Juliet did an amazing and very thorough inspection for us. We are very happy with her services!
- C.B., March 2020
Juliet is incredibly knowledgeable and has a tremendous passion for her work. The inspection process is so much more than checking boxes and making recommendations, but teaching you how your new home works and why. Her experience as a builder gives her a level of experience that is second to none. Hiring Juliet is money well spent.
- N.A., Groveland FL, December 2019
Juliet was prompt, professional, thorough, and very helpful in discussing the inspection and new-home purchase process moving forward. She was attentive to my notes about issues I spotted, included them in her report, and was extremely thorough in her inspection report. Not only did Juliet offer in-depth inspection details on all aspects of the home that were remarkable, she included notes to us, as homeowners, concerning best practices for upkeep and maintenance of the exterior and HVAC system. This was a welcomed, pleasant surprise. I highly recommend Juliet with GEM Home Inspections for all your home inspection needs!!
- A.M., November 2019
Hello Juliet. I appreciate the help you provided in completing two walk-thru's of my new home. Your inspection reports were very thorough and precise making it easy to follow and understand. I thank you for involving the superintendents as well to ensure they received the information back in a timely manner. I would not hesitate in referring others to you for the services you provide. Thanks again for everything!
- J.M., May 2019
Juliet is very knowledgeable about building codes, therefore, she takes the opportunity to explain and address your concerns. The inspection report she provided us was very thorough and highlighted areas that needed attention. I would strongly recommend Juliet to anyone. She is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.
- C.P., Orlando FL, April 2019
Thank you so much. You were great. Very comprehensive inspection. Plus the standard of your work is very high. We spent 3 hours inspecting the property ourselves and didn?t see 90% of what caught your attention. Again thanks for a great job.
- B.W., March 2019
Detailed, knowledgeable and friendly.
- L.F., Orlando FL, March 2019
Jules is definitely very thorough with her inspections. We are extremely pleased with the results of the inspection.
- J.F., February 2019
Very friendly knowledgeable and provides options for repairs. She stands behind her work as well
- J.C., Monroe NY, February 2019
Juliet was awesome. She was professional, thorough, and took the time to explain the process of inspecting our new construction home. She worked directly with our construction manager to resolve any issues she found and made sure I was in the loop the entire time. I highly recommend Juliet for your inspection needs.
- C.C., OCOEE FL, December 2018
Very through with great communication. Able to translate technical points into easily understandable explanations. Very willing to discuss and answer questions.
- S.H., Oakland CA, November 2018
Short answer: Short answer - she saved our family. She was extremely thorough and professional. You could tell she really knew all aspects of home standards. She found over $15000 worth of defects in our Newly Built home and found things that even the state inspectors missed. Her reports are comprehensive and help hold the builders accountable due to her irrefutable pictures and details on what it should be. She found hurricane stap issues with the roof, electrical hazards, grating/water retention issues and ... somehow our builder didn?t know they ruptured the main waterline under the foundation of our house .... but Juliet sure as heck did. On top of the major defects she identified she was so thurough as to note they gave us an oven that was rusted on the inside and filled the tub all the way.... only to see that it cracked all the grout because the builders didn?t support it correctly. There were many more defects pointed out but you get the picture. My dad a former wind mitigation inspector saw the inspection and was impressed with the level of detail. So much so that he texted me immediately after saying she must be one of the most competent and knowledgeable inspectors he has ever seen and that we are fortunate to have been recommended to her by my cousin (a certified structural engineer). She is also nice and goes over all the details she found with you at the end of inspection. If you go with any other inspector you are doing yourself a disservice.
- S.P., September 2018
Juliet was extremely professional, throughout and technical I?ve done two other home inspection without companies and Juliet is the best so far, I told my husband the money paid in this inspection for our brand new townhouse is the best investment. Even it was a new build she found many details and things to fix and she help me get all that fix up with the builder words can describe how good she is at this hire her and will never regret it
- L.B., September 2018
I can?t think of anything Juliet could do to improve the services she provided. This was the best inspection we have ever had, and it truly raises the bar on the competition. The value of you thorough attention to detail makes it worth every penny. I will recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection. Thank you!
- B.P., September 2018
Very detailed inspection, didn't miss a thing. I would definitely recommend.
