The services provided with one Brighton home inspection surpasses many of their competitors and at a cheaper cost. We enjoyed working with Cody because of his honesty, keen eye for details, and professional recommendations. We'll be sure to use Brighton again.
- C.D., September 2018
Thank you for the good work Cody. We?re still looking ifor a home to purchase in Logan or the surrounding area and wouldn?t hesitate to call you again if needed.
- J.P., August 2018
Very informative!!! Used terms that I can understand. He also showed me every issue that there was!
- K.R., August 2018
Cody was very pleasant, thorough and willing to answer any questions or address any concerns. Thanks so much!
- B.H., July 2018
He was incredible!
- K.G., June 2018
Cody was very knowledable and covered everything. He was very friendly, on time, and made sure to ecplain absolutely everything. He knew all the current codes, and was able to even gelp answer questions like rough cost to fix and potential dangers.
- J.E., April 2018
Guy was super badass!!
- M.R., October 2017