Greg arrived early and completed the inspection well ahead of schedule. While we were out of state and unable to attend, he called us and gave an overview of the highlights of his report. He followed up the next day and sent his full report, which was very easy to understand and well documented with photos. Greg was highly recommended to us, and we can see why!
- Z.B., April 2024
Greg did a great job & I would highly recommend him!
- K.W., January 2024
Greg Jones and his assistance, Shelia did a thorough inspection. Many thanks.
- B.M., October 2023
Greg was thorough, personable, and knowledgeable. He spend multiple hours analyzing multiple aspects on the inside & outside of home. At the end of the inspection, he spent as much time as I needed not only pointing out problem spots but also making sure, as a first time home buyer, I understood some basic tenants of home maintenance and preventative care. I thoroughly trust Greg!
- T.S., May 2023
Greg did a great job and was very informative. When he seen a repair, he explained what was needed. 10/10 recommend for home inspection.
- C.S., December 2022
Greg thoroughly inspected the property and offered some practical upgrade advice (add additional insulation, etc). He is very thorough and knowledgeable as well as personable. Also, we used the company’s associated termite and radon inspection services as and are very pleased with the level of service and care from those, too. We would definitely hire them again!
- Y.B., July 2022
This was the most thorough and professional inspection I have ever encountered in the buying and selling of 6 homes. Mr. Jones listened to our concerns about the home, he walked us around the property requesting that we point out our specific concerns, he then asked many questions about the home and how we functioned day-to-day in the home. This was all before he started his solo inspection of the property. Mr. Jones then conducted what had to be the most in-depth inspection - looked at all air filters, the HVAC system, the foundation outside the home and in the basement and garage, opened and closed all doors and cabinets in the home, climbed a ladder to examined the roofing and gutter systems, inspected the attic crawl space, reviewed drainage concerns, then took a hard look at the deck and patio. He took pictures of everything even where there were no concerns. It was ready good status report of the home.
- E.D., April 2022
Thank you
- R.M., Louisville KY, April 2022
Greg met or exceeded my every expectation. He was very detailed in his inspection ,and explained the process in very simple terms. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing complete and competent home inspection Jim M
- J.M., Louisville KY, August 2021
He performed my inspection, and he did an excellent job!!
- T.R., Louisville KY, July 2021
Greg Jones Home Inspections were professional and walked us through everything from the first phone call. We are relocating from out of state and they made the entire process very easy for us! The report was extremely thorough and the pictures were extremely helpful. I would highly recommend them! Jeremy & Jennifer
- J.L., July 2021
Greg has inspected two of our home purchases. He is very thorough and precise on all issues found. He answered all our questions and gave in depth explanations as to why the issues occurred. We are grateful to have Greg do our inspections. His explanations were helpful and appreciated. We highly recommend Greg for your inspection.
- A.P., July 2021
Mr. Jones was very professional and thorough with his inspection. He took his time to point out and explain things to me, a first time home buyer. He helped prioritize my needed repairs and gave his recommendations as well as provide me with a detailed report and pictures. I am happy he was recommended to me and will recommend him to others.
- C.L., LOUISVILLE, KY KY, June 2021
Greg Jones was very personable, never made me feel that I had asked a dumb question, and was very knowledgeable. He even gave very useful suggestions on some issues we encountered. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
- S.A., April 2021
- F.M., February 2021
Greg Jones performed the home inspection on the house we are in the process of buying. He arrived at the home on time as scheduled. He was professional, knowledgeable and thorough in his inspection. He took the time to explain what he was looking for in the inspection and also gave pointers on maintaining equipment within the home.
- J.A., December 2020
Greg Jones and his staff are amazing! They're super-knowledgeable, very thorough, and quick to respond to any questions after the inspection
- K.A., November 2020
Greg Jones was recommended by some friends who could not say enough good things about him. Upon meeting, he was friendly and respectful. During the walkthrough, he was knowledgable and explained each issue with easy to understand details. His inspection was through and complete which I appreciated. After the inspection, reviewing the reports confirmed just how detailed and exhaustive his inspection proved to be. Definitely will recommend to friends & family for future reference.
