Jonathan and team were GREAT! Very professional, so thorough (no stone left unturned!), and explained their findings in a way that made sense to the home buyer (me) with little knowledge of construction jargon. We were super-impressed with the quality of the inspection and would recommend Outlook Home Inspections to _anyone_ looking for a home inspector!
- C.D., March 2019
Jonathan was very thorough, fast & knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone for an inspection.
- G.R., Mooresboro NC, February 2019
Jonathan did a great job. Very thorough and detailed report and took the time to explain his findings to us.
- C.D., February 2019
Jonathan did a great job! He was very friendly and professional. He answered every question that we had. His inspection was very thorough, and the report was very detailed. I highly recommend Jonathan!
- M.P., January 2019
Thorough, professional, and very knowledgeable. Would recommend, for sure.
- P.W., January 2019
Jonathan goes above and beyond for his clients. He has called me to verify information and to remind the buyers of issues that they should be aware of. He is very thorough, and knowledgeable! I use him regularly for my clients.
- C.A., Rutherfordton NC, January 2019
Jonathan is very responsive and a clear communicator in every phase of having a home inspection. He is quick in getting the inspection report back to you and making recommendations based on his findings. He is also quick to tell you that everything cannot be seen during an inspection when a place is occupied. Recommended highly!
- L.B., Gastonia NC, December 2018
Thank you so much for your excellent communication and explanations. You really helped settle some of our first time home buying nerves.
- A.G., December 2018
Johnathan and Amanda were great , being a contractor myself , they showed me several things I didn?t even catch myself. They both were very thorough.great people to deal with . I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thanks for all your help . Barry Byerly , Lexington nc.
- N.B., Lexington NC, November 2018
You were very helpful in your inspection. Very detailed was what I was looking for in the inspection. I was left without any questions. You were the right man for the job. Thank you.
- C.F., November 2018
Thank you Jonathan! I really appreciate you and your business! I would highly recommend Jonathan to any home buyer (or seller!). I like the fact that you are licensed in both states, SC & NC [like me!] ! Jeremy Wood SC NC REALTY
- J.W., November 2018
Prompt service, thorough work - it was a great experience working with this team!
- S.R., Rutherfordton, October 2018
Thank you for your prompt and thorough service!
- D.S., Black Mountain NC, September 2018
It was truly a pleasure working with Johnathan. He was very detail-oriented with the entire process, also his professionalism speaks for itself. Great work!
- T.C., August 2018
Jonathan was very personable and professional. His inspection was thorough and his report concise. I would recommend him to anyone.
- J.V., Rutherfordton NC, August 2018
Mr. Dyer did a good thorough inspection. I would highly recommend him to others.
- D.H., July 2018
Very informative on all the questions that we had after the inspection. I would highly recommend using Jonathan Dyer
- C.L., June 2018
Jonathan was quick to answer my call and set up all inspections. He did a thorough and professional job and I will absolutely use him again for my clients? inspections!
- J.R., Asheville NC, June 2018
Jonathan was very professional and thorough on the inspection on the property my buyers were purchasing. He was sure to explain the issues at hand and also offered suggestions on how to repair. I will use Jonathan for all of our inspections in the future!
- C.M., May 2018
Johnathan was very nice and did a great job with the inspection. He explained everything really well and couldn't ask for a nicer and professional guy. we would definitely recommend him to friends.
- D.M., null nul, May 2018
I appreciate your thorough explanation of the issues found in the house both during, and after the inspection. Thanks!
- E.M., May 2018
Hi Johnathan. I wasn't there but David certainly seemed pleased. He was also very pleased that you could do the inspection. He has a lot of confidence in you. Sincerely, Ginnie -- the original dumb broad.
- V.G., Pueblo CO, May 2018
Johnathan was very professional and thorough in his home inspection. Would definitely use him again.
- S.J., Gastonia NC, May 2018
Jon was very thorough with our home inspection! The report was easy to follow and the pictures clearly show what needs to be repaired/replaced. We will be using Jon again for our next house purchase and recommend anyone looking in the area to give Jon a call!
- M.C., April 2018
Thank you so much for being so thorough. You found a lot of areas that need to be addressed which we wouldn't have known about otherwise! We were out of town when this report came in so we "missed our deadline" for reconsidering our purchase, but feel once the repairs are done the house will be just what we hoped it would be! We're of course very discouraged at this point at all the work and expense we have ahead of us but we'll just have to deal with that, at least we know now what we have to do! It was our pleasure to meet you and we really appreciate the great detail you put into the inspection! Thank you so much, Randy and Linda Huntzberry
- L.H., Lake City FL, April 2018
Johnathan was very helpful and I was Impressed how professional he was during the Inspection, and explained issues to full detail so it was more understandable to what he was explaining
- T.S., Charlotte NC, March 2018
Thank you very much for your help and advice!
