I recently used Craig from Home inspection LLC for a home inspection on a property I was purchasing, and the experience was fantastic. Craig was prompt, professional, and incredibly thorough, inspecting every detail of the property. The comprehensive report provided clear explanations, practical advice, and detailed photos, making it easy to understand the property's condition. I highly recommend Craig and His company for their outstanding service and expertise. Thank you for a job well done!
- R.B., July 2024
I recently had the pleasure of working with Craig from Home inspection, LLC for a home inspection on a property I was about to purchase from start to finish. The experience was exceptional. Craig arrived promptly and was extremely professional throughout the entire process. He took the time to meticulously inspect every aspect of the property ensure nothing was overlooked his attention to details was truly impressive, not only did Craig identify potential issues that I haven’t noticed but he also provided Clear, explanations and practical advice on how to address them the comprehensive report I received was well organized, easy to understand, and included, detailed photos and descriptions of finding I highly recommend and Home inspections, LLC for anyone that needs of a thorough and professional home inspection. His expertise and dedication to his work are truly commendable thank you Craig for providing such an outstanding service. And thank you, Michael Moed An exceptional and professional Realtor from Huntington and Ellis real estate agency for referring Craig Plapp.
- C.B., July 2024
Greg was very thorough and extremely professional. Definitely would highly recommend him and the company. The report was easy to read and very detailed.
- N.J., June 2024
Greg is very knowledgeable and through on doing inspections of homes. Being able to be there while he is doing the inspection, I was physically able to see any issues, see where they actually are and get firsthand knowledge of any problems. This makes it much easier to know if it's something I can fix or it's something that the seller needs to fix. Plus, Greg is a super nice guy.
- S.S., June 2024
Did a wonderful job very Thorough and went through the house from top to bottom thank you very much
- D.P., June 2024
I was very impressed with the inspection report. Very detailed and through! Job well done!
- J.T., tucson AZ, June 2024
All that I can say is, if you are in the market for a Home inspector, Greg Plapp's team is who you need to contact. I'm very impressed with the results, Highly Recommended!! Thanks again Greg!! Santos!!
- F.S., May 2024
Greg did a phenomenal job! He pointed out some very vital issues in our perspective home which stopped us from purchasing a problem. Thank you soooo much!!!
- L.J., May 2024
Great experience with fast turnaround. Highly recommend!
- J.G., May 2024
I felt that the inspection was very thorough and attentive to detail.
- J.G., May 2024
Greg Plapp's inspection for us was thorough and his report with pictures detailed. After we reviewed the report we had quite a few questions to call him about, 3 times in two days actually. He was prompt to respond or return all our calls. He was knowledgeable and patient to explain things. We like him a lot. G.L. April 2024
- G.L., April 2024
Greg was extremely flexible in scheduling the inspection and effectively dealt with the home owner. Great report and details. Absolutely would recommend.
- R.S., April 2024
I very much appreciate the thorough job Greg did on the house inspection. I also appreciate how quickly Greg was able to schedule the inspection. I would definitely recommend homegauge and Greg Plapp.
- A.M., Pendleton OR, April 2024
Great job with inspection, very thorough
- R.C., April 2024
Very detailed, definitely worth it to go with these guys for a home inspection.
- D.R., April 2024
I love how extremely thorough the overall inspection was. The inspection allowed for us to catch some water stains that otherwise could have been missed. Thank you for your diligent work
- B.M., March 2024
Inspector was very professional. Inspection was done quickly after contacting. Very thorough review of any problems/concerns. Highly recommended!
- D.A., February 2024
I was very surprised & satisfied. He was extremely thorough & even mentioned about a poisonous oleander plant that I didn't know about. I would highly recommend Greg Plapp as your inspector.
- D.M., February 2024
Very pleased with Mr. Plapp's through home inspection report. I Would recommend Mr. Plapp's to anyone I know who might require his services.
- D.R., February 2024
Greg was very responsive and detailed oriented, he made sure he gave my client and I a perfect understanding on things around the home that needed to be brought up to our attention.
- J.S., January 2024
Greg did a very thorough and professional job with our home inspection. He was very good at explaining what he found and what the next steps might be. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone.
