Keith did an exceptional and very professional job inspecting the property. He was very observant and forth coming on any deficiencies that he found and gave the consequences of each deficiency. I would recommend him to anyone asking about a home inspection. Charlie
- C.W., January 2023
Thank you Keith
- P.Y., August 2022
We were really grateful to have Keith inspect the property for us. He made himself available quickly to help us meet the terms of the purchase agreement and made his time available for a complex job. Keith is professional, knowledgeable and helpful. We felt confident about buying our house after his inspection. I would recommend him for any home inspection.
- P.R., November 2020
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Knows what he’s doing and is very good at it. Would refer Keith to others for home inspections.
- M.D., Guelph ON, May 2020
Great job Keith. It was a pleasure to meet you. I would suggest that some thermal image photos (good or bad) would be a nice inclusion given the extra charge. A little surprised with the "Acceptable" rating of the roof. When we spoke in the kitchen it appeared clear to me that we might get 2-3 years from the current shingles. Nicely formatted report overall. Thank you. Frank
- F.P., December 2019
Initially I was opposed to have a house inspection done. Our Realtor and my wife changed my mind. As soon as I met Keith ,I knew immediately my wife was right. The ultimate professional with expertise in structural and electrical deficiencies showed us the areas of his concern. A detailed report including the most insignificant imperfections all the way to mold in the attic was sent to us the same day. Keith gave us the knowledge and courage to appeal to the owners that some issues in the house had to be rectified before we would purchase the property. They agreed to our request and the house is now ours. Keith saved us thousands of dollars. Everything in his final report will be corrected. Before he left he told us to contact him anytime if we needed help. We trust Keith without question and will spread the news about him. Both my wife and I agree that the money we paid to him was more than worth it. Thank you Keith, you are our hero. Mike and Karin
- M.S., October 2019
The pre-offer inspection was incredibly valuable. Keith is attentive and engaging to work with, explaining potential issues and suggestions clearly and plainly.
- D.S., October 2019
Excellent, thorough home inspection done by Keith! Prompt, personable, very professional and gave some good suggestions along with referrals throughout the inspection process. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to use Keith's services again should the need arise and am completely comfortable passing his name along to anyone needing a home inspection completed....thanks Keith!
- B.B., October 2019
Thanks Keith. Great job on the inspection and report. Very thorough. Brent.
- B.H., July 2019
nice meeting you Keith... You did a great job. Thanks
- M.A., Guelph ON, May 2019
Nothing to suggest Keith, very pleased with the detailed report and observing your inspection. You answered any of my questions and explained it to me clearly. Thank you.
- V.V., April 2019
Excellent information! Extremely knowledgeable. Thanks Keith!
- J.M., Guelph ON, February 2019
Such a pleasure working with Keith. He was very professional, thorough and explained everything in terms we could understand. He made us feel very comfortable and we would definitely recommend him.
- S.G., January 2019
Money well spent!!! Keith spotted a small leak in the attic of a home we almost purchased! He was unable to see the roof because of snow, turns out the entire roof needs replacing ASAP . Keith also showed me a few areas for improvement as he did the inspection, he explained why and how I can improve the efficiency of the home . Lesley
- P.A., November 2018
Thorough, knowledgeable work. Nice and great to work with. I would hire Keith again, absolutely!
- B.L., November 2018
Polite and well mannered gentleman. Very knowledgeable and answered all our questions and addressed our concerns. Detailed report which was easy to understand outlining recommendations. It was evident that he enjoyed his job. Would definitely recommend his service.
- M.E., July 2018
Hi Keith, Thank you so much for the inspection on the log home we purchased - we were very pleased with your thoroughness, knowledge and honesty in answering our questions and putting our minds at ease. A pleasure to deal with and would definitely recommend your services. Thanks again! Paula & John
- P.S., June 2018
Very thorough. Patient and attentive. Knowledgeable and willing to take the time to explain, in terms that 'non crafts persons' could really understand. Very timely in returning inspection documentation. Thanks so much, Donna and Gary
- D.P., March 2018
Keith provided a very detailed and comprehensive inspection of our condo. His comments and suggestions assured us we had made a good decision in buying this unit. Thank you very much, Keith. Walter Malofy
- W.M., February 2018
Great Experience! Very knowledgeable, great advice on priorities on what to update. Kieth was very thorough and I am very confident moving into our new home.
