I have used Dave twice and he always does a great job and finds things I have overlooked. The software he uses is great to because you can create a list of things you want the owners to repair, replace, or get a dollar amount off, then just send the list to your realtor.
- S.B., Portland OR, October 2023
Dave is very professional and did a great job! Gina
- G.S., June 2021
Great inspector, was thorough to explain issues to clients without unduly alarming them about things that can be repaired easily. Took detailed notes and photos throughout. Highly recommend!
- L.P., Portland OR, March 2021
This inspection is your usual good work.
- D.S., December 2020
Exceptional experience shows in his exceptional thoroughness. His photos are so good at explaining the issues he's discovered.
- D.S., May 2020
Knowledgeable and precise, thank you for the inspection Dave!
- M.M., October 2019
i would highly recommend Dave at Front Porch Home Inspection. He spent at least two hours thoroughly inspecting our ~1,000 square foot home. He took the time to explain his findings and answered any and all of our questions. Thank you, Dave!
- J.K., July 2019
Dave was very patient with me, a first time home owner, and explained everything in a very detailed way. Left us feeling very confident about our decision.
- N.B., January 2019
Thank you Dave for doing just what the buyer has hired you to do..... making them aware of what they are purchasing...... making them aware of any flaws or issues that you can see as well as offering suggestions to help ease the clients minds! I highly recommend you and have already been referring you to my peeps. Thank you again
- P.F., September 2018
Absolutely would call Dave to inspection any future purchases I make! He is very good at his job, pays attention to detail and is worth every penny he charges!
- G.B., June 2018
Dave was thorough and very helpful. He helped me understand the severity of the issues that came up during the inspection and educating me in areas that I was not familiar with. I would highly recommend him to others.
- M.J., April 2018
Dave was incredibly thorough and talked us through everything. Very impressed and thankful. Thank you so much for helping us make a confident decision in our home buying process.
- Z.H., March 2018
Thank you Dave!! Thank you for your thorough inspection of our futures home and shop. The information you were able to provide us allowed us to counter offer and save money for doing repairs. I was amazed at the amount of time you spent inspecting all areas of our future home including the attic and crawl space which nobody enjoys. Thank you also for coming so far to do our inspection. I will definitely recommend you to the everybody I know.
- J.K., Hillsboro OR, March 2018
I really love working with Dave. He is not only thorough but does a great job of accommodating Buyers and our clients when they are at the home inspection asking questions. On one very hot day he offered to re-inspect the attic after a client had a few more questions. Additionally his reports are very detailed and give you the option to pull out only those items that need repair/credit costs. This has saved me so much time and is a great organizational tool! I would recommend Dave highly.
- M.F., September 2017
Dave, Thank you so much for the home inspection. You were amazing and did a very thorough job. I will be recommending you to anyone I know who needs a home inspection. Thanks again, Stephanie Nauck
- S.N., August 2017
Hi Dave, Thanks for a very thorough inspection. It was a pleasure working with you! Best, Stacy
- S.B., Portland OR, July 2017