From a phone call to report the customer service experience and detailed report is certainly above my expectations. Paul delivered an excellent experience. The years of experience really showed in his detailed work. His wisdom in the field and his approachable demeanor made this experience a pleasant one.
- T.G., March 2023
Paul was thorough and professional, gave me confidence to go into my closing knowing what the condition of every system is. He gave us the knowledge to know what to ask to be corrected. Reasonable rates and a very reasonable rate to have him go back behind after the corrections were made. Highly recommend!
- M.C., Orlando FL, March 2023
Mr. Kusic was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He did an excellent job on our home inspection. Highly recommend using his services. 10/10!
- F.K., October 2022
Paul was wonderful! On time, efficient, and thorough. And, he explained things well, answering all of our questions. Highly recommended!
- T.S., March 2022
- P.D., ORLANDO FL, January 2022
Paul is an excellent inspector. My #1 go-to inspector. Thorough. Great communicator. Efficient time management. Highly recommended.
- D.W., September 2021
Hello Paul, I just went through the report and I want to tell you I am really impressed. So many good pictures to help remember eveything vividly and a very organized and thorough explanation of each section. I really appreciate all your hard work and I will be sure to recommend you. Sincerely, Marcy Pryor
- E.P., August 2021
Paul was very professional and knowledgeable as well as through. I was extremely impressed with his work ethic. He was fully focused on his job and performed his job to perfection. I highly recommend Paul for your home inspection needs.
- D.S., January 2021
Professional, personable, and very through!
- L.N., Lake Mary FL, August 2020
He explained clearly all findings. I certainly will recommend his service to my customers.
- M.S., August 2020
Paul was informative, he broke everything down to us in simple layman's terms and did a very thorough inspection. Thank you paul , i will definitely recommend your company to anyone who ask.
- W.S., August 2020
Paul is professional, knowledgeable, efficient, thorough & receptive to any questions or concerns. He was the inspector when my home was being sold & so impressed me that I sought him out to inspect my future home. Highly recommend this gentleman.
- J.B., August 2020
I appreciate the extended and knowledgeable inspection and time dedicated to making it extremely thorough! It was helpful to learn about issues I would not have been aware of on my own and that can be addressed before final closing. I have a lot of confidence in the inspection and detailed report. Thanks!
- D.S., June 2020
Mr. Kusic was amazing! I was referred by a friend and was told he does exceptional work and he did just that. From good communication to very thorough detailing. I will definitely keep his contact for my family’s future home endeavors! Thank you!
- J.E., June 2020
Paul was a consummate professional. He was very thorough during the inspection and was excellent at going over the details with me afterward. The report he provides is incredibly detailed and gives you the perfect overview of your home. I would certainly recommend Paul to anyone I know in need of an inspection.
- A.L., June 2020
WHAT A GREAT JOB. He is extremely thorough and pointed out everything I could possibly need to know. Probably some I would not have known for years until it created a problem. He made me aware of things I would need to do in the future to keep the place in tip-top shape. I would highly recommend him for anyone who needs an inspector. THANK YOU PAUL
- C.A., June 2020
Paul has now done three inspections for my family. He is extremely thorough and explains every aspect of the report. Even when a realtor suggests a home inspector we just tell them " no its okay we have someone" . Paul has gone out of his way to accommodate our schedule and even as far as to go out of his usual inspection area. Paul is the only inspector we/my family members will ever use. I highly recommend Paul to anyone who wants a complete ,thorough and honest inspection. Also his price is great.
- K.I., March 2020
Paul is the most through inspector I have ever dealt with.
- H.Z., WEST PALM BEACH FL, March 2020
It was such a pleasure working with Paul Kusic. His inspections were by far the most thorough and clearly documented that I've ever seen. I highly recommend him to any homebuyer.
- A.G., February 2020
Paul is incredibly thorough and explains any issues-- big or small that he found. He is quick to respond to inquiries or questions. I would highly recommend Paul.
- J.T., November 2019
Outstanding job!! You saved us from adopting someone else's major headache that could have cost us almost the cost of the house its self in repairs ! I would most definitely recommend Paul Kusic for all mine or anyone else's home inspections ! GREAT JOB !!!
