Dave was really helpful and friendly throughout the entire process. He went over everything with a fine-toothed comb and did a good job of giving me an idea of what he was looking at and how to think about it. I feel more comfortable about the property now, not only knowing what repairs are suggested and needed, but also having an idea of where to start.
- A.Y., Ocean Grove NJ, January 2021
I would highly recommend Vitale Inspection Services and particularly Dave Keintz. He was pesonable and thorough. The inspection report was available to me the same day. Great job!
- G.D., Marlboro NJ, December 2020
The question shouldn't be how David the inspector but the question should be how did we as a consumer advocate do as a team. I hired the Vitale inspection team to seek out any defects and issues with a home I know nothing about and give me the professional opinion of whether this house has any flaws I should be aware of as a consumer. I think the report David presented me is well done, and revealing. Here's where I would make improvements. It's obvious that an empty home would have less obstacles to the inspection since visually all aspects of the home would be revealed and unobstructed . Which would make for a more complete report. I the consumer would want things moved in a home that is blocking certain key elements of the home. Maybe there could be a better effort made if the seller/agent/owner would be instructed by me the buyer that furniture and obstructions be moved for the visual inspection or someone be there to make that happen. Otherwise, as a consumer/buyer I am shorted a full and complete report. For instance, I would like to know that all appliances work before buying. As of now I don't know if the oven works, properly. I have to now ask the seller to give me proof the oven works, or take the chance of buying an oven that I may have to replace or repair. If I knew it didn't work I could negotiate with the seller on the price/repair work. The fact that me the buyer is not present during the inspection makes it more imperative that the inspector answer all the questions a buyer would ask. The report did say that the oven was not tested which at least leaves me the task to determine that by asking the seller to prove it works or not work.
- J.K., Mililani HI, December 2020
Dave was very helpful in explaining everything and very through. He did a great job and was careful inspecting the property.
- T.O., Princeton Junction NJ, November 2020
Dave went over everything on my inspection with me, didn't rush me, and also gave me some really good advice. Really nice guy.
- T.D., Hamilton NJ, November 2020
Dave was great. Extremely thorough and knowledgeable. Walked away from inspection knowing exactly what we needed too.
- P.J., Hamilton NJ, October 2020
I'm a first time home buyer. I know nothing. This is the first time I have gone through this process. David was not only thorough with his inspection, but he made sure that I knew what he was looking at and what he was looking for. He encouraged me to ask questions. He was not trying to just get in and get out as fast as possible. I did not know what to expect, but after the inspection with David, not only do I understand more, I feel much more comfortable with my purchase. David is an All-Star! I would recommend anyone to use this service as it is top notch! Thank you David! Thank you Vitale!
- L.P., Monroe NJ, September 2020
David was prompt! I found him to be very personable and knowledgeable. He explained everything and even made suggestions. VERY Helpful!!
- T.J., Lawrenceville NJ, September 2020
David demonstrated professional knowledge and explained any matter/condition worthy of discussion.
- E.N., Philadelphia PA, September 2020
It was a pleasure working with David. He's very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge with every question that we had. He was very thorough throughout every portion of the home inspection and he taught us quite a few things along the way.
- K.R., Trenton NJ, August 2020
David performed the inspection professionally, collabaratively, and in a friendly, concerned manner. He provided detailed information in a non-preaching style that made us comfortable and allowed us to learn a great deal more about the house we are looking to purchase. As the house we are selling is considerably older than the one we are buying, I jokingly told him I hoped he wouldn't be doing the inspection on our current house as he was so thorough in his work. Yep, we'd hire these folks again in a flash. Top-rated in our book. Thanks!
- M.T., Oreland PA, August 2020
Dave was absolutely amazing, as a first time home buyer he was very helpful and explained everything. He walked me through the process and helped me understand all that was going on. He was also very supportive in the houses structure and how well the home was kept which made my decision in my purchase so my better.
- A.J., Bordentown NJ, August 2020
Dave was extremely thorough and had a great calming way when speaking to my buyer. Well done Dave!!