- K.V., February 2018
Professional, friendly, and very thorough. Attention to critical details finding issues that would cost big $$$, and other details that, even though small and mainly cosmetic, gave me the information to use for further improvements upon the home. I will be recommending you to anyone that needs a home inspection. Also, I will more than likely be calling you out once the repairs are made to do a follow up inspection, just to make sure that it was done correctly. Thanks again for your time.
- D.G., February 2018
Jonathan is very professional. He is careful with his word choice as to not scare the buyer client and to not offend the seller client. He is always prompt and responsive and available when agents or clients have questions. Love doing business with Outlook Home Inspections and Jonathan!
- A.G., Charlotte NC, February 2018
Very professional, thanks again.
- m.b., February 2018
Thank you so much for your careful and thorough inspection of both the houses we were looking at.
- C.C., February 2018
Jonathan is a consummate professional. Thorough and precise, would be the words to best describe his inspection methods. We will definitely use him again in the future. He helped us to avoid purchasing a home that ultimately would have been a disaster (though it looked beautiful). We are forever grateful to him for his knowledge and highly recommend him.
- m.b., February 2018
Jonathan, Appreciate your taking the time to point out things around the home and answering any and all questions put to you. Felt you went over and above with certain aspects of the inspections. Thanks!
- S.S., February 2018
Very thorough with the walk around, pointing out very slight issues and the reasons why it could be an issue as a homeowner if it is not resolved. Also brings to light as a homeowner the important reasons why to inspect certain areas of the house month to month or year to year , whether it be in the crawlspace, servicing equipment etc.... Respects your home by taking off shoes upon entry, being careful to be clean and accurate and extremely thorough with the process. Expect an updated report within 24 to 48 hours
- C.I., February 2018
Jonathan is the best I've worked with in regards to knowledge base, flexibility and communication. I would recommend him to anyone and I trust him completely.
- J.B., Hickory NC, January 2018
I was very impressed with Jonathans work. He is very thorough, professional and a real nice guy. He didn't miss a thing. He also made excellent comments and suggestions. Without a doubt, I would use him again, and certainly recommend him to others.
- T.M., January 2018
Excellent home inspection! It was awesome to receive the home inspection report so quickly.
- S.S., Rutherfordton NC, January 2018
Thanks for being excellent at what you do and for being so helpful.
- D.L., January 2018
Just wanted to say, thank you for being available whenever I called. Also appreciate your professional manner throughout your inspection. The inspection was concise and the recommandations appreciated. I wouldn't hesitate to recommand Jonathan.
- D.R., December 2017
Jonathan was very thorough in the inspection of a future purchase. I would recommend him to anyone purchasing a home.
- R.L., December 2017
Very helpful! Being a first-time homebuyer who is new to the process, I really appreciated Jonathan's upbeat attitude and friendly demeanor. Thank you for all your help!
- S.C., December 2017
Awesome customer service man. Thank you.
- J.B., December 2017
Jonathan was very polite, professional, timely, knowledgeable, and thorough. He made us aware of any issues or concerns about the home we are in the process of purchasing including pictures in the report. I was able to meet him out at the home during the inspection Definitely recommend him and his company and would use again in the future.
- J.H., November 2017
Jonathan is always professional, arrives in a timely manner and is respectful of other's property. I would recommend him without hesitation.
- A.J., November 2017
Thank you for being at the job site on time and for a thorough investigation. You inspected everything from crawl space environment to attic and every feature of the home from lighting, window operation, roof, gutters, appliances, HVAC, and Garage door operation.
- R.G., oriental NC, November 2017
Jonathan was very informative and professional throughout the whole process.
- T.B., November 2017
I was not present when the inspection was done, my realtor was. This Home had been previously inspected and Jonathan was so good that he found other issues with the home! Example it had caught on fire at one time.. I was so pleased with the report and easy to understand, wish I could meet Jonathan to Thank him!!
- C.K., October 2017
Thank you for alleviating any concerns that I might have or could possibly become a problem in the future. I thought you were very thorough and professional. I appreciated your patience and The time you took to explain my concerns. Thank you for your help.
- J.B., Union Mills NC, October 2017
Jonathan was very thorough his inspection and was extremely knowledgeable about any issues that he found. He explained everything in a very professional and easy to understand manner. I will definitely use him for any future inspections I need.
- H.M., September 2017
Great job! Simplified the process and highlighted only areas that needed repair.
- E.V., September 2017
Jonathan did a thorough inspection on the house and was very prompt in getting the report sent. He was very good about explaining what he saw as he did the inspection, and quick to return calls and emails when setting up the appointment. I will use him in the future.
