I was not unable to be at the inspection with Mark but was able to view the report. The information provided in the report along with videos from my realtor Judy, I was able to make a decision on the appropriate steps to take in the buying process. The report Mark provided was well documented and pictures were clear. Thank you for providing great service in a vital step in this process. Kent Byas 702 328 5288
- K.B., March 2021
Thank you for your timely, friendly, professional, and thorough inspection services! We really appreciate your quick response with the report and especially to our follow up questions! Thank you for your personable and professional help! We feel like we were in excellent hands!!!
- V.J., March 2021
He was very thorough and was patient with us to explain everything that we needed
- D.H., West Point UT, March 2021
Mark is excellent. He was way more thorough than any other inspector I had on my past 2 homes. Totally professional and went though items with me. Highly recommend him to anyone.
- M.M., February 2021
Excellent service. Very thorough, professional, and knowledgeable. Thank you. Highly recommended.??
- C.A., February 2021
Mark was awesome and very understanding. The inspection was very detailed and thorough.
- J.W., January 2017
He answered all of my questions honestly and thoroughly did his work. Really appreciated his time.
- S.M., December 2016
Detail oriented, thorough & professional. I have used their services before and would highly recommend him to anyone.
- N.M., Henderson NV, November 2016
Although I wasn't able to be at the inspection, Mr. Jolley was very thorough in the pictures he took and information provided in the report. This enabled us to accurately request repairs from the seller and could potentially save us a couple thousand dollars!
- B.W., November 2016
Mr. Jolley was very professional. Although there was a change in our appointment where Mr. Jolley was inconvenience, he was very gracious. I was embarrass that his time was wasted, but Mr. Jolley reassured me not to worry, that he will meet me at my house. The inspection he did on the house that I'm about to purchase was very thorough. All of the inspection photos were very clear and he did a good job of pointing out all of the defects. Good inspection and I will highly recommend his service.
- B.W., November 2016
thank you for your time and giving me vital information on repairs needed
- M.C., November 2016
Thank you mark
- J.L., November 2016