I've worked with Scott for years, and he is consistently dependable, professional and reliable. His reports are thorough, and my clients love the summary he provides for what can be a lengthly and overwhelming list of items.
- K.R., Park City UT, April 2021
A thorough job , turned up on time. We are very satisfied.
- D.H., April 2021
Scott is the Best in the business!
- S.A., March 2021
thanks, scott, for your prompt attention, your excellent documentation, and your professionalism. it's appreciated.
- S.B., March 2021
Timely, professional and thorough.
- M.K., January 2021
Scott gave us the most detailed report we've ever seen. His attention to detail armed us with vital information in the most important financial decision of our lives. And we got the report the same day! He comes with our highest recommendations. P.K.
- P.C., January 2021
Overall great job. Scott provided an easy to understand summary and was patient with all my questions.
- K.J., December 2020
Scott was excellent. Very detailed and thorough. I would absolutely recommend Scott for an inspection.
- M.E., November 2020
Great job....very thorough and did a great job explaining issues with pics and videos.
- D.R., Town & Country MO, October 2020
Thank you Scott for your fast response and incredible detail. We have confidence in purchasing our new home thanks to you! Highly recommended.
- L.A., September 2020
Scott is very thorough, but only highlights items that actually require attention, unlike many inspectors who “look” for things to justify their fee. I highly recommend Scott.
- E.C., September 2020
He was thorough and on time. He followed up immediately and the report was accurate and complete. Thank you!
- M.E., August 2020
Very thorough and detailed. Really helped us with the decision on our purchase of a Cabin. Loved the ability to create a list of items the seller needs to repair.
- G.B., July 2020
Scott's inspection was very thorough. He walked us through the house and pointed out what he saw. He took the time to alert us to all the issues he saw with the house. I'd recommend and use him again.
- M.C., June 2020
Great job Scott!!!! Your thorough report will greatly support our "house updates," as we prepare our home for future endeavors.
- D.M., June 2020
Scott did a terrific job. He was able to schedule my inspection quickly, did a very thorough job, and was a pleasure to work with. It's great to have someone you can count on when making a property purchase remotely. Scott make the entire process very easy. I would not hesitate to recommend him, or to use him again.
- K.F., June 2020
Thanks Scott for being so thorough. Report is very helpful.
- B.K., May 2020
The inspection was very thorough, quick and painless. Once it was done the inspector sent me a very detailed report. Very detailed repostar but also easy to under stand. I will be using them again for the next report.
- v.O., Taylorsville UT, May 2020
Great communication. Got report night of inspection. Presented in a format that is easy to follow with supporting pictures. End consisted of a well done synopsis. Had a few questions and easy to get in touch with. Don’t hesitate to use. Presentation and communication couldn’t have been any better!
- R.H., April 2020
Scott is incredibly thorough and objective. Highly recommend.
- J.C., March 2020
I will definitely recommend to anyone in the Evanston area!
- T.B., March 2020
Scott is super thorough!
- A.G., February 2020
Scott is so thorough throughout his report. He walks you through everything he has done and explains the best course of action to take in order to solve the problem! Very responsive to any questions you may have!
- D.T., January 2020
excellent and very complete. Trusted by my realestate agent!
- J.B., January 2020
Thanks for coming in at short notice. I'm going to go with the owner's assertion that the water damage is from pre-2012 and your measure that the walls were dry. I'm not looking forward to refinishing those walls.
- T.B., December 2019
Very thorough inspection, great responsiveness and professional!
- C.W., PARK CITY UT, November 2019
Excellent job.
- G.W., November 2019
Scott is professional, informative and through. Having worked with many home inspectors in my 30+ years in real estate, Scott and Jake are the top of my list!
- C.B., November 2019
excellent job very thorough
- D.L., October 2019
Scott was very prompt with the inspection and report. He was available for follow up questions and was easy to work with. His report is easy to read, understand, and use.
- C.S., October 2019
Scott was incredibly thorough and made the entire process seamless. Highly recommend him!
- J.P., August 2019
Scott was extremely thorough and his report included pictures and a video to give further evidence of his findings. I also appreciate how patient he was with all of my questions. He was very personable and I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- M.S., Heber City UT, July 2019
We have bought and sold many homes in our life looking at many, many inspection reports. This inspection report is by far the most thorough and detailed. Thank you very much! -Rob and Mary Kathryn
- R.B., July 2019
Personable, very thorough, offered to answer any relevant questions that might come up post inspection. Thanks Scott and Jake for inspecting our future home (hopefully). Patrick
- P.J., July 2019
Couldn't be more pleased. A better inspection than anticipated, saved me from making a monumental error.
- B.F., June 2019
Scott did an awesome job and alerted me to several issues that needed addressing. He saved me countless hours and possible downside in repairs, helping me to make an informed decision on walking away from a possible money pit.
- K.L., June 2019
Scott was excellent! Scheduling was easy, communications were prompt and concise, the reports came out exactly when he promised and the content was super thorough and easy to understand.
- C.D., April 2019
Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to! Gave an honest opinion!
- S.A., April 2019
My wife and I want to personally thank Scott and his amazing team for the inspection they did on our new home. They went out of their way to make sure everything was in good working order. Scott is very personable and does an amazing inspection. I would recommend him and his staff to all my friends and family. Sincerely, Spence and Jackie McDonald
- S.M., February 2019
Great job!
- F.H., January 2019
Amazing service, very detailed. Thanks
- C.B., January 2019
Scott and his son were very thorough, friendly and willing to explain everything in detail. I highly recommend then!
- M.G., November 2018
Scott and team did an incredible job providing a thorough report which helped us to make an educated decision on whether or not to move forward on a house under contract. They provided impartial observations, photos, and were extremely professional throughout the process.
