Mr Carpenter very professional
- D.D., Summerville SC, March 2024
Pretty amazing ! Everything was done and helped speed up my process to move . Very honest company
- A.W., Summerville SC, August 2023
Thank You for the thorough inspection I definitely learn a lot and look forward to using you in future deals.
- D.D., March 2023
On time , great prince, very nice person. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you.
- A.C., Summerville SC, February 2023
Highly recommend
- D.C., Goose Creek SC, July 2022
Mr. Carpenter is prompt, thorough, and knowledgeable. His reports are detailed and easy to understand with his explanations, but with the corresponding photos. I highly recommend him.
- S.G., Moncks Corner SC, March 2022
Mr. William was very thorough. I appreciate his work because I’m a single mom. I need the inspection to very detailed so that I don’t come across future problems. Thanks so much!!!
- L.B., February 2021
Highly likely to recommend Mr. Carpenter to my friends, family and coworkers. He’s very thorough with the inspection process, and he takes his time explaining every intricate detail about the inspection. Mr. Carpenter, takes pride in his work, and it shows. Mr. Carpenter was very professional and a pleasure to work with. He’s very knowledgeable, and answered our questions without hesitation. We, the Jamison’s are very pleased! Thanks again for your expertise.
- R.J., December 2020
As a veteran, I have done inspections and have been inspected as well. Mr Carpenter’s attention to detail is unmatched in my experience. There was nothing left to chance. If there is a better home inspector in the Lowcountry, I’d like to meet him because Mr Carpenter is simply outstanding! His inspection was worth every dollar paid.
- T.M., September 2020
Mr. Carpenter was prompt and thorough. He took the time to explain things to me in person while at the location, then had a detailed report that included more than I was expecting. Scheduling the appointment was easy also. I will definitely recommend him to others in the future.
- O.F., August 2020
I was very pleased that I hired Mr. Carpenter to inspect the home I plan to purchase. He was extremely thorough in his approach and his professionalism was evident. Even the smallest details did not escape his review, and all were comprehensively reported. The video segments showing each area of concern, including Mr. Carpenter's comments and recommendations, were and are very helpful. Mr. Carpenter was as competent as I expected. And his work ethic was on display throughout the process, as was his kind personality. Many thanks!
- D.G., July 2020
Thank you so much for your service. This report was very detailed.
- D.D., July 2020
Awesome service and response time. I would recommend Mr Carpenter to anyone any day. Very professional and detailed. He is my go to inspector.
- W.c., Charleston SC, July 2020
Awesome service and response time. I would recommend Mr Carpenter to anyone any day. Very professional and detailed. He is my go to inspector.
- W.c., Charleston SC, July 2020
Mr. Willie was very professional and punctual! He arrived early, started right away (even before my clients and I arrived) and when my clients arrived, he stopped to intoduce himself. He kept us abreast on what he was doing and thoroughly explained any and everything he found in the home. My clients were impressed and satisfied. I will definitely continue working with Mr. Willie and refer him to other realtors.
- C.T., June 2020
Rapid appointment, excellent work and fair price. I will use him again!
- T.G., June 2020
Very thorough. Was able to set an appointment rapidly and conveniently. Thank you so much
- C.B., June 2020
Highly recommended for thorough and efficient service.
- L.V., April 2020
Very approachable. Easy to talk to. Notes are very clear and concise.
- Q.I., March 2020
Mr. Carpenter is professional, timely and thorough.
- G.M., February 2020
Very detailed, efficient and prompt!!
- K.D., February 2020
Willie was very professional . The inspection report was very detailed and thorough and the price reasonable. Thank you again. I’ll definitely recommend him to anyone .
- L.E., February 2020
I was truly amazed at the thoroughness of my inspection. It was beyond expectations and very self explanatory. Job well done. Thank you very much.
- L.W., November 2019
Punctual. Communicates findings with ease. Very helpful
- W.L., October 2019
When I was in the process of buying my home. My realtor recommended this company. I loved the way they took pics and emailed the report to me. I plan on letting this company do my 1 yr annual inspection because I was so impressed on the first detailed inspection report. It was well worth it.
- T.E., Goose creek SC, September 2019
Mr Carpenter was very professional. When we pulled up he was already inspecting the outside of the house and he came over once we got out of the car and introduced himself and told us that he had already unlocked the door and where he was in the process of the inspection. He moved around completing his inspection and answered all of the questions we had. The inspection report was presented sooner than I expected. We could tell that he took his job seriously and that he loves what he do.
- J.M., August 2019
Willie Carpenter service was beyond truly exceptional!! He took his time and thoroughly inspected the home, provided the reports in a timely manner and he stated one thing that stood out to me most. He said, ?I?m inspecting your home as if it was my family that was going to live here!? At that moment I knew that things were being done the right way!!! Thanks Willie, your professionalism is truly appreciated!!!
- C.W., August 2019
willie was awesome with arriving before scheduled time and doing a thorough inspection. The awaited time made my husband and I instantly know that he was the right man for the job. We thank him and his company for helping us to our new home.
- T.P., August 2019
Thank you for accommodating my request for an inspection so quickly. Mr. Carpenter did a professional and thorough job of investigating my perspective home and provided a convenient electronic method of relaying his findings to me within the same day. I highly recommend Mr. Carpenter.
- T.W., June 2019
In depth inspection done on a quick request. Even the builder's sales rep spoke highly of Mr. Carpenter. Would recommend to anyone and use him again in the future is need be!
- T.P., May 2019
Very professional and thorough.
- S.S., January 2019
Mr. Carpenter arrived early, was very professional and gave us an extremely precise report of the work needed for our home. We were very impressed with his level of expertise. We?ll certainly use him for our next home purchase as well.
- L.A., January 2019
Mr. Carpenter did a great job and his attention to detail stood out most if all. I was very happy with the inspection and was glad that he was highly qualified to do the job. I would recommend him to my family and friends. Job well done Mr. Willie Carpenter!!!!!!
- F.C., December 2018
Willie did an amazing and thorough job on our home inspection. I Certainly recommend APA inspection!
- P.B., December 2018
Willie is always so accommodating to my clients and their schedules. His quick turn-around time and open line of communication is unmatched, not to mention his skillset and attention to detail is superb. My clients are always pleased and I'm always excited to work with him.
- x.x., November 2018
Willie did an outstanding job! He got to my client soon to be new home before scheduled time. He wrote a detailed summary about the home and included pictures. Thank you!
- N.K., August 2018