- D.V., January 2024
**TOP NOTCH** Him and his team are top tier professionals! They look at every little thing and send a VERY detailed report within hours of the inspection. Thats unheard-of! Greg and his coworker came out and both gentlemen have extensive backgrounds that come with a wealth of knowledge. Would 100% recommend again!
- C.C., December 2023
Greg Plapp provides very professional service did an outstanding job doing my inspection. Highly recommended.
- L.T., December 2023
Very thorough and professional.
- W.V., December 2023
Greg was incredibly thorough. Covered every aspect possible. I will certainly be using his services again and recommend everyone else to do so as well!
- M.S., October 2023
Greg Plapp did a great home inspection for property at 5005 Spencer unit C. He seemed to cover everything that needs to be taken care of. Thank you.
- B.S., Las Vegas NV, October 2023
Gregg is always there when I need him and does an amazing job inspecting my clients home.
- C.O., NV, Henderson NV, October 2023
I have had 2 homes inspected in other states and Greg’s was the most thorough and very easy to understand. Did not include terms most lay people couldn’t understand. Greg was available and answered on my first phone call to inquire about my concerns and questions. Reminded me I could call anytime with further questions, relieved I could call again if I needed him. Highly recommend Greg. His fee was reasonable and well worth it. Thanks, Greg!!
- J.M., Las Vegas NV, October 2023
Greg was very thorough and patient with answering all our questions and explaining details about our home. This was the best home inspection we've ever had and would highly recommend Greg to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- J.H., September 2023
You are top-notch and by far the best inspector I've used, and will continue to be my 1st choice!
- E.T., Henderson NV, September 2023
The inspection was very thorough and I was impressed with the amount of detail. I bought a house in 2019 and felt like the inspection from that company was far less valuable than Greg's inspection. I will definately use Greg again and would recommend him to anyone needing a house inspection.
- L.D., September 2023
He was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the whole process. He was nice and professional.
- M.W., September 2023
Greg was very thorough and knowledgeable. His report was easy to follow and the entire process was a great experience. Would definitely recommend to others.
- T.T., HENDERSON NV, September 2023
Greg was very professional, did a thorough and detailed inspection. He even discussed his findings prior to releasing the report and answered any questions we had. He's also making himself available should issues arise after. He's highly recommendable.
- J.M., August 2023
This was my first home inspection and I'm not sure what I wax expecting, but Greg was extremely thorough and timely with everything. He even went above and beyond to meet me back out there to review again. I would highly recommend him.
- M.P., July 2023
Greg was very thorough! If you want someone who is going to inspect your home as if they are the ones about to live in it, then Greg is your guy. He took the time and effort to look at everything.
- K.S., July 2023
Greg was extremely thorough, inspecting a 50 year old house. Talked to us directly after the inspection to go over some key issues. Very professional, well worth the money paid.
- M.M., July 2023
Professional, efficient, gave easy to understand explanations and friendly. Gave me confidence in his knowledge.
- J.S., June 2023
Greg was extremely professional and knowledgable when inspecting our new home. He took his time and walked the property with my husband and I, showing us potential concerns as well as pointing out the items in good shape. We appreciated the attention to detail he gave our new property.
- A.L., June 2023
Greg was extremely thorough in inspecting our new home. Since we were living in South Dakota at the time, it was imperative that he be our eyes.
- D.S., June 2023
Very professional and thorough
- D.K., June 2023
Great job, great communication. Thank you much Greg.
- J.C., May 2023
Greg was very detailed in his findings on this property. He explained everything very well and professionally. We were very pleased with his work and would highly recommend him to anyone needing a professional inspection.
- J.R., April 2023
Greg is amazing. He was very detailed, very thorough, professional and took his time with everything. He showed me his concerns and explained everything. He is excellent and we will use him again.
- P.C., Las Vegas NV, April 2023
Greg was very detailed in the inspection of my home! All questions that I had were answered in full and I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to buy a home in the future!
- B.S., April 2023
Greg is an amazing and very thorough and detailed inspector. He did an inspection on two houses and his report and findings saved us from overpaying and buying a house that had concerning issues. Will recommend 100% and will definitely use him in the future. Thank you Greg!!
- N.M., April 2023
Detailed inspection went above and beyond. Made sure I understood everything and gave information beyond what was required to ensure home is kept in good condition.
- A.N., March 2023
Very thorough and professional. Will use and recommend at any time needed..
