Kristi Hart is a pro at home inspections. She is detailed and has great customer facing skills. I definitely recommend her to my clients.
- K.P., March 2020
Kristi was great and very informative. Easy to communicate with and very patient. She was very helpful in having me understand the importance of every aspect of the inspection process.
- R.S., March 2020
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us today. You will be added to my preferred list. I told Kelly’s Lender about you and they will be recommending you as well. I will send their info to you.
- M.R., March 2020
Kristi was personable and thorough! She showed my client exactly what was wrong and why. My client was very appreciative. She made me look good since I recommended your company. Thank you for such a great employee and a great inspection. If she had not found a few items my client would have purchased a home that had some issues that he did not want to tackle. Thank you again!
- K.P., March 2020
Made the process super easy. Very clear and concise feedback for any questions I had as well as being upfront and honest with everything. Kristi Hart is definitely an inspector I would recommend to anyone.
- T.S., March 2020
We absolutely loved her thoroughness and how she was able to explain things in a way that was easy to understand. She was also honest and polite. The first house we had inspected was in really bad shape when we found another we were interested in, I called and requested that Kristi come and do this inspection as well, because I really trust the quality of her work. Thank you for helping us dodge a very expensive bullet and find a home that we really love!! We will call and request her if we ever decide to purchase again! Thank you, Kristi!!
- J.G., February 2020
She was amazing and very open to every questions we had. Loved how she inspected and pointed out everything.
- M.S., February 2020
Kristi was fantastic - very knowledgeable and very through. Questions I had were answered - would recommend her highly.
- Y.R., January 2020
Outstanding service, went the extra mile for me and my client!
- A.M., January 2020
Always courteous, thorough, friendly and professional! Kristi is the best!!
- S.K., January 2020
Very thorough and much appreciated. Thank you!
- D.A., December 2019
She was very helpful and realistic with me. She even taught me a few things while doing the inspection. Highly recommend her to everyone. Very pleased with her services.
- J.J., December 2019
Kristi is professional, thorough and available after the inspection to explain her findings. She is now my go to home inspector. Thank you for an awesome job.
- D.F., Crosby TX, December 2019
Down to earth, easy to talk with, thorough, knows what she is doing, does it well.
- B.A., November 2019
My client Basil Arnold was extremely impressed with Kristi.
- R.M., Houston TX, November 2019
Kristi and her trainee were a pleasure. We are first time home buyers and were very nervous about this part of the process. Both inspectors were not only great at helping us understand everything in the report, but they were extremely personable and willing to answer our questions to the best of their abilities. Based on the inspection, if we can not come to an agreement with the seller and have to begin our search again, we will request Kristi for the inspection of the next home we choose. Thank both of you again. It’s great people like you that keep successful businesses going. We will recommend your services to all of our friends when it comes time for their home inspection.
- R.L., November 2019
Kristi is very detailed and service oriented inspector. She made my client feel very comfortable, went over report with her using lots of pictures and details about the property. Thank you very much to both inspectors!
- L.F., October 2019
Kristi did a fantastic job - she is incredibly thorough and explains all her findings in great detail, making it easy to understand. She spent a great deal of time with us and we are very appreciative of her expertise.
- C.W., October 2019
You did a great job! I Will definitely return if I need this service again in the future.
- A.A., October 2019
Kristi was friendly, helpful and thorough. She explained the details of her inspection so that we could easily understand the report.
- C.W., October 2019
I have had the great pleasure to work on several projects with Kristi as the inspector. She is absolutely wonderful. She is very detailed, explains all types of things we would not know or understand about wiring, roofing components, HVAC units and more. The detail she provides is always greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Kristi and Hilsher Group.
- K.H., Spring TX, October 2019
Very personable and really knew her stuff.
- J.G., Cypress TX, September 2019
Great job!
- G.O., August 2019
Love Kristi! She was very friendly, professional and thorough in her inspection, offering clear explanations on any questions I had. I would highly recommend and use her again!