- R.G., October 2019
Everything Paul did with my inspection was more than I ever expected and imagined. I would definitely recommend him with eyes closed.
- A.O., September 2019
Paul is an excellent inspector! He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and very thorough. I will absolutely recommend Paul Kusic.
- L.N., Lake Mary FL, May 2019
I thought Paul?s inspection was thorough and honest. It was after we chose to back out of the contract due to the large amount wrong with the house that he seemed to have been called by the realtor and influenced to call us and downplay his comments. Also, while I liked the man, he had our check, could have spelled our names correctly.
- T.J., May 2019
Paul Kusic is very professional. He is quite thorough, I will say he verifies and reports truthfully A to Z of the whole house. Paul is very polite and knows what he is doing. While he is so fast, multi-tasking but does not rush and take his job seriously. I am very impressed and would recommend him for sure !!
- P.K., April 2019
Professional, thorough and very detailed. Paul wnt over all of the major details with me in person and included all of the details in his reports. Just what you want a home inspector.
- B.D., February 2019
Highly Recommended !! Excellent Service and Great Report! Thank you so much! Airton Fernandes
- A.F., February 2019
Paul Kusic is an excellent inspector. We have utilized his service for three transactions and can recommend him to others wholeheartedly. He has saved us from making costly and long term mistakes through his detailed, thorough, and easy to understand inspection reports. Moving forward we know Paul will be our first and only choice for a home inspector. Amy and Pedro
- P.U., February 2019
Excellent inspector. I would highly recommend to anyone needing an inspection done.
- R.C., January 2019
Paul Kusic is a professional, utilized his services twice with no problems. I would recommend him to any family member or friend any time.
- W.V., October 2018
Paul was amazing! He was very thorough and has a keen eye for detail. He gave us many suggestions for immediate and potential concerns, and we left the inspection with peace of mind and confidence in what our next steps needed to be. We truly appreciate the amazing work that Paul did for us, and we highly recommend him. Thank you, Paul!
- J.F., October 2018
Bummed that he is booked for my next one needed:( He was awesome, very thorough and professional. Will recommend him to everyone.
- G.B., Altamonte Springs FL, October 2018
Thank you for your wonderful work. It was very precise, informative and thorough. I will most certainly be using you again, or recommending you to others!
- C.R., August 2018
Only Home INspector i trust for my inspections
- Y.B., May 2018
Very courteous and efficient. A true professional .
- H.G., May 2018
Paul was great! Very thorough and took his time to explain his preliminary findings with me.
- C.K., April 2018
Extremely thorough and detailed. Took the time necessary to investigate all aspects of the property, detail any findings and the thoroughly report out. I really appreciate the specifics so that I can address all the issues found - I can easily use the report to work with my contractors to repair. Paul followed up twice to make sure I was satisfied, understood everything and if I had any questions. Would and will highly recommend.
- E.H., Winter Park FL, April 2018
Great job, very thorough! I'll be saving this long report along with pictures to make my house perfect one project at a time!
- M.R., February 2018
I have already recommended Paul to the seller of the house I am buying. This is the second time I used Paul. He is very professional and has a very keen eye to detail. He is trustworthy and very efficient. When ever I need an inspection I would definitely call Paul. He was recommended to me through Richard, my realtor.
- A.W., February 2018
Thanks Paul you did a fantastic job. All the small details you captured in your report were much appreciated. Your advice on repair and replace items were also much appreciated. I feel confident that the information you provided will leave me and my family feeling safe in our new home.
- M.V., January 2018
Paul is the only home inspector I would trust with my transaction to do inspection Yogesh Bharucha
- Y.B., December 2017
Paul is thorough, friendly, efficient and in my opinion the BEST.
- R.B., December 2017
Paul is very thorough & professional. He responds back to you in a timely matter & didn't leave me feeling like I didn't understand things!
- H.I., December 2017
You are a beast as an inspector. Absolutely appreciate you. Your professionalism, attention to details and your knowledge is undeniable what ever buyer needs before the final decision. You know I will recommend you and call for the next house.
- C.J., ORLANDO FL, November 2017
Extremely professional and his attention to detail is what ever buyer wants. He takes his time with the inspection and is very patient when explaining the information back to you. He provides photos to ensure there is a reduction in disputing what was found between himself and the seller. Will always utilize his services.