- D.F., Cherry Hill NJ, August 2020
Was very professional, arrived early and with necessary tools to complete his job. Walked the roof and the basement to locate multiple issues in each. Allowed us to make an informed decision on what repairs would need to be completed first.
- A.D., Warren NJ, August 2020
Dave was thorough and very kind, friendly. As a first-time home buyer I truly appreciated his willingness to teach and answer all my questions as he conducted the inspection. I would recommend Dave wholeheartedly.
- A.V., Lawrenceville NJ, July 2020
Very thorough
- M.F., Hamilton NJ, July 2020
David was beyond amazing. Answered all of our questions, told us to follow along with him the whole way. He was super passionate and very knowledgeable. He made our experience with the inspection easy and stress free.
- A.B., Trevose PA, July 2020
While inspecting a very small leak in my kitchen faucet that occurred only when the water was run hard, the inspector ruined the faucet. The leak was made MUCH worse, and a break was made in the arm of the faucet which sprayed water up and away from the sink. Although I taped the break up, the leak is still very bad and the faucet needs to be replaced immediately, although once the house is sold, the new owner will probably redo the entire kitchen. The cost to replace the faucet now will probably run to a couple hundred dollars. Although the inspector wore a face mask, the mask looked very flimsy and overused. Since I am nearly 80 years old, I am very concerned about exposure to the virus and this upset me. Other than that the inspector seemed to do a thorough and professional job.
- D.S., Princeton NJ, June 2020
David was awesome! He was on time and very professional. He went into the house after the realtor unlocked the doors and he wiped down all of the surfaces with disinfectant. He briefed us throughout the whole inspection and sent us a detailed report. My wife is pregnant and very cautious with the current pandemic and David made her feel so comfortable. He even disinfected his pen before he had her sign. Vitale Inspection Services were recommended from a family friend and they were worth the money!
- H.B., Somerset NJ, June 2020
Absolutely! He was very thorough and paid attention to all details.
- O.A., Trenton NJ, June 2020
Dave was great! Extremely thorough, was able to explain things in detail so I could understand, positive attitude. Will continue to recommend!
- N.R., Columbus NJ, June 2020
Super work, great verbal overview followed up by detailed written report. Top shelf work!
- A.W., Princeton NJ, May 2020
Report is very well done. He went through the home and noticed important issues. I'm very pleased
- C.H., Ewing NJ, May 2020
Vitale Inspections and in particular David Keintz did an excellent job of my inspection. They were efficient, comprehensive and available to discuss my questions. I liked how the tool automatically created a request list that I could submit to the buyer. Thank you.
- S.T., West Windsor NJ, May 2020
Thank you David Keintz! Punctuality, David showed up 15 minutes early to my home inspection. As soon as I arrived David introduced himself and gave me a brief background of his qualifications, experience, and asked if I had any questions prior to him starting the inspection.David was very professional in explaining his process and his findings. Also, he was very willing to answer any questions at the time of the inspection and even days after. Not only did he make me feel more comfortable as a first time home buyer but he took the time to share his knowledge . With that being said I would highly recommend Vitale Inspection Services and ask for David Keintz!
- J.S., Hamilton NJ, April 2020
I have been with other Vitale Inspectors who are all thorough and great but David was above and beyond. Had a very calming demeanor when explaining things to my buyers. Would love to have him work with all of my clients!
- E.S., Cherry Hill NJ, March 2020
Dave was very friendly, thorough and attentive to our questions. We were very happy of his service and highly recommend to other home buyers, especially first time buyers like us.
- A.A., Hamilton NJ, March 2020
David was fantastic! Professional, friendly, and did a great job!
- A.D., Princeton Junction NJ, February 2020
Dave was very thorough and took his time to explain the inspection process to my client. They liked him alot and thought he was very knowledgeable.
- D.C., January 2020
Dave did a wonderful job. I have no idea what the inspection consist of. Dave was there before me and was already inspecting everything. He took his time. With me having no idea what to expect or what questions to ask Dave showed me everything in detail. Dave was very efficient. To me Dave went over and above by giving helpful tips as a first time home owner of how to maintain my home and the biggest of all, how to keep bugs out! Thank you so much for your service. I am glad I chose this company. I felt safe, comfortable and that my best interest was at heart.