- A.G., September 2017
Jonathan was very thorough. From the attic space to the crawl space he went over every inch of the house and found several things wrong or that could go wrong if not repaired. He is very knowledgeable about construction in every discipline. After the inspection he takes the time to explain his findings to you so you understand all the issues. He answers your questions and prioritizes the repairs. He comes with his own equipment to do the job and he doesn't stop the inspection until he and ourselves were satisfied. The inspection report was well written with photos, photo references, code issues and necessary repairs. Thank you Jonathan for work well done...
- D.E., Salisbury NC, September 2017
Jonathan displayed highly professional technical skills with a keen eye to detail. He is very thorough and provided us with everything needed to decide if this was the home for us. We highly recommend Jonathan Dyer!!!!
- D.C., September 2017
Last time I had a home inspection was over 20 years ago so my experience with home inspections is limited. What I know for sure is Mr. Dyer was professional and thorough. He took the time to explain his findings and address my concerns. The inspection uncovered several issues I wouldn't have been aware of otherwise. Outlook Home Inspections saved me a ton of cash.
- F.C., Dartmouth MA, September 2017
I appreciate your professionalism and informing me about my future home. Thanks
- B.W., September 2017
You did a great job, this is my first home so I cannot compare you to another inspector. I feel you were thorough and knowledgeable.
- G.C., September 2017
Did a wonderful and thorough job on the inspection.
- R.M., Gastonia NC, August 2017
I wanted to thank you for your thorough inspection and willing to answer all our questions. Will gladly recommend you to our friends
- G.O., Mount Holly NC, August 2017
Thank you for the thorough inspection on the house. Come to find out there was indeed a gas leak from the stove. Jon Boyles called Piedmont Natural Gas and they came out and closed the valve. Thank you for recognizing that smell!
- J.P., July 2017
Jonathan was at the house on time and was very thorough. He walked us through the house and explained things that we needed to know about the house in order to make an educated buying decision. His report was detailed with great illustrations. I am a real estate agent and have dealt with a lot of home inspectors. Jonathan is one of the top inspectors I have ever dealt with and I will be recommending him to family and friends.
- D.W., July 2017
It was a pleasure working with Jonathan. He was prompt, professional, and did a thorough inspection.
- J.W., June 2017
Jonathan was a breeze to work with. He was on time and scheduled the pest inspector and radon test, and was a total professional throughout. They were completely honest about what they could and could not do, based on the access they had, and gave me timely reports that were very helpful. If you want a real reading of the status of your prospective property, with advice about which specialists to consult for further information, and based on your situation, Jonathan and Outreach Home Inspections are the way to go. Many thanks!
- L.G., June 2017
You did an excellent job on inspecting the home. We appreciate the thorough feedback. If necessary, we would definitely use you again.
- C.O., June 2017
You did an excellent job on inspecting the home. We appreciate the thorough feedback. If necessary, we would definitely use you again.
- C.O., June 2017
You did an excellent job on inspecting the home. We appreciate the thorough feedback. If necessary, we would definitely use you again.
- C.O., June 2017
You did an excellent job on inspecting the home. We appreciate the thorough feedback. If necessary, we would definitely use you again.
- C.O., June 2017
You did an excellent job on inspecting the home. We appreciate the thorough feedback. If necessary, we would definitely use you again.
- C.O., June 2017
You did an excellent job on inspecting the home. We appreciate the thorough feedback. If necessary, we would definitely use you again.
- C.O., June 2017
You did an excellent job on inspecting the home. We appreciate the thorough feedback. If necessary, we would definitely use you again.
- C.O., June 2017
Thanks working our inspection in during a holiday weekend!
- E.D., Shelby NC, June 2017
Jonathan was extremely professional while completing the inspection. He was very knowledgeable about what items to look for and explained his findings thoroughly.
- M.W., May 2017
Great service. Jonathan did a wonderful job and made an effort to thoroughly explain everything he found rather than just point it out and be done. I'd definitely recommend him to others.
- S.P., May 2017
The inspection I RECIEVED, was most definitely above and beyond anything I would have imagined, the detailed inspection report, was above adiquite. An the addition of the pictures, was something I had hoped for but didn't exspect, and was not only surprised but impressed, the quality of this inspection, was impeccable, I most definitely will advised anyone I not only know personally, but anyone I even here talking about buying a house, to use Jonathan Dyer, as their home inspector, I'll even hand out cards for this young man, he did a fine job, I am so impressed,. Thank you Johnathan. A.Keirn
- A.K., May 2017
Jonathan was very professional....explained the entire process of what he would be doing and then verified that in a follow-up call after the inspection was completed...everything was done in a timely fashion...inspection report was easy to understand...very pleased with his work and thoroughness!