- T.J., February 2018
The Services and Support Provided by Keith from Building Insights was Punctual, Friendly, Professional, and also Provided a Thorough Report and Answers to All of our Questions before and after our Real Estate Purchase in the Centre Wellington Area. Keith's Service also included a follow-up visit to assist us together with the help of a Heating Contractor with Optimizing the Performance of our High-efficiency Condensing HVAC System and Evaluated the Home's Windows to show us how to limit interior condensation during cold weather conditions and several other improvements we will be implementing in 2018. We will definitely be recommending Keith's services to our Friends, Co-Workers, and Family in the Fergus and Guelph Areas and please feel free to call Bruce and Sandra for a Reference at 519-936-4496. Regards, Bruce Avery B.Eng. & Sandra Cleeve RECE, PSW
- B.A., Fergus ON, January 2018
Very friendly and gave a thorough inspection. Answered all of my questions and took the time to make sure I understood. LOVE that he provides a copy of your home inspection online and the online booking is a nice feature. Keith even took the time to come out to our new house to offer additional advice after the home inspection. Above and beyond in. Will definitely be recommending him and would hire him a gain.
- S.W., Guelph ON, January 2018
Thanks Keith! You were very thorough, pointing out flaws and problems; however, you were realistic and did not frighten us unnecessarily.
- S.S., December 2017
Keith did a fabulous job - fast, friendly and extremely efficient. Thanks!
- J.M., December 2017
Excellent home inspector! Would highly recommend Keith to anyone this is our second time using him and I only have positive things to say. Very thorough and knowledgeable, will answer all your questions all around great guy.
- M.S., December 2017
Great service, Would definitely recommend Keith for any inspection
- B.A., November 2017
This was my second time using Keith for a home inspection - I really like his friendly nature, his ability to explain things in basic terms and most importantly, how thorough he is! I trust his experience and recommendations, and his awesome report is a great reference after the inspection. I recommend him to all of my friends buying homes!
- T.J., Guelph ON, November 2017
Very friendly and knowledgeable and a thorough inspection. He took the time to answer the questions I had, explained the functioning of certain electrical and hvac systems and offered advice in terms of future maintenance . Excellent all around customer service. I recommend Keith for your home inspection needs!
- S.L., Guelph ON, November 2017
Keith took the time I needed, patiently answered all of my (many) questions, and was very thorough in his inspection. Now only if he came and helped with the repairs!
- D.F., November 2017
It was a pleasure working with Keith for our first home inspection. He was very thorough and knowledgeable throughout the entire inspection and broke everything down for us. His detailed report following the inspection came in extremely quick and has been handy for planning upcoming renovations and answering home insurance questions. Would definitely recommend Keith for your inspection needs!
- Z.P., Woodstock ON, November 2017
Thank you for all your input.
- C.F., October 2017
Friendly, knowledgeable, walked us through everything and showed us any problems that needed to be fixed. Made the whole process easy and informative.
- A.D., October 2017
Thanks for offering to help if I ever need to ask you any questions!
- L.S., October 2017
Keith did an excellent and thorough inspection on the house I plan to buy. Keith's background in electrical work also helped to identify issues that needed to be fixed before purchasing the property. Thanks Keith!
- P.K., October 2017
Keith, what a pleasurable person you are with whom to share a serious and important inspection. You were very informative in response to my many questions and concerns. I appreciated your thoroughness and, indeed, your report. Furthermore, you are open to receive further contact if needed. Gratefully, Olga
- O.p., September 2017
Keith was very informative and helpfull , he gave me great advice how to proceed with my rental property . He was very thorough in his inspection And advised me how to make repairs. I highly recomend keith !!!
- J.G., August 2017
Keith did a very thorough inspection of my property. He encouraged me to accompany him throughout the inspection and this allowed for very informative discussion & clarification for both of us and maximized our inspection time and quality. Keith has a very clear manner of presenting his results and I felt that the information I received was complete and accurate. I would recommend Keith anytime one is seeking a home inspection. - Jim Villamere - Sales Representative - Century21
- J.V., July 2017
Keith was terrific. He was incredibly thorough and had a sharp eye for all things, large and small. We learned a lot about our house and the types of things to look for when looking at other homes. We have absolutely no hesitation recommending Keith to others. Thank you Keith!
- D.M., July 2017
Keith you went above & beyond for the inspection. Your help has been greatly appreciated.
- T.O., July 2017
Great job. Thanks for all your help!
- T.O., June 2017
Keith was recommended to us by our realtor, and being first time homebuyers, we wanted to have a home inspection on our new home as a condition. Keith showed up promptly, and he was a very friendly and knowledgeable person, going very thorough on the possible issues there were both now and in the future. The report generated at the end was also thorough and provided good recommendations. We would refer Keith to anyone in the region who would require a home inspection.