- L.F., March 2023
Our future home was inspected professionally, meticulously and honestly! Mr. Greg Plapp of Accomplished Home Inspections LLC is highly recommended, he did a good job! Keep it up! Thank you :)
- R.G., Las Vegas NV, February 2023
Thank you so much. Your report was very detailed.
- A.R., February 2023
Very thorough and professional! We got our report back the same day! Very pleased, will recommend to everyone!! Thank you!
- L.D., Las Vegas NV, February 2023
Greg did a very thorough job fully evaluating our new home. He understood our goals and met them in an extremely professional manner. We would HIGHLY recommend him.
- S.S., Henderson NV, January 2023
Although we never actually crossed paths, we trusted in you for our realtor trusted in you. The inspection report is detailed, clearly photographed and easy to understand.
- W.N., January 2023
Brody was very thorough, checking everything that could possibly be checked. He was very friendly, knowledgable and answered all our questions. We would definitely use him again.
- J.B., January 2023
Greg is kind, educated, and very informative. Greg’s detailed report helped us to make a decision on a home.
- J.W., January 2023
Thank you so much Greg for the amazingly thorough inspection!! You did more than I could’ve ever imagined! Incredibly thankful and appreciative. I will DEFINITELY use your services again and recommend you!
- J.T., December 2022
Did an EXCELLENT job
- O.A., December 2022
Very detailed with his inspection. Explain things in detail if he found something that he had a concern about. I took a lot of pictures so we were able to see things that we might have missed and just a regular walk-through. Would definitely recommend this company.
- J.G., October 2022
Greg's impeccable attention to detail is unsurpassed in every aspect of home inspection/construction!! Thanks Greg, for making our new home purchase a little less stressful.
- P.L., null nul, October 2022
Greg was professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and friendly. He was engaged and listened. He took the time to answer our questions and explained everything in a manner we understood! Thank you, Greg. The Rebman's
- M.R., October 2022
1) I really appreciated how attentive Greg is to the details that go into an inspection. 2) All the detailed pictures are so helpful and I'll be referencing them while living in my house. 3) When he completed the inspection, Greg took the time to explain many routine house maintenance items that I need to do. 4) I was able to suggest to Greg to add pictures and quality of interior water sprinklers. 5) Greg offered his assistance to me anytime in the future for questions or referrals. I have already reached out to him twice...thank you Greg!
- A.E., October 2022
Greg was incredible! Would absolutely recommend to friends and family. He was very thorough and explained every step or concern he had. Very knowledgeable and a true professional.
- J.B., North Las Vegas NV, October 2022
I highly highly recommend them they are absolutely amazing they pay so much attention to everything and make sure you understand everything that is included in the report at the end I didn’t even have any questions because they did such an amazing job they really take care of their customers anyone that is buying a house definitely need to call them and have them do the inspection
- J.L., September 2022
Greg was super knowledgeable and efficient. I was shockingly surprised with the amount of things he checked. He went inside the attic, used an infer red camera to check for water, and even used a camera to look at the roof. 11/10 would recommend
- T.Z., September 2022
Greg was an absolute pleasure to work with and I will be reaching out again for sure. His work was very thorough and honest about major problems even giving me some advice on maintenance items in my new home. I would highly recommend him to anyone else in need of an inspector. The reports were very detailed and included recommended maintenance.
- J.C., September 2022
Thorough, considerate and helpful. Caught things that baffled the sellers.
- J.O., September 2022
Greg was amazing and provided a very thorough inspection. He definitely made me aware of everything about the house I’m buying and made it very easy to understand without all the big company jargon. He is your guy if you’re looking to have an inspection completed.
- R.G., September 2022
Greg Plapp was very thorough in completing the inspection of the home we are buying. He took the time to explain any issues he saw in detail to us and answered all of our questions. Greg was very professional, I would highly recommend Greg Plapp.
- W.L., September 2022
My first home inspection, thr inspector did a great job. I will definitely use Greg again. (Hopefully real soon).
- S.B., August 2022
The report looks very detailed and descriptive. Had someone there for us and seems to be a great inspection.
- D.M., August 2022
Greg did an amazing job inspecting my property. Very thorough inspection and he was able to speak to me over the phone to let me know some of the major problems.
- M.B., August 2022
Greg was absolutely terrific and knows his stuff!!! Would recommend him highly to anyone who needs their home inspected.
