I feel the inspector covered all the things that concerned me and alot more, i feel better about making the purchase
- B.F., September 2021
Thank you for doing a great & thorough job so quickly every time!!! I might add that I love the Repair List tool that your app gives it’s truly a big help!!!
- S.A., Fayetteville TN, September 2021
I feel you did a good job and you came highly recommended.
- P.G., October 2020
Desmond was very professional, courteous, and pleasant. He took the time to answer all my questions and explain in detail as needed. Reporting was thorough and easy to understand. Absolutely recommend!
- J.S., October 2020
excellent overview . Thank you much
- G.T., September 2020
Des did a great job and created a very clear and detailed report.
- N.S., September 2020
Desmond does a thorough and professional job. He takes into consideration all aspects of the home when completing the inspection report and his recommendations. His turn-around time is above average for this type of service.
- S.F., March 2020
Great inspector. He is thorough, professional and friendly. Desmond goes out of his way to get your inspection done in a timely manner.
- S.F., March 2020
Des was great to work with! He provided a thorough inspection and the report came the next day!
- F.M., March 2020
Very professional and answered all questions. He was very thorough. I would recommend him to anyone.
- R.S., March 2020
Mr. Moreland was very kind and professional. He took time to talk things through with me and explain my inspection. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend his services!!!
- S.C., November 2019
I found his inspection to be very through and clearly written. I would not hesitate to use Mr Moreland again.
- L.B., FT LAUDERDALE FL, July 2019
Very thorough inspection and report! Thank you!
- B.J., July 2019
Des does a very thorough job of inspecting the property and he's trustworthy, which means A LOT to me! I'd call him again in a heartbeat!
- K.L., March 2019
Detailed and personable. Pleasure to work with.
- P.A., Fayetteville TN, March 2019
Very thorough and attention to detail.
- G.C., March 2019
Great Inspector to work with indeed. Thx
- R.H., February 2019
Thank you Des for a great job! Your inspection report and analysis was very good and I appreciate the phone conversation follow up.
- T.H., February 2019
From hiring, contracting, authorizing, paying and the receiving phases of our home inspection Desmond made the process seamless, transparent and efficiently simple. This is our fourth time in having to move and purchase a new home requiring a home inspection and bar none, Desmond's service was far above the level of service we have received before.
- S.B., February 2019
Desmond was highly knowledgeable, professional and completed the job quickly. I will definitely be recommending him to my clients in the future.
- M.L., December 2018
Mr. Moreland is both timely and detailed. I feel like he highlighted all of the issues pertained to this property. This is the second time I've witnessed his work...as a seller and a buyer. I will use him the next time I have a property inspected. Thanks.
- D.S., September 2018
Thorough inspection with report uploaded in a timely manner. Thanks so much for your input!
- P.F., July 2018
Very thorough home inspection with great service! As a first-time home buyer, I got a detailed explanation for a response to any question I had. I left my home inspection confident to buy my first home. Thank you Desmond for being a part of this huge step in my life.
- M.S., June 2018
Very thorough! Great job!
- D.N., April 2018
This is the second time I have worked with Desmond to inspect a property for purchase. Once again, he did an amazing and thorough job. His attention to detail and knowledge of home construction is unparalleled. I would not use anyone else.
- D.F., April 2018
Des was awesome. He did a very detailed inspection of the home and out buildings, giving me a very clear picture of things that will need attention and things that are in great shape and will need no attention at all. He was very professional and personable. Thank You for doing an excellent job with my inspection. It truly gave me piece of mind about my investment. Thank you!!
- C.W., April 2018
Desmond was more thorough than I expected an inspector to be and covered in great detail any questions we had. Feel very confident on understanding the big picture of the house we are looking at. If we need an inspector again we will definitely call on Desmond.
- B.W., March 2018
Desmond responded to our request for a home inspection very promptly. He did a thorough inspection and the report was very helpful. He followed up the report with a phone call to go over the highlights and answer any questions we had. I would recommend Desmond to anyone looking to have a home inspection done.
- D.M., March 2018
Mr. Moreland was thorough, professional and fast. Don't look anywhere else for your home inspector!
- D.F., January 2018
Desmond, Thank you for taking care of my inspection in such a timely manner! Truly grateful!
- L.P., October 2017
Thorough, professional, experienced, detailed reporting.
- E.L., October 2017
I appreciate your work. Thanks!
- R.M., October 2017
Super nice guy! Very informative and thorough. I would highly recommend him!
- J.A., October 2017
Desmond Moreland did a great job inspecting a 17 year old farm house for me. From the thermal imagery pictures of a plumbing leak,to a detailed electrical inspection, I feel he did a through job . Sincerely, Steve Williamson
- S.W., October 2017