- F.P., May 2017
Very professional, courteous & respectful of Owner & property. Thorough.
- J.W., Landrum NC, April 2017
arrived on time and did a great, thorough job in a timely manner!
- D.F., Gastonia NC, April 2017
Excellent service! Very professional. We could not have asked for anything better. He was thorough and helpful and arranged everything for us very quickly. He even arranged insect inspection, water testing, home owners, buyers and realtor to all be present at the same time so there were no repeated trips. What a time saver.
- L.M., Columbus NC, April 2017
Great inspector and a great guy. Explained everything done a thorough job.
- M.M., April 2017
I highly recommend Jonathan to anyone looking for a home inspector! He's prompt, professional, courteous and very knowledgeable.
- K.M., April 2017
Very thorough and professional, courteous and competent; gave very helpful recommendations. Would wholeheartedly recommend to others
- O.W., April 2017
Thank you for all you've done!
- K.K., March 2017
Thank you Jonathan for being so prompt and professional.
- B.S., March 2017
Jonathan was prompted, communicated very well and made a very professional appearance.
- J.B., March 2017
Jonathan was very professional and detail oriented, I will definitely recommend him in the future.
- T.T., March 2017
Jonathan, Thank you for a very thorough and professional inspection. I have already recommended you to a friend.
- D.O., March 2017
Jonathan was very thorough, very knowledgeable and very personable. Eager to share information as process took place. Answered all questions about the house and inspection. Highly recommend him to anyone needing this service.
- B.P., February 2017
Absolutely helpful and thorough throughout. Answered every question I had very promptly and the report was super detailed. Would definitely recommend to anyone!
- J.M., February 2017
Appreciate your promptness and professionalism.
- G.J., Conover NC, February 2017
Jonathan was extremely helpful in our home-buying process. He was prompt, efficient, and friendly during the inspection. He was able to thoroughly assess our home in 2 hours and gave his very detailed report in a timely manner. I would absolutely recommend Jonathan to friends and family.
- D.W., February 2017
As of meeting you, I really love your work, the way you show me everything that is wrong with the house and the way I could fix or replace it, was very helpful and can same some money. Your prices are low and close by, so I wouldn't change anything. so I'm glad that I choose you for the job, thank you for your help and inspection. Sincerely Debbie Alexander
- D.A., February 2017
From the initial communication to the end of the inspection, Jonathan was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and respectful. As a retired female over 60, I knew nothing about most of the inspection process. I asked questions and you answered them clearly. I understood how my money was being spent. I am extremely happy with your work as well as the informative and very useful report. This will make my family better as landlords. We will be sharing info about your quality service with other family members and neighbors. Thank you
- D.C., Morganton NC, February 2017
Inspection was very professional, Jonathan is a great person, ready to answer any of your questions and give a pro advice what and when you should expect with the property you're buying. I was really happy that he agreed to perform inspection on Saturday, so i didn't lose any working hours at my job. And's more than reasonable for the service quality we received. 100% recommended. Thank you, Jonathan!
- A.K., February 2017
I would like to truly thank Johnathan for the awesome job that he performed in assisting my husband and myself in the inspection of our first home. He helped make sure our investment was safe and in order before our closing date.
- A.C., February 2017
Jonathan was very thorough and helpful. He responded quickly to email/phone calls. I chose Jonathan because of his policy to meet with us (buyers) at the home at the end of the inspection to go over with us his findings and answer any of our questions. I feel safer about making this purchase because of Jonathan's diligence.
- R.H., February 2017
Great Service! Thanks!
- D.M., February 2017
Jonathan's communication with me was excellent from the beginning. He arrived early and addressed my concerns about my house right away. He did a complete inspection from top to bottom. He also provided the report with pictures and a detailed explanations on what needed to be fixed. Thank you Jonathan!
- I.G., January 2017
Super friendly, thorough, and easy to get in touch with. Will definitely recommend to any of my friends who need a home inspection!
- J.M., January 2017
I was impressed with how thorough and detailed the inspection was. Jonathan was on time and was easy to communicate with. I found him to be personable, approachable and friendly. His reports were delivered quickly and he made himself available to me for questions even after hours. If this house does not work out, we will be using him again to guard us against surprises. I would recommend his service to anyone needing a complete and unbiased report. Nicely done all the way around.
- D.T., January 2017
Johnathan was very polite and professional throughout the 3 and a half hour inspection. He checked everything without overlooking anything. I highly recommend Johnathan for any inspection need. The seller has never seen an inspection as thorough before and will be using Johnathan soon with their new home purchase.
- Z.K., January 2017
Thank you so much for the thorough inspection. We were very pleased.
- D.M., November 2016