- C.J., ORLANDO FL, November 2017
Very detailed, patient and professional. Paul took the time before and after inspection to explain the process and his findings. Inspection reports were well written using terminology that was easy to understand
- T.E., November 2017
Very honest and has alot knowledge about his job....
- T.H., October 2017
I would definitely use Paul's service again. I appreciated the walk through after the inspection was done and follow up during the weekend which I know is not standard but Paul did it anyway because he knew that I was in a hurry. Thanks Paul.
- M.O., September 2017
Mr.Kusic was amazing once again.Being this is the second time using his services, he was very thorough with all his findings.Great job.
- G.B., September 2017
Paul was a pleasure. He was incredibly thorough, even inspecting areas that were very difficult to reach. In fact, pest control came afterwards to inspect for WDO, and left in the report that they were unable to reach / inspect areas that I know Paul made the effort to inspect. He has a friendly and approachable demeanor and was happy to stop and answer any questions I had during his inspection, then gave a sound review when completed. Also, the final report was returned exactly when he said it would be available. I would definitely recommend Paul's services in the future.
- A.G., September 2017
Friendly and very helpful.
- T.R., August 2017
Paul, I appreciated the walk through and follow up post inspection. - Tyson
- T.W., July 2017
Paul was wonderful to work with and answered all of my questions very quickly. Would definitely recommend him and will use him in the future.
- A.M., July 2017
Paul Kusic was absolutely marvelous.He was very thorough with his inspection!He gone over every detail were he found faults in the home.From the things that needed minor to major attention.Over all he saved me thousands of dollars of repairs.And I've already referred him to a friend.
- G.B., June 2017
Paul is very thorough and knowledgeable. He explained everything (good and bad) a buyer needs to know. Observant and honest.
- G.B., May 2017
Amazing, Thank you!!
- S.S., May 2017
We were happy with the inspection. You were very thorough.
- K.S., May 2017
It has been a journey trying to find my perfect home in Orlando and it was made so much easier with the expertise of Paul. He made sure that I knew everything about the homes and helped me avoid the pitfalls of homes which on the surface looked great but ended up being full of problems. Paul is a fantastic inspector and I recommend him highly to anyone who wants to know everything about a potential property before making the final purchase.
- J.M., May 2017
Paul was thorough and wonderful!
- J.S., April 2017
Prompt and efficient! Will def use him and refer him in the future!
- N.d., April 2017
Thank you so very much for your professionalism, thoroughness and interpretation in conducting an inspection for a first-time homebuyer. I wish more people conducted business as you did.
- K.V., April 2017
Very professional and was available to answer questions. This was my first home inspection and Paul made it very simple.
- C.N., null nul, March 2017
Thank you very much for a thorough inspection and honest recommendations. Your professionalism manner and expert knowledge was greatly appreciated. I will definitely use you again and refer any of my friends, family and acquaintances.
- K.V., March 2017
Paul Kusic was very professional and detailed with all his reports. I absolutely recommend him as he has already done two different home inspections for us And will continue to ask for him in the future. Thanks, Paul.
- E.R., February 2017
Amazing, extremely thorough and professional. Thanks Paul
- T.F., January 2017
He did a great job, and even did a 4 point inspection for free cause he knew I would need it for buying the house. Paul was very thorough and though the shed isn't normally part of the house inspection, he checked it out for me anyway due to some concern of mine about the base board. He answered my questions and was quick to respond any time I sent him a message. This was my first inspection, so if there was anything I could say for improvement, there were some pictures that he took that he showed me that did not end up in the report which I would have liked to have.
- C.P., December 2016
This was a very thorough inspection with detailed pictures and recommendations. My wife and I though we had done a good job inspecting the house for possible issues, wow!!! how wrong we were. The inspector found serious issues we could not have possibly found. Best money spent.
- J.N., November 2016
Paul was very detailed and professional. Thank you so much!!!
- S.M., October 2016
Paul's inspection was very thorough and his report was extremely detailed. He is very professional and courteous. I will recommend him to any potential home buyer.
- T.R., October 2016