- J.L., June 2017
Keith was fantastic. Very thorough.
- A.J., May 2017
Keith was great bringing us through the inspection process. As first time home buyers we were nervous of what to look for. Keith spoke to us throughout our inspection answering any and all questions we had about why he was inspecting certain areas of the home to areas that weren't problematic but we may want to keep an eye on in the future. Keith has allowed for follow up questions even after the inspection was completed which provides us with peace of mind.
- K.M., April 2017
Thanks, Keith, for a pleasant, thorough and informative inspection process. Many of our concerns regarding the property were addressed and we were able to make an informed decision about the purchase. BTW we got the house! We look forward to the opportunity to work with you again, should the need arise. -Chris & Tammy
- T.C., April 2017
We found Keith to be prompt, polite and professional. We appreciated his time to explain everything in detail and therefore there were no surprises in his report. We definitely recommend him.
- T.S., April 2017
He is very patient and responsible. Keith explained the detail to me and answered my questions very well.
- R.H., March 2017
Keith has done two inspections for us and both experiences were top notch. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that he assesses everything. He does a great job of grading the age and condition of the various components of a house, which allows us to make a prudent immediate decision (to buy or not to buy) as well as plan for our future (budget to replace XYZ within 5-years). His report contains a wealth of information and, should we eventually win a bidding war, will be something we keep within arm's reach. In addition to everything above, what we appreciate most is his approach. We ask a lot of questions and his patience is only outdone by the thoroughness of his responses. This means a lot to us as hopefully soon-to-be homeowners and Keith's offer of ongoing consultation is something we will definitely leverage. Thanks for all of your help, Keith!
- A.H., February 2017
Keith has done two inspections for us and both experiences were top notch. He does a great job of grading the age and condition of the various components of a house, which allows us to make a prudent immediate decision (to buy or not to buy) as well as plan for our future (budget to replace XYZ within 5-years). His report contains a wealth of information and, should we eventually win a bidding war, will be something we keep within arm's reach. In addition to everything above, what we appreciate most is his approach. We ask a lot of questions and his patience is only outdone by the thoroughness of his responses. This means a lot to us as hopefully soon-to-be homeowners and Keith's offer of ongoing consultation is something we will definitely leverage. Thanks for all of your help, Keith!
- , February 2017
Keith has been very professional from start to finish of our engagement. He responded to my voice mails and emails in a very timely manner. He was clear in what we should expect, how the inspection will be done, what will be included and what will not be. He recommended good inspectors in areas that were not in his coverage, such as well, WETT, and sceptic inspections. His report was very detailed and easy to understand. He followed up with a phone call and walked me through the report in detail and made sure I understood the contents, implications, and the necessary work that needed to be done to rectify the non-confirming issues. I am very satisfied with his work, his demeanor, and his conduct. I would highly recommend him.
- B.N., January 2017
Keith you were very helpful and I appreciate all your suggestions and recommendations. The blue binder is a great source of info for me, someone who doesn't know much about the workings of a home! Thank You again and will certainly pass your name along! Bye for now. Kathy baldwin
- K.B., November 2016
Keith in fact did two home inspections for us. Based on his first inspection, we decided NOT to buy a property because we found areas that needed a very significant investment, but which we had not anticipated. That was a very critical piece of advice we got from Keith, with major financial implications. The second inspection too identified a few key issues that we managed to get rectified by the seller prior to purchase. Equally importantly, Keith continues to provide us with advice on various issues that arise from time to time, ranging from recommending maintenance, product/tool purchases, etc. This is exactly the kind of service customers expect of a firm that tries to maintain a continuing relationship with their customers. And I say this as someone who teaches service management at Laurier Business School. As new home owners it gives peace of mind to get this type of advice from an independent person. Thanks, Keith! We would definitely recommend Keith as a building Inspector.
- C.R., November 2016
Every request given to our home inspector was done professionally, fast and reports sent in a timely manner We asked Keith to come back two more times after original inspection and he came and appointments were booked around our schedule and he was always on time and shared all his knowledge He was not is a hurry, he spent quality time with us as new home owners I will be recommending his company to friends and family
- K., Waterloo ON, October 2016
Keith was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely thorough and took the time to show us each area that needed to be addressed. We'd definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- D.R., August 2016
So glad I went with Keith as an inspector. He bassically saved me thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches by the things he found during my inspection. Very knowledgeable about all aspects of the house and explained everything in ways I would understand. I learned a lot just from listening. Highly recommend using Keith as your inspector. I will be using him before I buy any home.
