Ted is very fair, reliable and communicative. I trust him to protect my clients best interest, at the standard I expect for my own services, being first-class in every way. Ted is the preferred inspector for my team, and even though he is very busy, he still makes time to serve our clients as effectively as he can with the time window we give him. We highly recommend him!
- B.P., April 2023
Mr. Wulff was great! Very thorough and communicated clearly on what the property was in need of. 10 out of 10 would hire Mr. Wulff again for a household inspection. THANK YOU!!
- M.C., March 2019
Ted was professional and knowledgeable. He dd not rush , but instead took the time to answer our questions and provide recommendations when needed. I recommend his services and if we need an inspection again, I would consider using him again.
- T.W., September 2018
Very knowledgeable and professional. Would absolutely recommend. Very thorough report.
- M.G., June 2018
- C.M., April 2018
I bought a home in Frisco and inspected with some other fancy inspector and he finished his job in 1 hr 15 mins. I thought that's what all inspectors do. But for my second home, I contacted Ted and scheduled an appointment. The first thing he came with many types of equipment used for the inspection. He spent close to 3 hrs and inspected each inch of the home. In and Out, roof to foundation, garage to the backyard, bathroom to the kitchen and many more. I can't believe one single person do such a fantastic job. He has zip level, infrared and his eyes. Apart from all he explained everything to me and very nice person. This is the guy you want him to be on your team. If you don't know whom to hire, just choose Ted. You are in at least good hands. He know his job very well. I recommend Ted 100%.
- R.G., February 2018
Ted was professional and provided a thorough inspection of my home. I found his explanation of the issues to be clear and precise. He gave me a great sense of comfort in the home I had purchased and prepared me for my annual warranty check.
- S.M., November 2017
This is my second home inspection ever.It being my first on a new build , am very well relaxed on findings. We'll call when completed.
- M.C., November 2017
Ted explained his process and findings as he performed the inspection in a professional manner. The detailed inspection and thorough report with photos are very helpful. The recommendations are summarized and prioritized very nicely as well. We appreciate the particular attention to the foundation issues. The thermal readings pinpoint insulation weaknesses.....great information. Thank you!
- D.C., October 2017
The home inspection was the most thorough I have ever seen. Ted's attention to detail in every area of the home was exceptional. The thermal imaging found hot spots in the ceiling where more insulation was needed, which will save me money with heating and cooling bills. Ted's evaluation of the foundation with the technologically advanced equipment gave me peace of mind there were no major issues with the foundation. Ted was professional and courteous, and explained his findings at the end of the inspection with thoroughness and patience. I highly recommend Buy Smart Home Inspections, I won't use anyone else.
- R.W., Cedar Hill TX, October 2017
Ted, was punctual. He was very knowledgeable & patient with all the questions I had. He did a through investigation of our home.
- W.H., Dallas TX, October 2017
Ted performed a very thorough and professional inspection to give me a complete picture of the current status of my home. We were able to have a sit down review which I think was valuable in helping to prioritize areas of concern on where to focus attention. It also helped in understanding some of the information in the report. Thanks and great job!
- S.L., Cedar Hill TX, August 2017
My home inspection report was extremely detailed, and revealed with picture detail, the issues that I needed to fix to make my home ready to sell. Thank you, Ted!!
- A.W., Cedar Hill TX, July 2017