Terrell was very thorough with the inspection. He took the time to discuss every detail, no matter how minor they might have been. I really appreciate it!
- Q.V., July 2021
Proper inspection of electrical panel should have been done. Current owner should have been notified this area would need to be cleared for access to electrical panel & given time to clear area. My interest & safety were not prioritized on this job & task was not properly executed.
- G.H., June 2021
Terrell did a fantastic job . He was prompt, efficient, and very communicative about his findings and recommendations. We were extremely impressed with ow quickly he was able to compile the report and how nice he was in person. He gave us a great summary of his findings at the end and allowed us to make a good decision on the home. Thank you!
- M.M., March 2021
Over all very professional job, although price change at day of service threw me off a little bit! Terrell was very informative and I would use him again if needed.
- L.W., June 2020
Terrell, You are awesome and so thorough! Thank you for doing such a great job! Top Notch in my book!!
- T.A., April 2019
Professional, Competent, Thorough
- P.F., April 2019
Fantastic job! Was able to get everything repaired that you found and the house is amazing.
- B.N., March 2019
Very professional and thoughtful. Timely delivery of report!
- D.D., March 2019
Thank you Mr. Nedrow for such a thorough and detailed job of the inspection and report. All aspects of the report were clear and understood. And I thank you for a quick reply to my questions. I feel good about knowing the condition of the house I am purchasing. I will definitely recommend you to others.
- D.E., November 2018
Terrell, thank you Sir for an outstanding report! Look forward to using your service in the future!
- M.L., May 2018
I was impressed with Terrell's professionalism and great attention to detail. He was very thorough and was willing to take the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend NedCo Inspection Services and Terrell Nedrow if you're looking to have an inspection done right and peace of mind.
- J.C., April 2018
Terrell was very professional and detailed oriented. talked me thru the small items he found. I will use Terrell in the future.
- M.O., March 2018
Terrell did a very thorough inspection and report. It really gave us peace of mind to see the detail in his report and attention to detail.
- N.J., March 2018
Terrell was very thorough and informative. Very professional! A real pleasure to deal with.
- G.S., March 2018
we can't thank him enough for his wonderful help.
- K.S., March 2018
Terrell was punctual and introduced himself. He planned the inspection well, and completed the outside first as it was about to rain. He then went through the interiors. At the end, he gave a comprehensive review of his findings. He was honest, and clearly explained everything to us in layman terms. I have purchased 2 homes in the past, and found Terrell to be outstanding, the best so far. Definitely try terrific Terrell for your home inspection!!! Highly recommend him.
- G.A., February 2018
Great job! You were really thorough.
- K.F., February 2018
Great thorough job.
- K.F., February 2018
Terrell was extremely professional and thorough. I was highly pleased with the inspection he did for me, the completely detailed report, complete with color photos. Extremely reasonably priced for what he did and the amount of time he spent doing it! I would recommend him to anyone, as well as use him for any further inspections I may have. Thank you so much Terrell!
- R.H., January 2018
Very helpful and insightful.
- J.M., January 2018
Everything was great. I know someone else who bought a house last year. Whoever did their inspection missed many obvious problems. This is an honest and qualified inspector.
- J.W., January 2018
I thought Terrell's price was very fair and he did a very thorough job. He went over everything he found with us on site and then provided a detailed report along with photos which were very helpful for us in working to get some of the necessary repairs completed by the buyer. Would definitely recommend him to anyone
- L.P., December 2017
An awesome person to work with. He went through and not only did a great job looking at every nook and cranny but explained his findings in a way that makes you feel confident in his word. I feel that his attention to detail saved me from a very costly bad investment. Do not second guess your decision to hire a real professional. Go with NedCo and buy with confidence.
- J.K., November 2017
An absolute pleasure to work with! Super professional, extremely thorough, and completely satisfied with the detailed report! Extremely reasonable pricing. Will always recommend him and his company! You will always have my business! A+
- R.H., November 2017
Terrell Nedrow is undoubtedly the most thorough and professional home inspector my family has ever used. Thanks Terrell!!
- L.R., September 2017
Very professional and knowledgeable. I used Terrell for two inspections, and his reporting allowed to avert disaster on the first home. His honesty and reliability are a must when it comes to buying a home. I would absolutely recommend using him for any home inspection needs.
- G.D., September 2017
I enjoyed you going over the areas of concern with buyers of the property. Thanks again
- G.M., September 2017
Very thorough and professional! Timely delivery of report and follow up, will highly recommend to anyone needing a home inspection.
- G.D., September 2017
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Does inspection the right way!
- M.S., August 2017
Positive Experience, Terrell was very thorough on the inspection.
- A.E., July 2017
Terrell will be the one to inspect every home that I ever own...very thorough with attention to detail and very knowledgeable about all aspects of a home to include, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Excellent customer service and would recommend him to all my family and friends.
- M.S., July 2017
That was a quick survey wasn't it? Maybe make a little longer and a more detailed survey. I am glad we went with your company for the inspection. You brought to light so many things we never even imagined were a problem. You showed us what that house was truly worth and helped make the go/no-go decision on that house (Well, depending on the price the seller was willing to come down to after the inspection revealed the problems). You showed up in a timely manner and you were very professional from the start. You did an amazing thorough inspection with the report spelling out every single thing with detail and even pictures(I mean, who doesn't love picture books! kidding!) Those photos were evidence to what needed fixed or even what needed second opinions. However, your experience and knowledge came to light and all of the "second-opinions" we received all said the exact same thing and applauded your work. You knew what to look for and what needed to be repaired or replaced. Our lender was very impressed with your report and said he has never seen a report that gave so much detail and laid out the way yours was. In this case, you made all parties happy. Well, all besides the seller and the selling agent. Lastly, in the event of our realtor wanting to have his say in everything, to be in control of every little detail, and to stick his nose in business and be there for the inspection and to even invite the selling agent; you performed well in that event. When finished with your inspection you first said to the agents that you haven't ever had to deal with the agents because normally they aren't supposed to be there. With that, you let them know that I was the client and you were working for me. Even though you didn't have to, you were looking out for me and my interests. You were making sure that I was shown what I was needed to be shown and told what by law you can tell me. When my realtor decided to yell, argue, and get in your face because you told him things he didn't want to hear. You handled that as professional as anyone could in those situations. Even at that point you still had my interests in mind and my well being to be honest and you only met me 2 hours beforehand. It seems that you revealed a lot of problems on that inspection that no one knew you were going to reveal, including with some people. I can't tell you or explain how much we appreciate looking out for us as the customers and not for anyone else. You handled every situation with complete professionalism. I will and am going to recommend your services to anyone I can think of. Also, I will be in contact in the very near future for a few more house inspections we need performed. NOTE: the second opinions mentioned earlier were those of roof inspectors and electrical companies. Opinions of that type to show me how much money I'll be spending or not to repair a house. Again, thanks for all you did!
- N.B., July 2017
Very thorough and kept in good contact throughout the process.
- K.B., June 2017
I won't use anybody else. Best in the business
- C.D., June 2017
He is Very thorough & professional.
- K.D., Norman OK, May 2017
Mr. Terrell Nedrow was the consummate professional when it came to my home inspection. From scaling the roof to crawling under the house, he left no stone unturned. The amount of data and pictures he collected was amazing. The report was a lucid well thought out demographic of the home I was purchasing. I would recommend him to anyone who wants or needs a home inspection.
- D.J., May 2017
Very thorough and buyers loved the report they received.
- N.W., April 2017