- K.M., September 2020
Mr. Jones was as thorough as if he was purchasing this home himself!
- L.B., September 2020
Mr. Greg was absolutely the best. Interaction was professional, courteous and warm. His demeanor made the experience less stressful. I am confident in the inspection that was completed. Furthermore, the report was absolutely thorough and user-friendly. I cannot say enough about my experience. I will refer Mr. Greg to everyone and request his services as long as he is available! Thank you, thank you and thank you!
- C.D., Louisville KY, August 2020
Greg Jones is #1 on my Home Inspector List!
- C.L., July 2020
Greg was very professional and meticulous. Would recommend him very highly!!!
- M.V., Louisville KY, July 2020
Although I found that the young woman encountered on the phone lack professional client/provider skills, Greg?s work appears outstanding. Should need arise again for services he provides, I will not hesitate to engage him.
- M.P., December 2019
Very knowledgeable, courteous and gets to the business at hand. Felt very confident having him do the inspection.
- M.B., August 2019
Satisfied with skills and competence.
- H.G., April 2019
Greg completed inspections for the property I planned to sell and the condo I planned to buy. I am extremely pleased with how thorough he is, the quality of his full and summary reports, and the time he takes to review his findings verbally so I can take notes and ask questions. He was open to follow up questions via call or text. We are implementing many of his recommendations.
- S.P., Louisville KY, March 2019
Very Professional and informative.
- P.I., February 2019
Fabulous and thorough job.
- S.C., November 2018
Thanks again Greg!
- K.R., November 2018
Billy was amazing to work with. The amount of stuff he covered with me and the work that he did was amazing. He showed me everything that he found and what the follow-up action should be.
- J.M., October 2018
Thanks for the thorough inspection. We would highly recommend you.
- J.F., October 2018
Greg did a great job and found a rather serious issue that needs to be corrected. Greg was thorough and took the time to show me some features about my new home including the water cut off valve, garage door locks and more. I feel much more confident moving into my new home knowing a professional has inspected it.
- D.S., Louisville KY, August 2018
Very thorough in walking me through how to operate certain things in the house. Pointed out and thoroughly described all issues and concerns.
- S.P., May 2018
Very Thorough and informative. Was pleased with the time he spent with us to explain the details of the inspection.
- J.H., April 2018
Greg was greatly, he went over everything in the house.
- B.M., November 2017
4 hrs of inspection, highly satisfied, got on roof etc...great job compared to my last home inspection!!
- S.C., September 2017
I was pleased with his thorough inspection and explanation of everything.
- F.J., December 2016
Hi Greg, This is Eddie from Chicago, and I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" and your staff for the inspections of both locations and the remarks that saved us costly repairs because you uncovered the unseen. Money well spend! This inspector goes to the top of my list, second to none! Keep up the great work, there are others that need your help. Thanks!!
- E.D., September 2016
Greg is great! He explained everything in a clear way that we could understand. He told us the facts about the home and told us how certain issues are repaired. We are glad he is doing the inspection for the second house we are looking at. We will recommend him to anyone we know that may be buying a home.
- J.F., September 2016
Greg is so incredibly professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of home inspection and recommending solution to repairs or replacements needed. My clients have so much confidence about the condition of the new home after his inspection are completed. YOU ROCK GREG JONES Trudy Singleton
- T.S., Louisville KY, March 2016
i am very pleased with you as my home inspector. thank you so much for being so thorough. i have alot going on in my life right now with my divorce and you made part of the process of buying my new home for my new life so easy and stress free. thank you so much for your help and expertise. i will highly recommend you everytime given the chance. thank you, christy cope.
- C.C., February 2016
Thank u so much for being so thorough in the inspection to make sure we have the best knowledge to move forward in such a life changing decision. I think u did a great job of looking at everything.