- E.M., August 2016
Keith was very thorough. His offer to answer questions during the entire ownership period can be extremely helpful to any homeowner.
- C.R., July 2016
We really enjoyed our inspection and the report will be invaluable to us. We can't recommend you enough!
- S.B., July 2016
This was my first time having a home inspection, and Keith Langlois did a wonderful job of assessing the home. He explained every what exactly he was inspecting, and gave useful recommendations and possibilities of concern. Keith was also open to answer any building-related questions that did not necessary pertain to the home. Keith was also friendly and patient throughout the inspection appointment. Overall I am very pleased with Keith's services. I would recommend to share more photos in the inspection report. But nonetheless, thank you very much.
- D.Y., July 2016
Keith did an excellent job walking us through the home inspection. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. Highly recommend him!
- S.E., June 2016
Keith is very knowledgeable and extremely patient with his customers. We really appreciated Keith taking his time to explain things about the house to us and also show us how certain things work (lighting a fireplace pilot light, for example). It is a real pleasure working with Keith. You can also follow up with him if you have any questions about the house. A true professional. Thanks! Cam & Ann Gordon
- A.G., June 2016
Keith was very thorough with his inspection. He was knowledgeable on every question we threw at him, he went above and beyond for us. We learned so much and i highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection. Especially for a first time home owner!! I feel very confident in my purchase now and i'm very grateful for the time he spent with us. Thanks again Keith!!!! -Courtney Eastway & Cody Spencer
- C.C., May 2016
Keith was great--very professional and took the time to explain all his findings. We would definitely recommend him if you need a home inspection done.
- D.R., May 2016
It was a pleasure working with you Keith. I appreciate your professionalism, attention to detail and how you took the time to explain it all to me. Mostly, your free design tips were awesome and when I finish the basement, I think I'm going to use them!
- W.S., May 2016
We would definitely recommend Keith. We found him to be punctual, polite, personable and very professional. He explained everything clearly to us as he inspected the property and we had a comprehensive report emailed to us within a few hours following the home inspection. Thank you, Keith! A & R T
- R.T., May 2016
Thank you for your attention to detail on our behalf when doing the inspection, Keith. We also appreciated your feedback to our questions following the report.
- J.F., April 2016
Yes I would absolutely recommend Keith. He was very personable, courteous and his inspection was thorough and detailed.
- T.G., April 2016
100% He was very good, no complaints !
- S.D., April 2016
Thanks so much for looking after my home inspection in such a timely and professional manner. I appreciate your accommodating the fact I work from home. Your follow up, correspondence and reporting was very efficient. It was great meeting you and I would be happy to pass your name along to anyone looking for a Home Inspector. Cherie
- C.B., March 2016
We found Keith to be very professional and personable. He did a very thorough job of explaining everything in layman's language and his very comprehensive report was prepared in a very timely manner. We would not hesitate to recommend his services.
- J.C., March 2016
We thought Keith was very thorough, inspected the very critical things and issues in a house, excellent at explaining what he was finding and very knowledgable. The report was given very promptly, same day, detailed, good explanations of findings. Appreciated the photos as well and it will be a great document to go back to to update what is needed.
- A.A., March 2016
Keith did a thorough job of inspecting the house we had purchased. He pointed out various problems and advice on how to fix them. He also showed us cut-off valves for the water supply and recommended certain things to do for maintenance in the future. I found it highly educational and Keith was very willing to answer questions for us. I would recommend Keith and will use his services again, if need be. Shelley Jennings
- S.J., March 2016
Keith was very knowledgeable, patient and answered all our questions. He gave a very high attention to all details. We would definitely use Keith again and would recommend him to others.
- C.C., March 2016
Keith was courteous, friendly, and careful. He showed respect for the property and explained everything well.
- S.H., February 2016
Thanks a lot Keith. After I followed you around only five minutes I felt very confident that you would provide an honest and extremely thorough inspection of our almost purchased home. The comments that you provided during the tour/inspection were just what I was looking for - complete and in language that a regular homeowner (not a homebuilder/electrician/plumber) could understand. The 12 page report was more detailed than I had anticipated. It will be a very helpful reference when we move in and start looking after the home ourselves. Thank your Keith. Fraser Brown
- , February 2016
Very professional with the right amount of personal character.
- B.G., Cambridge ON, February 2016
Keith, we couldn't be happier with the home inspection. Thank you for the professional job! Cheers, Jared and Victoria
- J.E., Cambridge ON, February 2016
Very thorough and knowledgeable.
