Extremely thorough report. Very friendly and timely response. I will use Jake again.
- D.A., November 2018
Wonderful job and information. Jake saved us a ton of money.
- D.N., September 2018
We have used Jake's services twice now, and couldn't begin to tell you how highly we think of him. He is so thorough, and he knows his stuff. His reports were orderly, detailed, and fully explained everything he found. The pictures helped us understand what he saw. He welcomed our questions and was willing to talk to us at length about our concerns on anything we did not understand. His very professional reports help tremendously during negotiations. I would definitely use his services again, and would recommend him without reservation.
- D.M., August 2018
We've used him twice and were pleased both times. Jake was very easy to talk to, and very professional. He answered all of our questions in a clear and understandable way. It is easy to recommend Jake.
- D.F., August 2018
We?re very impressed with the service we received from Jake. He?s very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. The inspection was very thorough and Jake explained it very well. We highly recommend his service.
- B.S., July 2018
Jake gave a very thorough report. He was not able to look at the roof because of the snow storm, but he let us know that as soon as the snow melted on the roof he would be up there checking things out. He gave me detailed information on some of my concerns and told me how to address them on my request list. Overall, I am very pleased with Jake.
- K.W., February 2018
Very quick, thorough and professional. He's someone you want in your corner during the process...very impressed.
- K.W., February 2018
Thank You! for a thorough inspection. The house and buildings are in worse shape than what I realized. You have saved me from making a big mistake.
- D.W., November 2017
My suggestion would be to just verify with the customer how many units total he's inspecting. I gave him 1 address but it was a duplex. I also should have clarified there were 2 units in the duplex he was supposed to inspect, so that was my fault as well. Overall he did a great job and took the time after I told him to inspect the 2nd unit. I really like the feature of being able to create a list of items for the seller to take care of, or giving it a monetary value in order to negotiate the sale price.
- C.Z., October 2017
Thank you very much for explaining everything in the home inspection that was my very first one having to do you are very thorough and I appreciate everything that you did and all the questions that I asked you answered
- J.G., September 2017
Thorough, clear and concise report. Would definitely hire Jake again.
- G.O., KISSIMMEE FL, August 2017