- S.T., October 2015
Greg inspected the home we were under contract on in the most thorough way. His explanations and recommendations were knowledgeable, well thought out and helpful and allowed us to make a well educated decision regarding the property. I will only use and recommend Greg Jones in the future.
- E.N., August 2015
I think Greg did a wonderful job inspecting our home. He was very thorough, looking closely at every details. I would recommend him to anyone without questions. Jignesh Shah.
- D.S., August 2015
Thanks Greg for your thorough inspection. Enjoyed working with you. John and Robin Greenwell
- J.G., May 2015
Great service and very thorough inspection. Takes the time to explain issues and provides solid recommendations for repair, prevention, and maintenance. Outstanding! Bryan Combs
- B.C., May 2015
The best inspector is the field
- T.S., Louisville KY, May 2015
Greg Jones is extremely knowledgeable and very details. I never had any other inspector with Greg's background. Greg continues to update with codes. Greg Jones is the best!
- T.S., Louisville KY, April 2015
Great to work with Greg! Attention to detail and a true eagle eye. Thanks!
- J.M., March 2015
very professional and thorough.
- S.V., March 2015
Mr. Jones was very professional and did a thorough inspection. I would recommend his services to anyone. Thanks
- E.T., Louisville KY, February 2015
Have been using your services as a home inspector for thirty years. ALWAYS totally satisfied with your extremely competent inspections.
- J.W., Louisville KY, February 2015
Greg did a great job. My clients were very happy with his recommendations. Greg was very professional and courteous. Prices were competitive with other inspectors in the area. I would highly recommend his company.
- K.C., January 2015
Very pleased with the professional inspection we received from Greg and his team. We Believe that all items were identified and pleased with his attention to detail.
- K.W., January 2015
Greg was very professional and willing to answer any questions we had. An asset to the industry.
- T.B., November 2014
Greg did a fantastic and thorough inspection for both our inspections.
- W.M., September 2014
It will be perfect if you refer people who can fixed the problem.
- A.D., September 2014
Very thorough. Very professional.
- D.R., September 2014
You're absolutely great at what you do, and your reports are the best! Keep up the good work.
- O.L., September 2014
Thanks for the great work. Worth every penny!
- T.M., June 2014
Very thorough inspection. I liked that we received a full, printed report with photos before leaving the home. I would definitely recommend.
- D.R., May 2014
Very Good
- A.E., May 2014
Very knowledgeable, goes above and beyond.
- D.J., May 2014
Really like how he did his job
- P.A., May 2014
Very informative and thorough.
- D.J., March 2014
Greg, This is my 4th time purchasing a home and you, by far, have been the most thorough inspector. Thanks so much! If this one doesn't work out, I'll surely call you when I find something else. Susan
- S.R., October 2013
Great Job & very professional!
- B.K., October 2013
Mr. Jones was a real professional at his craft. Great Job
- J.R., September 2013
This is my second home inspection with Greg Jones company. From the receptionist on down to the inspectors and I think they are all very detailed, nice polite, caring people. They offer tips,suggestions, precautions, as well as recommendations for people to do some services that you may need. I would highly recommend their services and definetly use them again!!! Keep up the great job.
- D.S., September 2013
I believe we got a thorough inspection. Thanks
- D.h., August 2013
very thorough and very informative. did a very good job.
- C.D., August 2013
Keep up the great work!
- K.S., Louisville KY, June 2013
Great job, and we enjoyed meeting you and leaning from you.
- G.D., May 2013
Greg is the true professional inspector that leaves no stone unturned. Besides being a top notch home inspector he is also a very courteous and patient gentleman when dealing with my Buyers. His manager Cheryll (pardon if spelled wrong) is indeed a pleasure to work with as well. I only use Greg Jones for all of my inspections and highly recommend his company. Thanks Gary Ernspiker ReMax Champions
- G.E., LOUISVILLE KY, May 2013
Every home I have owned or intended to own has been inspected by Greg Jones. That should say it all.