- R.W., September 2018
We had a very small window to get the inspection completed. Juliet was able to complete a very thorough inspection and deliver a detailed and comprehensive report in a short amount of time. She was extremely professional, on time, and explained the report in a very easy way to understand. I would absolutely use her again and highly recommend her to others.
- S.W., September 2018
Juliet is very thorough and knowledgeable. I had many issues with my builder, but thanks to her final inspection report, I had peace of mind before closing as the items she pointed out were fixed. She even took the time to speak with the foreman to go over the deficiencies. I will definitely call her again before my one-year warranty expires.
- A.P., August 2018
She appeared to be very knowledgeable and thorough in her assessment of the deficiencies attached to the home in question. She's a genuine qualified family oriented professional that seem to love her job. I strongly recommend her for anyone looking for a qualified home inspector.
- G.H., July 2018
Juliet did an amazing job!!! A true professional and master of her craft. Her report was extremely thorough and full of helpful tips on how to properly maintain my home for years to come. Her customer service was outstanding, not only communicating with me but with my builder and sales rep as well ensuring all parties involved were working together for my benefit. I highly recommend Juliet Goodman and GEM Home Inspections to anyone looking to hire the best!
- D.M., July 2018
Juliet has provided very detailed and thorough inspections for us. Her background knowledge really shines through and she is able to communicate her findings in an easy to understand fashion. We have experienced many other inspectors over the years, and Juliet stands out in a league of her own. We highly recommend Juliet Goodman and will certainly be calling on her again for our future inspection needs.
- A.Y., June 2018
Juliet was one of the best inspectors I have encountered in my 4 years of real estate. She was patient with my clients walking through the property explaining everything and never rushed. She stayed at the property until 8:30pm with a smile on her face.
- x.x., May 2018
Best of the best in the industry
- S.H., May 2018
Very knowledgeable and attention to detail home inspector. Great inspection report and completed in a timely fashion. Thank you for the recommendations to maintain and/or correct deficiencies.
- W.R., May 2018
Juliet was fantastic to work with: wonderfully knowledgeable as well as personable. Would highly recommend.
- H.G., April 2018
Juliet was professional, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to meet our needs. We highly recommend her to anyone needing an inspection and would not hesitate to use her again. As our builder stated, “she was the most through inspector I’ve ever met!”
- B.S., March 2018
Very thorough - exactly what we needed. Great job!! thank you very much!!
- M.W., March 2018
You were beyond amazing! I will call you next time and recommend you to everyone I know!
- Z.M., February 2018
Juliet was very thorough with the inspection and when we did the walk through explained everything in detail. The report we received afterwards was precise and thorough and would recommend to anyone if you need an inspection Juliet is your go to person.
- G.W., February 2018
Juliet did an awesome job. I was not able to be at the inspection but she sent a very detailed inspection report which had a lot of pictures of the house, the issues she found which were also highlighted so it was easy to find in the pictures. She pointed out a lot of things that most people would have missed.
- K.P., February 2018
Totally awesome inspector and report. Was a pleasure to meet Juliet and receive a debriefing of her findings. The written report was detailed, clear, and thorough.
- G.D., February 2018
Juliet was very thorough, and explained her findings and recommendations extremely well.
- M.W., February 2018
Juliet was amazing. She did a full walk through with us and explained everything we needed to know and everything that was included in her report and why. Will definitely recommend her to other buyers.
- J.R., December 2017
Juliet was extremely knowledgable and supportive through our new home build inspection process. She actively participated in discussions with the builder while also providing fair and reasonabe advice on any potential issues with the new construction process. She was professional and always met deadlines and deliverables. Her knowledge and partnership ensured that we felt confident in the quality of our home or the areas that required additional focus by the builder. I would definitely recommend Juliet to any home buyer whether they are buying a new construction home as I did OR buying a pre-owned home.
- J.G., November 2017
Very professional and thorough. Absolutely will recommend her and her company to my family and friends.
- L.D., October 2017
This report was worth every penny! You caught everything we missed and more. Very knowledgeable and I'm recommending you to anyone I know that needs an inspector. Thank you for all of your help and time!
- A.S., October 2017
Awesome Report! Thorough and descriptive with many pictures to provide clarity. I highly recommend Juliet Goodman!
- K.H., Orlando FL, September 2017
Juliet was very thorough and knowledgeable about our Florida home. We would recommend her to our friends and family.
- C.S., September 2017
Thorough inspection, detailed report, great personality. Thank you!
- T.C., August 2017