We really appreciate the work Jonathan did for us, and especially the time he took in explaining the problems that needed correction. We are new to this, never having sold a house before, and do not understand many terms concerning the issues, but he took his time and carefully talked them through with us. Thanks so much Jonathan.
- B.M., Houston TX, April 2018
Thanks Jonathan, your inspection was thorough and you are very knowledgable concerning the many components and systems that make up a house. You did a wonderful job asking questions and interacting with our builder, HVAC installers, and electrician. Your high energy level is impressive. Well done!
- V.G., December 2017
Everything was great. Thank you
- J.I., November 2017
We appreciate the time you took to go over the report and to walk through the house with us.
- T.C., October 2017
I would highly recommend Jonathan as a home inspector. He was extremely thorough and highly knowledgeable. Jonathan took extra time to explain many things. He made himself available on short notice with our hectic schedule and submitted his report so timely. We would certainly hire him again.
- H.K., October 2017
Jonathan is a FANTASTIC Inspector! He is always accommodating, even if called in the last minute! He is very skilled in his expert opinion and explains the concerns in a way that the buyer can understand. Also, he prepares a inspection report that is easy to follow and understand. He always does a GREAT JOB!
- K.K., October 2017
John did an excellent job!! He was at the house within a few day and finished the job in a timely manner. He called me after a day and asked if I had any questions about the report.
- M.J., October 2017
Very professional. Explains results very well.
- R.S., September 2017
Thank you so much for your inspection for my little couple. You definitely allowed them to dodge a bullet on this one and I can't thank you enough. Needless to say, we withdrew the contract during the option period. Again - thank you! Jennie Kahanek Walzel Properties LLC
- J.K., August 2017
Very quick and easy to understand report generated quickly.
- T.V., August 2017
The only thing to mention is maybe need to watch for septic system field lines. Otherwise, Jonathan was pretty thorough and explained things very well.
- D.K., Houston TX, August 2017
Jonathan was a great inspector, he was very patient. He took his time looking out throughout the home. He explained to me all the details and what was the major issue. He was not rushing he even used the thermo-imaging camera. He even provided the inspection report quickly!
- D.D., June 2017
Jonathan did a very through inspection and explained all of the discrepancies he found. He also did some extra fact finding by checking well water serving outfit and check on county records for septic system information. All in all, he performed an excellent inspection and provided good information regarding his findings. John Farmer
- J.F., June 2017
Very thorough and professional. I will contact you with questions once all other inspections have been made. Thank you for your service!
- D.F., June 2017
Great Job and Straight forward !
- E.F., Taylor TX, June 2017
Great service. Report was comprehensive and was provided in a timely manner.
- C.F., April 2017
Great inspection report, Jonathan! Thanks for the quick and efficient service on this house!
- S.G., March 2017
Thank you so much Jonathan! You did a wonderful job checking out the home and really help us by inspecting things we never thought about! I can't express how much gratitude I have for your attention to detail! Thank you again!
- S.M., February 2017
Jonathan was great! He wrote a detailed and very helpful report. I would definitely recommend him.
- C.C., February 2017
You did an amazing job. Thank you for taking to time to talk with me too. I feel you way above and beyond what most inspectors do. I would highly recommend your services! Thanks!
- A.S., Brazoria TX, January 2017
Jonathan helped us determine that there was a plumbing leak in our bathroom floor using a moisture meter and IR camera. I strongly recommend him!
- D.S., January 2017