- B.C., March 2013
Greg was great! He was very thorough and helpful, would HIGHLY recommend!!
- H.R., January 2013
Thank you for doing a wonderful job. My clients are pleased.
- C.B., Louisville KY, January 2013
Very helpful gentleman! I thoroughly enjoyed tagging along while Mr. Jones inspected the patio home I'm buying -- extremely professional. Sue Fomby
- S.F., October 2012
Billy Cooper was very friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough.
- J.E., October 2012
I received my radon test but don't know how to interpret the results. I see the EPA is one level and my house is below that. I don't want to assume anything. Knowing that you don't want to leave yourself open to liability, it would still be helpful to know what it means. i.e. what is the meaning of EPA average for instance and if it is this much below the average is it good?
- J.F., September 2012
I am pleased with the presentation and the professional way he handled the the entire matter
- J.B., September 2012
A very competent and thorough inspector
- C.T., September 2012
Very helpful and didn't act like he was in a hurry to get the job done. I am purchasing a HUD home and had to reschedule several times because of delays from the HUD management company. They were always very friendly and understanding. I will use them again and recommend them highly.
- D.J., August 2012
Greg is a very thorough inspector. He communicates well with buyers, gives them the time they need for questions, but is not an alarmist. I have had Greg doing inspections for many years, probably at leat twenty-five, and he has never let me down.
- J.W., Louisville KY, June 2012
Great job. Really appreciate you squeezing me in.
- T.H., April 2012
We are very thankful for Mr. Jones's help. He took extra time to answer all of our questions, and the walk-through at the end of the inspection reassured us that our purchase of our home was a safe investment. Mr. Jones taught us how to complete regular maintenance, and advised us on which projects should be prioritized and which could wait. He was thorough, professional, and very kind. We couldn't be happier! Thanks very much.
- J.D., February 2012
Thank you so much for our for being so thorough during our inspection. Thank you also for taking the time to answer all of questions after the inspection was over... We now understand our heat pump!
- L.L., February 2012
Thank you for your professionalism and outstanding work. I really appreciate it, again Thank You Danita Summers
- D.S., January 2012
You did a wonderful job yesterday and we really appreciate everything that you did to help us understand what the problems were. You not only inspected the house, but explained everything to us. Thank you for everything!
- J.H., January 2012
Thank you for such a detailed inspection you are very personable and easy to work with, thanks for coming out on a Saturday to meet are schedule.
- L.R., August 2011
Greg was extremely thorough!!!! It was a 2 hr inspection on a 2000 sq ft home. He was kind and very personable. We would recommend him to EVERYONE!
- D.S., August 2011
Greg was highly knowledgable about the inspection process, explaining the process for each inspection item. He was interested in our questions, and thoroughly answered all of our inquiries about the processes. Highly recommend using Greg Jones as a home inspector.
- L.L., July 2011
Greg, I was impressed with your survey, detailed report and pictures. Thanks for a job well done. Dan Kloenne
- D.K., May 2011
i was very impressed with the attention to detail and the competent home inspection performed by Mr. Cooper.
- H.C., May 2011
Greg was extremely helpful, kind, patient, informative, and meticulous. I can't say enough good things about the job that he did or him as a person. His keen eye saved us a ton of money!
- C.B., Louisville KY, April 2011
These me were very professional and a great help to us!!
- E.S., April 2011
Greg is very thorough and I was very impressed with the details and pictures of his report. Being a former contractor, he knows what to look for and provides a solid sense of security for the potential buyer and explains findings that are simple to comprehend.
- J.S., March 2011
Really Pleased with with our home inspection He was very thorough.
- S.W., March 2011
Thank you very much for the amaizing detail you put forth looking into this home for me. I see why molly recomended you. Thanks again. Chad
- C.T., March 2011
Amazing job! Greg was thorough, explained everything in Layman's terms and very hands on. He pointed out all kinds of things, even the minor things that could use an easy touch up which are just cosmetic. Greg was great, polite and very knowledgeable.
- J.R., March 2011