I hired James to inspect a townhouse my client is purchasing to use as a rental. James was accommodating with his schedule and preformed the inspection and issued the report in a very through and timely manner. I had a few questions about the report and James was available to offer answers and even offered to add some clarification in the report, which he did right away. James even referred someone he knew that might be interested in renting the townhouse once we close....Overall, great inspection and service!
- S.S., July 2020
Not only Is Jim a formidable knowledgeable inspector, he shows great respect for his clients and creates a relaxed environment while he is doing his work. He is always ready to stop and explain what and why he is doing what he is doing. When the inspection is completed you not only know what is wrong or right, but you feel like you have received an education or degree.
- R.L., June 2020
Not only Is Jim a formidable knowledgeable inspector, he shows great respect for his clients and creates a relaxed environment while he is doing his work. He is always ready to stop and explain what and why he is doing what he is doing. When the inspection is completed you not only know what is wrong or right, but you feel like you have received an education or degree.
- R.L., June 2020
Just for reference, my wife and I have purchased seven houses over our lifetime so this wasn’t the first time we have hired an inspector. We have never had such a good experience. Since Jim is a former house builder, we expected a good inspection. What we weren’t prepared for was the detail and learning experience we were about to receive. After reading the report, I know every detail about my equipment, what is required to maintain it, and what I could do to maximize its lifespan. Usually, with all due respect to the professions, when a plumber, electrician or some other trades-person comes to your house, you don’t know if you need what they say you need or you are just being sold (or upsold). Jim isn’t selling anything, he just wants you to know how to best take care of your home. It really felt like I hired a knowledgeable family member to perform the inspection. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
- S.C., May 2020
Jim was kind and thorough. I was very pleased with my report as it offered a lot of maintenance tips to preserve the quality of the house. He broke everything down so it was easy to understand. Would recommend him to anyone!
- N.S., April 2020
Very detailed oriented, thorough, and patient. As a first time home owner, he answered all my questions and calmed my fears. I’m so appreciative.
- J.B., April 2020
He is extremely knowledgeable, pays attention to detail and is very thorough.
- G.M., Mooresville NC, April 2020
Jim is the best! He has a great eye for details, and goes where others would not venture- to the very edges of the crawl space. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
- E.C., March 2020
I found Jim Taylor to be very thorough and informative. The report was extremely detailed but the summary page was very helpful to share with the warranty group. He also followed up and found answers to many side questions that I had.
- C.B., February 2020
Very professional and is GREAT at what he does. Thank you
- S.H., January 2020
I would absolutely recommend Jim to anyone looking for home inspection services. He was highly professional, courteous, timely, thorough and exceedingly knowledgeable. Additionally, he provided all kinds of tips on maintaining our new home that I found very helpful.
- M.F., November 2019
I Thank you for being so thrall, pointing out things that I would have not noticed or not known what it was. The knowledge you gave me will be with me forever and I will be able to impower someone else as well.
- A.W., November 2019
Thank you for walking us through each step of the inspection process. I appreciate how you were very meticulous with your work.
- M.M., November 2019
Jim went above and beyond to not only inspect our home, but to provide us with a roadmap on how to maintain our home. We felt like we had an advocate in the home buying process and truly appreciate Jim’s thoroughness and personal touch. Thank you!
- J.B., November 2019
Thank you very much James for your knowledge and experience. Don’t change a thing you’re perfect just the way you are
- M.P., October 2019
He is awesome. I requested him to do the inspection on Sunday(next day) but he said he wants to spend with family on weekend. But later he understood my situation and he came and done the inspection on Sunday. I requested for the structural inspection but he done more than structural and gave the great report. I would definitely recommend him for the general and structural inspection.
- S.N., July 2019
Thank you Jim for the work you done and for taking care of our interest/family especially while I was away for work. Carrie said she your expertise and confidence put her at ease which in turn helped to keep my stress down while trying to accomplish such a big endeavor and not being able to be present. Thank you for such a wonderful job!! Expect to hear from us again in about a year for the one year inspection.