- B.L., Trenton NJ, January 2020
Dave was great. On time and very professional. Dave was thorough, informative and friendly offering many helpful tips for a home buyer.
- S.L., Bear DE, January 2020
David was extremely professional and polite. He explained everything in acute detail. I would recommend he and Vitale services to any of my real estate clients and everyone who is looking for a customer service based company.
- W.B., Robbinsville NJ, December 2019
David Keintz arrived as scheduled. Dave was professional, thorough, personable and thoughtful. All questions and concerns were answered fully and Dave provided an impressive report. The only problem was with the HomeGauge email delivery. I did not receive the email from HomeGauge within 24 hours (the 1st day after), but a followup email two-days later (the 2nd day later) revealed timely report uploading. HomeGauge provides an option that was not clearly revealed where a capitulation of repairs/deficiencies is available for selection on a per-item basis, and wasn't noticed until the 3rd day after the inspection. Had I known, I would not have had to spend hours putting together a report for my realtor. Because Anthony at Vitale had been very likeable and friendly, I am sure that had I picked up the phone at any point to call Vitale Home Inspection, they would've made short work of these minor inconveniences. In the end, Dave Keintz would be my preference for future home inspectors, and I highly recommend Vitale Home Inspection services.
- D.L., Cherry Hill NJ, November 2019
Our inspector was very professional. He arrived on time and began his inspection immediately. The inspector performed a detailed and thorough inspection of our new home. Although it was raining the day of our inspection and the inspector was unable to physically and safely walk around and inspect the exterior of the roof. He spent extra time and made an extra effort to inspect the roof from within the attic. The inspection report was very detailed and arrived in our email inbox only hours after the actual inspection. Would highly recommend to family and friends
- S.R., Mulica Hill NJ, November 2019
Very thorough and informative.
- D.R., October 2019
Thanks Dave for the great inspection for my clients today and the time you took to answer her questions. I really appreciate it and I'm sure she will enjoy reading the great reports. Looking forward to our next inspection together.
- S.N., September 2019
Dave was great!!! He was personable and seemed very knowledgeable.
- M.W., Willingboro NJ, September 2019
excellent service. Dave was very friendly, he kept me updated as he went around the house. i always felt as he was going room to room, i was being updated and that was a good feeling. I would highly recommend him and absolutely use his services again.
- D.W., Trenton NJ, September 2019
Dave is probably the best inspector I have come across. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to my family and friends. Keep up the great work.
- H.A., Cranford NJ, August 2019
Dave was a terrific home inspector who we would highly recommend to friends and family. As first-time (potential) home-owners my wife and I were eager but fairly nervous heading into the home inspection process. Instead of "running down the checklist", Dave made us feel like a priority throughout the entire inspection while providing helpful tips and recommendations about each area of potential concern(s). We are so grateful to have had Dave's expertise and professionalism throughout the entire experience. Thank you Dave!
- P.A., Hightstown NJ, August 2019
Dave was very informative and thorough in his inspection.
- R.F., King of Prussia PA, August 2019
Thanks to Vitale and David for the work they did. He was very good at explaining things to us. There isn’t much to say and thanks again!
- J.P., Trenton NJ, August 2019
Dave is a gentle giant. He was so genuinely kind, yet professional at all times. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything as he went along. Even though he explained as he inspected, he also put everything in his report as well. He explained what things should be as well as what you want them to be. He offered a few suggestions and gave me a "moving packet" to help me along this journey. I appreciated his expertise but we grateful for his kindness.
- W.G., Bordentown NJ, August 2019
David was extremely courteous and respectful. He went out of his way to explain everything to me and that was very helpful since this is my first home. He had encouraged me to follow him around and ask questions as we went, I have a few friends that are looking to purchase homes in the near future in this area and i will be giving them your cards and recommending they use you guys only. I love that you guys also donate a portion of your fees to charity's. Thank you Mandy McCarthy 5 Madera Ct
- M.M., Staten Island NY, July 2019
Dave was excellent to work with, very nice, professional & explains what he is doing. Very confident in using Vitale!