- H.G., October 2018
Scott was very thorough, writes a well organized report, and is a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend him and would use him again in the future.
- S.S., October 2018
Scott provided very helpful information. He was efficient and professional. Would definitely use him again.
- M.P., September 2018
Scott was straightforward, thorough, and very helpful. We felt confident moving forward with our purchase after his inspection.
- C.C., August 2018
Thanks so much for your detailed inspection and easy to understand explanations. You found things I totally overlooked and it will save me money and aggravation in the future. You and Jake were incredibly knowledgeable and the report well documented the issues with the house.
- K.A., August 2018
Scott is great to work with. He is very prompt at returning calls and extremely thorough with his inspections. If you are looking for the best inspector in the business call Scott! I will definitely use him again.
- C.A., June 2018
Thanks for taking the time to answer all our questions!
- J.C., June 2018
Thorough. I like the pictures and the video component of the inspection.
- B.B., June 2018
Scott's software is so easy to navigate and my Buyers love that they can make a list of the issues/concerns that they have to pass on to the Seller. Videos are also very helpful.
- M.L., Park City UT, April 2018
Very thorough and Professional!
- M.S., April 2018
Thanks Scott for doing such a professional and detailed inspection of the Home we are looking to purchase, the report gives us a clear understanding of what needs to be done and will greatly reduce the unknown surprises that come with remodeling an older home.
- D.S., April 2018
You did a great job and your report was very thorough! We decided to cancel our contract on the home due to many unforeseen repairs that need to be addressed.
- A.G., Tuscaloosa AL, April 2018
We were blown away by how thorough you were. Very impressed.
- N.C., April 2018
The report provided by Scott was very detailed, helping me to feel confident. The services provided were extremely timely, and all my questions were answered along the way. Thanks so much!
- A.L., Salt Lake City UT, March 2018
Extremely thorough. Thank you!
- S.W., March 2018
Scott and his team conducted our inspection with only two days notice. We received the report the same day of the inspection. The report was thorough and easy to understand. They found many items to address that we did not see during our time in the home. Great Job!
- J.L., February 2018
We had already compiled a pretty thorough list of items that needed repaired or replaced in the home and when Scott and his team came through they reported every single item that we had found ourselves in addition to many others! Great team, very thorough, with great communication. 10/10 would recommend!
- M.S., January 2018
Scott Cowan and his team are excellent. Scott's ability to explain issues in a simple straightforward manner not only educates his clients but enables them to seek out the appropriate repair professionals.
- , January 2018
Scott was super friendly and thorough. There were 2 other guys with him doing the inspection and I don't think they missed anything. The report was also straightforward and easy to understand. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- A.S., January 2018
Scott is über thorough, which is exactly what you want in an inspector. He is also very approachable. Thanks, Scott; I will definitely refer you business when the opportunity comes!
- K.W., January 2018
Scott and his son where awesome!!! They where so thorough and took their time, even took the time to sit down and chat with us after the inspection. We are grateful for their work!!
- S.W., January 2018
Very thorough inspection, also answered many of my questions.
- T.S., January 2018
The inspectors were at the property promptly and were very professional in their demeanor. I like that there was more than one inspector on the job--more eyes to see any problems with the house. The inspection was thorough, with lots of photographs and explanations of their findings. The report was comprehensive and presented in an easy-to-read format. I spoke with Scott after the inspection and he made me feel confident in his discretion (realizing that I was his client--not the seller) and his candor regarding the property. I highly recommend him!
- R.B., January 2018
Great team and thorough inspection!
- J.B., January 2018
Scott and his team were very thorough and professional.
- J.W., December 2017
I contacted Scott Cowan and the following day he completed a thorough inspection of a condominium property for us. His report was detailed and clear and included pictures. He quickly answered my follow-up questions. I highly recommend Scott Cowan.
- M.D., December 2017
Awesome service! Second to none! Great report, very easy to understand. Thoroughly pointed out all issues, big and little, and supported those issues with great pictures. As we are out of town and unable to attend the inspection, we relied on Scott's report to continue with the purchase. Thank you, Scott!!!
- W.K., December 2017
Scott, we thought you did a great job for us. Reasonably priced, accommodative / flexible on scheduling inspection and end-product / report was informative, clear and useful in getting our HOA to schedule repairs. Definitely would recommend and use Cowan Inspection Group again. Thanks!!! /s/ Rob & Carrie Lasich
- C.L., November 2017
Excellent and timely service, thorough report, and appreciated your prompt response to follow up questions.
- J.B., November 2017
Thank you for doing such a great job on my inspection. And thank you for being able to do the inspection so soon after I called to schedule it. See you in PC!
- S.S., October 2017
Saved us a big headache
- S.M., October 2017
I would have been nice to know at the time of the inspection that you didn't inspect the hot tub--I didn't realize that until I read the report.
- G.J., October 2017
Thank you for pointing out the serious issues the home had. Because of your report we decided not to buy the home. Thank you for doing a great job
- S.N., September 2017
Fantastic, especially for an out-of-state buyer. I?ve also utilized Scott?s services for a condominium purchase two years ago. The use of video and photos for a much larger home was invaluable. Thank you for another great experience.
- L.P., September 2017
Scott did an excellent job with our inspection! He is very professional, very thorough and a joy to work with. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone.
- N.C., September 2017
Scott did a thorough job inspecting the house, put together a detailed report and provided it on a timely manner (same day). Well done,
- H.K., September 2017
Scott was very thorough in his inspection and the detailed report was very helpful. It was clear what needed to be fixed and allowed us to easily go back to the seller with clear direction on what needed to be addressed.
- N.L., August 2017
Thanks for the detailed review of the home and the confidence to move forward with the purchase.
- A.S., August 2017
Scott great job! Thanks for your help and experience
- B.K., December 2016