- R.H., July 2019
Jim is great to work and I think I learned a lot talking to him after the inspection and when viewing the report. Would absolutely recommend to anyone I know buying a home in the area.
- R.S., July 2019
Thank you James for your eye for details and loving what you do. No one does it better than this man. Highly recommend
- C.V., GASTONIA NC, June 2019
Once again James is on point , very meticulous. That best by far thanks again James for coming out so soon.
- C.V., GASTONIA NC, June 2019
He was so thorough and gave me very helpful information and tips for maintenance long after he's gone : )
- T.H., May 2019
Much appreciation for being so thorough at your job.
- C.V., GASTONIA NC, May 2019
Jim has very good knowledge and more importantly lot o patience. He prepared a very detailed document and provided to us which is very useful during our stay at this home.
- L.V., May 2019
Keep up the great work.
- Z.B., April 2019
To the point and the report was easy to read.
- D.D., Lincolnton NC, March 2019
I was highly impressed with Mr. Taylor?s professionalism, knowledge, integrity and extreme detail inspection process. He really takes pride in his work. My husband and I can rest assure that our first home exceeds the State inspection requirements.
- L.M., March 2019
Jim, Thank you for all your attention to detail. I appreciate all your advice and experience. Regards, Aaron Schreiber
- A.S., March 2019
Very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. We felt like Jim inspected our home as if he were doing it for his own family.
- A.K., January 2019
Jim is very thorough and extraordinarily helpful in following up on his inspection to ensure you understand everything that is in it as well as prividing resources for remedies. I will recommend him to anyone I know who is buying a home.
- R.W., November 2018
Would like to thank Mr taylor again for a top notch job. This is the second inspect he did for me. Highly recomended.
- G.R., October 2018
Mr. Taylor performed a thorough and informative inspection on my new home, and educated me on many home equipment related items. The inspection report included many helpful links to resources for repairs as well as general information on home components. The summary provided a simple, cohesive way to view recommended repairs. Thanks Jim!
- J.W., September 2018
Mr. Taylor did a fantastic job and was very prompt with report.
- L.H., September 2018
Jim was very thorough. The home inspection report was comprehensive and very helpful for my planning for upgrades and renovations to my "new" home.
- E.S., August 2018
Knowledgeable, professional, and with a passion for his work. Exceeded my expectations. His report was detailed and provided references and suggested solutions to issues that were noted. Additionally, Jim's personality made for a great experience.
- M.W., August 2018
Thank you for all of your diligence and expedience in inspecting our new home.
- J.C., Mt. Holly NC, August 2018
Thank you for the very thorough report! It will be of tremendous help both during and after the purchase of our new home.
- E.C., July 2018
Great report which was easy to understand. Good pictures. Liked the suggestions.
- C.M., July 2018
Jim went above and beyond during the inspection providing an extremely detailed report, summary, and advice regarding the home.
- R.D., April 2018
Brent and I honestly donâ??t know what we would have done without you, Jim. You have gone so far above and beyond what any other home inspector has ever done for us. Your attention to detail is impressive. We knew every single problem that needed to be addressed before we bought our home. We have truly enjoyed working with you. Not only are you a great home inspector, you are a wonderful person. Many, many thanks!!
- A.K., April 2018
Great inspector will recommend to others
- N.M., April 2018
Outstanding job. The report was very detailed and well explained. Detailed pictures of all issues were a big help. I highly recomend Mr Taylor.
- G.R., April 2018
Jim Taylor was very, very thorough, he took his time explaining many things and answered our questions or concerns. Jim is one of the most knowledgeable folks I know. Michael Parkinson
- M.P., April 2018
Jim is very thorough and shares helpful information in an organized and understandable way.
- J.S., March 2018
Jim was thorough and detailed oriented, plus he took the time to sit down with me to go over suggestions, etc. Would definitely recommend him for future inspections.
- V.S., March 2018