- E.S., Wall NJ, July 2019
Dave was great with buyers and inspection was thorough.
- A.C., Cherry Hill NJ, July 2019
Mr. Keintz is a very knowledgeable individual who did a very thorough inspection of the home I am about to purchase. He took the time to show and explain every aspect of the inspection leaving me fully informed of the condition of the home. Not only is he knowledgeable but his personality is such that you feel as if he is your big brother watching out for you on this major purchase. I am very pleased with this service and do find it was money well spent. I highly recommend Mr. Keintz and Vitale Inspection Services Inc.
- R.S., Whiting NJ, July 2019
He did a great job explaining what he was there to do. Great, friendly, awesome service!
- J.C., Hamilton NJ, June 2019
David was amazing! Very thorough and a total professional. He clearly demonstrated a vast amount of knowledge in all aspects of the inspection process. He was also easily able to answer any questions I had during the process. We could not be happier. I would highly recommend David to all of my friends an family. He was outstanding!
- D.H., Monroe NJ, June 2019
Dave was down to earth and very professional through the entire home inspection process. As a first time home buyer, Dave walked us through the process and made sure to explain in detail all of his findings as well as recommendations. Answered all of my questions and concerns as well as going above and beyond to check out an attic space that was on the small side. I highly recommend Dave to anybody looking for a home inspector. Thanks again!
- J.C., Allentown NJ, May 2019
Very through in the way in which he inspected my home
- M.C., Trenton NJ, December 2018
David did an amazing job with this inspection. My client and myself were very impressed with his professionalism and clear communication. We will highly recommend him and the company!! Thank you!
- A.C., Red Bank NJ, November 2018
David was amazing! He is very knowledgeable, detailed, and professional. He explained every detail and definitely made us understand the property very well. He took his time ane answered all my questions. definitely recommend Vitale Inspection to any of our family and friends.
- K.M., Philadelphia PA, November 2018
David was very friendly and answered any questions we had throughout the inspection. Very knowledgeable and detailed. Our report was ready for us on the same day as the inspection. David made it easy.
- C.F., Mercerville NJ, November 2018
Dave was very professional, knowledgeable and thorough. He left no stones unturned there are things that was right in front of me that I didn't see but Dave saw it. he is well qualified. Thank you Dave
- P.J., Hamilton NJ, November 2018
David was so incredible to work with as first time home buyers. He went above and beyond to educate us about everything in our new home, and his report was incredibly detailed. We will definitely recommend him to others, and hope to work with him again in the future!
- C.S., Lawrence Township NJ, November 2018
Dave is always friendly, thorough, engaging and informative!
- H.T., Robbinsville NJ, October 2018
He was very through. Explained everything as we're went along AMD was very personable.
- E.K., Bristol PA, October 2018
David was on time for the appointment and very professional. He walked me through the inspection and explained to me what was going on. I had no idea everything that was entailed in a home inspection. I would recommended him and this company to any of my friends and family.
- N.W., Maple Shade NJ, October 2018
David is a great guy, very helpful and did a great job.
- N.T., Bordentown NJ, October 2018
Mr. Keintz we certainly appreciate detailed eye on our new home inspection. Impeccable inspection!
- C.C., Philadelphia PA, October 2018
Dave was wonderful!He checked every inch of the interior and also the exterior.He took his time and explained everything to us.He was recommended by a friend and I will definitely recommend him to any one that needs an inspector!
- M.S., Hammonton NJ, September 2018
First time buying a house he explained everything. thank you
- H.L., Trenton NJ, September 2018
Loved his personality and professionalism. I?d definitely use Dave again! ~Nada Kinniebrew Candid Realty, Inc.
- N.K., August 2018
Dave was very courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. Most importantly, he took the time to explain everything to a complete novice and layperson like myself, for whom this is my first home-buying experience. I highly recommend both Dave and the Vitale Inspection Services company.
- L.P., Hamilton NJ, August 2018
Dave was very friendly and informed. He answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable. I appreciated very much the time he took with me to walk through the house and go over with me the items of concern.