- S.K., August 2019
I Just say Wow! You did great. Thank you so so much.
- G.A., August 2019
Kristi is absolutely the best inspector I have every had. I have bought six homes over the last 30 years and I wish I could have had her inspect all my homes. She does not miss a thing, sharp, great personality and extremely knowledgeable!
- C.L., August 2019
She was freaking amazing explained everything to m so I would understand being that I?m a first time home buyer she was very thorough I?d definitely recommend her
- C.B., August 2019
Kristi was very professional and very helpful. She broke down all he technical terms so that we actually understood what we were doing. She was also very friendly and thorough. So pleased!
- K.C., August 2019
She is thorough and very informative. Easy to work with.
- T.F., July 2019
Kristi was very professional and thorough. I felt completely comfortable with her. Kristi took the time to explain her findings to us in a way that was understandable, fair, and reasonable. Thank you for your excellent work and recommendations, Kristi! If we every buy another house, we will be calling you!
- K.W., July 2019
Kristi was outstanding she made me feel so comfortable I felt like a family member was inspecting my future home not a company. Thank you Kristi!!
- D.M., July 2019
She was good, very thorough. I would give her an A +
- J.J., July 2019
Very thorough enjoyed talking w/ her, she was down to earth understandable when she explained things.
- E.M., Pearland TX, July 2019
She was friendly and very informative. Will recommend her to others and request her for next inspection.
- T.F., July 2019
Kristi is very knowledgeable and would highly recommend.
- C.G., Spring TX, July 2019
Thank you for your diligence. Home would have been a money pit. Would rather have deal fall through than have unhappy clients.
- L.C., July 2019
Great job, thanks for being patient with all our questions. Keep up the great work 😁
- A.R., July 2019
Kristi did a very good job explaining every item that she put on the report. The report was very detailed as you can tell she did her job very well.
- R.R., July 2019
She was on point gave us so much information on the house that we did not see ourselves. I?m glad she came to look our future home & I will definitely recommend her to any peer of mine.
- G.S., July 2019
Did a excellent job inspecting my home
- T.S., June 2019
So helpful and informative!! Great service!
- K.A., June 2019
Thank you for your professionalism! Very knowledgable, informative and took the time to clarify and explain if I had questions.
- D.B., June 2019
VERY VERY Thorough inspection! Thank you
- M.M., June 2019
Kristi was great. She took her time, was very personable, very thorough, and explained everything to us. I would highly recommend her!
- R.G., June 2019
Thank you for your thorough observation on our inspection. Very approachable, knowledgeable and professional!
- D.B., June 2019
I?m absolutely completely over satisfied with the inspector! Very Thorough with full explanation, patience took time to answer all questions. I will recommend anytime someone asks about an inspector!
- C.M., May 2019
Thank you for answering any questions that I had & also for doing such a good job on finding every little detail during the inspection.
- P.M., May 2019
Ms Hart was extremely detail with her work. We absolutely learned a lot during the inspection!!
- S.D., May 2019
Kristi Hart approached our inspection in an organized, methodical manner. She was knowledgeable and efficient. The written report was delivered to me at the conclusion of her inspection. I am happy to recommend her to other buyers.
- J.S., May 2019
Great inspection for a fair price.
- T.S., May 2019
Thank you so much for helping me with my home inspection. You have been great! You are so detailed and explain everything very well.
- S.G., May 2019
She worked around schedules and went back out for a further check due to weather conditions.
- P.A., Crosby TX, May 2019
I was very impressed with her thoroughness and her professionalism She went over every detail of what she found and explained what she found in great detail. I would recommend her for anyone needing a home inspection.
- R.D., May 2019
Great customer service
- D.R., April 2019
Thank you for being so thorough and friendly! I feel confident now about my purchase plan.
- C.S., April 2019
Always an amazing inspection with Kristi. She is very thorough and looks out for the potentially-new homeowner. I have had the pleasure to work with her several times now, and it is always a great experience.