- R.B., St George ON, February 2016
Keith was fantastic - very thorough, professional, and knowledgeable. The fast turn around time for creating the report was beyond what I was expecting. As a first time home buyer, the educational aspect of the inspection was very appreciated. I would highly recommend Keith, and will be using him again.
- G.L., Guelph ON, February 2016
Keith was great. He made sure I understood everything during the inspection, gave me time to ask questions, checked on things I would have never thought to look at, pointed out aspects that I may need to address in the future and what was done well in the home. His handy binder was a nice treat as well.
- M.K., Guelph ON, February 2016
Thanks so much for your help. Professional, friendly, knowledgeable.
- L.T., Acton ON, February 2016
Thank you so much, Keith! We were hoping to thank you before now, but have been busy with finishing up conditions for the house. We really appreciate your thorough inspection and for allowing us to ask questions so freely, as first-time home buyers. We had been informed what to expect from the inspection, but you certainly went above and beyond those expectations. The final report was very concise and well presented. We are very pleased, and can see why you came so highly recommended! We will definitely be passing your name along to anyone we know who will be buying a house! Thank you so much; you turned an unknown into an enjoyable, educational experience! Many thanks!
- M.G., January 2016
Keith, thank you for your keen eye and professional observations. You have given us great peace of mind with regard to our investment and your advice and suggestions were easy to understand. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know who could use your services. Expect to hear from us in the future.
- J.S., Waterloo ON, January 2016
Everything worked out well. The process was educational and thorough. Thanks Keith, Paul
- P.C., Toronto ON, January 2016
Keith delivers a prompt and professional service! He also tends to find *at least* one "jewel" to our benefit; earning his fee, sometimes many times over. His reports are high calibre and this alone makes him worth every penny. Will absolutely use Keith again!
- M.K., January 2016
Very professional, efficient, thorough and approachable, with speedy turn around time on our report. Thank you for giving us piece of mind about our new house!
- M.A., Guelph ON, January 2016
Keith was on time for the appointment, translated information in a clear concise manner, was expedient yet very thorough and observant inside and out, top to bottom, and he provided a visual, detailed, professional report on schedule!
- C.S., December 2015
Great and thorough experience. Everything explained in a way we (as non-experts) understand. Thanks Keith!
- A.H., Cambridge ON, December 2015
Keith was very thoroughly with his inspection and made recommendation . This is the second time I am using his service and I will recommend him anytime. Job well done.
- H.P., Guelph ON, December 2015
Thank you for spending the time to go over everything in detail.
- D.G., Mississauga ON, December 2015
Keith was very nice and extremely helpful. As a first-time home owner he told me to make sure I change the filter in the furnace and add salt to the water softener- things I may have not known to do. Thanks a lot Keith!
- A.K., Grand Valley ON, November 2015
Keith, thank you very much for performing a very professional inspection of #1 Ridgebank Pl. & explaining why some items were not to code, I am glad I had the chance to walk around with you during the inspection, thanks again. Best Regards, Barry W May
- B.M., Kitchener ON, November 2015
Keith helped me in the home inspection. I found him to be thorough, doing a good job professionally and educating me well.
- S.D., November 2015
Being present at the inspection was very informative as Keith went into great detail to explain things and answer my questions. Attendance is highly recommended, as there are many educational/instructional details presented which may not appear in the report.
- O.S., November 2015
Thanks Keith for a very timely and thorough inspection. You identified several items that we hadn't considered that we will now be able to address during the property renovation.
- R.C., Petrolia ON, October 2015
Keith was very professional, thorough and knowledgable. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest his services to my friends and family. I have more confidence following through with the purchase of our new home.
- J.H., October 2015
Very professional. Seemed knowledgeable. Very pleasant to deal with, explained everything very well.
- C.C., October 2015
Keith was very professional throughout the inspection & even went back at night to help solve a problem for the homeowner. Would definitely recommend him without hesitation!
- A.P., October 2015
I found Keith to be friendly and knowledgeable. His report was very handy to have with the photos showing the issues identified.
- S.M., Baden ON, September 2015
So professionnal and know everything. For this kind of big investement to buy a house its nothing to do an inspection. Thank you so much we can see with you what we can't see by yourself ! sorry for my English im french:)
- G.P., September 2015
Keith was knowledgeable, thorough and personable. I would highly recommend him to anyone purchasing a home.
- R.V., September 2015
Keith was very professional and I learned a lot. He went over every flaw, and explained what that meant in terms of cost and time lines to complete updates to the home. I highly recommend Keith Langlois.
- C.R., Waterdown ON, August 2015