- J.D., Maple Shade NJ, August 2018
I am a first time home buyer and this whole experience is enough to cause panic attacks. I had no idea what to expect. Dave was friendly, personable, professional and thorough. I was assured that questions are welcome and honestly I knew why everything on the report was there, it was all in great detail. I would recommend Dave to anyone needing peace of mind when buying.
- V.T., Camden NJ, August 2018
We were so happy with Dave! He was very thorough and explained so many details to us that were not only relevant for a report but also will help us navigate the house in the future. Your tips and advice are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!
- V.B., Pennsauken NJ, August 2018
Thank you very much for the thorough inspection and for taking the time to show me the systems controls in the home! The best home inspection I have had to date!
- A.S., Andover MA, August 2018
David was a true professional and very nice! I would highly recommend him and Vitale.
- L.S., Helmetta NJ, August 2018
David, I can't thank you enough for the thoroughness and great advice you provided me during the home inspection. As a first time homeowner on my own, this can be a very scary experience! This report has helped me significantly in terms of the shorter and longer term things to consider. I highly recommend David for future inspections to anyone buying a home. This is such a critical step in the process!
- S.M., Fords NJ, August 2018
Dave performed the inspection of the exterior/interior prior to purchase- He was very qualfied,made comprehensive inspection and provided an excellent report clearly identifying issues that should be corrected. He was courteous, and thorough and a pleasure to deal with during the inspection.
- L.Y., Pennington NJ, July 2018
David was excellent. He was thorough, diligent, knowledgeable and friendly. He explained everything I asked about and many things I didn't even know to ask.
- D.L., Princeton Junction NJ, July 2018
Very thorough efficient and very personable and polite
- L.R., Mullica Hill NJ, July 2018
Dave did an outstanding job with our home inspection! Not all home inspections or inspectors are created equal and it is so very important to have someone you are able to both trust and speak candidly with about the condition of your property. After all, a home purchase is one of the largest investments you can make throughout your life! We truly felt we were in good hands with Vitale and more specifically, Dave, as he surveyed the various areas of the house. Our circumstances were a bit unusual as the sellers were very present during the inspection but Dave handled everything professionally and never veered of course with the inspection, having our best interest in mind the entire time. His guidance, report and post-inspection review was thorough and possessed all the details we needed to make informed decisions as buyers. If all the inspectors with Vitale are as wonderful as Dave, buyers are better off than ever! Thank you, Vitale Inspection...!
- T.F., Florence NJ, July 2018
Thank you David for your excellent service. We appreciate your attention to detail, knowledge and suggestions during our home inspection. We will highly recommend you to everyone!
- A.B., Oakland NJ, June 2018
Dave was professional, thorough and personable. Thank you for a positive vibe in what could sometimes be a daunting experience. Donna Maccaroni
- D.M., June 2018
Excellent Inspection
- D.G., Cliffwood NJ, June 2018
Mr. Keintz was the quintessential professional-- knowledgeable and detail-oriented. Throughout the inspection, he provided countless tips about how to address the problems he identified. He was personable and positive, allowing us to relax and focus on constructive ways to improve our home.
- J.S., Princeton NJ, June 2018
Dave did a very thorough and complete inspection. He was on-time, courteous, and informative. We learned a lot and both enjoyed and were comforted with the inspection process. Thank you!
- M.T., Pennington NJ, June 2018
David was very knowledgeable,polite , and friendly. Enjoyed working with him.
- J.S., Marlton NJ, May 2018
He was very helpful and friendly. He had explain every details and every questions I asked. He was well patience.
- E.M., Camden NJ, May 2018
Thank u David for ur patience and through explanations. Great recommendation by my realtor!
- B.G., monroe NJ, May 2018
Thanks bro you did an amazing job you have eyes like a hawk lol
- J.R., Camden NJ, April 2018
Dave from Vitale Inspections came out and could not have been more professional. He showed up early and proceed to begin right away. When I showed up on time, but after Dave, he stopped what he was doing introduced himself and gave me a complete rundown of what he had done so far. He asked if my wife and I were first time home buyers and then explained everything he was doing, what he was looking for and even tips for maintaining our new home. He was very thorough and could not have been more personable. The report was very detailed with clear pictures of everything mentioned in the report I would without question use Vitale Inspections and recommend them to everyone I can.