- M.B., April 2019
Great, honest and helpful
- C.R., April 2019
Kristi is a professional inspector who is technically sound, efficient, and presents the facts as she sees them without a biased opinion. I would recommend her to any prospective homebuyers.
- T.P., March 2019
Kristi has in-depth knowledge and performed a very detailed inspection of the property!
- E.W., March 2019
She clicked immediately with the client as well. Is VERY patient and willing to explain details of report. LOVE HER!!!
- A.R., March 2019
Kristi was fantastic! Her inspection was very thorough as was her debrief. Her manner was extremely professional, and we feel very confident in her assessment. We most highly recommend her.
- C.S., March 2019
Thank you for being so thorough and personable. Very approachable with any questions I had and always seemed to be looking out for my best interest. Will definitely recommend you to others.
- T.P., March 2019
Excellent Report Format, excellent tools for creating repair list, very thorough inspection and an extremely accommodating inspection company. You WILL get my referral on all future contracts. Thank you!! Chanda
- C.C., March 2019
Kristi was great! She was very thorough and left nothing untouched. I was very satisfied with the inspection. This was my first time going through this process and she made sure I understood everything clearly. She was patient and I appreciated that.
- L.G., March 2019
Kristi Hart has been the best inspector I have ever observed and experienced working . She was very professional and knowledgeable. Most of all, Ms. Hart made sure the buyer had clarity and understanding of the process. She allowed time and opportunity for the buyer to ask questions. Ms. Hart did an awesome job!
- B.H., March 2019
Very professional and understanding, I received a really good feeling talking to her. Thank you for doing an awesome job!
- M.B., March 2019
Thanks kristi,Truly professional ! GREAT JOB... YES I WILL RECOMMEND KRISTI..
- J.K., March 2019
Thanks kristi,Truly professional ! GREAT JOB... YES I WILL RECOMMEND KRISTI..
- J.K., March 2019
Kristi was great. I felt like she throughly went through the home. I know the home was inspected a month before by a previous buyer. So I?m impressed she was even able to find things the other inspector missed.
- L.M., March 2019
Very helpfull and honest. I would highly recommend her to anyone anytime. Thank you for your service
- I.G., March 2019
Kristi Hart did an awesome job. She was very professional and knowledgeable. Se was very attentive to all questions presented. I will definitely request for Kristi with the next buyer.
- B.H., March 2019
I love her work ethic and dynamic!
- D.K., Magnolia TX, February 2019
Was an awesome experience!! Kristi was very friendly, informative and educational and we really enjoyed our time with her and learned a lot about the nuances of the house we are looking to purchase as well as what next steps were needed to get it up to par. She took the extra time to explain, in detail, the report and break it down so we understood it completely. I would highly recommend! Thank you Kristi! ~ Matt and Julie DeYoung
- J.D., February 2019
Very knowledgeable and great customer service!
- J.H., February 2019
I feel she did a detailed inspection. I am glad even small variances were identified. I am very happy with the inspection and how it made us aware of issues we did not notice.
- L.W., February 2019
Kristi is so thorough, my client was totally blown away. I?m going to have all of my buyers request her. I love your service, your pricing and the Home Gauge program that is so user friendly, has a summary sheet, repair request list and we receive it while the Inspector is still at the property. A++++
- E.M., Houston TX, January 2019
Kristi is so thorough, my client was totally blown away. I?m going to have all of my buyers request her. I love your service, your pricing and the Home Gauge program that is so user friendly, has a summary sheet, repair request list and we receive it while the Inspector is still at the property. A++++
- E.M., Houston TX, January 2019
Kristi did a fantastic job on my inspection! She was very thorough and spotted tiny things that I hadn't even seen.
- E.W., January 2019
Did a great job. Save my partner and I from jumping into a house that would cause us a major headache in the future will for sure use him again in the future when we find another home we like.
- R.C., January 2019
Kristi was very straight forward about the issues and what was needed to address them. The brief time I was on site, she walked us through all the issues she had found up to that point and also notified us of potential issues in the future. Very knowledgeable and courteous.
