Thank you for a thorough inspection. I appreciate you explaining to me in laymen's terms some of the items you found.
- M.R., June 2018
His inspection was very thorough.
- D.L., August 2017
Your thorough inspection of this rustic cabin has helped us tremendously. Without it, we would have missed many of the very serious issues that would impede our safety in our potential second home. Personally, I wanted the septic reports examined by you. It's a shame that wasn't available because it is truly an eyesore and most importantly, I wonder if it was indeed installed properly. Thank you, Geoff! I hope that the major items on your report will be remediated. What an outstanding job you did!
- S.H., June 2017
This is the first time I have had a home inspected. I was and am impressed with how thorough Geoff was. His report came complete with pictures of all of the things a buyer needs to know about, especially when considering an older home.
- D.M., Waldport OR, February 2016
As a buyer you hope to have someone who is very thorough so there are no unexpected surprises once the transaction has closed. Geoff took the time to look over every aspect of the property and took the time to answer any questions or concerns I had. Being a first time home buyer this was very important to me. Thanks Geoff! Sorry, I took so long to post this.
- P.B., Lincoln City OR, July 2015
Awesome inspection! I have already recommended him and will continue to! Very thorough inspection as well!
- S.E., January 2015
Thank you Geoff! As an Operation Manager for a municipal government, I have dealt with MANY contractors, good and bad. I am pleased to say that you were neither, you were excellent! You were quick, professional, kind and knowledgeable. Your report was though and easy to asses. Thank you, Mike Uren
- M.U., Anaheim CA, December 2014
I spent some time reading up on home inspections prior to this inspection. I had what I thought was a comprehensive list. Geoff's inspection was many times more thorough than I had ever anticipated. I never even referred to my checklist, but rather followed him around as he hit every conceivable item. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a complete assessment of their potential purchase. Geoff, thank you for being the professional you are. geo
- G.P., October 2014
Thank you Geoff for your thorough inspection and detailed explanation and the report. It helped me a lot to see some hazardous elements cause I highly regard the security of our family with three young children. So thank you again for your great work.
- Y.J., June 2014
I've now used your services twice and both inspections were impeccably performed. I couldn't be more impressed.
- S.G., May 2014
Thank you so much Geoff for being so thorough. You explained and answered all of my questions. I really appreciate that. You are very good at what you do and I would recommend you in a heartbeat.
- S.M., March 2014
Greatly appreciated your efforts and thoroughness, especially the explainations and care to make sure we understood the process, observations, and possible problems.
- L.N., February 2014
Geoff was very accommodating to our tight closing schedule. A comprehensive, complete inspection highlighting several issues for attention and helpful recommendations for maintaining a home at the Oregon coast.
- C.M., January 2014
Extremely thorough. Spent approximately 5 hours on a 1000 sf home. Very helpful, friendly, and willing to answer questions and explain issues as he found them.
- S.R., January 2014
Clearly, the best inspection I've had conducted in the 45+ years of real estate involvement. Completely professional in every respect. I was very, very impressed...and I'm an engineer! Stephen R. Garfield
- S.G., January 2014
Thank you so much for all the details provided during the inspection of this property. Even though not much was found during the inspection that required fixing, your knowledge regarding quality and function of the home was greatly appreciated. Thanks again for taking the the extra time to show us all around and being so thorough.
- K.L., November 2013
Appreciate the thorough inspection.
- S.R., November 2013
Thank you, Geoff! Very nice,very thourough, and most importantly, easy to understand. Great job! Duane nad Tammy Nicolaysen
- D.N., July 2013
Very pleased by Geoff's knowledge and presentation of the inspection of a home we are in the process of purchasing. Thank you Geoff! We appreciate your work!
- C.L., Lincoln City OR, June 2013
Great job Geoff! Thank you for doing such a thorough job on a very unique home. The notes and overlays on the report were very helpful as well. Will recommend to friends. Take care!
- P.D., Depoe Bay OR, April 2013
All communication was timely and clear, and the inspection very thorough. The report is very comprehensive, and I like the homegauge delivery system. We were at the premises while Geoff did the inspection, and he pointed out items as he found them, so we were able to observe and understand better. In addition, Geoff took time to explain to me some of the terms and findings, since I wasn't all that familiar with house construction. We couldn't have asked for better service. I wholeheartedly recommend Geoff Steward's services!
- N.B., April 2013
Thanks for the very complete in spection report. Will attend to those areas that you recommend to be taken care of. I was suprised that there was no microwave in the kitchen. Bill
- B.S., Otis OR, February 2013
I have no words to express my gratitude to Geoff for inspection of my brand-new home. He was completely professional and extremely thorough.The inspection was top-notch with a fine tooth-comb! He made the home warrenty representative man nervous because he was at my home for 4 1/2 hours. Geoff noted items that were faulty; my outside siding was bulging and improperly laid; the dishwasher was not even attached with a brace~I would have had a kitchen flood due to this; a crack in my ceiling, He made certain that all the heating, air-conditioner,roofing,electrical, plumbing was all to code. It is an absolute must to have a new or pre-owned home inspected. You are so much more prepared for a potential catastophy.The inspection report makes you aware of what items must be repaired before you fund your hard-earned money. Geoff is not only very bright, professional, but also personable and easy to talk with. I give him an outstanding rating for service.
- A.M., Lake Oswego OR, October 2012
Geoff was very personable, explained what he was looking for/at and provided an excellent detailed report.
- A.M., October 2012
Geoff was very thorough in conducting his inspection. What I really appreciated was the time he took during the inspection to show and discuss with me his areas of concern. This meant that there were no surprises when I read the report. Plus, Geoff's on site discussion gave me information that I needed to correct the problem.
- C.H., September 2012
We really appreciated the very though inspection Geoff performed on the house we are preparing to purchase. We now know those items that need to be corrected before the sale is concluded and that is most helpful We highly recommend him and would use his services again! Jim and Barbara K.
- J.K., Oregon City OR, September 2012
Thanks for all the pictures and helpful information regarding areas in need of repair. These things will make discussing the issues with the realtor and owners.
- D.E., August 2012
Geoff Stewart is the most thorough, conscientious, knowledgable, and user friendly home inspector I have encountered after experiences with at least 14 prior inspections. It was a pleasure to work with him.
- R.C., Elfrida AZ, July 2012
very thorough, thanks again Geoff.
- S.V., Forest Grove OR, July 2012
Geoff, I appreciate how thorough of an inspection you did, and for taking the time to identify and explain issues with us.
- M.K., June 2012
Great guy, very personalble answered all my questions.
- M.P., March 2012
Geoff was very professional, and experienced from contact to finish. He answered any questions I had and communicated very well. I highly recommend him and would use his services again! Susette D.
- S.D., September 2010
Geoff, thank you for your very though inspection, we really appreciate the work and your report. Great job! Thank you, Gary and Toni Hodges
- G.H., June 2010