Excellent service provided. I would highly recommend!
- S.T., May 2021
I will meet him for the first time, after evaluating him based on the job he did; then, I will be able to comment.
- S.O., March 2021
I am very pleased with his professionalism and option regarding my inspection report. Definitely look forward to sending more business in his direction. In fact, I am referring him over to one of my real estate agents.
- P.B., Houston TX, September 2017
During a recent home renovation, our contractor accidentally flooded several rooms of our home. The contractor told me it "wasn't a big deal" but I wanted an independent opinion as to the damage, so I called Mr. Miceli. (I had used Mr Miceli for a safety inspection of my home a couple months previous and felt he was knowledgeable and honest.) He came out on a Friday night and thoroughly inspected the damaged rooms. He also discussed the damage and the remedy with my contractor. I was very relieved Mr. Miceli was available and willing to help out during the emergency.
- V.C., May 2017
Mr. Miceli did an excellent job of inspecting my home. He arrived promptly at the appointed time. His rate was very reasonable. He appeared to have a thorough knowledge of all the systems in my home. He explained his findings to me in a way that was easy to understand and gave me a variety of options for fixing the areas he found to be deficient. Hiring Mr. Miceli to inspect my home was a good use of time and money as his findings will allow me to make minor repairs now that will prevent more costly problems in the future. I highly recommend that all home owners hire Mr. Miceli for a safety and condition report once a year.
- V.C., March 2017