- R.S., August 2022
Absolutely the BEST home inspector I have worked with in years. Greg is extremely knowledgeable, reliable and goes out of his way to explain things to everyone?s satisfaction. I have worked with other home inspectors but will only recommend Accomplished Home Inspections.
- F.P., August 2022
Very professional and detailed inspection, thank you! Client is very happy with your work
- L.G., July 2022
Excellent and thorough and very much appreciated
- A.C., Las Vegas, NV, July 2022
Fantastic job
- A.W., Glendale CA, July 2022
Report is excellent with details and photos.
- K.T., June 2022
Greg was beyond professional, knowledgeable, and took his time. He was able to dummy down his findings so that I could easily follow. Even when it came to the unpleasant findings he was able to make easy to take. Not only would I recommend him he has a repeat customer
- G.G., June 2022
Haven't met Greg personally but according to my realtor, Greg did a good initial inspection on the home before everything was closed up. Having an inspector that worked with us and protected our interests gave us peace of mind. Thank you, Greg!
- R.S., San Diego CA, June 2022
Did a very good job. Saved us from buying a problem house. Thanks. Steve Shirley
- S.S., June 2022
Quick appointment and very thorough inspection.
- J.R., June 2022
Great job.. very thorough
- T.S., June 2022
Super thorough and gave me peace of mind on what the home needed to be done and what was a minor issue that comes with normal use of a home. Thank YOU!
- Z.W., May 2022
Very thorough.
- J.M., May 2022
Will only call Greg and his team when I need to entrust someone with any purchase of mine! They are extremely knowledgeable and cool people. Love the video features in their reports as well.
- E.A., May 2022
Awesome nice and friendly You guys really are. Thank you for taking your time and help me out for the problems to solve. Thank you guys and have a wonderful day.
- D.O., Las vegas NV, May 2022
The inspection was done in a very timely manner & very thorough. When we asked for some clarification Greg was very helpful and patient. Definitely highly recommend.
- K.W., May 2022
Greg was very professional. He was prompt and very proficient from start to finish. He showed up on time, did the inspection, explained his findings and asked if I had any questions. Quick turn-around time with report. I would use his services in the future and highly recommend him to family and friends.
- D.L., May 2022
Greg and his team were absolutely the best. The report they provided was very detailed and so professionally done. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to have a property inspected. They didn't miss anything!
- C.R., May 2022
Greg was very thorough and detailed. We would use their services without hesitation.
- B.M., May 2022
It was great working with you! You guys did an amazing job! We'll be in touch!
- F.S., April 2022
Everything was handled very professional and Greg explained all problem areas. He gave the buyer heads up on the whole property, good and bad about the house ??. Thanks Greg for your knowledge in delivering this report , very helpful.
- L.H., Jean NV, April 2022
Greg did an amazing job with capturing all the details. The photos were very clear and his comments/suggestions were extremely helpful! Thanks to his attention to detail, his inspection actually saved us from signing up for a potential “money-pit” of a home. Thank you!
- L.J., April 2022
Greg did a great job on the home inspection! He pointed out main concerns and took photos of the possible issues that may arise in the future. Thanks Greg!
- F.G., April 2022
Greg Plapp did an excellent job and I appreciate his work. I will definitely use him again. Thank you, Greg.
- J.N., LAS VEGAS NV, April 2022
I want to thank Greg and his team for the amazing job on the home inspection they did for my new built. Being a first time buyer I was overwhelmed with the whole process but at the same time I wanted my investment to be well-built and perfect. I trusted him and he did not let me down. He sent me a very detailed and awesome report which included pictures, recommendations, and to-be fixed items that helped me a lot during my final walkthrough, even my superintendent was impressed. I would definitively recommend this company. Thank you guys!
- E.C., Lake Forest CA, March 2022
Great inspection.
- W.K., March 2022
Amazingly thorough and honest, 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a great home inspector!!
- A.R., March 2022
Greg inspected 2 homes for me. He is very thorough and detailed with his home inspections. I especially appreciate his summaries, which highlight the most important findings of his inspections. I use his summaries to decide if I would like to proceed with a property, and also to negotiate repairs with the seller. I highly recommend Greg for your home inspection!
- H.L., Henderson NV, March 2022
Very thorough and knowledgeable.
- T.M., March 2022