection. Would highly recommend him to anyone.
- J.M., April 2011
Great job, very thorough and knowledgeable.
- D.N., March 2011
Mr. Smith was very detailed and informative. He made excellent recommendations and took the time to point out all necessary areas requiring immediate attention. I would most definitely recommend him in the future.
- C.N., March 2011
- S.L., March 2011
The report was very thorough as was the inspection. Colin took several hours to go over every detail. He was extremely patient when explaining the areas of concern.
- K.A., March 2011
I Will recommend him to my friend!
- K.S., March 2011
It was a pleasure meeting you - look forward to seeing you again on the next one...Elena
- E.B., February 2011
Excellent work Colin Thanks Sridhar Muduganti
- S.M., December 2010
Very thorough. Very practical. Very knowledgable.
- C.T., September 2010
I recommend Colin Smith to all my clients, as a realtor is pretty important an inspection that show them all those details you can't see. Adenis Castillo Realtor Colfax Realty
- A.C., August 2010
Very thorough and pleasant!
- C.T., July 2010
Colin -- you are super! Thanks!
- P.C., Weston FL, May 2010
Colin, Thank you for your promptness to the appointment and efficiency. I will refer your services in the future.
- B.R., Weston FL, May 2010
Colin was very thorough in his inspection and detailed in his report. I appreciate the extra time he spent with us answering all our questions and making sure we understood any issues that arose during the inspection. I would use Colin again and recommend him highly to my friends and family!
- B.J., May 2010
Thank you for being thorough. My Father, who has been in the construction business for over 30 years, was present during the inspection and also said that did an excellent job and that he would recommend your services as well.
- T.T., May 2010
Thanks for a wonderful job.
- T.L., April 2010
Job Well Done. Thank You
- K.W., April 2010
Collin: We are very happy that Susie recommended us to you for the inspection of our new home in Boca Raton. YOu were so professional, knowledgeable, and patient with us, as homeowners. Thank you Collin for doing such a great job for us. We will definitely recommend you to all our friends and family for future inspections.
- E.S., April 2010
would like to meet u in person good job
- A.D., March 2010
Hey Colin, You are simply the best! It would be a mistake for me to use anyone else! Marcus Jeantel,Manager Real Estate Partners Group
- M.J., Pembroke Pines, February 2010
Colin, Nice to see you again. Thanks for the great job...as usual!
- W.S., January 2010
Thank you a million times over. Thank you for your honesty and integrity. You are blessing to everyone you help. Thank you again.
- C.H., January 2010
Colin was very thorough and went above and beyond when conducting the inspection. He explained the process of each step and answered all our questions. We were extremely comfortable with him and felt very much apart of the process.
- G.H., November 2009
Thank you for an informative and thorough inspection.
- M.W., November 2009
Great job as always...
- M.C., Plantation FL, September 2009
Mr Smith was great to work with. Very helpful, VERY Thorough.. I would certainly, definitely, recommend him.
- J.M., Tamarac FL, August 2009
From where I stand, I think you did a wonderful job. Great work on the details. You really are a people person,and a pleasure to work with. Keep up the excellent work. NC
- N.C., miramar FL, July 2009
Very detailed inspection, Thanks!
- L.C., June 2009