- M.K., January 2019
This is the second home inspection in less than a month for my buyers. For this second one, they requested Kristi specifically, because she did such a great job on the first one.
- L.A., League City TX, January 2019
Just to let you know that the buyers appreciated you and the time you gave them. They are first time buyers and they felt very comfortable with you. Thanks much.
- T.M., Pearland TX, December 2018
Inspector did a great job and was willing to discuss a few items with me over the phone after hours. I am not loving the format of the report as it is difficult to match photos with comments, but that is a software issue, not an inspector issue. Well organized inspection company, excellent customer service, fast availability. I will call them again!
- C.A., December 2018
Thanks for the inspection and going over it with me. Truly appreciated.
- E.V., December 2018
Kristi was great!! I had a female buyer and she was so impressed that another woman was doing the inspection and was able to walk her thru the problem areas and offer suggestions as to what needed to be done! My buyer and I were also impressed that we could ask about the little things concerning maintenance on the home and Kristi offered suggestions as well, giving us that "woman's touch" that sometimes gets overlooked. She shared with us a repair she had just made and the company she chose after doing her research as it was the same repair my client would need in the future. I would highly recommend her as she pays close attention to the little details and makes the buyer feel ok to ask any question or even call her later to ask about repairs.
- L.D., November 2018
Detailed/thorough, knowledgeable.
- M.R., October 2018
I met her while she was in the middle of the inspection while I was dropping off my option check to the home. She was very efficient and very informative as far as the severity of things she noticed. She gave me solid advice to help me save money and helped explain things a little more clearly when I wasn't fully understanding. When me and my realtor spoke with her later that afternoon to go over everything, we were off of the phone in 15 minutes. 10/10 will recommend Kristi and the company.
- C.A., October 2018
Kristi was excellent at her job. Though this was my first Inspection she knew her job and explained it all to me. She was right on it pointing out any issues found and provided me details of each. I will recommend her for any home inspection! When I first called I was referred by my relator; however, out of the three she gave me it was something about HG that stood out. Now I know why, the excellent service they provided!
- L.J., October 2018
Very easy to get along with ,explains what she is checking for and explains in laymens terms.Takes her time and does not rush through inspection.
- T.C., October 2018
Amazing report, very detailed!
- R.B., October 2018
Kristi did a great job. She was easy to speak with and very information. However, I take issue with being emailed my ID and Password. It would be best to never send out a password in plain text.
- B.N., September 2018
She was very professional and took time to show the issues she had found and we hadn?t seen. She was courteous and gave professional opinion about what was priority for further repair. We would definitely recommend your company.
- L.B., September 2018
Thank you so much for helping us with our future new home, you were so informative and honest about what right steps were to take for the future! We?re so grateful !
- K.E., September 2018
Kristi is knowledgable and extremely thorough! She takes the time to answer my questions, my clients' questions and makes us all feel very comfortable and confident. Thanks Kristi!
- K.G., Pearland TX, September 2018
Excellent to work with.Answered any and all questions.
- T.C., August 2018
Very detailed and extremely fast at producing the report. The entire process was very smooth. Thank you!
- J.S., August 2018
They are always very good at finding even small problems. They are on top of getting the inspections done.
- T.M., Montgomery TX, July 2018
Love love love Kristi!!! She had a great personality; and went over and beyond to make sure we understood everything she pointed out during the inspection. She took her time and checked every inch of that house. I would definitely recommend her to all friends and family.
- C.S., July 2018
Kristi, Sorry for my late response, has been very busy, but I wanted to let you know, I was very pleased with your service and commitment to the inspection. As you know, you have saved me from a lot of headage and a bad deal. I backed out of the deal after the inspection. Your inspection, was worth every penny. I will hire you any day, for my next inspection. Thanks for all your help. With kind regards, Arno
- A.V., July 2018
Always there when needed.
- T.M., Montgomery TX, June 2018