- R.M., Eastampton NJ, April 2018
Dave was great. He was punctual, and extremely friendly. As a first time home buyer, it was nice to have an inspector who was willing to take the time and talk me through the process. I had plenty of questions and Dave was helpful and answered all of my questions. I have already recommended Vitale Inspection Services, and Dave specifically, to a couple of friends. Thank you guys for all of your help and professionalism through this process!
- K.J., Lawrenceville NJ, April 2018
Dave was extremely friendly and approachable. I am a first time home buyer and he made sure to explain in detail every little item he found in the house which I greatly appreciated. I felt comfortable asking questions because of Dave's personality. He didn't make me feel as though I should know all that he explained and went above and beyond in providing details. I would recommend Dave to anyone especially those purchasing in the Hamilton area given his prior experience as a township building inspector.
- J.S., Trenton NJ, April 2018
Professional, personable and excellent communicator!
- L.C., Pennington NJ, March 2018
Thank you Dave for everything, you were so great with my buyers. I really appreciate all your knowledge, it was so nice to see your reviewing and educating my clients about their new home. Thanks for adjusting the time to accommodate me earlier. I will definitely be recommending you again!!
- S.W., Doylestown PA, March 2018
Great service.efficient.pleasant. Would use again.
- E.L., Cherry Hill NJ, December 2017
Thank you Dave for all of your help and guidance during the inspection. You did a very thorough inspection and gave me some great advice along the way. The report you provided is extremely detailed and full of useful pictures, tips and instructions. You did an awesome job, and I would recommend you and your company to anyone who asks. Thanks Again!
- M.Z., December 2017
Very professional and knowledgeable. Explained everything during the inspection process. Highly recommended
- E.R., Philadelphia PA, December 2017
It was an absolute pleasure having Dave as my inspector! Not only was his knowledge superb, he was an absolute doll. Such a good, kind, patient man! He went over everything, explaining in verbiage we understood. Vitale is lucky to have him!
- T.V., Milltown NJ, November 2017
Thank you so much David for your very thorough and professional home inspection. I will definitely follow your suggestions about repairing/fixing the problems and of course, I will refer your services to all my friends or coworkers.
- A.P., Plainsboro NJ, November 2017
He is unbelievable person nice and polite he explain everything what is going to do and what’s next he is going to do so my husband and I were happy with his work thank you David keintz ????
- A.Z., Princeton NJ, November 2017
Dave was very professional and courteous during his home inspection. Additionally he was extremely thorough in his inspection and provided valuable feedback regarding every aspect of his evaluation. He welcomed my questions and concerns which was greatly appreciated and sufficiently communicated the relative importance of each item that he was inspecting including those areas which he found to be in good condition or working order. Very pleased with his evaluation and it will be very helpful in working with the seller.
- J.G., Marlton NJ, October 2017
Setting up the appointment was quick and easy. Dave K. was prompt, courteous, very knowledgeable, and incredibly thorough. I would highly recommend Dave and Vitale for any inspection needs.
- J.S., Ewing NJ, October 2017
David worked quickly but had great attention to detail. He took perfect photos and took the time to stop and speak with us at all times during the inspection, so it wasn’t just a PDF, but an interaction we were very pleased with.
- J.I., Mount Holly NJ, October 2017
David was extremely professional and thorough when inspecting our future home. He took the time to explain everything to us. His personality and caring demeanor make you trust him right from the start. We received our report almost immediately with a detailed explanation of the issues he found. What an asset to any company to have someone like David Keintz on their team.
- J.E., Freehold NJ, September 2017
Dave was very professional and did an amazing job. He would answer all of our questions and gave us so much advice. He made the inspection process less intimidating. His personality was upbeat, comfortable, and friendly. He even played with my 7 month old son
- A.L., Lawrenceville NJ, September 2017